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Religion – The Crossroads

Section 5 – Big Picture – Past and Future – Chapter 5.4

No one is looking: Science cannot see the ultimate truth, because it is not really looking. They are lost in the endless complicated parts of life and do not even look at the simple whole of life, the big picture that must include consciousness. People will only see what they are ready to see. Ralph Waldo Emerson Religion cannot see the ultimate truth, because it is not looking either and spends all its time in the myths of the past and fantasies of the future, pie in the sky. Religious people that are looking are looking for truth backwards.

Blind faith: As I said earlier, people take for granted what is said in the Bible is true, misinterpret it, and try to find it in the real world. When they do not find it, they have to say you have to have blind faith it is true, even in the face of hard evidence to the contrary. This is the reason religions are going downhill. If people do just the opposite and take for granted that what is in real life is true and then look for it in religious books, they will find the ultimate truth is in them. Many a doctrine is like a windowpane. We see truth through it, but it divides us from truth. Khalil Gibran

Traditional religion: When people finally see the truth, religions east and west will make sense for the first time. It will make them much more popular. People that have never had any interest in traditional religions will become interested once they can see the ultimate truth in them. They will fulfill their true purpose. Traditional religions will become more popular when the truth is seen.

Stepping stones: Traditional religions do not need to change; they need to stay the same as they have traditionally been. This way, everyone can relate to them on their own level of awareness.


The beautiful thing is the truth does not mean religions have to change. This is very fortunate for everyone, because it would be very difficult, if not impossible for organized religions to change in any way. If religions had to change, the truth would just cause great conflict. As it is, it will do the opposite and make religions come together and prosper like never before. The truth is the way. Stay the same: Traditional religions are necessary as stepping stones to the ultimate truth. Many people will not be able to go from the deception of the mind to the ultimate truth without them. It is the reason religions are here and there are so many different ones. It makes it easy for different people to come to the truth. If they were not here, we would be in trouble, because the truth would have no large infrastructure to support it. I wrote this book to show the truth in them, because we need them.

New revelations of the truth are not meant to replace traditional religions. They are meant to complement them, clarify them, and to reveal the truth hidden in them. To be holy, people have to follow Jesus and other prophets by updating religion with new revelations of the truth that are being revealed to man now. Jesus said, “I did not come to destroy, I came to fulfill, not to tear down, but to build up.” He also said to “come follow me, and spread the truth.”

The divine puzzle: The new revelations Jesus revealed were not meant to destroy traditional beliefs of the time; they were meant to build on them, add some new pieces to the puzzle. It is the same with all new revelations of the truth. If they are truly revelations of the ultimate truth, they will enhance all current belief systems, not replace them. The truth will give religions new power. How could it be any other way? If the truth were not in all religions, it would cause conflict, not peace. It would separate people, not unite them. For the truth to make this world into a heaven, it has to be in all religions. The truth (collective unconscious) had to make everyone right.


East and west: Lots of eastern religions have said that the clutter of the mind is the problem, that the now or present is the goal of life, but they do not say the truth is the way to clear the mind. The west (Christianity) says the truth is the way, but they do not say the clutter of the mind is the problem, or that the truth clears the mind, or what the truth is. This is the first book that does it. The east is wrong about suffering and ritual clearing the mind; that is the standard eastern BS. The truth is, all you need is the ultimate truth and work to spread it until it goes subconscious and changes you into a spiritual being.

The people at the time of Jesus could not understand what he was saying; the time was not right. He knew it, but he planted the seeds of truth anyway and paid a high price for doing it. If we do not see the truth, his sacrifice will be for nothing.

The way religion was interpreted in the past was necessary to be here now.

Religion is a very good thing: It has just been interpreted wrong. I still go to Catholic Church (Latin mass) because I grew up with it, and it helps keep me on the spiritual path. I can live completely in the present when I am in church.

I like the way everyone gets dressed up, the women in nice dresses, and all the candles and stained glass. The old rituals and traditions have the power to wake people up and bring out the spirit in people, if they know the truth.

Every people have gods to suit their circumstances. Henry David Thoreau

If I grew up as a Jew, I would be going to a Jewish temple, a Muslim, a Mosque, etc. I grew up Christian, so I know most about it and feel most comfortable with it. The ultimate truth is in all the major religions, so you can see it in any of them.

Religions will do what they promise to do when you know the truth.

When people learn the ultimate truth, most people will stick with their religion, whatever it is, and get into it more, be reborn in it. It will be quite a party.

