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How We Can Stop The Rise of Crime...Fast

From "The Present (Insights)" Chapter: Crime and Law

Criminal justice: There will be no death penalty. The truth is, we are all on a death row. Being born carries the death penalty. Killing people a little sooner for killing someone else is not an effective deterrent, and it does not reduce the amount of murders. It just makes us murderers. It actually hurts the people doing the executing worse than it hurts the person being executed. People that condone killing for any reason other than true self- defense are lowering themselves to the animal level, and that includes all of society.

Do not hate criminals. Hate what they do and begin to show them the light.

Prisons will be safe and comfortable. Convicts will live alone and not be allowed to interact with other prisoners except in structured settings, such as jobs, school, church, etc. When convicts are allowed to mix with each other in an uncontrolled environment, such as prison yards, it creates worse animals, so it will not be allowed to happen in the future. In the United States, over 50% of all inmates commit new crimes and return to prison. This tells us that the current system is not working and is a waste of money. It needs to be changed so that it does work.

Punishment: The deterrent value of punishment has been proven to be ineffective, so prisoners will be treated well. They will all have big screen, high- definition TVs in their private cell or room as long as they behave, learn a trade, do a job, and take self-improvement classes.

The TV will be built into the wall, and it will have special programming that will help change animals into spiritual beings. The programs will be entertaining, but designed to re-educate people over a period of time. The TVs will not be in the prisoner’s control. The programs will show convicts what really happens to the victims and family of the victims of crime, so they will learn the true cost of their lifestyles. At least half of the TV programs will be to teach convicts a trade, improve their impulse control, teach them the ultimate truth, etc. If convicts do really well, they can earn better food, access to other TV programming and other benefits. Just controlling the TV and food, if done properly, will control most prisoners and motivate them to do the right thing and change their ways.


The cells or rooms will be built so there is nowhere to hide anything. All surfaces will be smooth and connected, so that they cannot be moved. The material will be a plastic that will be indestructible, easy to clean, and soft enough, so that it will be almost impossible for inmates to hurt themselves or staff. They will be allowed only a few possessions. The space will be to sleep, watch TV, eat, clean themselves, urinate and defecate, nothing else. Food will be delivered to them through a secure opening. The inmate will be naked except for one pair of a one-piece bathing suit, like shorts. They will be comfortable and not tear. A shower system will wash and dry them and the whole cell automatically, and everything will go down a special drain that cannot be plugged, because they will have nothing to plug it with, not even toilet paper. Their butts will be washed. The environment will have one purpose, and that is total control, safety, comfort, and isolation. Cameras will monitor and record them twenty four hours and seven days a week. The goal is to change them and free them as soon as possible.

All communication with the outside world will be reduced to one short verbal recording or conversation a week. This will make it easier to control contraband and outside influences. The inmate will have no way to cause the staff any trouble. They will use gas to medicate or render the inmate unconscious if necessary. The temperature, lighting, food, medication and TV will be to make the inmate comfortable and educate and change them safely and effectively.

It may sound severe, but crime is severe, and it justifies doing what has to be done to stop it. What is described above will be the least expensive and most effective way to do it. We have to show that crime will not be tolerated.

A prison operates on the merit system. We will do everything to change them for the better, and nothing to make them worse. Some will have untreatable mental defects and will never change and never get out, but most will be able to change their ways and get out in a much shorter period of time than now.

Prisons will exist to separate criminals from the public, each other, and most of the staff for as long as it is necessary. Inmates will communicate with staff, medical personnel, teachers, etc., through the TV via closed- circuit sound and video. Everything will be recorded to be analyzed by medical and behavior specialists.


Criminals will be confined for the same reason that we confine other dangerous animals in a zoo. Cameras will be everywhere and record everything that happens; there will be no privacy. We will use tranquilizer darts to knockout dangerous criminals, just like dangerous animals.

