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How We Can Reform the Education System

From "the Present (Insights)" Chapter: Learning and Education

Thrills: There will be no need for risk taking and thrill seeking. The feeling you get is the way people with completely open minds feel all the time. Risk and danger clear your mind for a few seconds, which is why people like to do risky things. Spiritual beings already have clear minds most of the time. Just being alive is a thrill. The present is a perpetual surprise; everything is new and interesting all the time. Boredom does not exist in the present.

Is not life a hundred times too short to bore ourselves? Friedrich Nietzsche

A spiritual being sees all life as never-ending adventure. You go from one fascinating, thrilling moment to another just walking around your house. Spiritual people do not have to do anything to get a thrill out of life. From a spiritual being’s perspective, just being alive is the greatest thrill. Mind drugs: The mind produces drugs to deal with dangerous situations. This is another reason why people like to skydive and do other so-called thrilling things. People get addicted to adrenaline, endorphins and other brain chemicals produced in dangerous situations. The problem is that these drugs can be even more dangerous than being addicted to street drugs. These same mind drugs make people feel happy when they win, fall in carnal love, have sex, or get what they think they want. They make you feel good, but they distort the present, and they are not as good as the happiness you get from just being fulfilled by true life.

People get addicted to mind drugs just as they do to street drugs. Dangerous things do bring you into the present, which is a good thing, but fear and adrenaline distort it. The truth gives you something better without any drugs. You do not have to do anything except open up to get the thrill of being alive. If you need danger to get into the present, you do not know the truth.


Fighting also brings you into the present, but it is the worst way to get into it. It is the way stupid men and other animals get intimate with each other, and it is too costly and dangerous to do in real life. It is just for the ring, movies, and video games from now on. It is much less costly and dangerous, and with your new, enhanced imagination, it is almost as thrilling, and you can do it a lot more.

Competition: The need to compete is a mind-made desire. In the past, people had to compete to survive; it was survival of the fittest. People had to compete for limited resources. It also was needed for evolution, but the times have changed, and now the opposite is true. We are at the end of evolution, and to take the last step, we have to stop competing with each other. Why compete with ourselves? This is why we must become spiritual beings before our resources are depleted again. Once they become depleted in the world, the spiritual will not have a chance. If we see the light, it will not matter what happens; we made it.

Mankind must make the change into spiritual beings while we have enough resources for everyone. This is a very rare situation, and it will not last long if we do not wake up and share and conserve what we have.

Spiritual people do not compete ever, except in games. They naturally just always do their best at whatever they are doing. They do everything with their whole being and attention. They never do anything to beat someone else. Even in situations of self -defense, you do not do it to beat your opponent. You do it just to survive, because your life is worth as much as the life of anyone else.

In sports or business, if people win or do better than the competition, that is good, and if they do not, that is also good. You do not need animal aggression and greed to succeed, just love. You win by always doing the best you can.

Best man: The best man does not win. The person that was best at what they were doing at the time and place wins, but it will balance out.


The balance only applies to individuals, because teams, businesses and other groups of people are not immortal living beings. If a sports team or business loses or fails, it does not mean it will win to balance it, but the people involved will win and lose in complete balance.

Competition is healthy and necessary in some things, such as business and politics, but it is unhealthy in other things, such as resources and wealth.

Sports: All activities that draw people into the present, that you can do better in the present, will become more popular. Sports are in this category. Winning will be even more sweet in the future, but no one will get upset when they lose.

As it is now, one team wins and one team loses, and the losing team gets as upset as the winning team gets happy, so they cancel each other out. Only people that live in the mind and do not see the whole can enjoy that.

It is no big deal when it is just a game, but when it is war, fights to the death, the loser really loses. People relate to the big winners in war without thinking about the big losers. People think about how great it would be to be a conquering hero. People like Napoleon must have felt great, but the many armies and thousands of people he defeated and killed felt very badly, and they were people too.

Winning is not everything; it is exactly half of everything.

Win, win: A spiritual being always sees both sides of everything, so they would see a positive and a negative to counter-balance it. If no one gets upset when they lose, it is a win-win situation, and spiritual beings would enjoy that. All sports will become more popular when people see the truth.

