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The Present-Chapter 3

Big Picture of Life - Past and Future

Just as there are two types of truth, the type you experience, and the type you know with your mind, there are two big pictures of life. The preceding pages revealed the big picture of life experienced in the present. The following reveals the big picture of your immortal life, your past and future.

If you die as an animal, you are reborn as an animal. If you die as a spiritual being, you are reborn as a spiritual being, so it is important to become one.

There is no judge or judgment when you die; you will go where life forms like you go. If you live as an animal, you will be an animal in the next life. If you live as a spiritual being, you will continue to be one in your next life.

As John Lennon said, “It is like getting out of one car and into another.” Ghosts: Spirits do not live without a physical body of one kind or another. Ghosts or disembodied spirits that talk to people and haunt houses don't exist. If there were ghosts where people die, all hospitals would be haunted.

The cycle of the mind: We know it can take about three and a half billion years to evolve from plant bacteria to mankind, but we did not take that whole trip. Plant life is not conscious life; only animal life is, so we got on the evolutionary ladder when animal life evolved about seven-hundred million years ago.

Plant life does not have consciousness or a mind like animal life does. Cambrian explosion: When life became conscious, evolution really started moving fast. Consciousness hooked up evolution more directly to the collective unconscious, which greatly accelerated evolution. If you look at the fossil evidence, you will see that about half a billion years ago, evolution exploded on earth. Life started evolving very fast when the weather permitted it to. It did this as a direct result of consciousness in combination with the right environment.

Come together: Where we are now has a lot in common with the Cambrian explosion a half a billion years ago. Then, we went from single cell animals to multiple cell animals. We had to in order to survive the future changes on the planet. Single cells came together for the benefit of all, and we are doing it again.


Without the truth, it is every man for himself. With the truth, it is one for all, and all for one. The truth and communication technology are connecting us.

Human beings are like big, single cell animals. We are not directly connected to each other, but we are in the process of connecting directly with the universal truth and advanced communication technology in order to take the next step in our evolution. We will connect spiritually when the truth is realized by the human race.

The connection: The ultimate truth will connect us, and the human race will become like one big organism. It will make the survival of the human race possible, and it transforms us into spiritual beings as individuals.

Currently, we are at the top of the evolutionary cycle of this world. There is nowhere to go except to the bottom and start over, come back as a human again, or evolve into a spiritual being. There are only three ways to go.

Always getting better: Many people think that life will always get better, that we are always evolving more and more. It is just wishful thinking. The evidence does not support that.

Our physical life cycle shows that you physically progress until about age twenty, and then you physically start going downhill, so things do not always get better and better, do they? They only do if you know the truth.

The evidence shows that everything is going in a circle, a cycle.

You will have to go to the end of the line, or it would not be fair to other animals in the evolutionary line.

Evolution, linear or cyclical: All animals are doing the same thing; evolving. The big question is, is it linear or cyclical? If it is linear, we are way ahead of all other animal life on earth. If it is cyclical, we are ahead and behind, because we are ahead now, at the top of the cycle, but start over at the bottom when we die. We have to assume it is a cycle, because everything else in the universe is in a cycle. We have to do what has the best chance of leaving the animal cycle for a better realm. A better realm is possible, one where you do not eat each other and there is no pain, fear, and death. Some religions call it heaven. They say the truth, learning it and spreading it, is the way. Science and common sense say the same thing, so learning and spreading the truth of life is the way to go.


The truth dictates that there are only three ways to go when you die.

The best of the three options would be to move on while moving on is possible. If you start over at the bottom of the evolutionary cycle, you would have to live in the animal world, the world of fang and claw, for millions of life spans before you get back in this position again. Who wants to do it again?

We have done it at least once; why do it again?

You can only leave the animal cycle and become a spiritual being when you are in our very rare position at the top. If you realize your true nature and begin to live the life of a spiritual being, you will not go to any animal level again.

Use it or lose it: The only real difference between mankind and all other animals is our ability to reason and think. Thus, our minds have to be what we have to use to evolve further. We have to use what we evolved that separated us from all other animals to actually separate us forever from the animal realm.

We have to use the last step we took to take the next step. Our only job is to become more than we are while we can.

If we do not use our ability to know the truth of life, we may lose it, and we may have to go to the end of the line.

Ultimate purpose: Since we are the only animal with a rational mind, we must use it for its ultimate purpose. We are the only animal that can learn and understand the world we live in. No other animal even knows it is going to die.

There can only be one purpose for mankind, and that is to transcend mankind, evolve past mankind, and in doing, evolve past the animal world.

