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New Truth vs. Old Truth

Section 5 – Big Picture – Past and Future – Chapter 5.5

New truth vs. old truth: Many people think “the older the better” when it comes to the truth. The opposite is the truth. Knowledge always evolves and gets more complete and accurate. The latest is almost always the most accurate when it comes to explanations of the truth and most other things. I know more than I did yesterday, and I will know more tomorrow than I do today. It is the same with everyone; knowledge grows as time goes by. Technology and knowledge always grow and progress. This is because the truth builds on itself. Religious truth should be doing the same thing, but it is not. Religious truth has not been updated, and it needs to be updated. You do it by adding the truth of the past with the new truth. Make the two one. New revelations of the truth just add to what is already known.

Ancient wisdom: The reason very old myths are so popular is because they have had longer to become entrenched in a culture. There has been more time to make up things about it and fine tune the myths.

The further you go back, the less documentation there is of what really happened. People can claim anything happened, and it cannot be disputed by any inconvenient facts of what really happened at the time.

When people see the truth, prophets will start doing better in their lifetime.

Living prophets: This is why living prophets do not fare well; people can see that they are just ordinary human beings. After a prophet dies, they become popular, because people can and do say that they were super-human in some way. People want to believe it takes someone supernatural to reach God or heaven. People think that if prophets are just ordinary people, they cannot help, which makes people responsible for helping themselves.

All people have to do is see the truth; they do not have to do anything else.

People do not want to take responsibility for their lives, because they do not think they can make it happen themselves, when they really can and have to.

If normal people could not do it, no one could do it, because everyone is just a normal person. People do not see this simple, obvious fact.


People are underestimating their own abilities. The truth is, we are the crown of physical creation, and not only can we make it happen, we will make it happen, because if you do not do it, no one will, and you know it deep down.

The past is the most overrated thing that there is.

Many books and movies romanticize the past, so most people do not know what it was really like. The good old days are mostly just BS. Things are much better now than they ever were for most people.

Pyramids: People are overly impressed with the accomplishments of the past. There is nothing amazing or out of the ordinary that happened. The past was a time of ignorance, brutality and injustice. The further you go back, the more ignorant, brutal and unjust it was. People glorify the past to glorify themselves.

The pyramids and other old feats of construction are not amazing if you see them for what they are. Could anything be more wasteful than putting the hard labor of thousands of people for many years into building a tomb, something intended to be of benefit for only one dead person? Why do people think they are great?

The pyramids are just a big, well-stacked piles of rocks, exactly what we would expect to be built by misguided, primitive people. They had nothing better to do between wars. Food production was easy for them in that time and place, so they had the time and man power to build big, useless monuments.

Rulers realized that large building projects kept large numbers of men together, organized, and in good physical shape between wars. Large numbers of young men can be dangerous to rulers if they are not kept busy. It also made the rulers feel important and powerful. The monuments were also intended to kiss the butt of some invisible god or gods they were dedicated to.

Large construction projects also told other rulers that they should think twice about attacking them. It gives the message that if a ruler can organize large numbers of strong, resourceful men for massive building projects, he can use the same men for war. The bigger and more difficult the monument was to build, the bigger the potential army could be. Just about everything people in the past did had something to do with war, religion, and/or a ruler’s ego.


The stones are so big and difficult to move because it impressed people, and if they were not that big, they would not still be here today. There were a lot of other huge and fantastic things built in the past that are not here anymore, just because the stones were small and easier to carry off. In a later time when people needed to build other structures, they just used the stones from previous structures to build the new ones.

Nothing that happened in the past was surprising in any way.

The only thing we know about the past for certain is that people were ignorant, superstitious, savage, unjust, egotistical, scared and liked to tell stories.

If an archaeologist dug up an ancient Golden Gate Bridge or a telephone, I would think that maybe something amazing or unexpected happened in the past. Until then, no one should think anything too important or fantastic happened.

Those monuments just testify to suffering, injustice and ignorance.

When people see the suffering and injustice that building the monuments caused, they will not think so much of them anymore.

Poor people were worked to death for nothing.

History says "such and such great king" built something great. The truth is, they did not build anything. They forced the poor people under their control to build them. History has to stop glorifying these monsters.

Remember, you were there. You no doubt wasted many life spans working for some egotistical king. Picture yourself toiling in the hot sun, from sun up to sun down, seven days a week, cutting and moving stones with your bare hands. It gives you a new perspective about big ancient monuments.