Tracking system: For non-violent crimes, people will have the option to wear a tracking device that will monitor their every move outside of prison. The tracking devices could be a small, rechargeable, locked-on ankle bracelet that will transmit a signal every minute to the cellular phone towers and communicate with a computer. The device will give a GPS location every minute, and it will alert the police when a convict is in the wrong places or with the wrong people (other people with bracelets), not at work, in bars, etc. If a convict gets within ten feet of the forbidden people or places, the closest policeman is automatically notified, so they can be arrested. If the tracking device is cut off or not recharged, the police will know in one minute and be able to surround their last location and arrest them. The technology for the tracking system is available now and will cut the prison population at least in half. This will save billions of dollars and allow non-violent offenders to live a normal, productive, tax- paying life.

Gangs: Gangs are currently the biggest problem in our criminal justice system, and they are different from other criminals. No one wants to live the life of an outlaw, as an animal, if they have a better option. If we give it to them, we can prevent thousands of kids from becoming criminals, and we can turn gang members into productive, tax-paying citizens and family men.

Respect: They are always saying they want respect. They use violence to intimidate people to get respect. That is the same kind of respect a rattlesnake gets. It is not the kind of respect a real man wants, but they see no other way.

Kids get into street gangs because they do not see any better options. We just need to give them something really better to do. Things will not change until we do. It will cost us less in the long run if we do the right thing now. Cities build community centers with a bunch of ping-pong tables and think that it will make a difference; it does not. We have to give kids a completely new, fulfilling life.


People that have committed crimes as a result of being in street gangs can be rehabilitated fast. When prisons are changed to do what they should be doing, gang criminals can turn their lives around in a very short period of time.

We should give all gang members in prisons the option to get out if they join the army and fight America’s enemies. They are fighters. It would solve our military recruitment problem and our prison overcrowding problem.

The choice will be the army or jail. If they cannot follow military rules, they go back to prison. I am sure many will be motivated to change their ways just to get out of a long prison sentence. If it is four years in the army or ten years in jail, many will be motivated to join the army. It would be good for the army, and good for the people. When they get out, they could start a new, productive life.

Psychopaths, sociopaths, serial killers, child molesters, rapists, violent racists, repeat offenders, and others that continually and intentionally hurt innocent people may have to be imprisoned for their whole life, but most gang members do not have to be. They truly can be rehabilitated as long as we offer them something really better. This will cut our prison population at least in half again.

Most gang members have a code of ethics and are loyal to other members of their gang. They only hurt other gang members or threats to their gangs. They see themselves as soldiers, and they are in a sense. Let’s make them real ones.

The truth is, society is responsible for the development of gangs. We created the problem, so it is our responsibility to fix it. We should give every gang member a second chance, even gang members that kill other gang members.

Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Everyone will be forgiven for what they did before the truth was revealed, if they change when they learn the truth. There are no bad guys, just people that do not know the truth, people that have been misguided. Once gang members get a chance and a better way to go, they will change, and they will be no danger to society. We turn a negative into a positive.


Guaranteed Jobs: The way it is now, criminals are just released out into society, and because of their past, they cannot get a good job. This results in frustration and often a return to crime and prison. We not only need to teach criminals a trade that will allow them to make a good living in the outside world, we need to give them a good job when they get out. The state needs to own companies that will give paroled prisoners the job they have been trained in prison to do. This will change criminals into self- supporting, productive citizens. It is one of the most important missing links in the rehabilitation process.

These businesses will have more security than normal businesses. They will be set up to deal with a work force made up of previous convicts.

The management will be past prisoners, and they will be able to help and keep an eye on new people that are released. All paroled people will also be required to wear the tracking device. This will make it much safer for society, and it will turn criminals into productive citizens.

Restitution: Paroled people will have to work at these special work places until they have paid restitution that the court sets to their victims.