Sports can and will bring out the best in everyone when spirits are playing.

Golf is becoming more popular, because it forces players into the present. It is a good example of how a game can help people get into the present. You cannot think and get a little ball in a little hole five hundred yards away in four strokes; it is impossible. The environment, the smell and color of all that grass also helps.


People play games because of the feeling they get, and they get that feeling because games give them a little taste of the present. The present is fun to be in.

Win, win comes natural to spiritual beings, and it is the only game we play.

Space exploration: There is nothing out there, at least nothing worth the price of getting there. We will begin to spend that money making life better here. When it is perfect on earth, then we may start going out in deep space again. People grow up watching Star Trek, and they think that going into outer space is the way of the future. It may be, but not until after we do what we can with life right here on earth. All these programs about the future show how technology has progressed, but human beings are still the same as they are now. Technology has evolved, but mankind has not, and we have the same problems. In Star Trek, they had the most powerful ship in the universe, but they had the same age-old conflicts we have always had. Kirk would have to kick ass in a fist fight, or get physical with some good looking alien to save the universe. In real life, the bad guy wins most of the time, because they are often the aggressor. Animals cannot control the power of the technology shown on Star Trek; they would destroy themselves. The truth is, both technology and human beings have to progress for there to be a future.

The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. Martin Luther King Jr. Spending billions on space is the same as spending money on physics. Nothing that fundamentally changes mankind is going to happen, and we need to change mankind for real progress to be made.


The only reason we will go to space in the future is for practical reasons, such as putting more satellites into orbit, or to destroy or divert dangerous asteroids, etc. People that are interested in anything farther out will have to explore it with telescopes. If we cannot do it inexpensively from earth, we will put it on a back burner until we solve our down to earth problems. If there is other life out there, we will wait for them to come to us. Hopefully they will not just find dumb animals.

Only scientists that work in the space industry really want a manned mission to Mars. It is the next logical step, as they say. We have sent many unmanned probes to Mars, and we know there is nothing of any value there. They are always saying there may be life on Mars, microbial life.

Big deal. There is more life on earth, and we should deal with the place where we know life is first. If we do, we can be certain that there is intelligent life on earth.

We need to discover life on earth before we go looking anywhere else.

I like watching those shows about the universe. There are always these scientists all excited like little kids about finding that there are volcanoes on one of Jupiter’s moons. It is interesting to people like them, but almost no one else, and it is certainly not worth the billions of dollars we had to spend to get there.

Going to other planets has taught us something very important. It has taught us that it costs more than it is worth.

What are these people thinking? Millions of children are starving; would they really rather spend the money going to Mars than feeding them?

Once we have taken care of our own poor and disadvantaged, we can start thinking about things other than earth. The money we waste is an outrage.

Brilliant people: The greatest waste is the brilliance of the people working in the space program. Our best and brightest scientists and engineers are putting their efforts into something that will hurt mankind more than it will help it by wasting so much money and talent.


If we channeled all this money and talent into down to earth problems, it would do more to change this world than almost anything else. These people should re-focus their talents and energy to saving this world.

Inner space is the new frontier, not outer space. The opposite is true again.

We should put the money into genetic and stem cell research. It will benefit the human race much more than space travel. Genetics are the new frontier.

Cost/benefit: All public funds for science will focus on practical down to earth matters. More money than we spend now will go to research into medical science, education, communication, clean and free energy production, environmental protection, and other sciences that make life better and more safe for everyone.

Technology: It will continue to develop to make life more safe, easier, etc. When we wake up to the truth, we will be much more creative and inspired, and it will translate into technologies we cannot even imagine now. We may be able to cure cancer with the money spent to go to Mars. We could certainly help the poor.

We will create technology that helps our biological evolution, to lengthen our lifespan and to stop aging, illness and severe pain permanently.

We can and will do all those things with the help of genetic engineering. We will eventually create a heaven on earth. Until we do, we will be trying to.

The arts: There will be a renaissance in the arts like the world has never seen, especially in music and the performing arts. Almost everyone will express themselves artistically. Life will be seen for the great art it actually is.