If you die living just as ignorant of a life as an animal, you cannot be anything more in the next life. You have to change yourself. You have to become more than just a smart animal while you can. How can anything or anyone else do it for you? Even people who are living a good, moral life are still animals; they are just well behaved animals. Criminals are the obvious animals, but at least they are being honest to their true nature. They are just acting like an animal acts.


Criminals: Criminals live like animals. The worst is the serial killer, a recent and alarming development in our society. Serial killers are actually doing what comes natural to animals. All predatory animals live like serial killers, are serial killers. Costs everything: It is the natural way all lower animals live and always have lived. The predator/prey relationship is the animal world. So people, a lot of people, are going back to their animal-self, because they see no other good way to go, no reason not to do it. Religion is foolish in its current form; people do not believe it, even if they say they do, so it is not a powerful enough incentive to be moral and keep people from doing bad things to other people. Money/wealth does not bring fulfillment, so some people figure, why not have some animal satisfaction? They are going back to animal behavior that actually does fulfill them for a short while, but it costs them everything.

Only the truth can give people a real concrete reason to be moral. It also gives them more than animal fulfillment, so they will rise above the animal. There is a lot of animal satisfaction in violent and predatory animal behavior, and that is why some people do it. The question they need to ask themselves is: is it worth the price? Everyone, even good people, have to ask that question.


The vents pictured on the previous page are where the first life on earth is found, the actual bottom of our evolutionary cycle. Until just recently, we did not know that any life could live in super-heated water miles down at the bottom of the ocean. The food chain starts down there with bacteria that feed on sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) that comes out of volcanic vents in the ocean floor. Scientists just discovered that this bacterium was the very first animal life on earth, the start of the animal evolutionary cycle. These vents are called black smokers, because they spew black, sulfur- filled, super-heated water. A few feet from the vents, the water is freezing cold. It is totally dark, as black as ink; no light reaches that depth of water. You have made your way from worm to man, and much in you is still worm. Friedrich Nietzsche Giant tubeworms: Giant, blood-red tubeworms eat the bacteria that live around the volcanic vents. The bacteria actually live in the worm's gut, in the belly of the beast, in a symbiotic relationship with the worm.


The blood-red tubeworms pictured on the previous page grow up to nine feet long, and can be over two hundred years old. These animals live in total darkness, miles beneath the surface of the ocean. At the bottom of our evolutionary ladder is a form of bacteria that actually lives in the worm’s stomach. There are more bacteria living in their stomachs than there are human beings on the earth. This is a fact. Living in the gut of a nine-foot worm, miles down at the bottom of the pitch black, freezing cold ocean next to scalding hot vents is the bottom of the food chain. If you return to the bottom of the food chain, that is where you go. You will be eaten alive by other animals millions of times before you evolve into a human being again. We already did it; we had to do it to get to where we are now. The stakes could not be higher. If you miss this chance, you face millions of years and millions of fights to the death to claw your way back up the food chain. We just got out of the food chain ten thousand years ago. Going back into it is the biggest mistake possible; that is exactly where mankind is heading.

Never forget what we had to go through to get to where we are now. We lived for millions of years in a savage world. People need to remember where they came from to know and appreciate how lucky they are to be where they are now, and how easy it would be to go back where we came from. Just a few minutes. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. You have to know the situation to take advantage of it. What separates us from the beast is that we can know the situation. We can know it and leave it. We also have to remember the truth after we know it. The problem is that most people forget that their true purpose is to escape the animal realm. People get caught up in their everyday lives and forget. To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity. Friedrich Nietzsche


Farthest from the light: Those bacteria are farthest from the light and the farthest from spiritual life, both in distance and time. The way a bacteria feels is balanced like all animal life, so being one is not any better or worse than being any other animal life form. What makes it the worst thing to be is that you are the farthest away from where we are now. Those bacteria are at least seven-hundred million years away. That makes it the worst place on earth.

Someone has to be bacteria, a lot of some ones. There are more bacteria than there are human beings, a lot more. Why are they where they are, and why are you where you are? What did they do to get where they are? What did we do to get where we are? We did not do anything, and they did not do anything. We are both just animal life forms in different places on the evolutionary cycle on earth.

A life form can really only do one thing that matters, and that is to learn the truth and the life and become a spiritual being. You can only do it where we are now.

Life clock: If the time life evolved on earth was reduced to a twenty-four hour day, human beings evolved just two seconds from the end of the day.

We take being human for granted.

How can we do that with what we know now?

What evolution means: It means we crawled on this earth for a lot longer than we have walked on it.

