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True Past

Section 5 – Big Picture – Past and Future – Chapter 5.3

We were in the soup: For millions of years, we lived as bacteria. The oceans were like a bacteria soup with trillions of bacteria living and dying. It took a long time to evolve past bacteria. It is a known scientific fact that this is true.

Primordial soup: We were single cell animals for more than eighty percent of the time we have been on Earth. If there is a man/God in the sky watching us, God watched nothing but bacteria for millions of years. Get a microscope, take a look at the world of your past, and see how long you can watch them.

Think about it, if there was a man/God in the sky watching us, he spent millions of years watching bacteria, and millions more watching insects, dinosaurs and other assorted boring, predictable beasts until we evolved into mankind just a few thousand years ago. Mankind is a very new form of life for us.

Humans were on earth for about two hundred thousand years, and only appeared to God in the last six thousand years, according to the Bible. That means for over 95% of time, he did nothing. What about those people? When God did show up, he chose the worst place on earth, the dumbest, most violent people that lived in the Middle East. Why did he completely ignore the more advanced and civilized Chinese? He ignored everyone except those in the Middle East.

When you see the big picture, you realize that if a story is localized, it is made up by the people in that area. A God of all mankind would not ignore most of mankind, would he?

Life clock: If the time life evolved on earth was reduced to a twenty four hour day, human beings evolved just two seconds from the end of the day.

We take being human for granted. How can we do that with what we know now?

We crawled on this earth for a lot longer than we have walked on it.

We were on the exact same earth we are on now. We looked up at the same sky and saw the same moon, sun and stars. The only difference is we were living in a different type of body. We evolved from them, so the odds are we were them.


Just as you are looking out of human eyes now, you looked out of the eyes of a dinosaur. Life looked the same; the only real difference is that you were looking from a different body. You should imagine what living in other bodies was like. When the dinosaurs went extinct, we went extinct as dinosaurs. Get it?

Soul migration: Just as energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is the same with life. When one life form or species goes extinct, another fills the void, and the soul (you) goes from body to body, species to species, reptile to mammal, etc. As John Lennon said, “death is like getting out of one car and into another.” When one model becomes obsolete, it is replaced with a different, better model. Life does the same thing. Just as cars have evolved from the model "T" to the models of today, animal life evolved from bacteria to humans, and the drivers (us) remained the same. After the initial conscious life (souls) came to earth as bacteria, the evidence says all animal life, including us, evolved from them, but the initial souls had to come from somewhere besides earth. Most people do not see that there is absolute proof that souls migrated from some place other than earth. Four and a half billion years ago, there was no life on earth, so all life had to come from somewhere else. Soul migration means that reincarnation is true. The alternative, the you only live once theory, makes no sense. It would mean that if you were a maggot, or a rat, you got to live as only a maggot, rat, or one of the trillions of other types of life forms one time, and that was it for all of eternity.

Big realization: When you read books and watch TV programs about evolution, they always talk about the animals like we were not them. In the near future, people are going to make the connection and see what the evidence is really saying. Acknowledging our true past is the next big step for mankind. The real missing link: When it happens, mankind will start transforming into spiritual beings in the evolutionary twinkling of an eye, just as the Bible says. Most people cannot fathom just how long we lived as savage animals, and they need to in order to realize how new being in a human body is for us.


A billion is a big number: If you start counting non-stop, day and night, seven days a week, and said a new number every second, it would take almost thirty-two years for you to count to a billion. Animal life is almost one billion years old. If you put those seconds into years, you get an idea of how long we have been on earth as some other form of life. Someone had to be those animals, and since we evolved directly from them, it had to be us. Nothing else would make sense. We cannot recall any of our past lives, because when one of our bodies dies, our mind and memories die with it, but now we know, and this will change us.

The truth sets you free: We may not remember we lived before, but we now know we did. We have to act on that knowledge if we do not want to go through the evolutionary cycle again. The truth sets you free from the animal cycle. Time machine: If you could get in a time machine and go back in time at the rate of one hundred years per second, you would only be mankind for about two minutes and in a human body for about twenty minutes. For the next thirteen-point-eight (13.8) hours, you would be in the body of apes and monkeys. After you go back about seven and a half days, at one hundred years per second, you would be in the body of a dinosaur. For the rest of the next twenty five years going back at the rate of one hundred years per second, you would be in an animal body that is below the dinosaur level. Most of the time, you would be living in the ocean, mostly as a form of bacteria. The rock at the top of Mount Everest is marine limestone created by the shells of trillions of creatures that died at the bottom of the ocean. We were there when that rock formed. Some of those shells could be our shells. That rock moved from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the highest mountain at about one inch per year. We were evolving during that same time into humans. All we were was food in the food chain until just recently. You have been eaten alive millions of times by every species of predator that ever lived.

