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Window of Opportunity

Section 6 – Heaven on Earth – Chapter 6.1

Mankind will never be able to live together in peace and harmony. It never has and never will. It is impossible, because it is not in mankind’s true nature. Mankind’s true nature is the nature of the beast. People can and do resist it, but it cannot be changed by resisting and repressing it. Only the truth can overcome it. Mankind will always act like mankind when push comes to shove, and push will always come to shove. When it happens, the majority of mankind will always behave like the animals they are, dragging everyone down to the animal level. The beast must die, and the only way to kill it is with the truth. The only way to get rid of the beast is at the source. The beast must be overcome for the spiritual being to be born. If the beast does not die, the whole human race will die. We are all in an undeclared mental war for this world. People have it backwards; you are not reborn, the animal mind just dies. A spiritual being is not really born, because it is always inside you; it is hidden by the mind. The spirit cannot be born, it is immortal, but the mind can and must die. Your spirit is imprisoned by your own mind, and only the truth sets it free.

Now is the time: This is how we know that now is the time to see the ultimate truth; it is now or never. For the first time mankind can and will destroy itself. Jesus said, “Only the sword of truth can slay the beast.” The mind divides people, because almost all minds are of the beast; this is why mankind would never be able to live together and survive for very long. Mankind must die for spiritual beings to live. We sacrifice the beast to God. It is interesting how in the old testament, people are always killing and sacrificing animals to God. It was the best way to please God. It makes sense now.


The truth unites people, because it kills the mind of the beast and transforms them into their spiritual-self. Our spiritual selves are all the same; they are pure love, so they naturally come together and get along. This does not mean we will be all the same like a bunch of identical, unfeeling robots; the opposite is true. People’s personalities will be more different and much more full of life than they are now. We will be like a bunch of big, good kids.

It is important to remember that the world of heaven will look almost exactly like the one we live in now. We will not become unisex, be all alike, or even change much; we will just get rid of pain and suffering. I realize it is hard to visualize, but that is what working as a prophet gradually reveals. You see how it would work and how simple it is. We do hide and deny all the serious negative stuff now, so in a way, society kind of lives without consciousness of the horrible side of life now. The only difference is that in heaven it really will not exist.

To be born again, you must die to your old self, but it is more of a transition.

Transition: The reason it happens, lasts, and is not really scary is because you realize you are much more than just the person the world has programmed you to think you are, and the world is much more than the way you think the world is. It is safer, more secure, more satisfying, etc. You are what you were, but a lot more, so you really don't lose what you had or die to it so much as it just becomes a very small percent of what you become. That is why no one else notices this giant change, because you can always show people the old self they are used to, but you see yourself and the world completely new and differently.

Remember that Jesus said, “Get behind me Satan! You are blocking my way!” Jesus does not get rid of or fight the devil (mind); he just takes control of it and puts it in its place in the background, behind life.

It is said that mankind is in between animals and God, but that is misleading. When it comes to changing from a man to a spiritual being, it is black and white. You are, or you are not. When you change, you become a new life form forever.

Glory to glory: There is a period of transition, but you are an animal until you make the transition. Once you make it, you never go back to an animal.

It is not a destination, because life becomes more new everyday. You just grow in the spirit and grace forever. You go from glory to glory, as the Bible says.


Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman -- a rope over an abyss... Friedrich Nietzsche

We have tamed the beast in most people, but mankind is still an animal just under the surface, and it will resurface more savage than ever. It takes time to get complete control of the mind, but you can start the transition the minute you know “the truth” and change your perspective to that of your spiritual-self. “The life,” or greater perception, will follow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow; everyone is different. Your environment can help or hurt.

The swing trick: The mind has many tools and tricks to keep you from making contact with the truth and life. One of its most powerful tricks is going from one extreme to another. The middle or center is where it is at, but you have to be there, totally conscious. People are looking for truth and love in all the wrong places. They are looking everywhere except the present, the only place it exists. You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Henry David Thoreau

The problem and the solution are simple, but it is still possible that mankind will miss the small window of opportunity. Mankind thinks things will just keep getting better and better. The opposite is true. Things cannot keep getting better; it is impossible for that to happen in the physical world. It goes back and forth from good to bad and vice versa. It will get worse. When it does, it will bring out the beast in mankind. You can just look at our bloody history to see what will happen.

Fool’s paradise: The stable times we are in will pass, because it is the nature of nature to change. It may be the result of global warming and severe weather changes or war. A worldwide famine would do it, and it will come soon. When the beast gets hungry, it will sell its soul to eat. As sure as the world will keep turning, something will happen, and our true nature will reveal itself. We have to make the transition before it does. We are living in a fool’s paradise, in a castle made of sand, in a house of cards, and the wind is starting to blow.

