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The Present-Chapter 4

Heaven: Last Step in Evolution


The next and last step in our evolution.

Most people cannot see the animal world clearly. Everyone that sees it clearly will see that it is as ugly as it can get, unless you think being forced by hunger to murder your fellow beings and eating them is beautiful. The animal truth is as ugly as it gets, but the divine truth is as beautiful as it gets. Seeing the truth of both realms powers the evolution of animals into spiritual beings. If you become a spiritual being, you live the best life possible here, and when you die, you go to a place religions call heaven. It is a place without pain where everyone is fulfilled; there are all positives and no negatives. Evolving past pain: When we die and are reborn, the physical parts of our brains and nervous system that create and send us pain, fear, sadness and the other negative aspects of our current life will not be part of our new bodies. We will have evolved past them. We will have just enough pain to let us know when we are injured or sick and no more. Severe physical pain will not exist or be possible in bodies not wired for it. The part of our brain that is responsible for feeling pain and the other unwanted sensations will simply not be in our new bodies. We will be hardwired only for pleasure and fulfillment. Physical pleasure will come and go like in this life, but there will be no severe pain or undesirable feelings and emotions, and we will always be fulfilled by life. Just pleasure: We will be reborn with bodies that can feel pleasure better than we can feel it now, but our bodies will not be capable of perceiving the negative side of life. We will still be motivated to do things, because we will still want to feel the pleasure created by doing certain things. Spiritual life does not need the carrot and the stick (pleasure/pain), just the carrot. The need to feed and breed in combination with the natural environment will control what we do just as they do now. As I have pointed out, the physical universe cannot change and exist.


Fear/pain, the power of evolution: We no longer need severe pain, sadness, fear and the other negative things to evolve. We did in the past; fear and pain powered evolution. It is an animal’s fear of pain and death that motivates them to evolve to avoid it better. It is the main power behind all animal evolution. It is powering the evolution of mankind into spiritual beings now. After you know the ultimate truth, evolution is finished, and fear and pain are no longer needed. We no longer need fear, severe pain, or any of the other negative aspects of life we needed to evolve. Thus, the ability to experience negative aspects of life will be discarded in the change from your current body to your new spiritual one.

Nature never wastes anything, and if you do not need something, you will not have it. If you know the ultimate truth, you no longer need the negative side of life, so you will not have it. In the next life, we will have all the positives with just enough of the negatives to give definition to life. We had to have the negatives in the past in order to promote our evolution to the point where we could see the truth and the life, and we are there now.

Thanks to genetic engineering and other advances in medical science, no one will age past young adulthood or die from any diseases.

Live a thousand years: We will have a very long life expectancy and never age, because aging is a disease that we will have cured. The medical evidence and the laws of probability say our lifespan will be about a thousand years. We will use genetic engineering to slow our aging to adulthood, so childhood will last as long as we want it to. We will enjoy childhood for a much longer time. A short life was necessary for biological evolution. After you reach the peak of what biology can do, life no longer needs to be short. We have evolved biologically almost as far as we are going to naturally. Science will now evolve us further physically.

You evolve mentally until you know the truth, and that is as far as it goes. Genetic engineering will be the force responsible for physical evolution from now on.

Accidents will still happen in heaven, and people will still die from accidents. Our physical bodies will still be mortal like they are now.

No one really wants a body that does not die. There will be situations when you will want to be able to get out of the body you are in and start over in a new body. If you are accidentally buried alive in an earthquake or avalanche, you would not want to be in that position forever, would you? If you were trapped in a fire, you would not want to be burned for hours and live in a mangled body forever, would you? Those things can and will happen, so physical death is necessary.


People will not age physically past about eighteen or ever get sick, but eventually your body will be damaged in an accident beyond repair. You will be thankful that you can trade it in for a new one. In heaven, there will be no fear of death. Death and birth will be seen as the one event they really are. We will live knowing how life and death works for the first time. It makes all the difference.

Taste death: When you die in heaven, you will be reborn in heaven as a baby and start a new life. This will go on forever. When religious books say we will live forever, will not taste death, etc., they mean spiritual death. We will never go back to being the living dead mankind is now. Physical death is part of the perfection.