Sharks: If you believe a man/God exists, he must have liked sharks the best, because they have been on earth for over four hundred and fifty- million years, longer than any other vertebrate. The cockroach has lived unchanged for over three hundred million years.


Cavemen: Neanderthals lived on this earth for two hundred and fifty- thousand years longer than modern humans, and at least forty times longer than mankind. If a man/God created all this, the evidence shows he really liked brutal, animal-like cavemen. Was he watching those savage brutes all that time?

Fifteen-million years ago, the king of all sharks lived. It had the most powerful bite of any animal. It was called a Megalodon, and was the size of a jumbo jet. It lived in all the world’s oceans for millions of years longer than humans have been here. They were the top predator, just as we are now. We lived in that world.

We were them and their prey, mostly whales. Our spirit went from predator to prey and back again for million of years. Our spirit bounced back and forth from predator to prey and species to species as we evolved.

Those dinosaur bones we are always digging up were part of someone’s body that lived a long time ago. It is no different than digging up the skeleton of a human that lived long ago. Bones are proof of a living being that lived before. A million years from now, someone could dig up the bones that are in our bodies now. Would people understand that they belonged to someone that really lived? Would they understand that the bones could have been theirs? Would they realize that they could be digging up their own bones from another life they lived?

100% of the evidence says it is true. There is no other evidence, period.

We have thousands of museums of natural history filled with the hard evidence of our evolution, and there is no hard evidence that anything else happened.

Rational mind: A rational mind is the only thing that separates us from the lower animals. If we do not use it, we are not using what makes us special and superior to other animals. We are giving up what makes us different from other animals. If you do not use the rational mind, you are not using the one thing you need to use to learn the truth and take the next step in evolution. Reason is what we gained in our last step in evolution. It is what makes us mankind. We now have to use it to take the next step and become spiritual beings. Use it or lose it.

When literally all of the evidence says evolution is true, and there is zero- percent hard evidence for anything else, a rational, honest person has to accept the fact that we came from lower animals. It is what a rational mind would conclude.


If you do not have a rational mind, that is what is not right, not evolution.

The evidence is sacred: It is the most sacred thing that there is, because it reveals the truth, and that is the truth. The truth reveals true life and sets you free. God is the evidence; the evidence is God. The evidence: The bones are found on our planet in the dirt we now walk on, and we know their age for certain. Their ages fit perfectly with how long it would take to evolve from them to us. Everything adds up perfectly. The bones are from animals that are in our direct genetic line. We are genetically less than two-percent different from chimpanzees. We are genetically connected to all animal life that ever lived on this planet, including the bacteria living by those hot vents in the ocean. Dinosaurs had two eyes, a brain, backbones, a heart, lungs, a stomach, blood, a mouth, a nose, two ears, and four limbs. They had the same basics we have now as humans. They slept, ate, mated, and were born and died, just as we do now.

Different: Most people are doing the same things; what makes them different? We can and must do what they did, but we must also do what only we can do to make us truly different. When we really do, we really leave the animal realm.

The evidence says that we were them, that we evolved from them. There is no evidence that we come from somewhere else. Thus, we have to conclude it is true until there is some better evidence that we came from somewhere else. Everything in this book just says what the evidence says, what God says. There will never be any other evidence, because it would have to say the bones were planted just to fool us, and that makes no sense at all. We all know what the truth is; we are just in denial. The truth is the truth, and it is what sets you free. We know we walked the earth in the bodies of dinosaurs for eight hundred times longer than we have been in human bodies.

This is the first book about physical and spiritual truth based on reality.


There are many books about what is true, but this is the first one that just says what the evidence says is true. The truth is reality; nothing more, nothing less. It is estimated that there are about ten million species of animals on earth. There may be as many as one hundred million species. We are just one of them, nothing more or less. The truth is just what it looks like it is. How could it be anything else?

The truth is, human beings are a small new twig on our evolutionary tree. Our spirit was not just the twig, it has been the whole tree of life on this planet.

This is important news to people, but most will deny their true past.

