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The Present - Chapter 2

Big Picture of Life Experienced in the Present

The overman, who has organized the chaos of his passions, given style to his character and become creative, aware of life’s terrors, he affirms life without resentment. Friedrich Nietzsche

The truth of the balance is the most clear at the edges of physical reality. If you look at the biggest things in the universe, the stars and planets, you will see that they are all going in balanced circles (orbiting) around each other. If you look at the smallest things that make up all matter and atoms, you will see the same thing, electrons going around a nucleus.

The edges reveal clearly the fundamental nature of our reality. Everything is going around in circles. As you become more aware, you begin to see that all physical things in between the biggest and smallest are doing the same thing in one way or another. Soon it will be as clear to you as night and day, and you will know the nature of everything. On the quantum level, things are not predictable, but we do not live there. Change: The key truth is the knowledge of the balancing opposites, because you can see this truth in action everywhere you look. Change or movement is caused when parts of a cycle or system are out of balance. They always will move or change to balance. Example: In the weather system, when there is a high pressure zone and a low pressure zone, the air in the high pressure zone will move into the low pressure zone causing wind and bad weather.

There are two types of truth: truth you know and the truth you experience. The mind truth is the opposite of the living or real truth. They cannot exist together, so you have to sacrifice one for the other. Mankind is currently sacrificing life for the mind. We just have to do the opposite. We have to start living in “that which is” and stop just thinking about it all the time. We just have to get our minds out of the way; they are blocking true life. You do not have to think if you know life.

The truth and life: When you know the truth, you can be completely aware of everything coming to you through your life senses; you will experience true life.

Truth = life, life = truth, but you have to learn all the truth to get all the life.


The more you see the truth, the more you will see the life. The more you see life, the more you will see the truth. They build on each other, and your knowledge of them grows until you know life completely and become life.

Truth first: People have it backwards. They want true life before they know the truth, and as a result, they never get the truth or life. People can get close and look like they have it all, especially the big stars in show business. They look like they are full of life and everyone wants to be like them, but they do not have it all. Even having 99% is not all of it. You need it all to take the next step in evolution and become a spiritual being. How can you live completely what you do not know completely? When you know life completely, you start living it completely.

How can you enjoy life before you know how life works? No one can fully enjoy life until they know why things happen and where their life will lead. Money, sex, success, power, fame, will not work. The truth is the only way.

Many spiritual teachers who claim to be enlightened say you need to experience life first, through meditation, etc. They say that the way to know the truth is through the experience of life. They say that because they do not know the truth, not all of it, so they cannot say what the truth is. They say to experience life to know the truth, because it seems like that can be done, but actually that cannot be done.

When people do not know the full truth, it means they have never experienced life fully, or they would know the ultimate truth.

How can someone be enlightened and not know the truth? Knowing the truth would have to come with enlightenment, or you would not be enlightened. True or false?

There are revelations in this book that no guru, prophet, or any spiritual master knew, so no one has really been enlightened. There have been many that thought they were and convinced others they were, but they did not know all the truth of life, and that is a fact you can check. Many have known parts of the puzzle of the truth of life. This book for the first time adds the last pieces to the puzzle.

Many of the great prophets of the past knew the time was not right, and they did what they could until the right time came. That time is now. I am not saying the great prophets and spiritual leaders of the past did not become enlightened masters. They did, but not when and how the unenlightened people of this world think. The prophets and seers of the past brought new revelations and built on each others understanding, but the ultimate truth could not be fully revealed until now.

Now you can know the complete truth of life for the first time in history.


Finding the ultimate truth of life and death is the true mission of mankind. The question is, why is it so difficult to see and express the truth clearly now? Something has to be hiding the truth and life. Why do we have so much trouble seeing the true nature of our lives? It should be the most obvious thing there is. Why do people have so many different opinions and beliefs about what the ultimate truth is when it should be self-evident? We all live in the same world, so why does everyone see it differently? Your inner environment: This is your environment from your skin in, from your senses in. This environment is where your mind lives. It is between life and your spiritual-self; it is the closest thing to you. The mind is so close to your spirit that most people do not realize that they are two separate things. The mind creates the illusion that it is the spirit.