Heaven tech: In heaven, technology will progress forever. Everything that is possible to do, we will do. We will make contact with other life in the universe. We will keep all the old things we like such as music, classic cars, motorcycles, clothes and houses, etc. The best of the old will be mixed with the new. Natural disasters will still happen. Nature will be in complete control of our lives just as it is now, so our lives will change as it does. Nature will be the same, including the occasional natural disaster, but it does not bother you in heaven. It just serves to make life more surprising, interesting and romantic. Nature is what keeps the adventure of life moving. Life is nature, and when you see it clearly, it is the magic kingdom. You will live a life you can only dream about now. You will be beautiful if you are a woman; men will be handsome. Everyone will have a near perfect body. Everyone is fearless, young, healthy, different and completely alive.

It is the way it could be, should be and will be for those that learn the truth. Everything, even the bugs, fish, and bacteria will get to a permanent heaven, a place without predators, just plant eaters and plants. There will be limited pain and sorrow, and 90% of the time, we will be totally fulfilled, and almost totally fulfilled the other 10% of the time. It is the way it could be, should be and will be. The only question is, how long will it take? I am shooting for no later than the next life, or as soon as possible.


There will be a heaven on earth; the only question is how long it will take. It could be twenty years, or twenty million years. It does not matter, because when we die, we will be reborn there, and no time will have passed from our own perspective. Everyone that has worked as a prophet long enough to change themselves will be there. Others will come back to the animal world in future generations when there are many more people, thousands, even millions, working on spreading the truth and creating a heaven on earth.

Without predators, life on the animal level would reproduce until they used up the food resources and then starved off, which is almost as bad as being eaten. Life that knows the truth of life will control their reproduction to never overpopulate an environment. This is the reason the truth will make heaven; it has practical value.

You will still avoid death. It will not be horrible like it is now, but it will still be the thing you will want to avoid most. The difference is, you do not fear it, and it is not painful, so in heaven, it just makes life more interesting.

Death will not hurt or be feared, but it will be a major disruption of your life, and you will always try to avoid it when possible. Death is the opposite of life, so life will never like it and always avoid it when possible. Physical death is necessary from time to time for life to be perfect.

When you know the truth and the life, you would not change the way life works, even if you could.

You will be forever young, healthy, strong, beautiful, fearless, wise, witty, unique, funny and completely fulfilled forever. It is as good as it can get and better than you can imagine. Love will be reflected in love forever.

Right now, we are in a position to go to the best or worst place possible. If you know the truth and the life, you do not need any moral laws, because spiritual people naturally do the moral thing. They treat others as they would want to be treated. They see everyone as if they were them; they see them truly.

Now is the time: The time has finally come to see what has been hidden from us. It is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that people can see the truth and life clearly and completely for the first time. The evolution of technology, such as the Internet and other forms of mass communication, have evolved enough to reach just about all of mankind.


One mind: It is the real reason why worldwide communication technology evolved. The worldwide Internet web is mankind’s effort to connect all minds on a conscious level, to create one conscious, collective mind. The telephone lines and cables that transmit the Internet are like the nerves in a giant brain. People online are like the neurons. It is making the world one brain or mind. This network will make it possible to see the truth, transcend the mind, and live happily ever after.

If it was not for the Internet, you would not be reading this now, would you? Mankind will never be able to live together in peace and harmony. It never has and never will. It is impossible, because it is not in mankind’s true nature. Mankind’s true nature is the nature of the beast. People can and do resist it, but it cannot be changed by resisting and repressing it. Only the truth can overcome it.

Mankind will always act like mankind when push comes to shove, and push will always come to shove. When it happens, the majority of mankind will always behave like the animals they are, which drags everyone down to the animal level.

The beast must die, and the only way to kill it is with the truth. The only way to get rid of the beast is at the source. The beast must die for the spiritual being to be born. If the beast does not die, the whole human race will. We are all in an undeclared mental war for this world.

People have it backwards. You are not reborn; the mind just dies, because it was never really alive in the first place.

A spiritual being is not really born, because it is always inside you; it is hidden by the mind. The spirit cannot be born; it is immortal.

Your spirit is imprisoned by your own mind, and only the truth sets it free. Becoming a spiritual being is not a destination, not the end of spiritual growth, because life becomes newer everyday. You just grow in the spirit. Every day seems to get better and more fulfilling.

Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman -- a rope over an abyss... Friedrich Nietzsche

We have tamed the beast in most people, but mankind is still an animal just under the surface, and it will resurface more savage than ever.


