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How We Can Fix the Drug Epidemic...Fast

From "the Present (Insights)": The Truth About Drugs

Drugs, like all things physical, have a good and a bad side. Drugs alter your body chemistry. Some drugs can keep you alive longer, and some can stop pain. Some can help open your mind up for brief periods. Drug addicts skip the things and just go to the good feeling. The problem is, they need a drug to do it, and it is not true life. Why not just skip the drug also?

The Bible says, “Be vigilant and be sober, because your adversary is like a lion.” It also says, "Be drunk not on wine, but be filled with the spirit."

Do not lie: If you do not know the truth and the life and are not fulfilled, street drugs will make you feel better. That is the truth, and lying to people, especially children, is much worse than drugs. We just have to tell the whole truth, and tell it often, especially to children. Street drugs can make you feel better, but only for a while.

We just have to tell the truth to solve the drug problem and all problems.

You feel good when you use so-called recreational drugs, because they give you a shot of physical pleasure and can get your mind out of the way, and they open you up. They give you a taste of the present. The problem is, the present is distorted, and being physical, they swing back the other way to balance the good feeling they gave you. Therefore, you can use drugs to feel good if you do not mind feeling equally bad in one way or another.

Drugs show that your mind is largely a chemical reaction. Hormones and chemicals can and do change the way you feel, your behavior, and even the way you think. People on hard drugs like cocaine and heroin feel like everything in the world is perfect when they are high. The next day when they are going through withdrawals, they feel the complete opposite. It shows that pleasure is balanced.

Recreational drugs really do not do anything for you, and they can hurt your quest for enlightenment as much as they can help. If drugs are used for spiritual reasons to open you up, you can do the non-addictive ones until you can open up without them, but they have to be used in moderation, and you have to be honest with yourself as to if they are really helping or making you feel that good.


The truth is, most of the time, they do not. Hard drugs feel really good for a short period of time when you first start using them, then the rest of the time you use them, they just make you feel normal, but instead of stopping, people use more and more of them in the hope of getting that feeling they had when they first started. The truth is, they never make you feel that good again. Even if you stop using them for twenty years and start again, they still do not give you that feeling you got the first few times you used them. Only the truth can give you what you want.

Better than drugs: That good way they made you feel the first time you used them is close to the way a spiritual person feels all the time; the moment seems perfect and fulfilling in and of itself. Truth and the life makes you feel better than that. You can feel like that forever, and it costs you nothing.

You can get high on life, but only if you know the ultimate truth. If people were educated with the money now spent on putting drug users in jail, we would not have a drug problem.

The truth will stop drug abuse.

If people were just taught at a young age the truth about drugs, no one would use them, because the truth is that they hurt you a lot more than they help you.

The drug education in schools today is all BS and kids know it. We just need to have real drug addicts come to the classes and just be themselves, and no kid would want to be like them. Real drug addicts are very sick people.

Addiction: When you use hard drugs, you become addicted, and you can lose your chance to get to heaven. Why take the chance with drugs when there is a better way now?

Chase the dragon: The Bible calls the devil/mind the dragon that deceives the world. Heroin addiction is a great example of this. The first few times you do it, the dragon and the pleasure it gives you sits right on your lap and is your best friend. All you want to do is be with it all the time, but it starts moving away from you, and you start chasing it. You can only keep up with it if you are ready to die.


People will spend all their money, sacrifice their job, friends and family chasing it, but it just gets farther and farther away, and they never catch it again. No one ever has caught it, because it is impossible; it was a deception, an illusion to start with. It was a very real and satisfying illusion of the present, but not the real thing.

Instead of giving you the life it promises, the dragon takes it. It kills you financially, socially, emotionally and spiritually, and it will kill you physically, so it is only really good when checking out. Heroin is the devil in chemical form, unless you are checking out (kill yourself on purpose). In the past, when the truth could not be known, addiction could be forgiven, but not now.

When you can stop hard drugs, you do not want to. When you want to stop, you can’t.

