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Separate Wheat From Chaff

Section 7 – The Truth Will Set You Free – Chapter 7.6

The History Channel: Millions of people are watching the history channel, and it is going to force religions to take a stand. To hold onto the myths, they have to go with blind faith that the history, the evidence that science says happened, did not happen. They are going to have to say all the evidence is just a deception to fool the unfaithful, or they are going to have to revise their official interpretations.

Option one: The past did not happen the way the evidence and science says it did. The Bible is the literal truth, and a God that looks like an old man created the universe in six days about ten thousand years ago. All the miracles happened just as the Bible says. Those that will not or cannot believe it are going to hell.

Blind faith: If religions go with option one, the blind faith option, they will get less popular and less powerful, because the scientific, evidence-based, History Channel point of view is just going to get stronger. The stronger it gets, the weaker blind faith religions will get, and the more foolish the people involved will look.

Option two: If religion accepts the evidence and rewrites their point of view in a way that includes evidence, they will become much more influential and popular.

Center of life: In fact, if religion goes with option two, they will become the most popular and powerful organizations on earth, just what they should be. They will be more powerful than governments and the center of everyone’s life. The people leading them will be the most revered and respected people on earth.

If religions take option one, there is no hope for mankind, the devil wins.

Five years: If religions take option two, within five years, they will be the most powerful force on earth, and the world will begin to change into a heaven.

My help: If religions take option two, they would have to include many of the things said in this book. A new book will need to be written that is specific to their traditions and be much more reverent and religious sounding than this book.


Tip of the iceberg: I know what to do and how to do it, and if I am asked, I will help do it. This version of the truth is just the tip of the iceberg, an overview with a little bit for everyone, mainly just to get people’s attention and wake them up. A book like this has to walk the fence and try to get to everyone, but doing it that way also upsets almost everyone. Specific books need to be written for each religion, but the people in the religions have to wake up and see the truth first. The religious leaders that wake up first will become the most powerful leaders on earth. At first, they will get a lot of resistance, but the truth will prevail. The religious leaders that do not wake up and oppose those that do will lose the power they have, and be removed from organized religion.

The myths of miracles are hurting religions more than anything else. Jesus did not do it: Jesus would never have done a miracle even if he could have, because it would not represent the truth and the life. Jesus was saying and doing things that reveal the miracle of life itself, the opposite of what people think. Be honest: Have you ever seen anything happen that was out of the ordinary? Have you ever seen a human being not physically die? Have you ever seen a human being do anything that human beings cannot do? No one has really seen anything that cannot exist in true life, because it is impossible. True life is as it is. Liars: People that say they have seen anything out of the ordinary are delusional, liars, ignorant, or they have been tricked. Nothing else is possible.

Life is the only miracle: The fact that nothing happens out of the ordinary means the ordinary or nature can be understood. It does certain things and does not do others, and we can know what those things are. It is how we can know God. If there is no one truth, you could not know life, you could not know God, and the Bible clearly says you have to know Jesus and God to get to heaven. One of the things that make life so miraculous is that you can understand it, know “the truth,” and know that anything against the laws of nature (God’s law) is impossible. If miracles were possible, it would mean life is not understandable, that there is no truth of life. You could never know “the truth” Jesus says he is.


The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible. Albert Einstein Eternal truth: The miracle is that there is one eternal truth that you can know and always count on. It is this truth that makes it possible to relax and overcome the animal mind, which you have to do to know true life. It is the truth that sets you free. If you could not know the ultimate truth, you could never know that life is safe and fair, and you would never be able to get free from the mind. God, nature, life, whatever you want to call it, always stays the same, stays fair and balanced for everyone, no matter what people do or say. Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift. Albert Einstein

No truth: If magic or miracles other than our true reality were possible, there would be no true reality, nothing to know and count on. Life would not be the miracle it actually is. If there was no truth, you could never know it and the life. So you can choose between the miracles that were supposed to have happened in the past, or the real miracle of life that you can see for yourself. They cannot both be true. If extreme pain and death were not real, the real truth would not matter, but they are real, and cannot be mastered (overcome) without the real truth. The so-called miracles did not happen, could not happen. The illusions and deceptions are created by the mind of the deceiver and the mind of the person deceived who wants to believe in the supernatural. The deceiver and the deceived are both people that do not see or do not want to see the truth.