Sixth sense: People do have a sixth sense; their own mind. You have the senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and mind. Your mind is like a sense, because your consciousness or spiritual-self senses or experiences the mind’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings the same way it does light, sounds, sensations, scents and tastes. You receive the input from your mind the same way you receive input from your five life senses, but what the mind creates is not real/true. Word/life: Your five life senses sense life. Your mind produces and sends you things that do not come from life; it sends you things it makes up itself. It creates and sends you emotions, desires, thoughts, guilt, fears and worries, etc. Your mind blocks most of the life coming to you, and what it does not block, it converts into thoughts and feelings; it turns life into its mental code for life. Your mind attempts to reduce all of life to words, feelings, and abstract thoughts or bytes of data. Example: Your sense of sight sees a rose. Instead of coming to you directly as all that a rose really is, it is turned into the word “rose”. It is then disregarded or filed away as a memory without letting you experience it.


Editing your life: If you have seen something before, your mind does not consider it important to see it again and does not let you see it; the mind edits your life. When you see a rose through the mind, you do not see it as it truly is. Your mind does this with everything unless it perceives it as new, special, or dangerous.

By reducing real things to words or thoughts, they can be processed in your mind. We are paying a high price for this; we pay with our life. It was necessary in the past to be able to process life this way to help us get control of an unknown and dangerous world. It is no longer necessary to do it much of the time, but people still do it all the time anyway. It is like a bad habit.

All of this is going on between your spiritual-self and life. It is the reason why people cannot see the truth and experience true life.

We paid a high price to get where we are now. The time has come to stop giving all our life to our minds. To do it, you just have to see things like you are seeing them for the first time. It is that simple, but you have to know the truth to do it.

True religion is real living. Albert Einstein

Take control of our minds: We now know enough and have enough control of the world. We no longer need to miss most of our lives. We need to see all of life now to see the real threats to our survival and become spiritual beings. It is time to start getting control of ourselves to get control of our minds. It is our false perspectives and lack of awareness that are the greatest dangers to us.

The greatest danger to mankind is now mankind.

The mind of human beings has become too powerful and dangerous to be out of control. The thing (our minds) that helped our survival the most will be what destroys us if we do not get control of them soon.

Right and wrong: Without the ultimate truth, no one really knows what to do or why to do it, and that is becoming very dangerous. About ten countries are known to have nuclear weapons, and it is estimated that at least thirty-two countries are trying to get them. There are also biological and chemical weapons, and people do not know right from wrong yet. Weapon technology is evolving faster than we are. Technology is making it easier and easier for fewer and fewer people to do greater and greater damage.

Just greed will destroy the environment if the truth is not seen soon.


People are going to have to see the value of the universal truth. It will create a unity we need for survival and our future evolution. If people do not, there will be no future, no matter what you or anyone else wants to believe. Wishful, hopeful thinking is what is creating most of the BS that will lead to the end of mankind very soon. We live in a fragile environment, and very few can see how fragile.

Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth. Mohandas Gandhi

Optimism is a good thing to a point, but people are way too sure everything will work out well. That is not what the evidence says. Without the truth, there is no hope. This is why it is essential that people learn the truth soon. Right and wrong cannot be known without knowing what is true and what is not true. Great power without great understanding will destroy much of what we have gained over a very long time. We may not kill the whole human race, but we will set it back in a catastrophic way for certain and do it very soon.

It is like we are driving too fast on a dangerous mountain road blindfolded.

The mind creates fear, worry, guilt, regret, sadness, envy, greed, hate and all other mind-made, negative feelings you receive. These uncontrolled emotions are creating all the misery in the world. You just have to realize that they are not real/true, and they will disappear. Why live with pain and suffering that is just created by the mind?

Why let your own mind hurt you?

Just as you do not have to think thoughts that you do not want to think, you do not have to feel the negative emotions and feelings the mind creates.

If the mind is creating something, it can stop creating it.

If you know the truth, you do not have to live with anything that is not real. You just have to live one-hundred percent with what is real, and it will leave no room in your life for anything that is not real. Displace the mind’s BS with life’s truth.

It is all about seeing true life. Most people have to suffer a lot before they even start really looking, but it is not necessary. Most of the suffering in your life is created by the mind, and most of the world’s troubles are also. We have suffered enough; it is time to find the truth and divine life and be fulfilled. All we have to do is take control of our minds to do it. The age of the mind is coming to an end.


The truth is the key to controlling your mind.

The word "man" comes from ancient Sanskrit and means "mind." Mankind is mindkind.

Mind-self: The mind is a great tool if we have it under control. The problem is that most don’t have their minds under control. The mind has been so useful to our survival that we have given it complete power over our lives.