The ultimate purpose of art is to bring people into the present.

Good art forces you into the present, because it can only be seen in the present.

Andy Warhol showed with his famous soup can picture that anything can be art if you look at it with your total attention.


The ordinary becomes extraordinary when you see it in the present. God/life is the ultimate artist. I see everything as art; a blank wall is art in my eyes.

The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness. Max Eastman

The art of work: When you have to think for work, you do. When you do not, you do not. Spiritual people will work hard when they work, and they will be known for the highest quality work and attention to detail.

Work will be necessary as long as we need shelter and need to eat. When working, a spiritual being thinks when they have to, does not think when they do not have to, and knows when to do each. Spiritual beings are inspired and creative in everything they do, and they give any job they take on one hundred percent; they become their work. They do not do what they do for the money; they do it to help others. The money is secondary. They don’t daydream at work.

Some jobs will require more thinking than others, but spiritual beings will do them all better than they are being done now. When you get rid of all the negatives and live life with clarity, you become what you do, and everything is done better.

You will still have ambitions, though they may change a bit to reflect your new spiritual perspective. People will work pretty much as they do now; they will just take it a little easier, be more productive, and enjoy it a lot more. Being a nurse, policeman, or fireman are the best type of jobs, because they force you to live in the present. You do not have to think much, and you can help people directly.

The worst jobs can be the best: The mindless, repetitive type jobs are the next best, because you do not have to think to do them. You can live in the present while you work, which is a very good thing. I am into mechanical things (hotrods), so I can tell you that you can do those kinds of jobs better completely open to life.

People think repetitive jobs are the worst, and that is one of the reasons they are being replaced by machines, but the opposite is the truth. They are only bad if you do not know the truth. If you do, they are a lot of fun and very satisfying.


Jobs where you do not have to think make it easy to become a spiritual being, but jobs that force you to think more have their advantages, such as making more money to give to others. Doctors are a good example and good work.

One still works, for work is a form of entertainment. But one is careful lest the entertainment be too harrowing. One no longer becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion. Anyone that does not agree goes voluntarily into the asylum. Friedrich Nietzsche

TV: If you do not know the truth, it is very bad for you, because it will separate you further from the truth and the life. If you do know the truth, it is a good thing, because when you are watching it, you are not thinking, so it gets you comfortable living without thinking. It also informs and educates you if you watch the right programs. Just watch life like you watch TV, without thinking about it.

If you know the truth, watching TV becomes a modern form of meditation.

When you watch the History Channel, realize that you were there, and history will take on a new dimension. We can finally really know our true past.

When you watch the animal channel, realize you were those animals at some time. Put yourself in their skin, and realize that it was you at one time. It is very good for you to get in touch with your true past. Watch the news and be those people.

We have lived everywhere on earth as every species in our evolutionary line at least once. We have done it all, and that is why we are now ready to leave the animal realm. We only began to be able to see our past in the last generation.

TV and movies show you how brutal and savage the past was, and once you realize that you can leave it forever, you will want to. In the past, people could not actually see the way it was in the past; all they knew were myths.

Scary movies are a safe way to experience the horrible violence of real life.


People think that all the violence on TV is a bad thing. The opposite is true if you know the truth. The violence and drama on TV gives people a safe release of our violent, instinctive natures. Violence in movies and TV do the opposite of what people think, and they reduce the amount of violence in real life.

If you know the truth, it allows you to be shocked and to vicariously experience events and behaviors that are too dangerous to experience in real life. Seeing the violence of the animal world is necessary to stay in touch with our past. It motivates us to get out of the animal realm while we can.

If you watch reality shows like “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, and flip to “American Justice”, or other shows that show crimes and victims, you can see the top and bottom of modern human life. You can see how good and how bad it can get. It is good to do, and we are lucky we can see how people really live.

The rich people in Orange County think that they are never going to be a big loser or victim, but they will be. If not in this life, they will be in the next. What goes around comes around. They will be the victims seen on the crime shows.