Imagination: Imagination is a good and necessary thing when it comes to being creative, but not good when it comes to the truth. The imagination has been running wild, and it is responsible for all the myths about life and death. Billions of people are playing make believe. They believe or are trying to believe in a false imaginary world, a world that does not really exist, except in their heads, in their imagination. It is a certain recipe for physical and spiritual death. There is not enough love and goodness in the world for us to be permitted to give any of it away to imaginary things. Friedrich Nietzsche


The made up stories of Jesus doing miracles have done more to suppress and hide the message Jesus was conveying than anything. Face the truth: If we do not face the truth (Jesus)now that we know it (him), we deserve to be destroyed and go to the worst place there is. We are asking for it. The Bible describes Satan as the “deceiver,” and by definition, that means that Satan has to be your mind. All there is, is the mind and life, and life by definition is “the truth,” so Satan, the devil, has to be the deceptive mind. There is life and the imagination. There is nothing else. True or false?

The hidden truth: It is not surprising that much of the Bible is not true or relevant in today’s world. What is surprising is how much of the truth is actually in the Bible. There is too much for it to just be a coincidence. The fact that the real truth is in the Bible proves that the Holy Spirit exists.

The message: The truth in the Bible proves that there is something outside ourselves that is trying to tell us the secrets of life, to reveal the hidden truth to us. It has to be more evolved spiritual people like Jesus that communicate to us and all other life through the collective unconscious/Holy Spirit. If we see and act on this truth, we can learn the ultimate truth, and we can follow them to heaven. Jesus said, “I have many more things to tell you, but you cannot understand them now, but when the Holy Spirit comes, the Spirit of Truth, it will guide you in all truth. When the Spirit comes, it will make all things clear to you.” The prophets from the past are communicating with us now, through religious books, and directly through the collective unconscious. People knew deep down what the truth is subconsciously, and that is why the truth stayed at the core of the myths. This makes the Bible a very important book; it is a revelation in itself. No matter how much it got twisted and distorted, the core truth always remained for thousands of years, even though it passed through thousands of people that did not consciously know the truth. This made it possible for the truth to be transmitted from thousands of years ago to a time and place where it could be revealed. The truth used corruption, hitched a ride on it to the present.


It is tangible proof: The hidden messages would not be there without some all-pervasive, invisible force at work. It proves that such a force exists. That is the main reason I include so many Biblical sayings in this book; they reveal the truth. Could anything be more egotistical than saying that God is like us? We cannot manage our own lives, yet millions of people think that a being that looks and acts like a very emotional, vengeful man controls the infinite universe.

God’s image: God did not create man in his image as it says in the Bible; we created God in ours. It is the opposite of what most people believe. What is interesting is God will look like a man when we allow God to live through us. Therefore, the Bible is telling the truth again. We will be the image of God the minute we get our minds, our false selves, out of the picture. The Bible is telling the truth; it just tells it on a level that most people are not aware of yet. The ultimate truth is just waiting there in the Bible, waiting for people to evolve enough to see it, to have eyes that see and ears that hear, as Jesus said.

Message vs. messenger: The truth is, we do not even know if a man named Jesus ever existed. He could be a myth, but that does not matter. What matters is that we know the sayings attributed to him do exist. It is the message, not the messenger that matters. He says it is only the message that matters himself.

Jesus said, “Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of man will be forgiven. A person that blasphemes the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.”

All spiritual revelations come from the collective unconscious (Holy Spirit).It just passes through the prophet, so it is the message that matters.