We have begun to believe that we are our minds. This falsehood puts our minds in control of us.

We cannot be our minds, because our minds end at death, and we do not. We cannot, because we are immortal, and our minds or brains are not.

Our mind is a biochemical and bioelectric part of our bodies. It exists in the brain, and it is destroyed when the rest of our body is destroyed at death, just as a computer’s data is destroyed when a computer’s hard drive is destroyed. Your mind can be destroyed even sooner than death by brain injuries and diseases, such as Alzheimer's and some mental diseases. We can be certain that we are not our mind, because if it was gone, we would still be here. We would still be aware of life, actually more aware of life, completely aware of it. The mind does not give us life; we give the mind life.

The mind’s job is done: The mind is like a sophisticated computer. Its function is to learn, remember, process, and understand life and the things in it. The ultimate thing for the mind to learn and understand is the nature of life itself; our true past, potential future, and the nature of nature. Once we know the ultimate truth, our mind’s ultimate job is done. Its reason for evolving is accomplished. Thus, the mind’s purpose is fulfilled. When the truth is known, it is finished. Master/servant: Once you know the “mind truth” or “intellectual truth,” your mind can take you no further. The mind needs to relax and become just a technical consultant. The mind needs to become your servant and stop being your master.

The age of the mind: The mind has been such a big part of our world that a worldwide religion of the mind has developed. People have faith in the mind. People think the mind is the key to our success in everything. This has given the mind too much power over us. The mind has become God on this planet.


More than minds: The mind is the king of this world. Just about all institutions, schools, businesses, and governments promote and support the mind. This is all fine and good, as long as we know that we are more than our minds, that our minds are just a very small and temporary part of us.

Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body he dwells. There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom. Friedrich Nietzsche

The truth and the life is the last frontier.

Using our mind was the key to our success in the past, but it will have to see itself and change itself for us to be a success in the future or even to survive. The mind will still be the key to the next step in evolution, but not by doing what it has done in the past. Our minds have to change for us to thrive and survive.

We need an age of the spirit now. Our spirit must be seen as the more important part of us. Spirit is the real part, the eternal part, what we have always been and always will be, the real us.

Step up: Your mind must step down so that your true self, your eternal spiritual-self, can step up. This is the next and last step in your evolution. Your mind needs to get out of the way, so you can learn the spiritual truth, the living truth, the real truth, the truth that is beyond the mind.

The mind: It is just a tool that should only be used when it is needed. You use a hammer when you need to pound a nail. When you do not need it, you put it away. Your mind is always there when you need it. You use a chair when you need to sit down, but you don't carry it around with you all the time. It would weigh you down. As the last Beatles' song said: "Boy, you're going to carry that weight a long time."

Take care of business: You do not have to worry about not thinking enough to take care of business. The only problem you will have is the problem you always have had; thinking too much to live in the present, to live in the truth and the life.

Computers: Let the machines do the thinking. Our goal is not to think, but to live, and we never have to worry about machines doing it better. Computers are being developed so that we can think less and live more.


With the knowledge of the ultimate truth, you are no longer mankind, or mind-kind, because you are no longer going to live as a mind; you are a new being. You are going to live as an immortal spirit. It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know. Henry David Thoreau

The full potential of the mind: Using your mind less does not mean you are not using your mind to its full potential; less is more. The less you block life, the more you will know it. The better you know life, the better your mind can serve you. Know everything: When the mind is on standby, it is still in the game. It is completely aware of the world right along with you.

The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein You will think less, but know a lot more, because you will experience a lot more, and what you experience will be real, not a deception or illusion. When you use your mind less, you are doing what the mind is meant to do, what it evolved to do. You are using your mind to its absolute full potential if you use it to overcome itself in order to know true life. Friend or foe: Your mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. If you are using it to overcome or transcend itself and realize the truth and life, it is your best friend. If not, it is your worst enemy; it will distract you and prevent you from seeing the truth and true life in one way or another. True life: You are only receiving a very small percentage of all the light that enters your eyes, the sounds that enter your ears, the sensations coming from inside and outside your body, all the scents in the air and tastes in food. Your mind is distorting, filtering, interpreting and blocking most of life, as shown in the drawing. The first time you experience life completely, it will astound you. It is the best thing there is or can be, and it is here all the time in every moment of your life, just waiting for you to let it in. You will be truly alive, born for the first time.