Hard drugs: The first few weeks, you feel great for an hour or two and do not feel bad at all, so you figure, “why stop using them?” As you use them more, you feel good for less and less of the time, and you feel bad more and more of the time. Within a month, you start getting physically sick everyday when the drug wears off. You have withdrawal symptoms. It makes you feel like you have the flu when you do not have the drug. When you get drugs, it only makes you feel good for a few minutes, but makes you well for a few hours. Then you get sick again. That is an accurate description of a day in the life of a heroin addict.

Addicts like to be by themselves, alone in a motel room with their drugs. They like to be alone because they do not want or need anything other than their drugs and the feeling it gives them. Other people just distract them from their high.

The truth drug: It is the same reason spiritual beings like to be alone. They do not need or want anything other than God/life. Other people can just bring you down, unless they live in the truth and the life also. If they do, they make the present even better. The difference is that God/life does not cost any money, makes you feel even better than drugs, and never makes you sick.

No one that reads this will do drugs, because no one would want to live like that. This is why real education will stop drug use. Heroin is said to be the worst, but other hard drugs work the same way; they just make you suffer more mentally.


Addiction is one of the devil/mind’s most powerful tools. It enslaves people, and only the truth and the life can really free people.

The reason that organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous work for many people is they use the truth to help people. They tell people to take life one day at a time, in other words, to live in the present. They tell people there is a higher power that they have to surrender to (the balancing force). They tell people to embrace the truth and the life. The problem is that people cannot know the truth and the life completely without knowing the ultimate truth. If people learn the truth, there will be no drug addiction. It will just fade away as just another stupid thing that people who lived in the illusions of the mind used to do.

If my generation has proven one thing, it is that drugs can hurt you more than they help you. I wish there was a drug that would really help open your mind without the negatives, but there is not. It would be the ultimate wonder drug, but it is impossible, so do not expect it to happen. You have to know the truth.

Ecstasy: Ecstasy or MDMA is probably the closest thing to it. It gets you closer to the present and keeps you there longer than any other drug. The problem is, in a way, it screws you up the worst if you get addicted. The withdrawal is mostly mental, so it takes a long time to feel normal again. You pay the highest price mentally if you abuse ecstasy. It is just the balance at work. Taking it a few times, just to see how good even a little taste of the present is, can be a good thing if you know the truth, but I do not recommend any drug.

The real present is a lot better, but ecstasy will get you closer to it for a few hours than normal people are now. The trick is not doing it very often and in moderation. I am not recommending it, because it is not necessary, and you take a huge risk that you will abuse it and pay a very high price.

Happiness pill: There is no happiness pill, and there will never be one. I am sure the big drug companies are working on it, and they will no doubt come up with better ones than we have now, but they will just make you feel better longer, and the negative will come even if it takes years or the next life.

Even if they do come up with something that completely fulfills you like the truth and the life does, what happens when you run out of the drug?


You cannot take it with you: You lose everything physical. That is why using drugs to get into the present will never be as good as using the truth. You never run out of truth; it is always in abundant supply, because it is literally everything real. I take prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are okay, but only if you need them.

In the future, they may come up with a drug that really helps everyone open up to life, but the ones around now do not. They are just a powerful trick of the devil.

Once you know the truth and the life, you will never use hard street drugs, because you feel better than drugs can make you feel.

Drugs and alcohol can bring you to the present, but it is a distorted, false present, a defiled present, a diminished present, and it will cost you in one way or another. It is just a very powerful and dangerous form of fool’s gold.

Psychedelic drugs: I am not recommending it, but if you take LSD, or other drugs that stimulate your mind to create very real hallucinations, it will show you just how powerful the mind’s powers of illusion are. A person that knows the truth and the life can always tell the difference between illusions and reality, because they know reality, and they know it never changes. Illusions are not governed by laws of nature; reality is.

People like Hoffman, Alpert and Leary thought that psychedelic drugs revealed a hidden, normally unseen part of reality. They were wrong, because they did not know the truth. They just distort your perception of true life; they do not change life.

They had it backwards. We want to expand our life, not our minds.