They will not see other religions as better or worse or as a threat to their religion. All religious wars and conflicts will stop, and this world will begin to change into a heaven. When you wake up, what has happened and can happen is obvious.


I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion and it is the spirit. Khalil Gibran

The truth is in all the major religions, like pieces of a puzzle. Eastern religions are closer to the truth in some ways than western religions, and in other ways, they are farther away. It is the same with western religions.

If you combine the truth in western religions with the truth in eastern religions, you will see a more complete picture, so make the two one, as the Bible says.

The word “religion” means “unity". Thus, there will not be a real religion until they unite with each other as just different ways to see the ultimate truth.

It is a good thing that the truth is spread out through all religions. It shows that the Holy Spirit or collective unconscious does not favor anyone.

Only people that are able to see the truth in other religions will be saved, and that is the way it should be. If you cannot see the truth in other religions, you cannot see it.

The differences that are causing the conflict now, a great negative, will become a great positive. The differences will unite religions and make them all necessary, equal, and legitimate when the truth is seen.

Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as fact, then you are in trouble. Joseph Campbell

Pieces of the puzzle, or explanations of the truth, are found in many different places. Our task is to find them and put them together into a complete picture. Example: Western religion does not say much about the knowledge of the balancing opposites, but ancient Egyptian and eastern religions do, such as Taoism, Buddhism, etc. The Bible just deals with it using good and evil.

Eastern religions have creation myths, but the truth is not in them as clearly as it is in the Bible; at least they are not as clear from my perspective.

Muslims pray five times a day, and acknowledging God/life many times a day is absolutely essential. I call it spiritual exercise. They have no pictures, statues or other images of God, and this is very important, because images mislead people.


The Bible does not talk about reincarnation, but Buddhism and Hinduism do. Religions such as Scientology, Unification Church, New Age, the Mormons, and all the great independent philosophers and poets also have different pieces to the puzzle. You just have to remember that there are also a lot of things that are not true. You have to remember that even the founders or prophets of a new way of seeing life misinterpret their own inspired revelations. When you see clearly, you will see the true and false in all religions. Most of the truth is found in science and nowhere else. Truth is also found in philosophy, novels, movies, music, poetry and the performing arts, etc.

There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it. George Bernard Shaw

Now that people can see the truth, everything needs to be reinterpreted.

All religious books need to be reinterpreted now with our new ability to see the ultimate truth. We do not change them; we just see what they really say.

The opposite: The Buddhists say that when you have no desire, you find heaven (nirvana). I say you have to be fulfilled here and now. It is the same thing; I just say it in the opposite way. One of the ways I found the truth in religions is that I just look at what they believed was true and looked at the exact opposite, and many times, that was where the truth was. The mind reverses things just like a mirror. When you know this, you can use it as a tool to find the truth in most myths. Peter, the founder of the church, said people were seeing things upside down and backwards, and it was why he was crucified upside down. To become a spiritual being, we become the exact opposite of the way people are now. See, Acts of Peter, XXXVlll

Jesus said, "When the outer has become as the inner, and the lower as the upper, then will this world find peace."

People, mankind ,are living as their false, mortal mind-self, and they should be living as their immortal spiritual-self, the exact opposite of the way they are now.

When religions are fighting wars to destroy each other as they have done in the past and are doing now, you can be sure that something is missing.

Organized religions can be the best or worst thing for the truth.


Ritual and tradition is a very good thing if you know the truth .If you do not, it will be misleading. The first step is an open mind, tolerance, and peace.

For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. Romans 8:6

Some people protect their beliefs by fighting any different ideology than theirs. Sometimes, they even kill and torture people that disagree with them. It really does not make them look too enlightened, but they are too unconscious to realize it. They unconsciously do the work of the devil in the name of God.

For if you live according to the flesh, it is death; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will have life. Romans 8:13

Worship the dead: Religions have it all backwards. They worship things of the past, dead things, but they say to worship life, not death. Many religions are currently into death and fear, and they should be into life and love. They are dead and do not know it. As the Bible says, let the dead bury the dead. Life is for the living, and if they do not want to wake up, so be it. It is now or never.

The one who sows to his flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Jesus said, "Take heed of the living one while you are alive, lest you die and seek to see him and be unable to do so."

The living one is anyone that lives in the truth and the life.

Jerusalem: The word means “Place of Peace,” and it is the exact opposite. Jerusalem is considered the holiest place for the three Semitic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It has also been the most violent place on earth. This should tell people that something is missing. What is missing is the ultimate truth. It has been hidden by their own belief systems and traditions.