Jesus said, "The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself but the father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” John 14:10

There is a consistency to the words that are attributed to Jesus that is strong evidence that he existed. The words attributed to him reveal everything we need to know, if we interpret them correctly, and if we can see them in the present. Actually, there is no evidence that most of the things that happened in the Bible really happened. There is little evidence that King Solomon, Moses, or even Jesus ever existed, and a lot of evidence that they did not. It does not matter, because it is even more magical if they didn’t. The truth will always find a way, even if it takes a myth to reveal it. What could be more magical or astonishing?


People learn most of the truth contained in the Bible through myths and metaphors. It does not matter how you learn the truth as long as you do. There are many mythical kings and cities that are used to tell morality tales that are outside religions. Religions do not have a monopoly on myths. A good example is the story of King Arthur and Camelot. They did not really exist.

Moses: There is no evidence that the exodus actually happened, or that Moses ever even existed, and there is a lot of hard evidence that it is all a myth. People care way too much if religious books are history or if the people in it really lived. The important thing is, the ultimate truth is in them, and it is found nowhere else. That makes the Bible and other religious books the most important things. It does not matter: Even though there is no real evidence outside stories in the Bible and other related ancient writings that Jesus ever existed, I think Jesus was a real man, but he was a lot different than he is depicted in the stories about him. The thing people have to understand is that it does not matter, because he is not here in the flesh now anyway. All we have is the message, so that is what we have to work with to get to where he says he is now (the truth and the life). The message comes from the Holy Spirit or collective unconscious, whether Jesus said it or not. People have to stop worshiping a graven image of the messenger, and they have to start to pay attention to the message. Jesus said, “Whoever finds the correct interpretation of what I am saying will find eternal life.” Jesus said, "Whoever finds the correct interpretation of my sayings will go to heaven.” He did not say "whoever worships a graven image will go to heaven." I use all of the things that I know Jesus would have said in this book (over five hundred references and quotes),and what he says makes sense for the first time. That would not be so if what I was saying was not the truth. Most of the sayings attributed to him never made sense until now. True or false?


Backwards: People are looking for truth backwards. They take for granted what is said in the Bible is true, then they try to find it in the real world and they don’t. Then they have to say that you just have to have blind faith it's true, even in the face of hard evidence to the contrary. If you do just the opposite, and take for granted that what is in real life is true, and then look for it in the Bible, you will find truth. Jesus says that he came so we may have life and have it more abundantly. He did not say that he came so that we may have abundant money. The holy hustle: The saying above means just what it says; abundant life, not abundant money or possessions. What Jesus is saying could not be more clear, but there are many misguided preachers out there trying to twist that one around. The ones I am talking about are the preachers that are flying around in private jets paid for by thousands of poor, old people, and families struggling to get by. Who is more foolish: the fool, or the fool that follows him? They do not know the truth, but they say they do. It is mostly an ego and power trip, the same old story, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the false prophets as Jesus said. Many preachers are just misfits that need to be the center of attention, and they cannot get attention any other way.

Control freaks: Many of these people have been using the words of the Bible to get sex from underage kids, steal good people’s money, and make virtual slaves out of people. There is no bigger lie or worse thing a human being can do. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Abraham Lincoln Even the good ones are not very good, because they mislead people in the most important journey in life. Only the truth can stop the perverts and the other people doing the beast’s work. When people wake up, they will see these most evil of people clearly.


The good ones do not preach to get money or control people. They like to preach because it gets them attention, and it can bring them and the audience somewhat into the present. It gives them a taste of true life. The problem is that the rest of the time, they are living in the devil/mind. If you do not know the truth, this taste of true life does more damage than good, because it gets you just part way there, and it gives you a false present.

Jesus said, "If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a pit." Preachers are more in the entertainment business than the salvation business.

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. Friedrich Nietzsche

Some preachers actually believe in what they are doing, but in a way that is even worse. They may have good intentions, but as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Many are just self-righteous hypocrites. The truly righteous ones will change their ways once the ultimate truth has been revealed.

Jesus said, “What goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth can defile you.”