TV also shows you the nonsense and great things created by the mind. As your real life begins to reveal itself, real life will keep getting better until you naturally stop watching TV much. Until then, watch as much TV as you want; it will not hurt you as long as you know the truth. You will stop when your real life is truly better.

Sleep: There is a time to leave true life, to rest from life, to be semi- unconscious.

During sleep, your mind is not turned off. In fact, it is blocking your life senses almost completely. It makes you semi-unconscious in order to do maintenance on itself and other parts of your brain and body.

When you begin to know the ultimate truth, you will sleep a lot more. You sleep more at first because your mind will need more sleep to reprogram itself to become the mind of a spiritual being.

Mind/brain: New knowledge actually changes you physically. Memories and other aspects of your mind are created and saved bio-chemically in your brain.


Knowledge causes your brain to change, making you change physically.

As you read this book, the physical make-up of your brain is actually changing; thus, your environment is changing. You are becoming a little different physically. Anything you learn changes your brain chemically a little bit. The more time you spend with something, or the more impact something has on you, the more you are changed. Your brain is actually changing physically right now. Knowledge can physically change you into a new species, a new life form.

During sleep, your mind locks in the new information or experience in your brain and the collective unconscious. That is why new knowledge and experiences can change your life permanently. A spiritual being’s brain discards most things the animal mind would hang onto, the negative baggage. The spiritual mind gets the bats out of the belfry, so to speak. You live with a totally clear and open mind. The mind is like a weight in a submarine, and when you let it go, you rise. During sleep you are also better connected to the collective unconscious. This is why creative people say they keep a writing pad by their bed side. It is because they often wake up with their best, most inspired ideas.

One should guard against preaching to young people success in the customary form as the main aim in life. Albert Einstein

Education: Schools will start telling the truth. The truth will be the most important thing to learn regarding any subject, especially life. History class will tell the story from both sides. There will be classes in the ultimate truth, and the art of living alone and with others, etc. Jesus said, “We should raise our children in love and the truth.”


Show actual case histories of how various lifestyles affect life in the future. These will be shown to kids in elementary school, so they will be able to change before they get set in their ways. Only show true stories; document people’s lives from beginning to end, and show their complete history to kids, so they can choose which life they want to live, if any. Show the true consequences of certain behaviors. Kids would not get into drugs and gangs if they knew what it would cost them in the long run.

They would not think the tough guys were cool if they were shown that it leads to poverty and jail. Show kids what “The Fonz” looks like at thirty. He will not look so cool living in poverty with a beer belly.

I realize that this is a generalization, but you tell kids that it is. You just tell them that most of the people that are cool in school become very uncool later in life, and people that are uncool and get good grades become the cool or popular people later in life, when it matters more. It usually matters more to be cool later in life, because you may have a family to support. With the truth, kids can be cool in school and be cool later in life.

Jesus said, "Raise your children in Love and Truth. Cover them with Love and show them the Way of Life through your godly example, so that they will not have cause to depart from it."

Violence is the last refuge of a lowlife.

Bullies: Kids from first grade up will be given a phone number and e- mail address where they can anonymously report bullies and other bad behavior, and they will be encouraged to use it. Someone will be available to respond to and deal with all complaints. The age of the tough guy is over. They ran the world for millions of years, but now their time is over, and they will be the biggest losers if they do not change. Bullies will be dealt with harshly and removed from the school if they do not change their ways. These tough guys are not so tough when they meet the police, are they? They always end up meeting them.

Kids should not have to endure bullies and other animal behavior when in school. Good citizenship will be rewarded; bad citizenship will not be tolerated. Bullying can ruin a kid for life if they do not know the truth. Kids that know the truth will know that bullies = idiots. They are farts in the wind and will pass.


Kids need to be taught that someone who says something negative about you is really saying something negative about themselves.

Kids need to learn how to not let the beast bring them down to that level. People bully other people just to get attention and feel powerful. If we teach them the truth and the life, they will have the attention and power of the universe, so they will not become bullies. This is one of the reasons kids have to learn the truth.

Cameras and microphones will be everywhere except toilet stalls. Parents will be able to access these cameras over the Internet, so that they can check on their children anytime they want. This will give parents peace of mind and the ability to help their kids more. Kids do not need privacy; they need control and guidance.