Why is there more conflict in the so-called holy land than anywhere else?

There can only be one reason; the people there are the most misguided. Jerusalem is the most violent place in history because the people fighting over it have been the most misguided people in history. The past is hiding the present.


Israel: The word Israel means “struggle with God.” That is exactly what most people living there are doing. When the truth is seen, they will do the opposite. Those that believe they are closest to God and heaven are actually the farthest away. This is tragic and so unnecessary. They just have to do what their own religious books really tell them to do.

The ultimate truth is in their own religion, and the time has come to see it.

Many people in that conflict are too close to the problem and too mental to ever learn the truth and change.

The prophets of the past would be appalled.

People who fight and kill over places and things now are lost. They are lost, but most of the human race can see the truth and change. We have to be careful not to let the misguided people fighting in the Middle East drag us down with them.

My God is better than your God; my God can beat up your God.

It is all pretty silly and stupid ,but it is happening. It is as stupid as it gets, and it is time to see it for what it is and start changing things before it destroys us all.

Fighting for a deception, a misinterpretation, is the ultimate waste of life. Violence gives power to the mind and must only be used in self-defense.

The truth will reveal itself to those who are ready to see it. It will never be seen by those who are not ready to see it. Trying to hurt others will just make things worse. If a religion cannot sell itself on its own merit in a non- violent comparison with other religions, it means people are misinterpreting your religion, not that you need to start killing people who disagree with you. Your job is to wake up. You can write a book about it or teach it to others if it helps you stay in the present. The most important thing you can do for the truth is just live in it.

If the truth does not spread using non-violent methods, the time is not right for it.

It is always the most ignorant, most emotional people that cause all the trouble. They are ruled and possessed by the devil/mind; they are the beast incarnate. These people think they are doing God’s will and are going to go to heaven, but they are as far from God, the truth and heaven as you can get. If they knew this, they would change their ways. We need to enlighten them before they kill us all.


God does not need any violent warriors now. All wars are brother against brother, and now that the truth is being revealed, there will never be another justified religious war or any religious violence. There will always be a few fools causing trouble, and we will defend ourselves from them with violence if necessary. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. Martin Luther King Jr. If a religion is not secure in and of itself, there has to be something missing from it, and all that has to be done is to find that which is missing. Jesus said, "He who takes up the sword will perish by the sword.” Do you think that evil can be overcome by evil? It should be obvious that violence is not the way to sell a religion or to become a spiritual being. When the truth is seen, war and all conflicts will stop. So-called holy warriors are feeding the beast, doing the work of the beast. There are no good or evil people. There are just those that know the truth and those that do not. The battle between good and evil is a mental one. Fighting over things: No one that is fighting over land or other things for religious reasons knows the truth. The most misguided Christians, Jews, and Muslims are fighting over a little place called Jerusalem. They think that their God lives there, and they have to get it back for him. Their God needs their help, even though he is all-powerful. It makes no sense, but nothing that they do makes sense. The truth is, the beast occupies the “holy land” inside them.

Armageddon: This conflict between a few ignorant people could start a war that costs millions of lives. Many of them are hoping it will, that the Bible says it has to happen. People are actually hoping to start a religious world war that the Bible calls Armageddon. It is sick, but happening. It is the most dangerous misinterpretation. People who believe a holy war that kills most of mankind has to happen are the most misguided and dangerous people on the planet.


People who put value in and fight over things, be it so-called holy relics or holy places, are living in the mind of the beast. The truth is, God is not in this and not in that. God is not in one place more than another. God/life is equally everywhere. Jesus says it is not in one thing or another when he says, “If heaven was up in the sky the birds would be closer to it." It has been misinterpreted, so I will not quote it all here, but look it up and you will see what I mean. Jesus and the Bible say many times in many ways that God is everywhere, but no one cares, especially those who say they believe. These people cannot read their own holy scripture. It plainly says that God is omnipresent. What kind of people can do violence in the name of God and disregard the book they say was written by their God? Only blind people can.