Those that think they are the closest to the truth and God are actually the farthest away. It is one of the great ironic tricks of the devil/mind. If you know the truth, going to religious gatherings is a good thing, because you will understand what the preacher is saying, even if the preacher does not. If you do not know the truth, going to religious gatherings will just mislead you. So learn the truth and then go to the religious gatherings that are popular in your area.

False interpretations: People that preach the Bible are a good thing, because the truth is in the Bible, and eventually people will know what that truth is. It is not what they quote from the Bible so much as their interpretations that mislead people. If preachers would just stick to what is said in religious books and leave out their interpretations, it would be a lot better.

Religion will be more popular: Religious gatherings, such as going to church, temples and revivals will become more popular when the truth is known, because spiritual people will hear the truth in what a preacher says for the first time.

The truth will not destroy religion as many people think; it will do the opposite. It will reveal the truth in religions and make them more popular.


Real Christian: Jesus reinterpreted the Bible of his day and revealed new revelations of the ultimate truth. The word “Christian” means “Christ-like,” so to be a Christian, you have do what Christ did. If you do not, you are not a Christian. That does not mean you act like he did, but you have to live the truth and the life. Jesus said, “People honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. They worship me in vain, teaching the precepts and principles of men.”

Going through the motions: Reading the Bible, going to church, singing gospel songs, and believing in popular myths does not make someone a Christian. It makes you the opposite of someone like Jesus. He did not do that stuff, did he? You have to know the real truth and spread the real truth, even if it is not popular. What Jesus taught was not popular. What Jesus said was so unpopular in his time that it got him killed. I am not saying you need to get yourself killed for the truth. Jesus already did that, and the point has been made. You have to stand up for the truth at all costs, but you can do it by just not saying anything false and telling people to read this book. Most people are just beating around the burning bush, so to speak, and are not on the right path to get to heaven. Just get on the path and go where it leads you. The Bible says that God does not like people that are lukewarm; it says that it makes him feel like puking. I am not kidding, it says something like that. It means that people need to be committed one hundred percent to the truth and the life. It is all or nothing. Being wrong and thinking that you are right is the worst thing. It is better to know that you do not know the truth than to think you do when you do not.

Raise the dead: Jesus never healed anyone physically, raised the physically dead, or rose from the grave. They are myths, but he did do something far more important and miraculous. He saw the truth, told the truth and lived the life, and he did it at a very difficult time to do it.


Jesus said, “Come follow me.” To be a real Christian, you must do the same thing he did. Jesus said, follow me. In other words, do as he did; reinterpret scripture and live in the truth and the life. People that believe in the supernatural believe in something that does not exist, and in doing, miss what does exist. They are missing everything for nothing. You rise from the dead when you learn the truth and the life. It is the only true way to raise the dead. If you believe that people can really come back to life after they are dead and buried, you are dead, dead to the truth and the life. Let the dead bury the dead, as the Bible says. The Jesus myth: Organized religions teach that the metaphor of the Lamb of God means “sacrificial lamb,” and that Jesus was supposed to be the ultimate sacrifice to God, that Jesus was sacrificed for our sins. Human sacrifice: The truth is, it is a story created by people that were into the primitive practice of sacrificing living animals to various mythical Gods. Human sacrifice was not done at the place and time that Jesus lived, but the myth is that Jesus made himself a human sacrifice. Sacrificing animals is an ancient practice ingrained in the minds of the primitive people of the time as the way to please God. The idea is that you give God what has the most value to you, and people’s livestock were their most valuable possessions. Thus, by that logic, giving a human life, your own or your children (another Bible story), is the most valuable gift you can give God. It does not make much sense now, but it did then. It is what people wanted to hear. They were ready to go with anything, except for the truth. The followers of Jesus did not want to believe that the person they have been telling everyone was the son of God died just like any ordinary criminal. It made them look like liars, and they could not live with that, so they made up a story they could live with, a story that made what they claimed about Jesus more credible. They would have preferred that Jesus would have done a last minute miracle and floated off the cross unharmed and went up in the sky and then struck down all his tormentors with a bolt of lightning.