It takes time to get complete control of your mind, but you can become a spiritual being the minute you know “the truth” and change your perspective to that of your spiritual-self. “The life,” or greater perception, will follow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow; everyone is different. Your environment can help or hurt you.

The swing trick: The mind has many tools and tricks to keep you from making contact with the truth and life. One of its most powerful ones is going from one extreme to another. The middle or center is where it is at, but you have to be there, totally conscious. People are looking for truth and love in all the wrong places. They are looking everywhere except the present, the only place life exists.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Henry David Thoreau

The problem and the solution are simple, but it is still possible mankind will miss the window of opportunity. Mankind thinks things will just keep getting better and better. The opposite is true. It cannot keep getting better; it is impossible for that to happen in the physical world. It goes back and forth from good to bad and vice versa. It will get worse, and when it does, it will bring out the beast in mankind; you can just look at our bloody history to see what will happen.

Fool's paradise: The stable times we are in will pass, because it is the nature of nature to change. As sure as the world will keep turning, something will happen, and our true nature will reveal itself. We have to make the transition before it does. We are living in a fool’s paradise, in a castle made of sand, in a house of cards, and the wind is starting to blow.

People think it will never happen to them, when it is certain to happen. People think that nothing really bad can happen to them, that it only happens to other people. This is one of the most powerful deceptions created by the mind. Natural disasters will happen to people that know the truth also, but they will not make the situation worse by turning into violent animals.

Social upheaval: It is the social upheaval that comes with major natural disasters that spiritual people will avoid. This upheaval often manifests as wars and social chaos that causes much more damage than the disaster itself.

A light always burns the brightest before it burns out. Night follows day.


WWII: World War ll started the year the movie the Wizard of Oz came out, when fun-loving musicals were the most popular movies. There was not as much sex and violence in these movies as there is today. People were more refined and friendly; they did not lock their doors or have alarm systems.

People were more civilized just before both world wars than we are now. You have to admit the human race has become a lot weirder, more lost, and a lot more dangerous. We need to face the fact that it can and will happen to us if we do not do something to stop it from happening. It is just a natural cycle. The most optimistic of times have always preceded this world's darkest days. Things before most disasters were just as they are now; people were asleep. Mankind has not changed. The only difference now is there are a lot more people, and we are more alienated, confused, vulnerable, and much more dangerous. We have been centralizing the necessities of life. The food, water and electricity that everyone is now dependent on can be disrupted very easily, sending us right back to the laws of the jungle in just a few days.

I do not know with what weapons world war three will be fought, but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones. Albert Einstein

The most important and dangerous difference is we have nuclear weapons. One modern thermonuclear bomb can have more destructive power than all the conventional bombs used in all the previous wars.

The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything, save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe. Albert Einstein

You just have to look at the content of our movies and music to see where mankind is really at. Violence is at an all time high in movies and music. Before the last world war, we had Bing Crosby singing White Christmas. It was much less likely that the last two world wars would happen than a world war happening today.

Little sparks start big fires: The next world war is shaping up to be a war between religions, and this will make it much worse than any preceding war. Instead of fighting, we need to see the truth in religions.

Einstein said there are two infinite things: the universe and man’s stupidity.


The first world war started over one person shooting another person. One shot led to millions of shots being fired. It was the assassination of a member of a royal family. Everything happened over the honor of a royal family. It started the biggest bloodbath in history. That one shot set off a chain reaction that engulfed the whole world. The Second World War was just an extension of the first one. Hitler would not have gotten in power or did what he did if not for the First World War.

It does not take much to set the world on fire. It will just take a little spark again, and our world will literally begin to explode, nuclear explosions this time. The sparks are flying in the Middle East, and the world is like gunpowder right now. Things could not be more dangerous, and most people do not even know it, which makes it even more dangerous.

It would be like all the wars of the past stacked on top of each other. Winding a spring: We have been in a very peaceful, stable, and productive period since the end of World War II. It is the longest period of relative peace and prosperity that this many people have ever experienced. It is like winding a spring, so a balancing period is coming, and it could spring back all at once. If you look at our history, you will see that every few years, we have a major blood bath. It is a cycle, and unless we change, the cycle will continue.

The ultimate truth is the only thing that can stop it from happening. If it is going to happen, it will start soon. The transformation of man could happen at the same time, but the odds are against it. We need to do it before it happens.