Relics: Why do people think that things like the shroud of Turin, the lost ark, a piece of wood from the cross, or other things that may or may not have been close to a prophet have some mystical power? It is idol worship. The holy grail is the truth of life. People will travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to see a stain on a wall that some people think looks like one of their saints. Worshiping idols, images and relics is a pagan practice and against the teachings of Jesus, but so-called Christians do it anyway. What are they thinking? A piece of wood or something that has been blessed by some misguided preacher has no value, except to the devil/mind. Wake up people. The truth is, everyone involved in relic worship is hurting their religion and is misguided by the devil/mind. So-called holy things and places just give the devil/mind something to fight over. They are a dangerous deception. The truth is, God/life is everywhere you are all the time. There is nothing to fight over in the name of God. God is truth and life; thus the enemy of truth and life is the enemy of God.

Antichrist: This same misinterpretation makes the possibility of a man of peace coming to the Middle East almost impossible. These same people will see him as the Antichrist and kill him. This is the danger of religious misinterpretation and the other deceptions created by our own minds. They are the real antichrists.

People that kill other people in the name of God are doing the devil’s work.


Revenge: People are trapped in tradition, trapped in the ignorance of the past and a never ending cycle of revenge. It makes everyone involved dangerous fools without any hope of getting to heaven. Revenge is a tool of a fool. The devil/mind is using the past to destroy the present and the future. Co-opting the name of God for violent conquests or any kind of material gain is the worst thing a human being can do, whether the people doing it know it or not. They are not on the path to heaven; they could not be more lost.

Using religion to do bad things can only happen in the absence of the truth. People in the past have justified doing some very bad things, because they thought it was in their religions to do it. Many people are still doing it now. The law can stop some of it, but only the truth can put an end to it altogether. When people do not know the truth, they can be told anything is the truth to suit the desires of their misguided and evil leaders, and you cannot know they are lying. These leaders can convince people that they cannot go to heaven and will go to hell if they do not do what they are told. Only the ultimate truth can stop this. This is one of the reasons why the truth is so essential to taking control of ourselves and our lives. It is tragic that it has been going on for so long, but everything happens when it happens. We should just be glad the truth is here now. In addition to people being killed, thousands of people and even children are being robbed, raped, and ruined spiritually in the name of God.

The past: It all had to happen to get us where we are now. Everyone will be forgiven for what they did before they knew the truth, but now they know. Spiritual people do not defile the present with what happened in the past.

Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Everyone will be forgiven for what they did before the truth was revealed if they change when they learn the truth (read this book). There are no bad guys, just people that do not know the truth, people that have been misguided.


The war now: The only war that needs to be fought is a personal one. It is a battle between the mind and spirit, the devil and God, deception and the truth.

No one needs to do violence for their religion anymore. Now you know. It is self-evident to people who have woken up and know the ultimate truth.

Be a fanatic for the truth, love, peace, prosperity and you will do God’s will.

All-together now: All conflicts happen because someone with power does not see the truth. If one group sees the truth, but one group does not, the one that does not can force the one that does to fight in self-defense. This is why we all have to learn the truth at about the same time to avoid a big conflict. Most people who create fear and violence are of the beast, and most people who create peace and love are of the spirit; it is that simple. Conflict will not stop overnight, but it has to happen soon, or we are going to destroy ourselves.

Misguided people and nuclear weapons are a very dangerous combination.

When I watch the news, I mostly see rich celebrities getting into trouble and people reverting back to their primitive animal self and doing something horrible to someone. These things just help hide the monster that is really destroying us.

Religious scripture and tradition should not be changed; it is necessary.

The Bible and other religious scriptures say that it is sacrilegious to change anything written in them, and it is true. It should not be changed; it does not need to be changed. We need them as they are as stepping stones to the ultimate truth, a literal stairway to heaven.

I do not say to change anything in any traditional religious scripture. I am saying the opposite and saying that the ultimate truth is in them now, but only a few people can see it now. This is the first book that interprets what is actually written in the Bible correctly. It does not say it all, but it says enough to show the way.

The ultimate truth never changes, because it is reality itself, but the real truth is not for everyone at first. Most people need the myths first.


Mysteries of the kingdom: Most of the other Semitic prophets and Jesus said that there is a secret knowledge, the enlightened truth, the mysteries of the kingdom that are just for the elect or for those that are ready to see it. The gospel of John says, “Jesus said the ultimate truth is hidden in parables that cannot be understood until people are ready.” Many people are ready to understand now. Jesus said, “The hour is coming when I will not speak to you in dark sayings, but will tell you plainly about God.”

Use traditions to reveal the truth: The leaders of religion need to know the truth and give it to their congregations, but they should use the old traditional ways of doing it. People should be told only myths that contain the truth, so people that are ready to hear the truth will hear it in the traditional myths.