Fear of punishment will not change things, and we now know that for certain. It can even make it worse with our current prison system. Many people are coming out of prison worse than when they went in. People are victimized when we put them in uncontrolled situations with other prisoners. The prison yard is a machine that makes brutal animals. They do not benefit the prisoners or society. Throwing people that commit minor crimes in with murderers and other hardened criminals puts them in great jeopardy, turning them into animals just to survive. Many people had to murder in prison to stop someone from killing or raping them or subjecting them to some other abuse. The current system creates murderers. What would you do? What we are doing to people is criminal. We are the murderers, because we created a situation where people are forced to murder to survive.

The drug business: It is the drug business that causes most of the trouble in prison, so we just let them earn the drugs they want. We make sure they cannot hurt themselves or others, and we let them destroy their life in their cell if that is what they want. This will stop the prison drug black market that causes most of the violence and abuse in prisons.


However, their sentence will not even start until they are clean from drugs for one year. This will motivate them to stop or to not do drugs. If they choose to keep doing drugs, they never get out. They also have to learn a trade before they get out, and when they get out, pay restitution to their victims or have to come back. They will not want to use drugs if using them prevents them from being released, and we educate them about drugs and help them get off them. If we give them another, better way to go, it will save many lives and billions of dollars, so we have to. We make drugs so cheap that it puts the crooks out of business.

Free to hurt yourself: Everyone, in or out of prison, should have the right to ruin their lives with drugs if they want to. Once people know the truth about drugs and are shown a better way, most will not do them. Those that still want to should be allowed to legally, as long as they are prevented from hurting others. Trying to stop drugs is not possible, and it causes too many problems. If we are going to outlaw drugs, we have to outlaw alcohol and cigarettes also. If people are not going to be allowed to hurt themselves, we have to do it across the board. Making conflicting rules is one of the reasons people do not have respect for the law. If a law is not consistent, it must be abolished.

We live in a country where torture is legal and marijuana is illegal. Bill Maher

Black markets: When people wake up, drugs will be legalized. They will be taxed just like cigarettes and alcohol. Some of this new tax money will be spent on education, rehabilitation clinics, and the prison system. Why not let the problem pay to stop the problem? Outlawing drugs has just created a black market and violent gangs. It puts billions of dollars into the pockets of a criminal underworld. It supports many people that hurt many people. Black markets feed the beast and make it much stronger.


The same thing happened when alcohol was outlawed in the twenties. It created a black market and gangsters, and we had to legalize it just to stop all the gang violence. We need to legalize street drugs for the same reasons. The gang problem is much worse now than it was in the time of Al Capone, and a lot more people are being killed. We are just wasting billions of dollars and wasting peoples lives. Making drugs illegal is a good idea that just does not work.

Drugs do not cause violence. Getting illegal, expensive drugs causes it.

Drugs do not cause violence. Alcohol makes people more violent than any illegal drug. Alcohol kills more people than guns, but it is legal. When a law is causing more problems than what it is outlawing, intelligent beings change it before it causes more damage. Good intentions do not always work; this must be seen. We could be putting a huge amount of money to better use. The money now spent to convict and jail people for drug offenses could be spent on education and rehabilitation for people that get addicted to drugs.

Forbidden fruit: When you try to deny people something, you activate a very bad part of human nature. Some people, especially teenagers, always want what they are denied; it just makes them want it more. Many people are tempted and will always want the proverbial forbidden fruit. This part of our human nature is shown in the first book of the Bible. It tells us that forbidden fruit caused the downfall of mankind, and it is doing it in reality. It shows how great the problem is, and the only way to solve it is to remove all forbidden fruit that does not hurt other people.

We are saying that drugs make life better: When we outlaw drugs, we are indirectly saying that drugs are better than normal life. We are saying that everyone would do them if not for the laws. It gives the opposite message than what people think it is giving, but no one sees this truth. If doing drugs was really better, no one would be going to expensive rehab centers to get off them, would they? This fact proves drugs really do not make life better, and this needs to be pointed out to kids before they get addicted to them.