We were on the exact same earth we are on now. We looked up at the same sky and saw the same moon, sun, and stars. The only difference is, we were living in a different type of body. We evolved from them, so the odds are we were them. If we were not them, who was? It had to be us. True or false?

Just as you are looking out of human eyes now, you looked out of the eyes of a dinosaur. Life looked the same. The only difference is that you are looking from a different body. You should imagine what living in other bodies was like.

When the dinosaurs went extinct, we went extinct as dinosaurs. Get it?

Soul migration: Just as energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is the same with life. When one life form or species goes extinct, another fills the void, and the soul (you) goes from body to body, species to species, reptile to mammal, etc.


As John Lennon said; death is like getting out of one car and into another. When one model becomes obsolete, it is replaced with a different, better model. Life does the same thing. Just as cars have evolved from the model "T" to the models of today, animal life evolved from bacteria to humans, and the drivers (us) remained the same. After the initial conscious life (souls) came to earth as bacteria, the evidence says all animal life, including us, evolved from them, but the initial souls had to come from somewhere besides earth.

Most people do not see that there is absolute proof that souls migrated from someplace other than earth. Four and a half billion years ago, there was no life on earth, so all life had to come from somewhere else.

Soul migration is saying that reincarnation is true. The alternative, the you only live once theory, makes no sense. It would mean that if you were a maggot, or a rat, you got to live as only a maggot, rat, or one of the trillions of other types of life forms one time, and that was it for all of eternity.

Big realization: When you read books and watch TV programs about evolution, they always talk about the animals as if we were not them. In the near future, people are going to make the connection and begin to see what the evidence is really saying. Acknowledging our true past is the next big step for mankind.

The real missing link: When we link ourselves to our true past, mankind will start transforming into spiritual beings in the evolutionary blink of an eye. Most people cannot fathom just how long we lived as savage animals, and they need to in order to realize how new being in a human body is for us.

A billion is a big number: If you started counting non-stop, day and night, seven days a week, and said a new number every second, it would take almost thirty two years for you to count to a billion. Animal life has been on earth almost a billion years. If you put those seconds into years, you get an idea of how long we have been on earth as some other form of life.

Someone had to be those animals, and since we evolved directly from them, it had to be us. Nothing else would make sense, would it? We cannot remember any of our past lives, because when one of our bodies dies, our minds and memories die with them, but now we know, and it will change us.

The truth sets you free: We may not remember we lived before, but we now know we did, and we must act on that knowledge if we do not want to go through the evolutionary cycle again. The truth sets you free from the animal cycle.


Time machine: If you could get in a time machine and go back in time at the rate of a hundred years per second, you would only be mankind for about two minutes, and in a human body for about twenty minutes. For the next thirteen point eight (13.8) hours, you would be in the body of apes and monkeys. After you go back about seven and a half days, at a hundred years per second, you would be in the body of a dinosaur. For the rest of the next twenty five years, going back at the rate of one hundred years per second, you would be in an animal body that is below the dinosaur level. Most of the time, you would be living in the ocean, mostly as a form of bacteria and other microbes.

The rock at the top of Mount Everest is marine limestone created by the shells of trillions of creatures that died at the bottom of the ocean. We were there when that rock formed. Some of those shells could be our shells. That rock moved from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the highest mountain at about one inch per year. We have been evolving during that same time into mankind. All we were was food in the food chain until just recently. You have been eaten alive millions of times by every species of predator that ever lived.

Sharks have been on earth for over four-hundred and fifty million years, longer than any other vertebrate. Humans have only been here two- hundred thousand years, and mankind just ten thousand years.

Fifteen million years ago, the king of all sharks lived, and it had the most powerful bite of any animal. It was called a Megalodon, and was the size of a bus. It lived in all the world’s oceans for millions of years longer than humans have been here. They were the top predator, just as we are now. We lived in that world.

We were them and their prey, mostly whales. Our spirit went from predator to prey and back again for millions of years. Our spirit bounced back and forth from predator to prey and species to species as we evolved.

Those dinosaur bones we are always digging up were part of someone’s body that lived a long time ago. It is no different than digging up the skeleton of a human that lived long ago. Bones are proof of a living being that lived before.

A million years from now, someone could dig up the bones that are in our bodies now. Would people understand that they belonged to someone that really lived? Would they understand that they could have been them? Would they realize that they could be digging up their own bones from another life they lived?


100% of the evidence says it’s true; there is no evidence of anything else. We have thousands of museums of natural history filled with the hard evidence of our evolution, and there is no hard evidence that anything else happened.

Rational mind: A rational mind is the only thing that separates us from the lower animals. If we do not use it, we are not using what makes us special and superior to other animals. We are giving up what makes us different from other animals.