We have to change if we want the world to change; it is a reflection of us. The future: If the beast prevails, we know what will happen, because we know our bloody, savage history, but most people cannot imagine what the future will be like if we all begin to learn the ultimate truth.

The following is how I see it: The rest of our current lifespan: In the past, we had to fight and kill to live. Now, for a brief period, mankind no longer has to hurt or kill its own kind to survive; we no longer need to live like the animals we evolved from. If we change, the world will change with us.


We are the government: People are always saying the government is doing this, the government is doing that, as if it is a separate entity. It is not separate; the government is us. People in government live in this country and have families like everyone else. If we are good, the government will be good.

Baby boomers: The people that were young in the sixties have evolved into the establishment, more or less. The people that comprise the older generation, the world war generation, are dying off. The last of them are in their eighties and nineties, and they will all be gone in the next few years. Their powerful and inflexible mindset will go with them.

Our fathers did what they had to do to save the world; it is our turn now. The greatest generation: That is just BS to make them feel good before they die. They look pretty good if you just look at our side and do not look at the whole picture. We were the good guys, but the bad guys were as bad as we were good. It was also the generation that produced Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Tojo and many other really bad people. Their generation fought a world war that killed at least seventy million people, half civilians. They bombed cities, women and children.

The truth is, they had some of the best and some of the worst people, and they did some very good and very bad things. We do not want to follow in their footsteps. We cannot do it even if we wanted to; our weapons have become too powerful. President Eisenhower pointed out that mankind went from muskets to hydrogen bombs in his lifetime. Their generation invented nuclear weapons and chemical/biological weapons, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Their generation left us a very dangerous world, one that can kill the whole human race. There is nothing great about that.

The almighty dollar: Their generation believed that materialism was everything. They chased the almighty dollar all their life. They did not care how much they destroyed the environment, and they left us with a giant pollution machine that will kill us all if we do not stop it or rebuild the machine soon.

They have also done their best to program our minds to do the same thing they did. They were very closed- minded. It was pretty egotistical, and it just shows how blind they were to the truth. It caused a lot of conflict and alienation in families.


The baby boomers are going to be the greatest generation if we do our job. We are the first generation in the history of the human race that can really do something that will make a difference. We can do something that could really be called great.

We have to turn around what “the greatest generation” did, or there will be no future generations.

Winning is everything: The “winning is everything” mentality was necessary to get us to where we are now, and it will be justified if we do what we have to.

Payoff: The last generation will have done a great thing if we use the good things they did to help change people into spiritual beings. If we do not, both generations will be the worst that there has ever been, and there will be no future generations. If we want the last generation to be great, we will have to make what they did pay off, and we will have to be really great to do it.

Square: I have no doubt that their intentions were noble, and they did what they believed was right for the world and us, but the truth is, they buried the truth in concrete, and we are going to have to dig it up fast, or the truth will stay buried. Their lives were simple, in black and white, just like their TVs. They were certain that they knew right from wrong. They could not know the truth, but we can.

Living in the NOW: The baby boomers knew living in the present was the way to live. Many books were written on the subject in the 60s, but the time was not right, and it could not happen, no matter how hard people tried.

The younger generation of the sixties has become the older generation. We are in charge now: We should have no problem doing what we want now; we are in charge. We are now the grown-ups, the establishment.

The seed has been planted, and it is just waiting for the right environment for it to grow. We tried everything we could try; open marriages, drugs, all the religions, and we know what works and what does not work, so we know what to do. The people that grew up in the sixties are ready to get spiritual. They are just waiting for the truth to be revealed and until the time is right to start living a spiritual life. There is nothing to stop us now, so we can make it happen now.


Climb a mountain: You do not have to get a lot of money or knowledge or climb a mountain, cross an ocean, be a hero, win a gold medal, be beautiful or do anything other than live life completely to get to heaven. You do not need anything you do not always have. Anyone can have it all, at any age, at any time.

The mind tells you that you need; the spirit tells you that you have. The mind tells you that you have to do this or that, be this or that. The truth is, you do not have to do anything or be anything. All you have to do is learn the truth and truly live your life as it is being given to you.

The good life is living true life, and that is the simple and absolute truth. You just have to be yourself, where you are, with what you have to succeed. It is not hard; it is easy. It is not complicated; it is simple. People just have to wake up to the truth, and they will get it all and be saved from the animal realm.