The best cure for drug addiction is education and giving people something that feels better than drugs can make them feel. The only thing that will do it is the ultimate truth and the complete fulfillment that follows. The truth will stop drugs. We just have to ask kids: why don’t most doctors and policemen do drugs? If drugs were really a good thing, most doctors and cops would be using them, because they can get them easily. The reason they do not is that they know that drugs really are not a good thing. Doctors and cops see how drugs lead to tragedy; all we have to do is show everyone what doctors and cops see. If you give people everything they want, along with the truth, they will always do the right thing. The opposite of what people think will happen, will happen. If kids were shown the truth about drugs in elementary school, not just BS, no one would get into drugs, because the truth is, drugs ruin your life. No one will do anything that will hurt them once they are sure it will. We feed kids so much BS that kids think that when we say drugs are bad for you, that it is also BS.

Choice: The truth is, we should legalize everything that does not hurt other people, and let people make up their own minds about how they want to live. The law should only be to protect people from other people, not to protect them from themselves, because the truth is, nothing can do that.

What the world needs now is less laws and more truth. People should be free to choose what they want to do with their own lives. People are not stupid, and they do not need other people to decide what is good for them. Those kinds of laws are wrong, impossible to enforce, and they create a dangerous and costly black market. The only way to stop people from doing one behavior is to give them something better to replace it with. If we give people the truth and the life, it will stop drugs, crime, and all self-destructive behavior.

The bottom line: Everything should be legalized that does not hurt others, but all advertising and other things that promote them should be banned also. Instead, commercials will show people the truth and educate people on the dangers of certain products. People are smart and will respond to the truth and always do the right thing, but only when they know for certain what the right thing is.


The people that are for keeping drugs illegal appear to be the good, moral people, the good guys, and it gets them elected, but the opposite is true. They are actually the most responsible for all the drug related murders and violence that stem from illegal drugs.

Making drugs illegal seems like a good idea and that it would help society, but in reality, nothing is hurting society more. What is worse: thousands of kids murdered, millions of lives ruined, wasting billions of dollars, or legal drugs? Wake up people.

Being for legalizing drugs does not mean you are for people using drugs. You will be against the use of drugs and support education about them.

The cost of blindness to the truth: It is just like the current war in the Middle East. It looked like a good idea to try to stop terrorism, so it was a good political move, and most politicians promoted it for that reason. The truth is that it has made the threat of terrorism worse and has cost thousands of our best young people their lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including women and children, in the Middle East. It has also wasted over six trillion dollars, and continues to cost us four-hundred million dollars a day. The worst cost is the damage to America’s image in the rest of the world.

Vietnam was even worse. It cost us over fifty-eight thousand American lives, and we killed over three million people in Vietnam, at least a million innocent women and children, for absolutely nothing.

Losing face: Once we commit to one of these epic disasters, we have problems getting out of them, because people do not want to admit they made a mistake that wasted all those lives and money. It is why it took us more than ten years to get out of Vietnam and why we are now having trouble getting out of conflicts in the Middle East.

It is the same reason we do not legalize drugs, and it has cost many more lives than war, much more money, and it is literally destroying our society.

The sale of opium is giving regimes in the Middle East billions of dollars they use to kill American soldiers with. If we legalize drugs, it will stop it.


When spiritual beings make a mistake, even a big one, they change it the minute they become aware of it. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake, as long as you fix it as soon as you know it is a mistake. What makes a mistake a disaster is when people do not fix a mistake, especially when people are being killed and major damage is occurring.

Everyone will be forgiven for the past. We need a strong military: Don’t get me wrong; we have to fight fools and fanatics, and we need to have the strongest possible military until the world is educated. We are not out of the woods yet.

Some will be lost: When we legalize drugs, some people will misuse them just as they do alcohol, but the problems will be a fraction of the problems caused by continuing to do what we are doing. There will still be street gangs, but they will not be as big or dangerous as now. Now we will have the ultimate truth, so the problem of people abusing drugs and alcohol will be much less than it has been. People that repetitively drive under the influence or do other things that endanger other people will need to be confined. We should just put the people that choose to be loaded all the time together in a controlled situation, so they cannot hurt other people or themselves more. We could create camps for these lost souls that are comfortable and not like prisons, but they are controlled, and the people that choose this lifestyle will not be allowed to hurt other people. It will let them be with each other and have one big, never-ending, semi- safe party. It will not be punishment; it will be the biggest and best party in history, and many people will go there voluntarily, but most people will get enough of it, see the light, go out, join the human race, and get involved in the ultimate party of true life.