Human beings are just one of millions of different species of life on earth. We are nothing special in the eyes of creation. We are just legions in our own minds and have created myths to glorify ourselves, not God. Are we intelligent beings? We are special in the sense that we have a rational mind, but that is not a big deal, especially if you misuse it and spread deception, or do not use it at all. The life of all animals below humans is fundamentally the same. The creator has favored other life forms much more than human beings. Bacteria is by far the predominate life form on the planet. It is really their planet. Microbial life has been here longest, and there are more of them than anything else now.

If mankind destroys itself, bacteria will survive and evolution will start over. Bacteria are becoming resistant to all of our antibiotic drugs and may kill mankind off in the near future. We should put more money into winning that future war. We are not more powerful than them. We have the brains, but they have the numbers. Their numbers could easily prevail over our intelligence if we do not start putting more of our resources into countering this coming war. It will be a real contest between David and Goliath, and the little guy won in that story.


Out of sight may be out of mind, but the truth is, bacteria are everywhere, alive and conscious of life, just as we are. If you look through a microscope at them, you can see for yourself. They eat and digest food, are born, die, reproduce, sleep, and avoid aversive stimuli just as we do. What makes us different, our minds? Right now we use our minds to fight wars, to destroy the environment, and to deceive ourselves. If anything, we are using our minds to be less than they are. At least they live in the present and are more aware of life than mankind is now.

The only real difference is that we can be different if we learn the ultimate truth. We are different only in knowledge and the ability to understand the world around us. If we do nothing with it, we are no different at all, and we will remain as animals, but not at the top of the food chain. The wheel of life keeps turning.

Put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him. Colossians 3:10

We are different only in knowledge and the ability to understand the world around us. If we do nothing with it, we are no different at all and will stay an animal.

Waste our advantage: Being thinking creatures is just a small difference, but this small difference can make all the difference if we use it. This is why we do not want to waste our intelligence believing that myths are the truth. It makes our greater intelligence useless and makes us no better than any other animal. If we are not any better than an animal, we will continue to be one.

See clearly: Evolution in action is the most terrifying thing there is. Nature is beautiful, but it is also a slaughterhouse, eat and be eaten. When everyone really sees animal nature for what it is, it will scare people into becoming something other than an animal. True knowledge of nature will evolve us out of it. Knowledge of nature, evolution, and our true past makes it possible to leave the animal realm.

The wheel of life: You have been where life has been in the past. You had to be there to be where you are now; we evolved from them. You will be there again unless you become a spiritual being and leave the animal evolutionary cycle. A life form only gets to be on top so long, as the wheel of life keeps turning.

Rare/lucky: There are more bacteria on your skin and inside your body than there are human beings on the whole planet. This fact should emphasize just how rare and lucky it is to be human. You can check this is true for yourself.


If there is a man/God in the sky, he liked all the other forms we were in more than our current form. The dinosaurs, the ultimate in fang and claw, walked the same earth we are now walking for at least forty thousand times longer than human beings have. We walked, swam, and crawled for a lot longer in other bodies. The truth is the truth you can check, and it is the truth that sets you free. Deny the evidence: If you deny the evidence, you are denying the truth/God. Some people believe the evidence was planted to fool the rational, honest people. Religious people will say anything to hang on to the myths, even that the evidence of the past was planted by God to test peoples’ faith in the Bible. We need to fight for the truth as hard as they fight for the myths to win the battle for the minds of the human race. We have the evidence on our side, so we will win. The truth is what it looks like it is, and all honest, rational people know it.

The truth is no fairytale. It was inconceivably long and brutal and should scare the hell out of you. The Bible says fear is the beginning of wisdom. Coincidence: The Biblical and historical descriptions of hell are just too close to the way the actual bottom of the evolutionary cycle is to be just a coincidence.

It has to be the work of the collective unconscious, and this is proof it exists. It managed to get the truth in religious books, like the Bible, before the people who lived when it was written had any possibility of knowing the truth. It is a sign to show mankind the truth now as to the existence of an intelligence outside of us.

The truth is in the Bible: This proves the collective unconscious exists, and that it is trying to tell us the ultimate truth with what is written in religious books. The Bible is tangible proof that there is a subconscious force in our lives.

Son of man: It is interesting that the Bible refers to Jesus as the "son of man" many times more than it refers to him as the son of God. The accepted story of Jesus is that he was the son of God, not the son of man.