Money is not everything; the truth and life is everything. You choose.

Wherever you look, there is something to see. The Talmud Divine

love = attention + compassion.

Divine awareness, divine love, is mostly just your total attention to life and everything and everyone in it. Total attention will give you everything, which you can then reflect back out to everyone. Carnal love is a passionate, hot form of love and desire. Divine love is a cool, self-contained love without desire.

Love is just knowing the truth, and being in the present. It is that simple. Mind vs. mind: You need the mind of man to get past the animal mind. That is why we evolved from lower animals to humans. You have to know the intellectual mind truth, the thought or word truth, before you can separate from the mind completely; thus, you have to be where we are now. You have to know you have a mind and its nature. You have to know you are really a spiritual being and the nature of spiritual things. You have to know you are going to die and be reborn.

Since animals other than man cannot know it, they have no chance to get free from the mind and get to heaven. They have to evolve biologically into a human before they get the opportunity we have. On the other hand, mankind can evolve without changing bodies.


Animal mind: People that are trying to get clear of the mind usually learn how to turn off the conscious level of the mind in a short period of time, and then they go no further. This is because they think they are totally clear. Life is much more fulfilling without the conscious mind blocking it.

When the conscious mind closes down, you are at the awareness level of all lower animals. You become as aware as dogs, cats, and all other lower animals. It is so fulfilling that people stop there. That does not mean you will see as well as an eagle or hear as well as a dog. All animals have some specialized senses that are stronger than other animals to help them survive and evolve. Our specialized sense that was superior to all other animals was and is our minds. It gave us a huge advantage over other animals and put us where we are, at the top of the food chain.

It is all about being more aware of your environment. Our minds made us aware on a completely new level of perception. It not only gave us the power to conquer the animal world, it gives us the power to evolve ourselves and to manipulate our environment like no other animal. What mankind has been doing and could be doing in the future is unprecedented in the animal realm, and people take it for granted. It is the most wonderful and miraculous thing possible. You just have to know it, and use it to its full potential.

When we learn the ultimate truth, the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds start to open themselves up and go into the background.

It feels so good and is so fulfilling that people are not aware that there is anything else between them and life. There is; it is the instinctual part of our minds, the deepest part of our minds. It does not open itself up with the other parts.

The instinctual mind is very powerful, and it is harder to see than the conscious mind. You see your conscious mind by just trying to get in touch with your life senses. When they are all clear and receiving all of the life coming to you, you can know that the conscious mind is not in your life. You cannot do that with the instinctual part of your mind. The instinctual part of your mind does not block your other senses very much, not enough to know it that way. Using that method to see it does not work.

That is what makes it the most dangerous part of your mind. It is difficult and scary to get past. The instinctual part of your mind manifests itself as fear as well as racism, all other aggressive and violent animal behavior, and sex.


Hitler and Manson are examples of people that got their charisma and presence from living without the conscious mind much of the time. It gave them their power, but without the conscious mind to keep the instinctual mind in check, you have a very charismatic super-predator.

Hitler was more organized; Manson was more spontaneous, but they were on the same level. They got past fear, but not aggression. They were charismatic, fearless and aggressive, and we all know the result of that state of mind. Manson and Hitler did not know they were living without the conscious mind; they did not turn it off deliberately. They were not aware that they had no conscience. They literally lost their minds; they did not take control of them as a spiritual being does. Only people that know the ultimate truth can turn off their mind. To go most of the way and then stop before you get past the instinctual mind can be a disaster. You will just be turning the beast loose at full power. You have to get past the fulfillment and fear of going further. If you stop, you will just be a very dangerous animal. This is why it is important to keep opening up until you connect with true life. You will know when it happens.

The mind's last stand: As you begin to get past the instinctual mind, it can feel like you are dying. That fear usually stops you from going further until you realize it is not death, it is birth. You are dying to your mind-self and being born to your spiritual-self. Even when you think you are clear, keep opening up; it always gets better and better. To stop searching or opening up is to die spiritually. As the Bible says, you go from glory to glory, and it never ends. The key is to never stop seeking more, wanting more truth and life.

Seeking never ends: You can know the truth completely, but never know the life completely. It is infinite, and to know it the best it can be known is achieved by constantly looking deeper, by constantly seeking it, being open to more of it.