If you give people true freedom and what they think they want, they will find they do not really want drugs, alcohol and other self destructive vices, get educated, get over it, and be ready for something better.


Gambling: Gambling is the same as drugs, but a little different. It should be legal for the same reason. When people learn the truth that tells them they cannot win if they gamble a long time, it will not stop it or make it less popular. It will do the opposite and make it more popular, because people will do it in moderation. Las Vegas and other resorts help bring you in the present and will get more popular. However, you do not want to get your fun for free or make money; you want to pay for what you got. People have to stay in balance, or they will fall.

When people do things in truth, they do them right and everyone wins.

Crime: We will still need police and the justice system until all people begin to live in the truth and the life. There will still be violence, crime, and other anti-social, stupid behaviors until less evolved people wake up, and they will have to be controlled until they can be educated in the truth and the life. We will need police, but a lot less of them if we legalize drugs and other vices.

Technology will eventually stop most crime.

Tracking devices, security cameras, and other things, such as reliable lie detectors, will make it very hard to get away with any crime. This will need to be done until everyone knows the truth. The best solution is for mankind to become spiritual beings, because there will be no need for laws of any kind.

Forgiveness/compassion: Spiritual people do not hurt people, even if they are hurt by them. There will be no more “eye for an eye.” It just blinds everyone. God/life creates perfect justice. It does not need us to punish people or take revenge. People should see everyone in prison as if they were a brother. If we did, we would do the things I recommend. We have to do what the truth dictates.

Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. Friedrich Nietzsche

You have the choice of behaving like an animal or a spiritual being. If someone else acts like an animal, it does not mean it has to drag you down to their level.

The Bible says that vengeance is for God, not us.


Violence is the only way some people can experience intimacy. Intimacy: One of the reasons some people do violence to others is to create intimacy between them and their victim. The problem is, some people are so mentally screwed up that it is the only way they can get it. We have to show them a better way, show them how get intimacy without hurting others. Violence brings people into the present, but there is a better way to do it.

There is good intimacy and bad intimacy. Violence is bad intimacy; making love is good intimacy. Intimacy with life itself is the ultimate intimacy.

A person that knows the ultimate truth has intimacy with God/life. People cannot really enjoy intimacy without knowing the truth. It opens people up, and that is what makes intimacy, intimacy. People that live in the mind never experience true intimacy. Even violence just gives people a taste of the present. Making other people feel good is good intimacy; making other people feel bad is bad intimacy. Only animals that do not know the truth are into bad intimacy. The truth = intimacy. When someone does something horrible to someone, people always ask, why? No one ever gives them the simple answer, because it is too ugly, and they think others will do it. Some crimes are committed to get money, but the worst criminals do what they do simply because they like to. It turns them on; it makes them feel powerful and in control, and it gets them the undivided attention of their victims.

The primitive mind: Criminals experience the same feelings as an animal predator when they attack and hurt people. We were animal predators for most of our evolution on earth, so it is a very powerful instinct and feels very good. This is why it is so powerful and dangerous. Only the truth and life feels better. When you know the truth, you can make these violent instincts work for you. Whenever they arise, you use them as a cue to become more aware of the truth and the life. If you do this, you turn a very bad thing into a very good thing.


It is sad that just because people do not know the truth, they will destroy another person’s life and their own just to get a little attention from their victims and a taste of the present. It is a tragic and unnecessary waste of life. It shows how valuable the present is. People will do very difficult, costly and horrible things to themselves and others just to get a little taste of it. When people learn they can get everything they want for free, without hurting others and with no consequences, people will change, and so will our world. People will always do what feels best.