Which is it: the son of God or the son of man? Why is it even in the Bible? It contradicts the story. It is a sign for us to discover when we can understand its meaning. Religious books are full of signs. You become the son of man if you give birth to yourself. If you interpret “son of man” literally, that is the only thing it can mean. When you are born again in your current body, you become the son of man, the son of your own mind, the son of yourself. You become what the Bible says Jesus was. Jesus said you must be born again to see heaven.

Jesus said you must be born of spirit to get to heaven.

When you learn the truth and the life, you become the offspring or creation of yourself, your own mind. Thus, you literally become the son of man. Jesus said, “Only men not born of woman will see heaven.” There are two signs in the following quote from the Bible: “Behold the man has become as one of us to know good and evil, now lest he put forth his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat and live forever.” Become as one of us: Why is that in the Bible? It basically says there is more than one god, and we can be one. It is exactly the opposite of what people believe the Bible says. They believe there is only one God, and the best we can do is live in his kingdom. "And GOD said, LET US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness." Genesis 1:26 Could it be more clear? Can you see what the Bible says? All the Semitic religions, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, believe in the old testament of the Bible and are monotheists. They believe in one God, so why is that verse at the beginning of Genesis, the very first book of the Bible? When something is there that should not be, it is a sign that shows us the way.


Signs: There can only be one reason the signs are there. It has to be the work of the collective unconscious to show us the truth, to show us the way. It is hidden truth, a sign for us to see now that the time is right to see it and understand it. A sign is something that should not be there, but is. That is what makes it stand out to those that are aware enough to see them. A sign from the collective unconscious is just like a road sign that shows you the way to go.

Many more: The signs I have revealed here are just the most obvious signs in the Bible to show there are signs. They point the way to other hidden truth in the Bible and other religious writings. There is hidden truth all throughout the Bible.

Creation vs. evolution: Creationists argue that life is too complicated for it to have just happened, and they are right. There is intelligent design, but the designer is not an old man that lives in the sky. There is no evidence that the intelligence comes from a living being. The too complicated argument is flawed, because the creator would have to be more complicated than the creation. What created the creator? If you are going to say something always existed, why not just accept that creation always existed? We know it exists, but there is no evidence that an old man in the sky or any all-powerful life form exists. The creationists argue that evolution has some missing links in the fossil evidence, and they would be right, but no one would expect for there not to be a few missing things. We are lucky we have evidence for most of it. We may or may not find all the evidence, but it does not matter. A few minor things missing does not change the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that the theory of evolution is true. In the DNA evidence, there is nothing missing. The creationists are saying that evidence matters, yet they have absolutely no evidence to support their mythical theories. Creationists must not see how stupid they look when they argue against hard scientific evidence and logic. They are not helping their interpretation of religion with their irrational arguments. They say the few missing bits of evidence mean evolution is not true, so they are admitting that evidence matters, yet they have none to support their theories. The interesting thing is that the truth is actually in the Bible, but the people that are currently into religion do not know what it is. The truth is, evolution and creation both happened and are happening right now. Science and religion are both right.


The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” It is a good example of a statement in the Bible that contains the truth and also hides it and misleads people. Most people have taken that sentence to mean that everything that is said in the Bible is the word of God. The truth is, all the words in the Bible come from men who were not inspired prophets, and they could not help but misinterpret them. The beginning or creation of mankind did come with the word or words. Human beings began to speak and think in words about ten thousand years ago, about the same time the Bible says creation happened. A coincidence?

The Bible says the word became flesh. In other words, the mind became flesh. It did when the mind took complete control of our bodies. The story in the Bible of the beginning is actually the story of the end. It says “the word was God,” so that means God will become flesh; it will now. “In the beginning was the word.” It was the beginning of mankind, of mind kind. The mind of mankind did not exist before words, thoughts in words, and most importantly, inspiration. Once the mind learns the truth, it merges with the mind of God. The word “inspiration” means breath of life. The Bible says God created man by breathing into Adam’s nose, giving him the breath of life. In other words, God gave the intellect to human beings and made it possible for humans to receive knowledge from outside themselves. This changed human beings into mankind. When humans became intelligent, inspired beings, mind-kind was created. The Bible was right again; God/life created our world, the world of mankind, about ten-thousand years ago in the Middle East. Creation and evolution both happened; science and religion are both right as to the creation of mankind. Human beings have been on earth for about two hundred thousand years, but mankind was created about ten thousand years ago, as the Bible says.