If you do not use the rational mind, you are not using the one thing you need to use to learn the truth and take the next step in evolution. Reason is what we gained in our last step in evolution. It is what makes us mankind. We now have to use it to take the next step and become spiritual beings. Use it or lose it.

When literally all of the evidence says evolution is true, and there is zero percent hard evidence for anything else, a rational, honest person has to accept the fact that we came from lower animals. It is what a rational mind would conclude.

If you do not have a rational mind, that is what is not right, not evolution. The evidence is sacred: Evidence is the most sacred thing that there is, because it reveals the truth. The truth reveals true life and sets you free.

The evidence: The bones are found on our planet in the dirt we now walk on, and we know their age for certain. Their ages fit perfectly with how long it would take to evolve from them to us. Everything adds up perfectly. The bones are from animals that are in our direct genetic line. We are genetically less than one percent different from chimpanzees, and we are connected genetically to all the animal life that ever lived on this planet.

Dinosaurs had two eyes, a brain, backbones, a heart, lungs, a stomach, blood, a mouth, a nose, two ears, and four limbs. They have the same basics we have now as humans. They slept, ate, mated, and were born and died, just as we do now.

The evidence says that we were once them, that we evolved from them. There is no evidence that we came from somewhere else. Thus, we have to conclude it is true until there is better evidence to show we came from somewhere else.

Everything in this book just says what the evidence says, nothing else.


There will never be any other evidence, because it would have to say the bones were planted just to fool us, and that makes no sense at all. We all know what the truth is; we are just in denial. The truth is the truth, and nothing is more important. We know we walked the earth in the bodies of dinosaurs for eight- hundred times longer than we have been in human bodies.

This is the first book about physical and spiritual truth based on evidence. There are many books about what is true, but this is the first one that just says what the evidence says is true, nothing more, nothing less.

It is estimated that there are about ten million species of animals on earth. There may be as many as one-hundred million species. We are just one of them.

The truth is, human beings are a small new twig on our evolutionary tree. Our spirit was not just the twig; it has been the whole tree of life on earth. Human beings are just one of millions of different species of life on earth. We are nothing special in the eyes of creation. We are just legions in our own minds, and we have created myths to glorify ourselves. Are we intelligent beings? We are special in the sense that we have a rational mind, but that is not a big deal, especially if you misuse it and spread deception, or do not use it at all.

The life of all animals below humans is fundamentally the same. Creation has favored other life forms much more than human beings. Bacteria is by far the predominate life form on the planet. It is really their planet. Microbial life has been here the longest, and there are more of them than anything else. If mankind destroys itself, bacteria will survive and evolution will start over. Bacteria are becoming resistant to all our antibiotic drugs, and may kill mankind off in the near future. We are actually still in the food chain. Bacteria eats us. We are not more powerful than them. We have the brains, but they have the numbers. Their numbers could easily prevail over our intelligence if we do not start putting more of our resources into countering this coming war.


Out of sight may be out of mind, but the truth is, bacteria are everywhere, and they are alive and conscious of life as we are. If you look through a microscope at them, you can see for yourself. They eat and digest food, are born, die, reproduce, sleep, and avoid aversive stimuli, just as we do.

What makes us different, our minds? We use our minds to fight wars, to destroy the environment, and to deceive ourselves. One of the ways we deceive ourselves is by thinking we are separate from other animal life on earth. We were them, and we can be again.

The only real difference is that we can be different if we learn the ultimate truth. We are different only in knowledge and the ability to understand the world around us. If we do nothing with it, we are no different at all, and we will remain as animals, but not at the top of the food chain. The wheel of life keeps turning.

Waste our advantage: Being thinking creatures is just a small difference, but this small difference can make all the difference if we use it. This is why we do not want to waste our intelligence believing that myths are the truth. It makes our greater intelligence useless.

See clearly: Evolution in action is the most terrifying thing there is. Nature is beautiful, but it is also a slaughter house, eat and be eaten. When everyone really sees nature for what it is, it will scare people into becoming something other than an animal. True knowledge of nature will evolve us out of it. Knowledge of nature, evolution, and our true past makes it possible to leave the animal realm.

The wheel of life: You have been where all life has been in the past. You had to be there to be where you are now; we evolved from them. You will be there again unless you become a spiritual being and leave the animal evolutionary cycle. A life form only gets to be on top so long, as the wheel of life keeps turning.

Rare/lucky: There are more bacteria on your skin and inside your body than there are human beings on the whole planet. This fact should emphasize just how rare and lucky it is to be human.