They need to stop telling the myths about the flood and other things that are obviously not true without explaining that they are a morality tale and not the actual truth. Never say something is literally true that is not. When people start to see the truth in the myths, you tell them to read this book or another book that reveals the enlightened truth. It is that simple.

Many people have not evolved enough to understand this book, so they will need the myths that contain the truth to fall back on and still be on the path. People that believe in religion will need to see the truth through their religion to be able to accept it as the truth. The truth needs the old traditions to work best.

The truth without religions would cause conflict, not peace. The truth the way it is explained now is the only way the truth can do what it needs to do.

Self-deception: The question is, how many people that say they believe in the Bible and other religious books really believe it?

Why are even the devoutly religious afraid of death? If they really believed they are going to heaven when they die, they would not fear death.

The truth is, no one can really believe anything they do not understand. They can say they believe something that does not make sense, but they cannot really believe it or even have faith in it. They are just trying to deceive themselves. If someone that says they know the truth tells you that snakes can talk, you can want to believe them and say you believe it, but you cannot really believe it.


No rational, educated person can believe the whole world was flooded.

If all the hard evidence says it is not true, the myth cannot help them; it misleads them and is not the way. If you do not understand something, you cannot say you know it, because you do not “know” anything. The truth is only the truth to you when you understand it and it makes sense. No one truly understands the Bible or other religious books the way they are currently interpreted, because it does not make sense, and thus is not possible to understand.

The first step is getting honest with yourself.

I can honestly say I believe in the Bible, because I understand it.

You have to know what the Bible actually says before you can say you believe in it. Right now, most people say they believe in the myth I describe on page three of this book, and not in what the Bible really says or means. What do you believe?

Jesus said, “People honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. They worship me in vain, teaching the precepts and principles of men.”

In other words, people talk about God, pray to God and say they believe in God, when the truth is, they do not know God or what the Bible is really saying. They cannot say they believe in something unless they know what it is. The problem is, people are stubborn and hard-headed and do not want to admit they were wrong.

Religious leaders: This is especially true with religious leaders. They think, “how can I say what I was teaching was not true?” They think they will lose everything, but the opposite is true; they will get everything.

They do not ever have to admit they were wrong, because they were not wrong. They did what they had to do before the apocalypse (unveiling).

They told all the truth that could be seen, so they did no wrong. Now that the truth can be seen, they keep teaching basically the same thing. They just start leaving some things out like the flood, miracles, the universe being made in six days and the other obvious BS. Just start telling the myths that contain the truth.

Religious leaders can stay in their positions if they can see the truth now.


Paul did it: If the current leaders of the church cannot see the truth, they have to be replaced by people that do. The leaders of the church have to do what Paul did. They have to go from the worst to the best. The example of Paul is no coincidence; it shows that people can turn their lives completely around, so when church leaders do it, they just use the Paul story to show that it is not unusual and actually necessary to make the change when the truth is revealed.

Religions are just going from believing to knowing.

The Bible says that God rejected someone trying to enter heaven because they did not know him. It is a metaphor that tells people you have to know God, not just believe in a religion, to get into heaven. Almost no one could know until now.

No one can really believe in something that does not make sense or that is not supported by the evidence. If you believe, you have to believe in what the Bible says to go to heaven. You are not going to go to heaven until you learn what it is really saying, and now you can know.

Satan has been using the Bible against itself and religion to hide the truth.

The ultimate deception: The Bible says (Matthew 15:8-9) that those who believe they are closest are actually the farthest away. It is referring to those currently the most devoted to religions. The devil/mind is pulling off the ultimate deception by making people think they believe in the Bible, when they really do not know what it is saying. It makes the people that are most into religion the most deceived and the devil’s slaves. They say they are God's army, but they are actually the devil's army.

Misinformation: It is an old trick. People who believe in conspiracies think the government is giving people misinformation on UFOs. The way it is done is you release a story that is false, but has part of the truth to mislead people. It makes them think they know the truth, so they do not look anymore or look in the wrong direction. It is one of the best, most effective forms of deception.

“Those who think they are closest to God are the farthest away.” Jesus Christ

The people who think they are dedicating their life to God are actually doing the exact opposite. What could be more ironic or tragic? The devil is just as sneaky and sly as the Bible says. People know that the Bible contains the truth, but not much else. The devil/mind has fooled just about everyone until now. It is the Semitic religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims, that are farthest from the truth, but the farthest away are the closest when they see the truth.