Can't happen now: People always think it can never happen in their time, because they are too civilized and smart to let it happen. Before the hundred- year war and a plague that killed almost one half of the population of Europe, there had been a three hundred year golden age of relative peace and prosperity. It was an age of light before it got dark. Darkness follows light. The weather suddenly got a little colder, just a few degrees, and civilization fell apart. It just happened naturally, and it will happen again. A small difference in temperature has actually controlled most of human history.


The worst always follows the best: In nature, the worst always happens when things are the best. When an animal is enjoying a drink of water, eating or mating, they are the most distracted and most likely to be attacked and eaten by predators. The worst happens when the best is happening. It is no different for us. We are eating, drinking, and having sex like never before. We are preoccupied with it, and that makes us blind to the dangers coming our way. People think it can never happen to them, when it is certain to happen. People think that nothing really bad can happen to them, that it only happens to other people. This is one of the most powerful deceptions created by the mind. The truth is everyone dies, so the worst will happen for certain. It is the same with all disasters, manmade or natural; they will happen for certain. Natural disasters will happen to people that know the truth also, but spiritual people will not make the situation worse by turning into violent animals.

Social upheaval: It is the social upheaval that comes with major natural disasters that spiritual people will avoid. This upheaval often manifests as wars and social chaos that causes much more damage than the disaster itself.

Disaster triggers: In addition to the weather, there are other things that trigger disasters. America was the most prosperous it had ever been before the stock market crashed and sent the whole world into a depression. Before the crash, the people in power were wearing top hats and tails to parties. A light always burns the brightest before it burns out. Night follows day.

WWII: World War ll started the year the movie The Wizard of Oz came out, and fun-loving musicals were the most popular movies. There was not as much sex and violence in the movies as there is today. People were more refined and friendly; they did not lock their doors or have alarm systems. People were more civilized than we are now just before both world wars. Men wore suits, women wore dresses, and both had much more class than today. People had better manners and respected themselves and others much more than now. Even so, they went out and killed fifty-million of each other. If it happened then, it can happen now, easier, faster, and it can be much worse.


You have to admit that the human race has gotten a lot weirder, more lost, and a lot more dangerous. We need to face the fact that it can and will happen to us if we do not do something to stop it from happening. It is just a natural cycle. The most optimistic of times has always preceded this world's darkest days. Things before most disasters were just as they are now; people were asleep.

It is as if we are driving fast on a mountain road with our eyes closed. There is absolutely no hope for mankind if we do not open our eyes.

Mankind is in a state of hypnosis and needs to see it and wake up now.

Mankind has not changed. The only difference now is there is a lot more people, and we are more alienated, confused, vulnerable, and much more dangerous.

We have been putting more and more of our eggs in one basket.

We have been centralizing the necessities of life. The food, water, and electricity that everyone is now dependent on can be disrupted very easily and send us right back to the laws of the jungle in just a few days. People could start running out of clean water in just a few days, and this would release the beast. Wherever people lose the necessities of life, it becomes dog-eat-dog very quickly. People used to have their own wells and access to other natural sources of water; very few people do today. Our very survival is now at the mercy of a system created by society, and it works because society makes it work from day to day. If society breaks down for just a few days, the system that keeps us alive breaks down with it. It is a catch 22; society cannot exist without this life support system, but if it breaks down, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get it going again before millions die in a free for all of killing. It has never happened before, but we have never needed a central life support system before now. It has happened on a smaller scale many times in the past.

Do not think it cannot happen. It will happen if we do not wakeup to the truth soon. It would be much worse than anything that happened in the past.

I do not know with what weapons world war three will be fought, but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones. Albert Einstein The most important and dangerous difference is we now have nuclear bombs. One modern, thermo-nuclear bomb can have more destructive power than all the conventional bombs used in all the previous wars. This does not bode well.


The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything, save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. Albert Einstein

You just have to look at the content of our movies and music to see where mankind really is. Violence is at an all time high in movies and music. Before the last world war, we had Bing Crosby singing White Christmas. We now have kids killing kids at schools, serial killers. It was much less likely that the last two world wars would happen than a world war happening today.

Little sparks start big fires: The next world war is shaping up to be a war between religions, and this will make it much worse than any preceding war. Instead of fighting, we need to see the truth in religions.