The beginning and the end: The instinctual mind is the last thing that holds you in the animal realm. Animal life started with the instinctual mind, and it will end with the instinctual mind. When you get past it, your spirit is free.

The reason it is so hard to see and so hard to get past is our spirit has spent over seven-hundred million years with the instinctual mind; we have only been with the conscious and subconscious mind for about 10,000 years.


The animal mind never goes away in this life; it is always lurking like a lion, so you have to be constantly vigilant.

It is hardwired in our brains, so it is difficult to get past, but many of us can and will get past it. Others will stop at the instinctual mind and cause a lot of trouble with their new-found, charismatic presence. Everything, including the quest for enlightenment, is a double-edged sword. The price for many people becoming enlightened is many people going just part way and becoming more dangerous animals. Other people that live in the mind are always going to be a problem we will have to live with in this world. Until all people that live in the mind are gone, we are going to have to deal with them. Just being around other minds, especially strong ones, makes it almost impossible to stay completely mind free and open to the present for very long. Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds. Albert Einstein The good news is, once you know true life, you know it forever, because the collective unconscious will never let you forget the way. You will be able to live in the truth and life part time for the rest of this lifespan, and when you die, you will be born into a place where you can live in the truth and true life full time, because everyone else is in the present and knows the truth and the life. It is self-evident to them all the time; there is no mind opposing them as there is in this world now. I love acting. It is so much more real than life. Oscar Wilde

Living stars: Successful stars of stage and screen are in the business of living in the present on cue. That is why we like watching them; we see the truth and the life in them. What makes a great actor great is their ability to be real and reflect the real. You can't fake it; you have to be like a mirror and take all the life there is in, and then reflect it back out to the camera or audience. That is why they are called stars. The stars in the sky shine with light; the stars in show business shine with life. The trick is to learn to do it all the time.


"I couldn't think my way into better acting. I had to act my way into better thinking." Know the way: Most of the stars of show business cannot do it when they are alone, because they do not know how to do it; they do not know the way, the ultimate truth, the spiritual method. They cannot live like spiritual beings except during some rare moments when they are on stage or in front of the camera. When you are acting a part, you have a script. You know what is going to happen, so you do not have to think. That is why people in the movies seem more real than your own life; they are. It is one of those things that is the opposite of what people think. Actors are in the life business. They recreate and present true life. A spiritual being also knows what is going to happen, because they know the ultimate truth. This makes it possible to live without the mind. Acting something is thought to be not real, because you are play-acting. It turns out that the act of playing someone else can reveal the real you. Spiritual beings can live like stars or mirrors of life anywhere. Be the star of your own movie, your life.

Acting or playing someone else helps you realize that you are not your mind, because you are acting as if you are in someone else's mind. It makes you realize you are not someone else's mind, nor your own.

The Method: Method acting is the art of living from the outside in. You are not even there. You are just a reaction or reflection of what is outside of you. Great actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean use the method to get into the present and become the center of it. A spiritual being just does it all the time. It is all about becoming the truth and the life. This book just shows you how to do it. In acting, you include negative emotions if the role calls for it. In real life, you leave them out, because they are not needed and can cause problems. Many of the great actors and/or stars of the past knew how to get into the present intuitively. They had a connection with the collective unconscious or Holy Spirit if you are into religion (they are the same thing). People like Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn were masters of getting into the present on cue, but because they did not know the ultimate truth, they were only fulfilled when working.


Acting/performing is a form of religion: It is a tool to become spiritual, at least while performing. It gives you a taste of the present so that you know what it is. Everyone should take up acting, at least for a hobby. There should be a small live theater in every neighborhood, and everyone should take a turn on stage in the light. It makes it a lot easier to get into the present, plus it can be fun, and it is a way to share the present. Knowing the fulfillment of the present is essential. It will motivate you to learn the truth and the life so that you can be fulfilled all the time.

Know what is going to happen: Actors playing a role can live in the present, because they know what is going to happen. People that know the truth of life also know what is going to happen, so they can live in the present and be fulfilled all the time. If you know the ultimate truth, there is no unknown. It gives you absolute security, and this frees you to live life to the fullest.

My doctrine is: Live that thou mayest desire to live again - that is thy duty - for in any case, thou wilt live again! Friedrich Nietzsche

Child-like, not childish: In the future, people will play a lot. We will be child- like, but not childish or irresponsible. You will be filled with life like a child.