The kings did not build them as the history books say; they just watched.

People always look fondly at the distant past and do not see it for the horror it really was. This is dangerous, because as the saying goes:

Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

Now kids play video games of armies fighting with swords and think it was more honorable than fighting with guns. They never show the piles of wounded lying on the battlefield slowly dying. They did not have any medivacs back then.


You were there. You were in countless armies throughout history.

All the talk of honor, glory and adventure is BS. It was as ugly and horrible as it can get. It was just people fighting a big savage knife fight. Imagine that it is happening now in your neighborhood, and there are no police to stop it.

It is not like it is shown in the movies. It is easier to understand if you picture a big, crazy motorcycle gang with really big knives coming over the hill to rape and kidnap your wife and children and put you into slavery if they did not kill you. You were there, either in the gang or fighting the gang, or one of the women being raped, for most of the history of mankind.

Wake up people, and smell the blood, guts, and gore. The past happened.

Imagine what happened in the past happening in your neighborhood now. It is happening now in Africa and other places in the poor third-world.

Animal realm: We (mankind) have been involved in the activity above thousands of times in the last ten-thousand years. It would be unbelievable if we did not know that it happened. This savagery is what we will leave behind when we learn the truth and the life. Could anything be more important?

Our past has been one long nightmare, and now we can leave it forever.

The days of knights and chivalry were just myths to put a good face on something so ugly and horrible that no one can imagine or comprehend it.

Look at the past without the BS, and you can see the truth for the first time.

The Bible: The truth in the Bible is like pearls mixed in with a lot of worthless pebbles. You have to sift through a lot of stuff that was meant just for people that lived a longtime ago. Example: Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in the old testament of the Bible. It says that God gets mad when we misbehave and does very nasty things. It says one time he threw down fire and burned up every man, woman and child in a city (Sodom). The Bible says he did it because people had become too sexually perverted, but the one family he let escape because they were the only righteous people were incestuous. If that is not perverted, nothing is. After Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt for looking back at the city being destroyed, it says Lot had sex and children with his own daughters.


If you believe in the Bible, you believe in incest and child sacrifice.

The way the Bible is currently interpreted, the children of Adam and Eve had to have sex with each other, because there was no one else. It is the same with the family of Noah. People that say they believe the myths are condoning incest, child murder, and all sorts of other sick things. Is that a good thing?

A few thousand years ago, it says that God made it rain for forty days and forty nights, drowning almost everyone and everything. It says that he did it, because he screwed up, and his creation was flawed.

It makes no sense and did not happen, could not happen; there is not enough water on earth to cover it completely. To cover the highest mountains, the oceans would have had to get five miles deeper. The top of Mount Everest is more than thirty thousand feet above sea level.

There would have to be more than three times the amount of water than is currently in the ocean. You could not triple the volume of the oceans in forty days and forty nights of raining. It would have to rain for millions of years.

Where did all the water come from and go? Did God pull a plug? The water would have killed all plant life. The animals from the ark would have had nothing to eat. No one thinks of that. After being covered with salt water for over a month, the land would be as barren as the moon.

God can do anything: Do not resort to the “God can do anything” argument; it does not make sense either. If he could snap his fingers and make the water appear and disappear and the plants grow back, he could have snapped his fingers and just made mankind disappear without all the drama.

There was/is no need for the flood and ark and the rest of the story that no honest, rational person could believe. If God wants people to believe in the Bible, he would not have put a story in it that makes it impossible to believe.

Where in the Bible does it say God can do anything?

It just says he is all-powerful, the almighty, and controls everything (which is true), but God/life does it within the laws of nature and never deviates from them. If he did do miracles, there could be no truth you could know, no life you could know. The Jesus of truth and life could not exist without a truth and a life that never changes.


God-kind: When I say that the goal is to become God, people right away think that means I am saying that people will be able to do miracles and will be able to control the weather and do all the other things that the myths say God does. The truth is, you will not be able to do anything special, because God does not do anything out of the ordinary. The ordinary is the ultimate miracle, and all a person that lives as God does is the ordinary. The only difference is that they know what it is and the ultimate miracle it is and are fulfilled by it. I am as I am: That is how the Bible says God defines himself, and it is the absolute best description possible. God is life and just does what we can see that life does. Thanks to science, we have finally learned what God/life really does. All these miracle myths stem from the misconception that God is an emotional man that can do anything. God only creates life and creates balance; nothing more and nothing less, and that is the truth that sets you free. God did not create us in his image; the opposite happened. We created God in our image, irrational emotions and all. Jesus says many times that the truth is the most important thing, so why do people who say they are his followers tell obvious untruths? It is understandable why they did it in the past, but people are still doing it. Just having a pair of every insect on earth would mean Noah would have had to collect, house, and feed over twenty-million insects. We now know the flood and other things I mentioned did not happen for a lot of reasons too numerous to mention here. They are myths/morality tales that were meant just for primitive people that could not know it was not true. The myths were needed in the past to get the truth to us now, but now we know better, and we have to take the next step and acknowledge the truth.