Many of the people that were there were expecting him to do just that, and they were surprised and disappointed when nothing happened. It made him and all his followers look like phonies. It looked like the Romans were right. The Romans expected him to admit that he was not what he said he was, and his followers expected him to stop his execution with some kind of miracle, and he did neither. It was very anticlimactic. Even Jesus thought something would happen. That is why he said: “Father, why have you forsaken me?” If Jesus planned it, then Judas did not betray him as religions say; he helped him accomplish his goal of killing himself to save the world. This is just one of the many inconsistencies and contradictions that show religions do not know the truth.

Spin-doctors: The problem was that what actually happened was not good enough to base a new religion on, so the myth-makers, in their wisdom, decided to change the story around to make it look like Jesus planned to be a human sacrifice and/or the most painful suicide of all time. The followers figured that Jesus had to know what was going to happen to him, because he was the only begotten son of God. They had to explain it somehow. Believers at the time believed God would never let that humiliating death happen to his only son, if his son did not want it that way. His followers could not believe their eyes when that is what happened, and they went into denial. They had to make it more than it was and bring a supernatural, more spectacular element into it, or their new religion would die with Jesus. The spin-doctors went to work. Most of the false parts of the testimony of Jesus came from this need to make it look like Jesus planned for everything to happen, especially his own execution. It is an old trick, another example of the big lie. This version has been used throughout history. The way it works is, the more outrageous and unbelievable a lie is, the more people will believe it. People will use the rationalization that no one could make up something that unbelievable, so it must be true.


The myth makers rewrote the things that Jesus actually said to fit the new scenario, and in doing it, they created one of the most successful myths in history, the monster of all myths.

The truth is: Jesus did not plan to be crucified or be a living sacrifice to God, or plan a slow, painful suicide. It was not preordained. He was against the pagan practice of sacrifice, so he certainly would not promote it with his own death. What happened is what appeared to happen; it was nothing special or out of the ordinary. It was something that happened to thousands of people at that time in history.

Died for our sins: Anyone that has ever been killed by another can be said to have died for our sinful nature. His followers just made a big deal out of it to serve their self-interests. Jesus was nothing special to anyone except for a few desperate outcasts. At the end of his life, he had no one on his side.

The truth is, Jesus did not have any followers that really believed he was the son of God. If they did, they would have stood up for him at his trial. No one would have betrayed him as Judas was said to do, and they would not have all been sleeping when he was sweating blood when the Romans were coming for him.

If he actually did miracles, like bring the dead back to life, they would not have been worried about what the Romans would do to them, would they? The truth is, no one thought he was God, could do miracles, or even liked him that much. Everyone at the Passover festival disliked him so much that they pardoned a common criminal instead of him. That is part of the accepted story of events.

One reason you can know Jesus sacrificing himself to save us did not happen is that it contradicts the very theology it is supposed to support. Why would someone dying for our sins, absolve us of our sins?

The only way for our sin to be forgiven, according to Jesus, is for us to repent, see the truth and live the life, stop missing the mark (sinning).

According to what Jesus taught, another person cannot change us into spiritual beings, no matter what they do. They can show the way, but we have to make the actual change (repent) ourselves. Realizing the truth and the life is what makes us change into a new life form; nothing else does. We have to change.

We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.


Saying you believe in something does not transform you. You are still an animal, still exactly as you were before you said you believed, still missing the mark. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein Repent: Only the truth transforms you, because only the truth literally changes your mind into something totally new, and when your mind literally changes, you literally change into a spiritual being. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5 Truth: Why would Jesus make “truth” his central theme, say it is what he is, if it did not matter? The truth is the truth and belief is belief. They are opposites. The word “truth” has a true meaning if you look it up in the dictionary, and it does not = faith or = belief or = myth, etc. It means what the evidence says: that which is. Religions do not even bother to check what the word truth really means. How can they argue what the truth is when they do not even know what the word means?