Leaders: If the truth is seen by most of mankind in the near future, the human race will evolve past leaders and followers and any other real divisions between people. There will be people that are more popular than others are, but that is about it. It will go back and forth from lifespan to lifespan like everything else.

He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures. Friedrich Nietzsche

There will be a government, but not much of one. Most of it will be part time volunteers. Instead of leaders, we will have teachers of the truth of life.

One no longer becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion. Anyone that does not agree goes voluntarily into the asylum. Friedrich Nietzsche

People that know the truth of life lead themselves; they go where love leads.

Yesterday, we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today, we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love. Khalil Gibran


Pain and fear: In addition to causing all the hate, deception and discontent, the mind tries to close down your sense of feeling as much as it can to avoid physical pain. It does not work; pain will still hurt just as bad. The problem is that your sense of feeling stays closed even after the pain is gone. People try to hide from pain and end up hiding from true life. When the mind tries to shut out pain, it does not succeed, but it does succeed in shutting down your perception of true life. It is the worst bargain you can make. You have to embrace all of life completely, including physical pain. Trying to ignore life, any part of it, is the worst thing you can do. It is the only sin there is.

You have to take the bitter with the sweet to live true life.

You just have to remember the pain will pass and be compensated for with an equal amount of pleasure. You can be in pain and still be fulfilled. No one likes pain, and everyone will still try to avoid pain when they can, but when you cannot, you just have to suck it up and endure it until it passes. Why try to mentally avoid it when it does not work anyway? You have to take what is coming to you and take it all, no matter what it is. You cannot try to shut out pain without shutting out life. You can take pain medication to stop or relieve pain whenever you can, but never close your mind to the present.

Separating the spiritual beings from the animals: It is easy to be completely open when life is good; almost anyone can do that. It is when times are bad, when you lose, when you fail, that it is most difficult. It is what separates the spiritual beings from the animals. It is the baptism of fire. Difficult or not, you have to be open to the present at all times. You have to want it with all of your heart, no matter what it is, and let it in, embrace it as your true love.

Success is going from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

Hardwired: Once you know the ultimate truth, you will be able to separate yourself from fear completely, along with all negative things created by the mind, but not physical pain, because it is hardwired into our bodies. Some people can mentally reduce pain for short periods of time, but most people cannot. Pain medication will help, but not always, and you will not always have access to pain medication. If there is no way to avoid it, why try?

Physical pain will hurt as long as you are in your current body. Knowing the balance will help you through it, but it will not stop it. Pain is hardwired into our current bodies. It will not be in heaven, but we are not there yet.


Most of the pain, sadness and discomfort in our lives is mental, a creation of our minds. Our minds create it, so they can stop creating it once we realize the truth, but we cannot do much about the physical pain in our lives. The pain caused by injuries or disease is real. It is real, and it cannot be avoided, but it comprises a small percent of most people’s lives and is balanced by pleasure.

Pain is concentrated pleasure: A little pain buys a lot of pleasure. You can never feel as good as you can feel bad. The worst pain feels a lot worse than the greatest pleasure feels good.

Pain, especially from injuries, is a lot more concentrated and intense. The pain-pleasure balance is never equal in intensity or duration. A few minutes of extreme pain can equal months of feeling good or hours of pleasure.

Fear factor: After you know the truth and start opening up to the life, you will become more fearful of dangerous situations. It is natural and to be expected; it tells you that you are on the right path and becoming more aware. The fear can serve a positive or negative purpose, depending on how you look at it. It can have a powerful negative effect if you let it close you down and make you less aware of the present. Never try to mentally hide from anything. Use fear as a cue to bring you into the present. Fear is a great positive if you let the fear make you more aware of life; let it bring you more into the present. Fear can make you more aware, more in the present.

Fear is the mind's greatest tool to control you, but if you take control of it, fear can be used as your greatest tool to free yourself from the mind. What is now your worst enemy can become your best friend.

Make fear your friend.

Look at a coyote; it lives in constant fear and is aware of everything happening around it. Get into fear when it occurs, and use it to open you up to life. Never let it close you down more.

As Marlon Brando says at the end of the movie Apocalypse Now: “You have to make horror your friend, or it will be an enemy to truly fear.”

Fear never really goes away, because it is a reflex response to dangerous situations and is semi- hardwired into our bodies. The best you can do is separate yourself from it, see it for the mind-made thing it is, and not let it control you.




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