Grow up: It is time to grow up and stop believing in obvious myths and fairytales. We have to grow up if we want to give our children the chance to grow up.

The myth of the flood is harmless, but other false things have cost many people their lives. Example: the Bible says, “You should not let any witch live.” This led directly to thousands of women being labeled witches and being burned to death.

The myths hide the truth and keep us in bondage. The truth sets us free.

Literal truth: The people in organized religions who tell people that everything written in the Bible is the literal truth are wrong. They are not telling the truth. Most are good intentioned, but are still wrong, and now we know it for certain.

They are not bad people; they are just misguided, and they fear change. They are being deceived by their own mind. They did the same thing in the time of Jesus, and he addressed it in the following way:

Jesus said, “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Because you shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men; for you don't enter in yourselves, neither do you allow those who are entering in to enter.”

In that saying, Jesus is telling us not to believe the scholars that wrote the Bible and the leaders of religion that tell us that it is true. It could not be clearer, but people still follow them. Woe to them.

In addition to telling everyone that the scholars and leaders are not telling the truth, that saying also says or infers that you do not have to die to go to heaven. Most people do not notice that. He is talking like you can enter heaven anytime.

No one is telling the truth. No one knows it, but people are telling people that they do know. If this does not change, there is no hope for mankind.

Be afraid, very afraid.

The Bible says fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.

In other words, if you fear life and death, it will motivate you to learn the truth.

The Bible says that some people will be saved by love, and some by fear.

Forgiven: Keep in mind, if those people who are not telling the truth do change, they will be forgiven, because they knew not what they did until now.


Because of the misguided scholars and leaders, over three billion people, more than half the human race, are trying to believe God is an invisible old man who lives in the sky, that the all-powerful, all-knowing creator and controller of the infinite universe has petty human emotions and likes to be praised and have his butt kissed. They are saying that God is the absolute worst kind of person. Most picture God as a king with a crown and long white beard sitting on a throne. We have been fighting and dying to be free of kings, yet people want one forever?

Religions have been fighting science and progress and have been losing.

Downhill: Ever since the renaissance, when science really started progressing, religions started to see it as a threat. They believed their dogma was the only truth, so anything that conflicted with it must be wrong. The church was all-powerful at the time, but it has gone downhill ever since.

The truth business: The problem is, the church is in the truth business, and at the time, they could not see the truth was in their dogma. Their whole reason for being is to reveal the truth, and once the world could see that they did not know it, they started to lose their credibility and power. As science grew stronger, the church grew weaker. Now the opposite is going to happen.

Uphill: Now that we can see the truth is actually in the Bible and other religious books, the church and other religions will start regaining their lost popularity and power in the world. It will be uphill for religion from now on if they embrace the new revelations of the truth. They will have respect instead of looking like fools.

Science has done religions a great service. It has revealed the real truth.

The truth is the stated goal of most religions, so science is religion’s best friend. Religious people see science as their enemy, when the opposite is the truth. For the last five hundred years, religions have been fighting science to protect their myths. They have tortured and killed in the name of myths.

Science/religion: The things done in the past can be forgiven, because people could not know what they were doing was wrong, but not anymore. Now, religious people have to embrace science and the truth it reveals in combination with the truth religious books reveal. The combination is going to be everyone’s salvation.

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein

Science is religion’s best friend, because it reveals the truth, and the truth is what sets people free from the myths created by the devil/mind.


Wheat from the chaff: The Bible says we have to separate the wheat from the chaff, and that is what science does. It separates the truth from the myths. According to religions, God is truth, thus the enemy of truth is the enemy of God.

Greatest sin: When you deny the truth, you are denying God, because God is the truth. Doing it intentionally when you know better is the greatest possible sin, yet all religions are currently doing it. The question is, why are they doing it?

Jesus said, "The truth is hidden until you have eyes that will see and ears that will hear.”