Change your mind: The word “repent” comes from Latin, and means to “change your mind.” It does not mean what most people think changing your mind means. It means literally changing your mind, from the mind of an animal, to the mind of a spiritual being. That is why repenting saves you; it actually changes you. Jesus said, “Do not try and tempt me Satan, for it is written that you shall serve the spirit.” Changing your mind means changing from a mind that controls your spirit to a mind that serves your spirit and God. Being saved means learning the truth. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. Albert Einstein Sin means to miss the mark. To stop sinning, you have to find the mark; no one can find it for you. They can show you the way, but you have to realize it yourself.


Besides common sense, the way we know the human sacrifice story is not true is that it has not caused people to learn the truth and the life and be transformed into spiritual beings. It does the opposite and hides the truth. It is deception. The easy way: Why would Jesus have told people to repent (learn the truth and live the life)if he knew they did not have to? He should have been telling people to just wait until he stages the human sacrifice of himself, and then just believe he did it for them, and they will get a free pass to heaven. In other words, you can be a serial child-rapist and killer right up till the moment of your death, and then just say "I believe Jesus died for me and my sins," and you will go to heaven. It will not work, because it does not make you a spiritual being. There has been an ongoing debate between Christian theologians as to if it is faith or works that qualify you for heaven. In other words, is it the good moral way you live, or the faith Jesus died for us that matters? Most people have concluded you need both, which contradicts the Bible. The truth is, neither one will save you if you do not know the truth. It is just a mind game, the work of the devil to distract people from the real truth, to deceive them into missing the mark. It is another contradicting premise no one seems to see.

Died to forgive our sins: What the heck does that really mean? Everyone dies; some in a worse way than Jesus. How is dying, something that happens to everyone, a sacrifice? Jesus was going to heaven; is going to heaven a sacrifice? You are always hearing preachers say that our sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus. What a horrible thought. It literally says killing God’s only son was a good thing, because it gets people into heaven. It makes no sense, yet the spin-doctors managed to make it the central theme of a whole religion. If Jesus wanted the Romans to kill him as Christians believe, then Judas was helping him, not betraying him as they also believe. Which is it?


Sacrifice to himself: It is understandable why primitive, ignorant people believed it in the past, but why do at least a billion people say they believe it now? I mean, sacrificing an animal to please God is bad, but ramping it up to human sacrifice is worse, and God sacrificing his own son to himself is beyond nuts.

Yet, a great promoter named Paul managed to make this myth the most venerated part of Christianity, the very mechanism for a person’s salvation, the literal keys to heaven. It is a deception, and an obvious one, but people believe it.

Paul invented the Christian religion around 64 AD.

Paul was much more responsible for the Christian religion we have today than Jesus was. He almost singlehandedly created the modern dogma. Many other people refined the belief system, the rituals etc., but it was Paul that put together the basic dogma that persists to this day. The stories were around before Paul, but he took one of them, refined it, and ran with it.

The apostles: The people that followed Jesus when he was living were the first to start a religion based on Jesus. It was more accurate, because they were with him. They got it from the source, but they misinterpreted him too. The problem was, they all had their own interpretations and were in competition with each other. They were all wrong; none of them knew what Jesus was talking about. They all had their own followers, and they literally fought with each other and killed to defend their interpretations. This violence tells you that they were already misinterpreting Jesus. They really did not manage to get much going. They just fought with each other and suffered a lot of persecution from the Romans and the Jews. A few even were crucified, but it was a way to survive and make a living, and back then, it was hard to make a living. On the other hand, Paul just focused on one interpretation, and he marketed it very skillfully and successfully. He said his interpretation was the only interpretation, thus, the others were just forgotten in time, especially after Constantine. Paul came after Jesus was dead, so he never met him, but he may have been the greatest spin-doctor and promoter that ever lived.

You have to choose between what Jesus says and what Paul says. Most Christians believe in what Paul says and not Jesus.

You cannot believe both are telling the truth, because they contradict one another.