The truth is what sets you free from the animal realm. The truth is what it looks like it is, and all honest, rational people know it. The truth is no wonderful fairytale. It was inconceivably long and brutal.


The cusp: Something happened about ten thousand years ago that changed everything. It was the start of humans living in one place, in towns and cities. It was the start of a primitive civilization. It was also the start of agriculture, domestication of animals, and farms. It was the end of the hunter-gatherer way of life humans lived for the previous one- hundred and ninety thousand years. It was the start of a completely new life form. Words, language, and thought evolved to a point that we connected to the collective unconscious at the level of our modern minds for the first time. This made it possible to receive knowledge through inspirations and logic. Technical progress did not start until about ten thousand years ago. We went from hunter-gatherers to where we are now in the evolutionary blink of an eye. About five to six thousand years ago, the mind reached a critical mass. Warfare and other factors forced people to leave smaller villages and group together in larger cities, mainly because of the need for large armies. This put our technological progress in high gear. All the large monuments like pyramids started being built, and conquering armies started roaming the earth. It was the start of what we call modern civilization. We evolved and progressed more in the last ten thousand years than we did in the previous seven-hundred million years. We had to become a new life form to do it. Human beings became a fundamentally new life form: Mankind. We became a new life form in a very short period of time, and the same thing is happening again, only a lot faster. Mankind has reached a new cusp, the end of one life form and the beginning of another. Inner change: We gained the power to change our outside environment about ten thousand years ago, and over that time, we have changed it to suit our needs. We now have to change our inner environment, our minds.


Final step: Though we had some simple tools and were physically identical to how we are now two- hundred thousand years ago (brain size, etc.), we were still fundamentally no different than other animals. About forty-five thousand years ago, we took our first real step away from the animal realm, the realm of flesh. We started to speak language, have an imagination and use basic reasoning.

It was the first cusp, and it happened because we hooked up with that level of the collective unconscious, so it happened to all human beings near the same time, even though we were spread out and not in contact with each other. About ten thousand years ago, we took the second step, the second cusp, and became mankind (mind-kind). Now, we are about to take the third and final step.

The third cusp: Mankind is about to accomplish what it evolved to do. The human race is going to change into a new human life form for the third time. We will evolve from mankind, or mind-kind, into spirit-kind; we are becoming spiritual beings. Science cannot see the ultimate truth, because it is not really looking. They are lost in the endless, complicated parts of life, and do not even look at the simple whole of life; the big picture that includes consciousness. Intent: You cannot think your way to true life, because you cannot turn the mind off by thinking. It is a contradiction in terms, but you have to want it. You have to be seeking it with all your heart for it to come to you. You have to have faith in the truth to get it. Intent connects you to the collective unconscious. Some religions call it the Holy Spirit. In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link. Carlos Castaneda Not get it: Many people will believe the old traditional myths until they die, even after they have learned a much more accurate interpretation of the truth. This is because they are not ready to take the last step in evolution. People will only see what they are ready to see. Ralph Waldo Emerson They cannot understand the ultimate truth yet. They may have to come back as a human on the level of mankind a few more times.


Top of the animal cycle: You can come back as a man or woman in the next life if you do not hear the ultimate truth, or if you hear the ultimate truth but do not understand it. Most people in the past could not know the truth. You do not reach the top of the animal evolutionary cycle until you hear and understand the ultimate truth. People are where they are. Lower animals have no chance to know the ultimate truth, and it is the same with less evolved humans. In other words, if you do not know what you are doing, you will get another chance eventually. But if you do learn and understand the truth, you have to take advantage of it while you have the chance, or you pay the ultimate price.

The crossroads: If you are told the ultimate truth and understand it, but do not begin to live in it, you will go to the bottom of the evolutionary cycle when you die. You had your chance, and you did not take it.

Just about all mankind will know the ultimate truth, at least the mind part, in this generation. What they do after they know will seal their fate.

If you are reading this book, you have heard the ultimate truth, because I have told you it. Only you know if you understand it and what it means.

Unforgivable: If you understand the truth and do not at least try to take the next step and live in the truth, you are denying the truth and life, and there is no greater mistake you can make, no way to hurt yourself worse. When you die, you will be reborn at the bottom of the ocean, the bottom of the food chain. You could be there in the next few minutes. It is hard to believe, but it is what all the evidence says, and that cannot be denied. The truth is serious business; it can bless you for a very long time or damn you for a very long time. You have to move up when you get the chance, or you automatically move down. Mankind is at the top of the animal evolutionary cycle, so when you move up, you move all the way up. When you move down, you move all the way down. You are now at the crossroads. Which way do you want to go?

All people have to do is see the truth; they do not have to do anything else.




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