The famous painting of creation that Michelangelo painted on the Sistine Chapel ceiling has a recently discovered hidden sign in it. The picture depicts God reaching out his hand to Adam, and people have always interpreted it as the moment God gave man life. Now we can see that the picture of God is also a picture of the human brain. It can only mean one thing; that God is giving Adam the intellect, or mind. Michelangelo did not do it; the Holy Spirit did it for us. Check the link below: Intelligent design: Evolution and intelligent design both happened and are both happening now. The universal mind found in our collective unconscious is the intelligence in nature. Darwin: Darwin was right; we evolved, but there is the collective unconscious factor that gives intelligence to random selection and survival of the fittest. It is not a thinking and emotional man/God that supplies the intelligence, but there is an intelligence working in concert with the balancing force. Intelligent design as interpreted by religion is false, but it does exist.

Intelligent design = the collective unconscious = the Holy Spirit.

This intelligence is very subtle in nature, almost imperceptible, except in the progression of life towards more intelligent life forms. It progresses very slowly, but intelligently, until it reaches the top of the animal cycle (mankind). Intelligent design worked very slowly when it could only influence life biologically. Now that it can work in intelligent beings(mankind), it is working faster and faster. The more intelligent we get, the more intelligence we can and do receive. The intelligence is easy to see in us. It can be seen in every inspired work we have done and started about ten thousand years ago when mankind evolved. Words, language, and thought evolved to a point that we connected to the collective unconscious at the level of our modern minds for the first time. This made it possible to receive knowledge through inspirations and logic.


Inspired beings: This source of new knowledge transformed us into inspired beings, into mankind. The inspirations made all the technical progress in the last ten thousand years possible. We did not become mankind or mindkind until we connected with the universal mind; I call it the collective unconscious or Holy Spirit. Before it happened, human beings were no different from other animals. The cusp: Something happened about ten thousand years ago that changed everything. It was the start of humans living in one place, in towns and cities. It was the start of a primitive civilization. It was also the start of agriculture, domestication of animals, and farms. It was the end of the hunter-gatherer way of life humans lived for the previous one hundred and ninety thousand years. It was the start of a completely new life form. Technical progress did not start until about ten thousand years ago. We went from hunter-gatherers to where we are now in the evolutionary blink of an eye.

Critical mass: About five to six thousand years ago, the mind reached a critical mass. Warfare and other factors forced people to leave smaller villages and group together in larger cities, mainly because of the need for large armies. This put our technological progress in high gear. Written language began, the large monuments like pyramids were built, and armies started roaming the earth. It was the start of what we call modern civilization. We evolved and progressed more in the last ten thousand years than we did in the previous seven hundred million. We had to become a new life form to do it. Human beings became a fundamentally new life form. We became a new life form in a very short period of time, and the same thing is happening again, only a lot faster. Mankind has reached a new cusp, the end of one life form and the beginning of another.

Inner change: We gained the power to change our outside environment about ten thousand years ago, and over that time, we have changed it to suit our needs. We now have to change our inner environment, our minds.


Son of mind: We need to become the son of man as Jesus says, be reborn as the sons of our own minds. When we do it, we take the next and last step in our evolution and create a heaven on earth. It is all in the Bible.

Jesus said, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” John 3:3

Jesus said, “Except a man be born of the spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” John 3:5

Jesus said, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.” John 3:6

Final step: About two hundred thousand years ago, we took our first real step away from the animal realm, the realm of flesh, and became human beings (homo sapiens). About ten thousand years ago, we took the second step and became mankind (mind-kind). Now, we are about to take the third and final step.

Spiritual beings: Mankind is about to accomplish what it evolved to do. The human race is going to change into a new human life form for the third time. We will evolve from mankind or mind-kind to Godkind. We will become spiritual beings.

The Bible says we will become new creatures in Christ.

If you believe the Bible, that is what it says is happening. If you do not believe in the Bible, just believe your own eyes; you can see it happening.

What Jesus says: Most religious people think that they can never be like Jesus, that the best we can do is be one of God’s subjects in his kingdom after we die. It is not what Jesus says. He says if you learn the truth, you will be just like him.

Jesus said, “He who drinks from my mouth will become as I am and I will become he and the hidden things will be revealed to him.”

The Bible says, all that is hidden will be revealed. Matthew 10:26

Arrogance: People think, how can anyone be so arrogant to believe they can be like God? The opposite is the truth. Thinking the ultimate power in the universe has nothing better to do than listen to your prayers is the ultimate arrogance.



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