You still have a mind filtering the input of life. It does not let everything in; it lets divine life in (perfect life), but divine life is not composed of everything coming to you. Your mind has to be discerning, or life would have no definition. It would just be a flood of sensation, and that would be too much; too much of a good thing. The mind that knows the truth of life lets in all that comprises the best possible life experience, true life. It's more than the mind of man lets in, but not everything.

The divine mind works like a sound equalizer that controls the volume of different instruments in a band, to make it sound the best it can sound. It is very subtle, and doesn't block life as the animal mind does, but it does regulate the input.

People are too unconscious to know that they are unconscious.

They are too closed-minded to know that they are closed-minded.

They are too asleep to know that they are asleep.

Hypnosis: Mankind is hypnotized. Hypnotized means to be put into a state of semi-consciousness, a waking sleep. The problem is that we have been hypnotized to not know we are hypnotized.

Under a spell: It is like we are under a spell that has put us to sleep. We need the kiss of truth to wake up from this spell.

You will be carefree, but not careless, child-like, but not childish, innocent, but not ignorant. You will not need anything, but have it all.

Two ways: There are only two ways to experience life: through the animal mind or not through the animal mind. You have two choices in every moment of life: to be with your mind or to be with life. The choice is yours.

Your five life senses are much more than the sum of their parts. Together, completely open, they reveal true life. You wake up from a long sleep.

You do not need all five senses to know true life; you can be deaf and blind and still experience it. It is just about getting your mind out of the way.

It is just a change of perspective from being a man/spirit to a spirit/man. True life is everything except the mind’s illusion of “reality.”


The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. Albert Einstein

The mind is the problem: The mind cannot solve this problem the way it usually solves problems, because it is the problem and did not know it until now. Its very presence is in the way of life. It is this awareness that gradually gives you the ability to change your mind’s nature, to open up and stay open. It takes some practice before you can do it, but you will get a knack for it. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt You do not have to go to a cave and chant; just start opening up your perception everywhere you are, whenever you can. Our senses give our spirit a window to the physical universe. Our bodies have just one purpose, and that is to support our senses. Our bodies are simply a physical support system for our senses. This is because it is our senses that open up the world of physical life to us. Our bodies just support and move our senses around for us. Our bodies and physical life have no other reason for existing. We need to become our senses.

You just have to remember, the goal of your life is to be more aware of it. How can that not be the most important and most worthwhile thing to do?

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. Joseph Campbell

The things you get through your senses comprise your entire life, nothing more, nothing less. Life is everything; there is nothing else but life.

True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

It is not the years in your life that count; it is the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln


You should devote your life to life, because life is the only thing that exists. The present is the only thing that really exists; how can it not be the goal?

Your best: To take the next step in evolution, you have to do the absolute best you can do in this life with what you have to work with. Your absolute best is to learn and live in the truth and life. It is all you have to do to win the game. Every moment in the present is perfect and complete in and of itself. Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning. Joseph Campbell What is life? It is simply everything real that is in the present. Life lasts forever, because it is impossible for it not to from your own point of view. We also know that life is balanced, that it is absolutely fair for every living thing.

Overcoming: We also know how to overcome the balance with the truth of life (perspective), thus we are in the process of overcoming pain and all negative feelings and emotions, so we can be fulfilled by life forever.

Could anything be more amazing or wonderful? How can people just take it for granted? How can you be unhappy in light of the true situation?

Life is the most realistic movie possible; it is in the ultimate high definition and surround sound. It is even in smell-o-vision, and we are the stars of it forever. How can that be beat?

Getting into life completely should be the obvious goal, but people are doing the opposite by trying everything they can do to escape it. The mind is anti-life, the opposite of life. The truth makes it possible to be into life completely and above it. By "above it," I mean able to see all of life.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. John Lennon

Life goals: Naturally, you have other goals besides finding the truth and life. You will have a much better chance of attaining them if your primary goal is the truth and the life, the present. It will help you do everything you do better.


The mind and society that is dominated by the mind is goal oriented, and that is a good thing to a point. You need to have goals and plans, but you do not have to think about them all the time as people do now. You just set them as a guideline for your life, and then live in the present as you work towards them.

Your ultimate goal is always to live in the truth and life, the present.

The future is not as important as the present, simply because it does not really exist. Keep your eye on the prize, true life. People now have their priorities backwards. Focus on the present instead of worrying about a non-existent future.

