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The Truth About Jesus Christ

Section 7 – The Truth Will Set You Free – Chapter 7.7

The virgin birth: Mary probably made up the story of God impregnating her so that she would not be an outcast or stoned to death for being a teenage, unwed mother. She could have been raped by a Roman soldier or some other pervert as were thousands of young women. Back then, the women were penalized more than the rapists. She could have just told a big lie and started Christianity. She would have had to tell Jesus that he was the son of God to keep the lie going, so he grew up really believing God was his father. Jesus was not lying when he said he was the son of God, because he just believed what his mother told him. This inspired him and connected him to the collective unconscious, what he called the Holy Spirit. This gave him the ability to channel all the truth that he did. He looked for the truth in the present, because he believed God, his father, would try to communicate with him. Just thinking this opened up the door to the universal mind and the truth and the life. Jesus was very open-minded and brave.

It is a good example of how a lie can lead to the truth.

The empty tomb: People say, what about the empty tomb? The Romans could have just taken his body and buried it in an unknown spot, so his grave did not turn into a rallying point for his followers. They usually buried criminals in a common grave with other criminals, and that is what Jesus was to them, so that is probably what happened. There is no reason why they would have treated him differently than any other criminal or troublemaker.

The story of a rich person giving his family tomb to Jesus does not ring true, because no one wanted to show the Romans that they liked Jesus; it could have gotten them in trouble. Jesus did not have any wealthy followers that would stand up for him in any way.

If the rich guy liked Jesus so much, where was he at his trial? If he would not risk showing he was with Jesus to save his life, it makes no sense that he would do it after he was already dead.

The Resurrection: People then say, what about the followers that saw him walking down the road, saw his wounds, talked to him and ate with him after he was supposed to be dead? Why would he eat like a mortal?

Someone could have bribed the guards and got him off the cross before he died, or the Romans let him go, so they would not create a martyr, and he was just leaving town when some of his followers saw him.


He may have not been hurt as bad as the story says, and it may have been longer than three days when he showed up. Some people say that Jesus went to India and lived to a ripe old age and is buried somewhere around Katmandu. The Bhagwan Rajneesh (Osho) is where I heard that story; search the internet and check it out for yourself. I do not know if it is true, but it makes more sense than the accepted story. The story: The resurrection story comes from just one place, Paul, and he was not even there, so he could have just made it up to help make the new religion he was promoting more successful. Paul reveals the most truth and also the most BS.

I do not know what happened. No one does, and that is the real truth.

There is no evidence of what happened, just conflicting stories from dubious sources, but the things I state above are possible, and single-sex conception (immaculate conception) and rising from physical death are not.

If Jesus actually did any miracles, like raise the dead, the people that saw them would have followed him and not feared anyone for any reason. The Bible says hundreds of people saw him do miracles. If that was true, he would have had a lot more than twelve followers, and they would not have all acted like they did not know him or betray him as the Bible says they did. It just does not ring true, does it?

The truth is the truth, and Jesus says it is the truth that sets you free.

There is no evidence that Jesus ever existed, but if he did, and if he did die on the cross, the Romans most likely just removed his body and secretly burned it. They did this kind of thing when they wanted to end the influence of a troublemaker. It backfired on them this time.

If Jesus did die on the cross, as the story says, it was a sacrifice for the truth, but nothing more. I think some of the story of Jesus was true, but it does not matter.

If nothing in the Bible was historically true, it would not make it less important. It would make it more important.

This is because it reveals the ultimate truth, and that is what matters. This makes the Bible more important and miraculous, because it proves there is a Holy Spirit or collective unconscious that created it to show us the truth.


If most of the story is true, he made a great sacrifice for the truth; he got tortured to death for it. He did not have to; he could have stopped the torture anytime. He just had to say he was lying. That is why the authorities tortured him so much; they wanted to hear him say he was lying. The story says that he never gave in, and few other people could have done it. Even a crazy person could not have done it. Thanks to what he did, we have his revelations now. What he did was a great sacrifice to get the truth out, and it would be tragic if no one ever knows what that truth is.

If he would have recanted, he would have been calling his mother a liar, and that could have been one reason why he did not do it. He would have destroyed her.

The death of Jesus: Jesus showed us what a spiritual being can do. The fact that he didn't give in to the pain and fear of death tells you that he knew the truth and the life, was the truth and the life. A mortal and phony could not have done it. It would be impossible. That is why the way he died is significant, and a great gift, not that he died for our sins as religions say.

Jesus was more than human: He is the only person you can know for sure was more than human by the way he faced the worst death possible. To follow him is to be ready for something as bad, which may not even be possible. He may have endured the worst thing possible to make it easier for us to endure our death. If we have a choice, we take an easy, painless way, but that is not always up to us. It is up to God, the balancing force, like birth and the rest of life.

If he died on the cross or did not, it does not matter, because he got the message out. He said that he knew what the truth was, and it has proven to be the ultimate truth. It is one of the best explanations of the ultimate truth ever made.