The hallucinations are very entertaining if you know the truth, because you know they are not real, but if you do not know the truth and think they are real, it could be very dangerous. I know of a person who clawed his eyes out thinking it would make him see better. He blinded himself, and that is not a good thing.

LSD brings you to the present, but it is a distorted present, a false present. If you look at real life with the intensity people look at things under the influence of LSD, you would see real life is more interesting and amazing than any illusion can be. You look at things more intensely on LSD, because it is new. When you learn the truth, you start looking at things as new all the time, because they are new. Once you know the truth, LSD makes the illusions of the mind easy to see, so it has some therapeutic value, but it is not necessary, and like other drugs, the possible bad things that can happen are not worth the good they can do.


That said, entheogenic use can transform a normal conditioned mind, and put it into the truest form of learner, the ego-less human creature. This is an underestimated and misunderstood property, which ultimately can lead one to truth, more so than the BS we see in everyday society.

Most drugs just make you feel good for a short period, and this can be addictive. You have to replace them with something that makes you feel even better than them after you are hooked, or you will never be free. Even after addicts manage to kick a drug habit, they always have the craving to some degree. They have to spend the rest of their life missing the drugs.

The truth about drugs: What goes up must come down. The higher you go, the farther and harder you will fall. When you first start doing drugs, you are amazed at how high you can go. After you have been doing them for a while, you are even more amazed at how low you can go. It is better to just be where you are and learn to see life the way it truly is; that is the truth. If you know the truth, you could do them safely, but if you know the truth, you would not do them.

The bottom line is, street drugs make life worse, not better.

You can drink and get a buzz as long as you do not do anything stupid. Not driving is the main thing. Violence or any anti-social behavior is grounds to have to stop drinking. Buy a key chain breathalyzer; it is cheap and you will know when you cannot drive. If you do not have one, you should not drink alcohol away from home.

The present is better than any drug, but you have to open it to find out. That said, whatever gets you through the night is all right, as John Lennon said, as long as you know what you are doing and the price you are going to pay.

Drugs are only good things when you're sick, in pain or checking out.

I would be a hypocrite if I said some drugs such as marijuana at some times do not help, but you are playing with fire. Marijuana can lead to harder drugs.

The Bible says, therefore let us not sleep, as do others, but let us watch and be sober.

There is now a better way to get into the present. It is free and lasts forever.


Just remember that Jesus did not do recreational drugs.

I talk about Jesus and focus this book on the truth in Christianity, because America is a Christian country, and we need to change America to change the world. It is the only country that has the power to change the world in time to save the human race, so we have to reveal the truth in Christianity first.

We have to follow Jesus, and he did not do recreational drugs, so we cannot do them if we are to follow him. True Christians do not need recreational drugs.

If a drug makes you feel better than normal, gives you pleasure and a feeling of peace and understanding a thousand times, but does the opposite just once, that tells you it is an illusion of the mind. All drugs have a down side equal to the up side, so people that do it for the pleasure are not getting anything, because it balances out. Do you really want pleasure that creates equal pain?

Don’t chase pleasure: What most truth seekers forget and need constant reminding of is that spiritual fulfillment is not to be confused with pleasure. You can feel crappy and even be suffering in great pain and be fulfilled. This is not heaven; there is pain here. Fulfillment is more than just pleasure.

A woman in childbirth is in great pain, but fulfilled at the same time.

People start out seeking truth and fulfillment, but end up chasing feelings of pleasure, and they get on the merry-go-round of physical life. You need to be in the center and just watch the wheels go ‘round, as John Lennon said in a song.

Fulfillment is better than pleasure, and it is possible to have it forever. You can only have pleasure half the time and pay for it with an equal amount of pain, so you do not seek it. You seek only fulfillment, even if it does not always feel good, and it won't. That is a tough thing to explain, and people have to discover what I am talking about for themselves. It is the goal, it is the Present, and you can only get tastes of it in this life because of other minds.

Some people try to help it happen with drugs, fasting, isolation, rituals, etc. They are not only unnecessary; they get you off the path of just accepting what is, no matter what it is. In this world, everything real, including physical pain, is God/life.


Please read "the Present" for the most updated and accurate explanation of the truth about life and death:


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