The cameras will make kids be on their best behavior, because they never know who is watching. Full-time implied parental surveillance will do more for schools than anything else, and cameras will be one of the best investments we can make. We have to stop kids from taking on the animal pack mentality, power games, and social behavior that they currently do in school environments. We need schools to do the opposite in these critical formative years. Cameras will be the key.

Change the world: Have old people come into the schools and tell kids what happened to them and why. All we have to do is show (not just tell) kids the real truth to change the world. It would give old people something important to do.

This will give people at the end of their life the chance to pass on what they have learned and what they would do different. It will be great for old people and great for the kids. The best education is real life and older people passing on the truth.

Technical and vocational training for work and how to find and apply for jobs will be mandatory, so everyone can make a middle class living at the very least right out of high school. They should offer what they are now offering in private trade schools in public schools. Show kids that middle class is the way to go.

Teach kids that being in the middle class is the best place to be.


Good investment: Trade schools should be paid for by the government and be available for free to anyone, even adults. It would be a good investment for the government, because people will make more money and pay more taxes.

High school kids should have real world classes and actually work with a professional and get real experience to see if they really want to do the trade. The schools should also be an employment agency, so that everyone has the choice of a good job or college right out of high school. Have competitions in practical skills that you can use to make a living. Schools will actually buy and run some small businesses, such as a Burger King, so that students can actually run them and learn about running them and what it is really like. Money made from these businesses will go to supporting the school system.

Equality in sports: Only sports in which size does not matter should be in public schools. Games like soccer, not football and basketball, unless they are divided into different leagues by age and size. Equality and a fair playing field in sports will be mandatory. Right now, only the biggest kids get into the major sports supported by everyone’s tax dollars, and that is not right. Smaller kids are being discriminated against. This causes inferiority complexes and lots of trouble later.

If a school wants to continue playing and supporting sports such as football and basketball, they will have to have a separate league for kids less than six feet tall and less than two hundred pounds. This league will have to have equal support and promotion, or those sports will be replaced by others.

There should be classes in managing money, taxes, marriage, having kids and divorce with actual case histories. Kids have to know how serious marriage is before they fall in love and go off the deep end.

Most important: The most important thing we can teach our children is that they are immortal spiritual beings. We have to tell them that they will die physically no matter what they do, so the life in their current bodies is not everything, not even a very big part of everything. We have to prepare them for the long run, not just the short time they are in their current bodies.

We will teach and compare all the major religions no later than middle school, so kids can decide for themselves which, if any, religion they want to get involved in. We will not turn children into the walking dead as we are now. Education will concentrate more on the practical science and art of living.


The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives. Albert Einstein

Education will be free and available to everyone through college as long as they have average grades or better. The best schools will be for people that study the hardest, get the best grades in academics and volunteer service and citizenship, not for those with the most money.

Eight-hundred million people cannot read or write. That is about one out of every six people in the human race. This hurts everyone.

Inspired kids: The schools will be run the same and everyone will be treated the same, but the kids will not be the same and will be encouraged to be unique and different. Originality will be encouraged, rewarded. We need inspired thinkers.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently. Friedrich Nietzsche

High school: It is a semi-tragedy for most kids now. Instead of being the best time of life, the beautiful physical and mental transition from child to adult, it is a trauma and a form of post -traumatic stress disorder that ruins the rest of a person’s life. This unnecessary waste and tragedy will be changed with the knowledge of the ultimate truth.

Puberty: The time when the most powerful physical/biological changes happen and the sexes are put together is no time to not pay attention. Peer pressure, sexual attraction, rejection, and facing adulthood is the perfect storm for people, and we are just letting it destroy many. A real education is impossible the way it is now. Ignorance of the truth squanders what could be the most fulfilling spiritual and physical time of life. It creates mind problems that go so deep that they are almost impossible to overcome. The way it is now, is the worst way to prepare young people for the future. It can be changed, so it must be changed now.

The ultimate truth will make the education system be all it can be.


Please read "the Present" for the most updated and accurate explanation of the truth about life and death:


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