There are two infinite things; the universe, and man’s stupidity. Albert Einstein

The first world war started over one person shooting another person. One shot lead to millions of shots being fired. It was the assassination of a member of a royal family. Everything happened over the honor of a royal family, something that meant nothing to anyone else, but it was a spark in an explosive world. It was no big deal, but it started the biggest bloodbath in history. That one shot set off a chain reaction that engulfed the whole world. The Second World War was just an extension of the first one. Hitler would not have got in power or did what he did if not for the First World War and the financial depression.

It does not take much to set the world on fire. It will just take a little spark again, and our world will literally begin to explode, nuclear explosions this time. The sparks are flying in the Middle East and the world is like gunpowder right now. Things could not be more dangerous, and most people do not even know it, which makes it even more dangerous.

The Bible says that the world will be destroyed by fire this time; nuclear weapons could do it. The Bible also says that the world has already been destroyed once by water. That did not really happen, so its prediction that the world will be destroyed again probably will not happen either if we wake up in time. I do not think all of the human race will be destroyed no matter what happens, but we could kill most of mankind and set ourselves back a thousand years if we do not pay attention now. The lucky ones will be the ones that are killed.

Tribulation: The odds are good that we will see a heaven on earth, but before it happens, we could have some very trying times. It could get darker before the dawn, but that would not matter as long as the dawn comes.


Dark Age: It could also go the other way and be the worst times ever, like all the wars of the past stacked on top of each other. Mankind may collectively commit suicide, and any survivors would live in the darkest age in history. We can have a thousand years of darkness or a thousand years of light depending on what we do now. The future will be our worst nightmare, or greatest dream come true. The Bible calls it the tribulation, and says it will last seven years, but no one can know when real hard times will come, how bad they will be, or how long it will last.

Winding a spring: We have been in a very peaceful, stable, and productive period since the end of World War II. It is the longest period of relative peace and prosperity that this many people have ever experienced. It is like winding a spring, so a balancing period is coming, and it could spring back all at once. If you look at our history, you will see that every few years, we have a major blood bath. It is a cycle, and unless we change, the cycle will continue.

The ultimate truth is the only thing that can stop it from happening.

If the tribulation is going to happen, it will start soon. The transformation of man and the tribulation could happen at the same time, but the odds are against it.

We have to change if we want the world to change; it is a reflection of us.

Make hay while the sun/son is shining: It may take something that really scares mankind to wake us up, but if it does, it will be too late for most people. It is not necessary, and those that make the change before it happens will be glad they did. Hard times give power to the beast and will make the transition harder for most people and impossible for many.

Surviving will be our only concern.

A spiritual being cannot be hurt by anything that happens.

Nothing can hurt someone that knows the truth, so you need to be sure you do.

Living in peace and harmony is the true nature of spiritual beings, so when times get tough, they do not start fighting and killing each other; they start working together to make the best of it until it passes. Spiritual people can handle, even enjoy, anything that nature or man throws at them; it makes life more interesting. If we stay on the animal level, we will have a blood bath in the near future for certain. If we change into spiritual beings and there is enough of us, and if we do it fast enough, there is a much better chance a blood bath will not happen. If it does happen, it will not affect spiritual beings; a spiritual being cannot lose.

We just have to get past the mind alive. We have to recognize what is happening and go with it. We are beginning to see the two paths and can take the right one.


People can take the path of fear or the path of love as long as it is the truth.

God/life uses the carrot and the stick, heaven and hell, to get people on the right path. It will work when people see the truth. It will not if they do not see it soon.

This book has just one purpose, and that is to show people the truth. When people see the truth, they will get on the path to heaven. It is a no-brainer.

The age of the mind: You may be thinking I am putting down the mind, the mind that has created everything we have now. I am not saying the mind is a bad thing; I am just saying the mind is a double-edged sword. The mind has done a lot of positive cutting, and if it does not change, it will swing the other way and do a lot of negative cutting, and it will do it soon.

Age of the spirit: We are simply at a new cusp, the end of one era and the beginning of another. It is the end of the age of the mind and the beginning of the age of the spirit. It can be a smooth transition if we see the truth soon.

I am not putting down the mind; it has done its job and done it well. It has done a lot of good, but it is about to do a lot of bad. We have no choice except to move past it, or we will have the greatest catastrophe in our history.

The future: If the beast prevails, we know what will happen, because we know our bloody, savage history, but most people cannot imagine what the future will be like if we all begin to learn the ultimate truth.

The rest of our current lifespan: In the past, we had to fight and kill to survive. Now, for a brief period, mankind no longer has to hurt or destroy others of its own kind to survive; we no longer need to live like the animals we evolved from. This means we have time to change. When we change, the world will change with us.

For the first time in history, we can turn the world into a heaven.



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