I personally think what he said is the best explanation of the ultimate truth, and that is why I quote him so many times in this book.

The things Jesus said had so much power, that people thought they were true, even when they were being misinterpreted. That is amazing in itself.

Whatever he did was enough to get his revelations out. The true story is never as good as the myth. The myth was needed to carry what he said to us.


What he did would be for nothing if people just believe in the myths. Remember, the truth is the goal. Jesus says it’s the truth that sets you free.

Flat world: Just a few hundred years ago, people believed the world was flat, and even when there was good evidence that it was round, most people did not believe it or want to believe it. They did not want to admit they were wrong.

The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off. Gloria Steinem

It is uncomfortable to learn what you thought was the truth all your life is not true, but that is part of growing up. It was a blow when we found out the story of Santa Claus was a myth, and now we are learning the same thing about religion.

Jesus said, "Your minds must be cleared of the falsehoods of this realm if you are to be taught Eternal Truth."

Grow up: Could what he says be clearer? It is tough to accept, but we have no choice; it is what is going to separate the deceivers from the true Christians. It is time to grow up and stop believing in myths and fairytales. If we do not grow up now and face the truth (Jesus), our children will not get the chance to grow up. It is just that simple. The Bible says, “When I was a child, I believed as a child does, spoke as a child, but now that I am grown, I must put childish things aside.”

Those old myths and fairytales were fun and comforting to believe in, but we have run out of fooling around time. Only the truth can save us now.

You have to have the awareness of a child and the knowledge of the truth.

Those that can accept the truth when they hear it and see it are going to be saved. Those that do not or just want to stay in their popular and cozy comfort zone are going to be lost. That is fair.

Jesus said, "Show me the stone which the builders have rejected. That stone is the cornerstone."

In other words, you cannot stay in your comfort zone, with the familiar. The truth is different than what is popular, so you cannot go with the crowd. You have to give up the false in order to realize the real.

Gandhi said, “If you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”


The truth is, at the time Jesus lived, if someone caused the Jewish elite and Romans trouble, they executed them. Jesus threatened the Jewish and Roman status quo. He was a blasphemer to the Jewish rulers and a troublemaker to the Romans, so they executed him using the standard method of the day.

All great truths begin as blasphemies. George Bernard Shaw

Crucifixion was no big deal in those brutal times. They crucified people just for preaching without a license. Jesus died just like any other common criminal or troublemaker. There were a lot of self-proclaimed saviors around back then.

Jesus was a man: People want to believe Jesus was physically more than just a normal man, which he was not. He was no different than other men physically; he was just more inspired, more connected to the universal mind (Holy Spirit) than other people were. He gave birth to himself spiritually. Like other prophets, he channeled things from beyond the mind. It is not the prophet that is important; it is what passed through the prophet that is important.

As Jesus said himself: “It is the spirit who gives life; the flesh is of no profit. The words that I have spoken to you are what is important, because they come from spirit and life.” John 6:63

In other words, it is ok to say he is nothing special, because he knew it is what passed through him that mattered. What came from the Holy Spirit matters.

Jesus said, “Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of man or God will be forgiven. But if a person blasphemes the Holy Spirit, they will not be forgiven.”

In other words, you do not have to think much of the prophet that the message passes through, but you have to respect the message, or you will not get it.

Graven image: Most people only picture Jesus looking up to the heavens in some sort of spiritual pose. To see Jesus for what he really was, you just have to picture him doing things that all other men do everyday in their life, and you will realize he was a human being just like us. He ate food and relieved himself like other men, so try picturing him squatting behind a bush when you start to think he was not human. He had to do it just like any other human, and they did not have toilets when he lived. It is irreverent, but reverence does not set you free.


People are worshiping the messenger and missing the message.

People act like it is the messenger that matters and not the message, even when the messenger says it is the message that matters. In ancient times, if people did not like a message that a messenger brought, they would kill the messenger. If they liked the message, they made the messenger a big hero. It is nonsense.

I am not saying Jesus was not divine; he was. I am saying we all can be.

I am not saying anything; it is Jesus and the Bible that say it. I am just pointing this fact out to people that say they believe in the Bible, but must not have really read it. Jesus said that it is the truth that sets you free. That is the truth. The truth is not always what people want to hear, but it is what sets you free.

Metaphorically, it is all true.

Virgin birth: You give birth to yourself when you're born again, so it's a virgin birth.

The resurrection is true in the sense that Jesus did rise from the dead. He just did it long before he was physically killed. At some point in his early life, he stopped living as a spiritually dead person. He learned the truth and became an immortal spiritual being. Thus, he did rise from the dead. When you learn the truth, you do the same thing; you rise from the dead.

Jesus said, "The way of mortals is a living death.”

The empty tomb: The story about the empty tomb is also metaphorically true. All graves are empty; there is a body, but the conscious spirit is gone.



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