Jesus said, “If we seek, we shall find.”

No one is seeking. Jesus would not have said “if we seek we will find” unless we have to seek to find. You need to do what Jesus says to follow Jesus: seek.

Most devout religious people are not seeking the truth, because they think they already know it. You have to know you do not know to seek.

He would not have said we have to seek if we did not need to do it. Jesus is saying, what people now know is not all there is to know, that there is something new to know (God). Christians think they know all there is to know, so they are not looking. They are just ignoring what Jesus is telling them to do, yet they are still calling themselves Christians and saying that they believe in the Bible.

No one in a position of power in traditional religions has really been looking for the truth; they have not been seeking as Jesus told them to do. How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not do what Christ tells you to do? They have to stop thinking they know the truth and telling other people they know it, and start really seeking, or it will cost them their immortal souls.

The next best thing to finding God/life is looking for God/life.

When you start looking for truth, you start finding it, just as Jesus said. New revelations of the truth will just start coming to you from out of the air (the Holy Spirit/collective unconscious). That is where the new revelations in this book came from. The new revelations allow you to connect the dots and put the puzzle together into a complete picture.

Seeking never ends: You can know the truth completely, but never know the life completely. It is infinite, and to know it the best it can be known is achieved by constantly looking deeper, by constantly seeking it, being open to more of it.

The Bible says, you will know the unknowable.

Intent: You cannot think your way to true life, because you cannot turn the mind off by thinking. It is a contradiction in terms, but you have to want it. You have to have the intent to get the truth and the life to get it. You have to be seeking it with all your heart for it to come to you. It comes in the form of true life and inspirations. Intent connects you to the collective unconscious or Holy Spirit as it is called by some religions. This is how you get what you want without trying.


In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link. Carlos Castaneda Not get it: Many people will believe the old traditional myths until they die, even after they have learned a more accurate interpretation of spiritual truth. This is because they are not ready to take the last step in evolution. People will only see what they are ready to see. Ralph Waldo Emerson They cannot understand the ultimate truth yet. They may have to come back as a human on the level of mankind a few more times.

Top of the animal cycle: You can come back as a man or woman in the next life if you do not hear the ultimate truth, or if you hear the ultimate truth but do not understand it. Most people in the past could not know the truth. You do not reach the top of the animal evolutionary cycle until you hear and understand the ultimate truth. People are where they are. Lower animals have no chance to know the ultimate truth, and it is the same with less evolved humans. Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” In other words, if you do not know what you are doing, you will get another chance eventually. If you do know the truth, you have to take advantage of it while you have the chance, or you will pay the ultimate price.

The crossroad: If you are told the ultimate truth and understand it, but deny it, you will go to the bottom of the evolutionary cycle when you die. You had your chance, and you did not take it. Just about all of mankind will know the ultimate truth, at least the mind part, in this generation. If you are reading this book, you know what the ultimate truth is, because I have told you it. Only you know if you understand it and what it means.


Unforgivable: If you do understand the truth and do not at least try to take the next step to spread the truth and learn the living truth, you are denying the truth and the life, and there is no greater sin than denying God. It is truly a mortal sin. It is the only unforgivable sin, the only real sin.

When you die, you will be reborn at the bottom of the ocean, the bottom of the food chain. You could be there in the next few minutes. It is hard to believe, but it is what all the evidence says, and that cannot be denied. The truth is serious business; it can bless or damn you for a very long time. You have to move up when you get the chance, or you automatically move down. Mankind is at the top of the animal evolutionary cycle, so when you move up, you move all the way up. When you move down, you move all the way down.

You are now at the crossroads, the cross. Which way are you going to go?

Living in the past: People want to believe what they have been taught is the truth, because their parents, grandparents and all their ancestors believed it. This is because it is tradition; it is the way it has always been. It is established and entrenched in the culture. It is not easy for people to change their view of themselves and the world. In the past, change was almost impossible for people; in some places it still is. It can even get you killed, but change is going to happen anyway; the truth cannot be stopped. As more people become educated, more people will see the truth or at least see that what they have been taught is false or incomplete, and that is the start. The past can be our best friend if the truth is seen, or our worst enemy if the truth is not seen.

We will not give up our old traditions, customs and rituals. There is nothing wrong with them as long as people know the truth. If people know the truth, they will see the truth and true benefit in them and not be misled by them as they are now. Old traditions, customs, and rituals serve a positive purpose; they bring people together and give structure to life. Nothing has to change except perspective.



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