Paul is the best and the worst thing that has happened to Christianity. The best, because without him, the religion would not even be here today. The worst, because the dogma he created completely contradicts the truth that Jesus was trying to give to the world. Do not get me wrong; Paul reveals more truth in the Bible than anyone except Jesus does. It is just his overall conclusions that are wrong. Our sin is not washed away by the blood of Jesus as Paul said and as the church is always preaching since he said it and it was canonized. It is not the blood that Jesus bled; it is the truth that Jesus said that saves.

Paul was actually named Saul before he changed his name and his ways. As Saul, he was one of the greatest enemies of the early church. He was a Pharisee and responsible for a lot of persecution and even the killing of early Christians. His goal was to kill all Christians. When on a trip, he said Jesus appeared to him and convinced him to become a Christian. Paul is a killer of Christians, turned Christian saint. This unlikely scenario actually makes people believe it more. He is responsible for most of the new testament of the Bible. You may not like this story, but it is the truth, and as Jesus said, it is the truth that sets you free.

The more far out a story is, the more people that will believe it.

The nonsense factor: Many so called Christians that believe in the Jesus died for our sins, suicide/human sacrifice story, look down at people that believe in witch doctors and superstitions. Yet they believe in something that makes even less sense and is more far out.

Child murder: Abraham, the founder of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions, was planning to cut his own son’s throat to sacrifice him to God. Jesus, the son of God, was sacrificed to his father. King Herod, the leader of the Jewish religion at the time, was said to have had all the male babies and children in a whole city murdered. The interpretation of the Bible in the past and present says most of its most revered leaders and prophets were doing the most horrible things imaginable. Murder, human, child and animal sacrifice, incest, vengeances and injustices are major precepts of the accepted interpretation of the Bible. Rising from the grave, and the symbolic drinking of blood and eating of flesh sounds a lot like a zombie, vampire story.


All this talk about the magic nature of the blood of Jesus stems from the misconception that people had in the past; that life, or the spirit, was in the blood. We now know that life is not in the blood. If it was, a complete transfusion should put the spirit of someone else in your body.

The more unbelievable something is, the more fanatical the followers will be. It makes no sense, but it is part of human nature. It is the nature of the devil/mind.

Da Vinci Code: Recently a new myth has been proposed called “The Da Vinci Code.” It is more BS about the power of blood; this time it is the Bloodline. This and other new books, like the Left Behind books, are just the mind creating new myths to add to the old myths. A myth is a myth; deception is deception.

Deception kills; only the truth saves.

Deception kills, because it buries the spirit in deception. Only the truth can save us, and no one knows what it is. Most do not even want to know.

Escape reality: New myths are very popular. The Da Vinci Code and The Left Behind series of books have been best sellers, because people are looking for an escape from reality, not looking for reality. The problem is, it is impossible to escape reality. Life is reality. Believing reality is different does not make it different.

The subconscious and conscious fear of death which is impossible to avoid is actually keeping people spiritually dead.

Rapture: The Left Behind books are about something called the rapture, where the chosen few are supposed to rise up into the sky right before everyone else gets screwed. They base the whole idea on a few sentences in the Bible that has been interpreted to mean the faithful will meet Jesus in the air. It is just wishful thinking, a fantasy of the highest order. The Bible says that Satan is the prince of the air. That tells you where they are really going. It is the old pie in the sky deception repackaged. Now, if you repent, Jesus will be in the air and everywhere.

The only reason people want to escape reality is that they do not know what reality really is; they do not know that it is better than any myth.

People are trying to escape from the truth and the life, and that is what Jesus literally says he is. People want deception, and that is what the Bible literally says the devil is. People just have to wake up and do the opposite.


The age of escapism has to end, or the human race will end. Living in an illusion will lead to our destruction. You have to know the true situation to deal with it. If you are trying to disarm an atomic bomb, you have to know how it works to do it. If you just start moving wires around because you have faith it is the right thing to do, it will set the bomb off. If you believe poison is milk and drink it, it will kill you. It should be obvious, but the truth is that most people do not see how dangerous living blind is. The blind are leading the blind. Jesus said, “If the blind follow the blind, they will both fall into a pit.”