It is all about accepting yourself and your situation, accepting the present. True love: When you succeed in opening up the present completely for the first time, you kind of feel like you did when you fell in love for the first time. You begin to notice all the little things, the birds singing, etc. You like it a lot, and you feel like you are reborn, because you are reborn to true life. You are falling in love with life itself. It will never leave you or stop giving itself to you completely.

It is true love, a love that will last forever, a love that never dies. When you see true life, all you feel is awe and wonder; it is sublime.

Commitment: If you commit yourself to this love affair, you will be completely fulfilled forever. It demands your total commitment, but that is not asking much when you get back literally everything.

All you need is love, but not carnal love; you need love of the truth and life. Everything: When you commit to the truth and life, you are actually committing yourself to everything in life. Every part of your new life, from your job to your family, will benefit from it. By totally committing to just one thing (the present), you totally commit to everything in your life at the same time. How could it be easier? This is something you can start today. There is no time but the present.

2 = 0: When you really see the opposites as a whole, they disappear, and the mind disappears also. There is no you and life; there are not two, not even one. You are everything, and everything is you. Knowledge of the balancing opposites makes the mind disappear, because the mind knows it is not needed, that life is safe, fair, and that life is on autopilot.


Nothing is more secure and certain than your life when you know the truth. The truth is the exact opposite of what people think, because they think on a physical level. On the physical level, nothing is more certain than death. On the spiritual level, the opposite is true; nothing is more certain than life. This is why the truth is so important; it shows you what you really are and what is really happening all the time. The truth shows you that life is perfect all the time. Life is in absolute control, and everything will be fair and perfect. You and everyone else will live balanced lives, no matter what you do or do not do. The only question is, do you want to do better than a balanced life? No one is doing better or worse than anyone else. Some people are up right now materially, and some people are down, but it is a cycle, and everyone gets the same amount of good and bad. It would not be fair any other way, would it? When you see the whole of life, you get the whole, not just half-and-half.

Any pleasure you get without true life will be balanced. Why pursue it?

The only pleasure you really want is the bliss that comes from knowing the truth and life and living in the present. It is the only thing that has true value. If you just get your mind out of your own way and let life happen, you will get what you really want. You will get all that there is or ever will be. It is that simple. Knowing it and doing/living it are two different things, but knowing it is the start. The next best thing to finding true life is looking for it. You cannot lose. Waking up: Your controlling mind will begin to know that it cannot help you as much when it is active as when it is on standby. It will begin to understand what it has to do in order to make further progress. When your mind understands, it will help you know true life; it will begin to open itself up when it is not needed.


Eternal partner: Your spiritual-self cannot do anything for itself. It needs a mind as a partner to get things done, including opening itself up when it is not needed. Before the mind can help you, it first has to understand it is the problem. The solution is the problem: It is not easy for your mind to realize that it is the problem, because it has always been just the solution to problems until now. Understanding it is the problem will take your mind some getting used to and some time to reprogram itself. It will do it; its true purpose is to serve the spirit. True perspective: You cannot see your mind from your current perspective and level of awareness, because you are looking through the mind at the mind. The mind is trying to see itself through itself. That is why your perspective must change before you can see it clearly. You have to look from your spirit, your true self, to see it. Then can you see the mind for what it is and how it is the adversary of life. What we are looking for is what is looking. Your mind is now in front of your spirit, and it needs to be behind you. People live as man/spirit and need to live as spirit/man. It is just a matter of perspective and awareness.

The mind is not alive unless you let it steal your life. The mind is not a living being, but it will resist giving up control as long as you give it your life. If you do, it will become a living being; it will be you and try to survive like all living beings. You have to take the time to honestly get to know yourself. You have to know the nature of both your mind-self and spiritual-self to know the ultimate truth.

Black hole: Human beings are currently filled with the mind; there is no room for life. When you turn it off, you empty yourself, and life naturally rushes in to fill the void. You become like a black hole, and life pours into you from every direction. A black hole does not let anything out; a spiritual being reflects it all back out.


Center of the universe: When you experience life equally from all directions, you experience natural life, true life.

You become the center of the universe, because that is what you truly are. The universe is infinite in all directions, so no matter where you move, you will always remain in the exact center. You may be saying that this is a good way to look at it, but it is more than that, because it is the truth; it is the only true way to look at the big picture of life. When I walk, I am not just walking on the street; I am walking through the center of my own personal universe.