Most people do not even know the meaning of the words in the Bible. Example: The word “sin” means to “miss the mark.” The word comes from ancient Greek, and it refers to an arrow missing the target. It has nothing to do with breaking religious or moral rules.

Christian” means to be Christ-like, not to just praise and worship a name and an image of the way Jesus may have looked two-thousand years ago. That is idol worship of a graven image.

The word “worship” means “worth-ship.” The best way to show how much God is worth to you is by just accepting the present God/life is creating and trying to give to you. Just accept the gift, accept the truth and the life that is in every moment.

Worship all you can see, and more will appear. Equus

The Bible says, “The wages of sin is death.”

It is true; when you miss the mark, miss the present, you are dead to true life.

Jesus said, “By hearing you will hear, but you will not understand. For this, people’s hearts are hardened and their ears are dull and their eyes have been closed.”

The only thing you can do against God/life is shut the truth and the life out, and just about everyone is currently doing that. Shutting out the truth and the life is the only way you can miss the mark, the only way you can sin.

If you know the truth and the life, you do not need any moral laws, because spiritual people naturally do the moral thing. They treat others as they would want to be treated. They see everyone as if they were them; they see them truly.


The word “apocalypse” means “the unveiling,” not the end of the world.

What is going to be unveiled? Could it be the ultimate truth? What else?

The apocalypse (the unveiling): It means the truth is veiled or hidden. If the Bible is true, then no one knows the truth yet, because it says almost no one does. Most religious people are missing this fact. The book they believe is the truth says they do not know the truth yet. This is a key understanding.

Jesus said, “God is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, for it cannot see God or know God.”

It explains why people believe in the myths that do not make sense and do not even see the truth that does make sense in the same book. People are either really stupid, or some unseen force is preventing people from seeing it.

The Bible says there is an unseen force or veil. The Bible says the ultimate truth cannot be known until the apocalypse. It is just starting now, so most people could not know the ultimate truth before now. It is what the Bible says.

The veil is created by our own minds and the collective unconscious to prevent most people from seeing the truth before the time is right.

It is mass hypnosis. The Holy Spirit has hypnotized us to protect us.

It is good the truth has been hidden: It actually hurts the truth to see it before the time is right. It forces the truth into myths and it kills or makes its prophets outcasts. This is the reason almost no one has seen the truth before now.

Jesus and other prophets have planted seeds that needed to be planted, but they paid a high price to do it. The seeds of truth they planted are now starting to grow and blossom, and this is helping to make our salvation possible. By hiding the truth and the life until now, the collective unconscious protected the truth and us. The time has to be right for the truth, or it just causes trouble.

The collective unconscious can give us information we did not know, and it can also prevent us from seeing things if it is not in our best interest to see them.

"Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you." John 14:17


Jesus said, “The hour is coming when I will not speak to you in dark sayings, but will tell you plainly about God.”

The collective unconscious has been making it impossible for people to turn their minds off and see the truth. The veil is just beginning to lift now, so we can see the truth and understand now. This is what makes the time we live in so great.

Myths in the Bible: The scholars and leaders actually did the right thing when they hid the truth in myths. They did not do it consciously, but they did it, and that was a good thing. It made it so almost no one could learn the truth by reading the Bible in the past. Everything has happened the way it needed to.

No one can see the hidden truth in the Bible until they wake up.

Most of what is written in the Bible is meant to hide the truth, not reveal it. This is the opposite of what most people think, but it is the truth.

Jesus said, “I have more things to tell you, but you cannot understand them now, but when the Holy Spirit comes, the Spirit of Truth, it will guide you in all truth. When the Spirit comes, it will make all things clear to you.”

Improving this book: It is not so much that this book needs to change as people need to change. When communication technology and society have evolved enough, when the time is right for people to see the truth of life, they will see the truth in this book, even with some flaws.

Kill prophets: To know the truth before the time is right can get you killed by fools and fanatics. At the very least, it can make you unpopular and an outcast.

Die for the truth: Gandhi, Lincoln, Lennon, Jesus, King, Kennedy and many others died for the truth. Dying for the truth is the best way to go, but living for the truth is better. Thanks to the Internet, the truth can be told more safely now.

Ignorance kills.

Religious fools are the most dangerous fools, because they think they are doing the right thing, doing it for God. The truth is, they have mental problems, and they are doing the work of the devil, not God. There is nothing worse a person can do. It actually hurts the killer much worse than the person they kill. It could be forgiven in the past because of ignorance, but not now.



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