Never feel like it: Spiritual people do not commit crimes, not because of fear of punishment or for rewards for being good, not even because it is right or wrong, but just because they never feel like it. Helping people turns them on.

If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. Albert Einstein

It is not in a spiritual person’s nature to hurt others or be unfair in anyway. Spiritual people enjoy helping other people, not hurting them. There will be situations, such as self-defense, when violence will be unavoidable, but never for pleasure, profit, revenge or to punish people. That is what animals do. Without the real truth, there is no real morality, no real right and wrong.

Consequences: There are huge consequences to violent animal behavior. Criminals now think, “look what my victim is going through and they did not do anything to deserve it, so deserve must not have anything to do with bad things happening,” and they are correct. When you know the truth, you know if you act like an animal after your know the ultimate truth, you go to the bottom of the food chain. There is no greater consequence; thus, the truth is the best deterrent to animal behavior.

In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy, but in passing it over, he is superior. Sir Francis Bacon


No fault: It can be said that no one is responsible for the crimes they commit, and it would be true if they do not know the truth, but this does not mean we should let them go. We have to protect ourselves. We are just as important as anyone else. Thus, criminals will be incarcerated when they commit crimes, regardless of fault. We can stop spending so much money trying to show how criminals were abused in the past to use it as a defense. There is no defense; if you commit a crime, you go to jail. It is that simple. Going into a criminal's past is not only a waste of money, it gives them publicity and attention that some actually want. We should not give them anything that can reward or motivate crimes.

Eye for an eye: Spiritual people will set the example to the animals of the world. We do not act like animals just because they do; we change them by not letting them change us. We do not blind them more; we give them our vision.

If you purposely treat others badly, you are acting like an animal, not a spiritual being. We are as interested in the welfare of others as much as we are interested in our own welfare, because we know that we are all essentially the same.

Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.”

Jesus actually said, “You will do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.” This is because you will know better.

It seems like a small difference, but it actually is a very big difference. A spiritual being “will” treat others exactly as they would treat themselves, because you will see others as if you were them. You will, because you spiritually are them.

You would not hit someone else with a hammer for the same reason you would not hit yourself with a hammer.

It seems inconceivable unless you see true life. When you see true life, you actually see others as yourself, and you would never intentionally hurt yourself. You see yourself in all other people; you see past their temporary devil/mind.

He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye. Buddha


See the truth: With the truth, you see all people older than you as if they were your father and mother, all people younger than you as your children, and people the same age as you as brothers and sisters. The truth is, we are all related.

We were like them: You always treat others as you would want to be treated. We were like them in the past. You would not have to go back too far in your own evolution to get to where you were a violent animal. Today’s criminals will evolve past it as we did, and the better we treat them, the faster they will do it. As Jesus taught, you forgive everyone, because animals cannot be blamed for behaving like animals. All we should do is separate them from us and try to change them.

Spiritual people do not defile the present with what happened in the past.

We do not think of revenge. Animals that harm others will be confined until they change and it is safe to let them out. If they never change, they never get out. Habitual criminals and people that have done very bad things, such as child molestation or murder, and people that have a good chance that they will do it again, will never get out. Society cannot be asked to take the chance. People forfeit the rest of their lifespan for some crimes and repeated offenses. People that are never getting out can be allowed to socialize with others like themselves, because it will not matter, and it would not be humane to keep them from socializing a bit. We isolate only people that are going to get out.

Some animals are not ready to evolve further and cannot be changed, so they have to be separated from civilized society for life. We build as many prisons as we need to, and we make them work, no matter the cost, because it will be less expensive than dealing with criminals out in society. People that kill for animal reasons are too dangerous. It costs them their freedom for life, not to punish or even for its deterrent value, but for the public’s safety only. This should be the rule, except for gang killings and very young killers, etc.

The reason for all crime is that people do not know the truth.

All people see is BS and no truth. It is no wonder people act as they do. Once we show them the truth, most will change, and so will the world. It is that simple.


Please read "the Present" for the most updated and accurate explanation of the truth about life and death:


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