Religions were right; we are at the center of the universe. Galileo, Kepler, and Copernicus were also right from the mind’s perspective, but from your own perspective, the only perspective that really matters to you, you are at the center of the universe, and that is the only place you can be in an infinite universe. First step: When you realize that you are the center of the infinite universe and always will be, you realize how special you are. You are always at the exact center of life. All life that comes to your center is just for you and no one else. You are living in your own unique universe where everything is just for you. Living with the awareness that you are the center of everything is the first step people take to becoming a spiritual being. This is because it is the easiest thing to do. You can do it with your mind the way it is, and with other people around. Most people can do it right away. Try it right now, and you will see it is true. You will see you really are the center of the universe. You will see that life really is coming from every direction, and no matter what you do, that never changes. It does not matter where you are; your home is your body. True or false?


You have to let it all out instantly, or there is no room for the new life to come in. The more life you allow in, the more you have to reflect back out to others. You become completely full of life; your cup runneth over. As John Lennon says in song, “you can radiate everything you are.” You can be everything and reflect everything to others.

When you can let it all in and reflect it all back out without any mental intrusions, you have reached the ultimate level of consciousness; you are a spiritual being. You will glow and shine with life as shown in the drawing on page five.

You will become the present. You will have presence. Great actors have what is called stage presence. They become life itself, and the audience can see it. Movie stars need presence, at least while they are acting. If you want to see someone living in the present, watch a movie. Presence is created by living in the present and reflecting the present to other people.

The mind barrier: The very mind that has made seeing the truth possible is now the only thing preventing us from taking the last step, the final step in human evolution. People are living as their false, mortal mind-self, and they should be living as their true, immortal spiritual-self, or the exact opposite of the way they are living now.

Your mind is like a door or gate, and the truth is the key to that door. The truth causes the mind to begin to change its relationship with you; it turns the mind from your worst enemy to your best friend.

You have to turn the key. You have to open the door. No one else can. The mind is no longer you; it is just a small part of you. It is no longer your master; it is your servant. It has to do the exact opposite of what it has evolved to do (control). That is why it takes the truth and some effort to get free of the mind.

It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil from the spirit of man. Albert Einstein

The way: You just have to do one thing; learn to recognize what is true (life) and what is not true (mind). Then give your life to just what is true. If you do this, the false illusions of the mind will no longer control your life, and you will be free. Think about it until you understand the truth completely, and then just do what the truth dictates and live consciously.


True life really is that simple, but most people cannot see the truth now. The mind is more powerful than the spirit in this world. The mind is a dominant force: The mind will always infect a person living clear of the mind. A spiritual person cannot cause a person living in the mind to stop living in the mind, but a person living in the mind can cause a spiritual person to activate their mind. The mind is a form of energy; the spirit is like a void. Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds. Albert Einstein The mind has the upper hand in this world. It is the way it is, so you have to be alone or with other people that know the truth to live without the mind. Thus, it will get easier to live clear of mind in this world as more people learn the truth. Your mind and other minds will do everything to keep you out of the present and knock you off the path. Your job is to just let the mind do it, watch it, and see it for what it is, and it will gradually get weaker. It will get easier to stay on path. Living with less evolved people: Imagine you were the only modern man in a world filled with cavemen. That is how a spiritual being feels living with mankind.

The craziest people are running the asylum. Minds beget minds: Schools, family, work, social groups, religions and political parties are all minds creating other minds in their own image. Other minds are like an infectious disease; the closer you are to them, the more they infect your mind. It starts with the closest, most influential people around you, such as friends, family, and superiors at work or school. The truth stops violence: The truth makes people happy and secure. Only unhappy, insecure or fearful people fight. When the truth and life is revealed to everyone, everyone will be happy and secure, and this will stop all conflict. Spiritual beings could not win in the past, but the times are changing, and thanks to worldwide communication, spiritual people can win now.


The collective unconscious: In the last few generations, we discovered two invisible forces: electricity and electromagnetic (radio) waves. No one believed they existed a few hundred years ago. In this generation, we are going to discover and confirm a new invisible force that I call the collective unconscious mind. It is the force of nature, or part of the force of nature, that gives us continuity from one life to another. Without it, there could be no evolution.

The collective unconscious is not alive. It is just a part of our minds, an extension of our minds, not a separate life form. The collective unconscious is something like gravity that connects all of us. Religions call it the Holy Spirit.

Every extension of knowledge arises from making the unconscious conscious. Friedrich Nietzsche

In other words, when you get your mind out of the way, you become conscious of what you were not conscious of before. You become conscious of something beyond the mind. You can make contact with the universal mind of life.