Moderates: People that are the moderate majority in a religion say it is just the fanatics that are causing all the problems, when in fact they are enabling them. Watch the Bill Maher movie Religulous; it explains the cost of religious BS. In the past, illusions and misunderstandings caused most of our conflicts, but we were not powerful enough to completely destroy ourselves. We are now.

This is why, even though we do not want to face the truth, we have to. As John Lennon said, the dream is over. We will end it, or it will end us.

The devil/mind has not had to work very hard to deceive people. They will believe anything someone tells them, no matter how nonsensical. The more nonsensical, the more they believe. Believers are the true agents of the devil/mind. The problem is that the truth is just too normal for most normal people to believe in. We were damned by someone else and saved by someone else? The Christian religion says mankind was damned, because of something Adam and Eve did, and we are saved by what Jesus did. We did not do anything to get into trouble (original sin), and we do not have to do anything to get out of it (forgiven of our sins) except to believe it all really happened. If you believe the Bible the way it is interpreted by the Christian religion, mankind is not even in the loop. We do nothing to get in trouble or get out of it. Could anything be more unbelievable or make less sense?


Why would an all knowing and just God hold innocent people responsible for something Adam and Eve did? That is not fair or just, no matter how you look at it. Why would God sacrifice his only son to himself in order to forgive us of the sin we are not responsible for in the first place? The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth. Edith Sitwell

Lies/truth: If a charismatic person with great storytelling skills told people that angels appeared to him, or Jesus or God appeared or talked to him, and the timing was right, he could start a religion. Some kind of lie or misunderstanding is actually how all religions get started. Example: Paul and Joseph Smith both started major religions by saying they saw and talked to a spirit, a ghost-like apparition that appeared to them. Paul started modern Christianity, and Joseph Smith started the Mormon religion. No one did anything wrong in the past; everything had to happen as it did. If a lie or delusion leads to people now seeing the ultimate truth, they are good. You have to keep in mind that everything was a lie or deception until now. In the past, our minds would not let us see the truth; lies were all you could work with. The collective unconscious or Holy Spirit has to use the mind in order to reveal the truth. This means it has to use lies to reveal the truth. It has to use the devil, our deceptive minds, because the truth cannot reach us directly. It has to go through our minds.

The spiritual journey is a journey of seeing the truth hidden in lies or deception. It is about seeing reality in illusion. It is about transformation, sinners turning into saints, devils turning into angels, lies turning into truth, and mankind turning into spiritual beings. Turn it around: The opposite of the truth becomes the truth. There is no way to avoid this path to the ultimate truth, because we all start out living in deception. That is the real original sin. The collective unconscious has to use lies to reveal the truth.


Time capsule: All the deception was necessary, because the deception formed an impregnable container for the truth. It protected the truth, so it could pass through time without being changed. Now all we have to do is open the deception container and let the truth out. We open it by just seeing the opposite of it.

Religious myths acted as truth containers to preserve the truth until now.

All religions contain lies, deception, misunderstandings, and the truth. The lies and misunderstandings start something that people will get involved with and build on, because they appeal to the mind. The collective unconscious planted the truth in the myths and used the fictional story to transport the truth until now.

It is good the truth has been hidden: It actually hurts the truth to see it before the time is right. It forces the truth into myths and it kills or makes its prophets outcasts. This is the reason almost no one has seen the truth before now.

Jesus and other prophets have planted seeds that needed to be planted, but they paid a high price to do it. The seeds of truth they planted are now starting to grow and blossom, and this is helping to make our salvation possible. By hiding the truth and the life until now, the collective unconscious protected the truth and us. The time has to be right for the truth, or it just causes trouble.

The collective unconscious can give us information we did not know, and it can also prevent us from seeing things if it is not in our best interest to see them.

"Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you." John 14:17

Now that we can, as Jesus said, we must separate the wheat from the chaff.

The chaff is the outer covering that protects the wheat from the weather, but it has to be removed before you can eat it, be nourished and given life by it.



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