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Section 5 – Big Picture - Past and Future: Chapter 5.2

Hell: Religions say hell is a place of fire and brimstone (sulfur). It just so happens that life at the bottom of the animal evolutionary cycle lives around sulfur spewing volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean miles below the surface.

The photograph above is of hell. The hell described in the Bible is a real place on earth. It is the most hostile environment where animal life is found on earth. If you go to the bottom of the evolutionary cycle, the beginning of the cycle, you go to a place like the place described as hell. A coincidence?

Most of the popular descriptions of hell were described by writers like Milton, Blake and Dante, and many religions have adopted parts of these popular descriptions. Sulfur, water(the lake), an unquenchable fire, a deep pit, dark, abyss, cold, worms, and the other things that hell is described as are not found all together in any other environments where life is found. The place in those pictures is the only place. These vents are also where the first life on earth was found, the actual bottom of our evolutionary cycle. The odds of it being a coincidence are impossibly low.

Until just recently, we did not know that any life could live in superheated water miles down at the bottom of the ocean. The food chain starts down there with bacteria that feed on sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) that comes out of volcanic vents in the ocean floor. Scientists recently discovered that this bacterium was the very first animal life on earth, the start of the animal evolutionary cycle. Video:


The vents are called black smokers, because they spew black, sulfur-filled, super-heated water. A few feet from the vents, the water is freezing cold. It is totally dark, as black as ink. No light reaches that depth of water.

The Koran actually describes hell as a place with boiling water and freezing cold water. Do you know of any other place on Earth that has life and those exact conditions? There is no other place like it. It is the hell described by religions.

You have made your way from worm to man, and much in you is still worm. Friedrich Nietzsche

Giant tubeworms: Many descriptions of hell mention worms. Giant blood- red tubeworms eat the bacteria that live around the volcanic vents. The bacteria actually live in the worm’s gut, in the belly of the beast, in a symbiotic relationship with the worm.

The blood-red tubeworms pictured above grow up to nine feet long and can be over two hundred years old. These animals live in total darkness, miles beneath the surface of the ocean. Even the color is exactly the color of the mythical devil.

At the bottom of our evolutionary ladder is a form of bacteria that actually lives in the worm’s stomach. There are many more bacteria living in their stomachs than there are human beings on the Earth. This is a fact.

The worm is spread under thee, and the worms cover thee. Isaiah 14:11


Living in the gut of a nine-foot worm, thousands of feet down at the bottom of the pitch black, freezing cold ocean, next to scalding hot vents is where the bottom of the food chain is found.

There are trillions more souls in hell than there are human beings on Earth.

Hell is also depicted as being eaten by beasts. If you return to the bottom of the food chain, you will be eaten alive by other animals millions of times before you evolve into a human being again. We already did it at least once; we had to, to get to where we are now. We know humans evolved directly from that place.

Ninety-percent of the living space and most of life on earth is in the ocean. If you are not interested in learning the ultimate truth, I hope you like the water.

We just got out of the food chain ten thousand years ago. Going back into it is the biggest mistake possible, and is exactly where mankind is heading.

Never forget what we had to go through to get to where we are now. We lived for millions of years in a savage world. We need to remember where we came from to know and appreciate how lucky we are to be where we are now and how easy it would be to go back where we came from. Just a few minutes.

Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. It is true.

You have to know the situation to take advantage of it. What separates us from the beast is we can know the situation. We can know the truth, leave the cycle.

We also have to remember it after we know it. The problem is that most people forget that their true purpose is to escape the animal realm. People get caught up in their everyday lives and forget. You have to live in the truth at all times.

To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity. Nietzsche

Farthest from the light: Those bacteria are farthest from the light, both in distance and time. The way a bacteria feels is balanced like all animal life, so being one is not any better or worse than being any other animal life form. What makes it the worst thing to be is you are the farthest away from where we are now, the farthest away from God/life and heaven. The bacteria are seven- hundred million years away, making it the worst place on Earth, the real hell.

Someone has to be bacteria, a lot of someones. There are more bacteria than human beings, a lot more. Why are they where they are, and why are you where you are?

What did they do to get where they are? What did we do to get where we are? We did not do anything and they did not do anything. We are both just animal life forms in different places in the evolutionary cycle on Earth.

A life form can really only do one thing that matters, and that is to learn the truth and the life and become a spiritual being. You can only do it where we are now.



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