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why. The truly valuable thing is the intuition. Albert Einstein

Inspiration: The word means “breath of God.” It is where ideas, art, poetry, movies, philosophy, music, inventions, revelations and all new creative things come from. It manifests in many ways, such as talent, intuition and insight.

Intuition: Intuition and inspiration come from the same place. They are both manifestations of the collective unconscious. When asked where they got the idea for something, creative people will say they were inspired, they dreamed it, it just came to them in a flash, etc. All new, creative things come from outside our own minds. By definition, they have to come from outside your mind to be truly new. Paul McCartney was once asked where his songs come from. He answered: “I don't know; they seem to come out of the air.”

When real music comes to me - the music of the spheres, the music that surpasses understanding - that has nothing to do with me, 'cause I'm just the channel. The joy for me is for it to be given to me, and to transcribe it like a medium... those moments are what I live for. John Lennon


The evidence: There has to be an outside influence, because ideas can come to many people at about the same time. Example: Language developed at about the same time everywhere on the planet. Religions from different times and places have many things in common. Inventions and styles of music and art come to people at about the same time. It is not just a coincidence. You can know that all great or inspired music comes from the collective unconscious, because if it did not, the musicians that wrote the classic songs in the past would still be writing classic songs now. A few are, but most are not.

Great inspirations come when they come, and when they quit coming, there is no way for the musicians to do it on their own. How well you play has nothing to do with it. The older musicians get, the better they get on their instruments, but they often have their great songs when they were young and could not play as well. It is the same with books, art and inventions; every once in a great while, you get a Newton, a Beethoven, an Edison or an Einstein. These people were just more connected to the collective unconscious, thus they received more inspirations.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists. Nikola Tesla

Mozart, Tesla, and Einstein were just more inspired than most people.

Einstein had all his great ideas in one year when he was a patent clerk in his twenties. He called it his magic year; it was a year of great inspirations. He spent the rest of his life working on those ideas and did not have any more great inspirations. His life makes it clear that great ideas come in inspirations. This power of inspiration comes and goes.

Italians are not Romans. Greeks are not as inspired as they were when Socrates and Plato lived. If you study history, you can literally see the inspiration moving around through different people at different times and places. It comes and goes, and a person’s or people's power and greatness comes and goes with it.

Inspiration can come and stay if you learn the truth and life.

Connected: Being connected mentally by gravity and/or the earth’s magnetic field or something like it is not so far- fetched; our minds are just bioelectrical activity in our brains. Gravity and electromagnetic fields are passing through our brains at all times. It would be more surprising if they did not affect us. Gravity is connected to everything in the infinite universe, and in much the same way, our minds are connected, more or less, on a subconscious level to all living things.


All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. Albert Einstein

How I see life: In my books, you will see that I interpret things (movies, music, the Bible, etc.) from my own unique perspective. It is often different than the author's interpretation. I see everything as coming from what I call the collective unconscious mind. Religions call it the Holy Spirit. I see two distinct categories; the animal mind and spiritual mind (divine mind).

All conscious living life forms (people and animals) get their bodies and life from one of the two categories, or a combination of both. These minds permeate all of reality like radio waves, but are not energy as we know it. Humans and animals are tuned into these waves like a radio receiver. All animals except humans and their pets are tuned to just the animal mind.

Humans, dogs and cats are getting a combination of the two. Some are more animal than spiritual, and some have more spiritual than animal. Every human is on a different combination. People that can see the truth of life can tune into enough of the spiritual channels to connect with the mind of God (that which creates the universe).

Once you make this connection, you leave the animal realm mentally, and will leave it physically when you die and are reborn. That is the goal.

Not perfect: This book is not perfect. Anyone that can see the truth would not expect it to be. The reason is because the information coming from the collective unconscious has to pass through my imperfect animal mind. That said, it is the clearest, most accurate and complete explanation of the truth of life on earth. It has been at the top of the contest for more than five years. It will remain in the top position until something better is submitted to Global Truth Project. This book is constantly being improved and updated, so it should be re-read often. Repetition is necessary for it to go into your subconscious and change your mind and your life.

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. Henry David Thoreau

Repetition: It is better to read this book over and over than to read other books that are not as accurate and complete. Reading other books just sidetracks people from the best path. You should also copy this book to your hard drive from time to time, just in case the forces of deception remove it from the Internet.




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