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What Happens after death by Global Truth project. Is there life after death?

The Truth About Life

What happens after death?

Free Truth For Everyone

Are you one of those curious people who always want to dig deeper and find the true meaning of everything? Do you feel there’s something more to this life than just bare existence? Have you been wondering how to fulfill your purpose and impact this world in a positive way?

Welcome to the Global Truth Project! We are here to sate your curiosity and answer all the big questions about life and your role in it. In every field of life—like law, medicine, and science—people use empirical evidence, logic, and common sense to reveal the truth. We use the same tools to reveal the truth about our existence and solve our world’s fundamental problems.

“The Present” is currently the simplest, most accurate, and most complete explanation of the truth about life and death. Please read it before contacting us or joining any discussion. If you can explain life better, feel free to send us your entry. It will be evaluated like "The Present", using the mentioned tools. Our website always features the best explanation of the truth.

The Truth Can Save Our World


Without the truth, no one knows exactly what to do and why. We are fighting wars and destroying the environment at an alarming rate. Ignorance has separated us from each other and brought us to the edge of self-extinction. 

On the other hand, the ultimate truth of life is the same for everyone, everywhere, all the time. It is the only thing we all have in common and thus the only thing that can unite us. Only the truth of life can bring us lasting peace, freedom, equality, and prosperity.

“Without the truth, it is every man for himself. With the truth, it is one for all, and all for one.” — The Present

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t belong to any political organization, religion, or cult. Global Truth Project is a group of volunteers working to reveal the truth about life and share it with everyone FOR FREE.

If you want to support our mission, please consider donating (click the “Donate” button below) and contact us to learn how you can become a part of this project.


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Global Truth Project team

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