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Belief/Fantasy vs. Truth/Reality

Section 7 – The Truth Will Set You Free – Chapter 7.5

Religion evolved: Religions, like everything else, evolved from earlier myths. Example: The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden came from a Sumerian myth that predates the Hebrew Bible by over a thousand years. It came from the story of Gilgamesh. That creation story has the snake, and many of the other key points of the story. It is the same with the story of the flood and many others. One of the reasons the truth is found in all modern religions is because many of them evolved from the same sources.

Myths: In the past, the truth could not be known. People could not understand events such as death and life after death, so they made up a story to explain it. People just made up stories and told others it was the truth. They did it for a lot of reasons, such as to give themselves some importance in the group, or just to tell a more entertaining story. Other people passed it down in good faith actually believing it was the truth or wanting to believe it was the truth. These good intentioned people are the most responsible for all the world’s religions. The people that passed it down changed it, embellishing it as they did. If they did not remember a story exactly, when they retold it, they would fill in the parts they could not remember with whatever they thought they heard. Stories change as they are passed by word of mouth from one person to another. Over time, they can change completely. It does not take a long time for it to happen. Even recent events in American history have been turned into myths. We have all heard the myths of gunslingers like Billy the Kid or soldiers like Custer. Their true stories are just starting to be told. The true story is almost never told. People love a good fairytale, especially if there is a lot of supernatural stuff and you live happily ever after at the end. That is why there are so many of them with supernatural themes. An all-powerful God that talked to a few chosen people and did miracles made a good story, and it made the story teller look like someone special. If they said God talked to them, they would have power over others.


For most of the history of mankind, stories were the only thing people could do to entertain themselves. It was the only way people communicated until just recently. The more supernatural the story, the more popular it would be, and the more it would be repeated and passed along. By the time the things the prophets said were written down, the truth in them was distorted beyond recognition.

Dramatic license: In the movie making business, they call it “dramatic license.” People in the past would make changes to a story to make it more dramatic and interesting. It is how the stories of Jesus doing impossible miracles got started. The story of Jesus was a lot less dramatic when it was first told. The people telling the story realized that they needed to spice it up in order to keep it going. It had to be able to compete with other stories being told around the campfire.

Star Wars: Believing that a myth is the actual truth is like modern people believing the movie Star Wars was actually true. The movie, like all good myths, has the actual truth contained in a story that is not true. George Lucas created an updated, more complete and accurate myth in the form of a modern movie. It has the force, the balance, life versus mind (good/evil), the temptation, fall from grace and redemptions, etc. It has a lot of the real truth wrapped in a fictional, romantic, action-adventure story. The Star Wars myth is called the hero’s journey. There are many versions, and none are literally true.

The real hero’s journey: The important thing to understand is that the hero’s journey is just about learning the truth of life, going from ignorance to wisdom. The truth is, you can do it without all the blood, guts, gore, and running around. Most people are missing that point. The true hero does the opposite of what is in the myths and just learns the truth without all the drama and violence. The journey is an inner quest for ultimate truth. People who watch Star Wars do not think it is true. It is not old enough, and it is futuristic. Only myths that are set in the distant past can turn into a religion. Most people are missing the truth contained in the Star Wars story and are just getting into the fantasy part of it, just as they do with religion.


The Wizard of Oz: It is the female version of the hero’s journey. There are many movies that have the unseen truth hidden in them. “The Wizard of Oz” is about living in a fantastic fantasy world created by the mind, and eventually learning that there is no place like home (reality). There are so many things hidden in that movie that I could write a whole book on it. I will give you a few things most people do not notice. When they got out of the dangerous woods and could see Oz for the first time, they thought they had it made, but they did not; the witch of the west stopped them in their tracks. The wicked witch put them to sleep, didn’t she? Why didn’t she kill them or confine them? Why would she put them to sleep? Most people do not see how unusual that is. It is exactly what the devil/mind has done to mankind to keep us from salvation. To do it, she used poppies. Why would poppy flowers put someone to sleep? The good witch used snow to wake them up. Why would snow wake you up? Morphine and heroin are made from poppies and will put you to sleep (nod off). The word narcotic means sleep. Cocaine wakes you up, and it is known as snow. Could they be talking about hard drugs in a kid’s movie? What else? When they wake up, they start running for the Emerald City (heaven), and the music is saying: “You’re out of the woods (animal realm) and into the light.”

The message is, living in a state of waking sleep will keep you from getting to God (the all powerful Oz), and waking up will make it possible to get there. It is a metaphor; drugs will stop you in your tracks right before you get there. There are a lot of things that put you to sleep besides drugs, such as carnal love, intellectual pursuits, chasing money, etc. When the movie was made, they thought cocaine was a good thing; we now know it is as bad as heroin. It is a sign, because drugs should not be in a kid’s movie, and all out of place things show you something.

The hero’s journey is about being asleep and waking up to true life.

The song “Over the Rainbow” is saying get over your dreams, because no matter how wonderful and exciting they are, they are not real. It is the opposite of what everyone thinks it is about. There is no place like home, home being completely awake in the present. The story is actually about someone that is unconscious and dreams a wild and beautiful dream, and then they wake up. The scarecrow, lion, and tin man are metaphors for the knowledge, courage, and love you need to make the transition into a spiritual being. Dorothy represents life in the process of waking up, and the path to heaven is the yellow brick road.


The wizard turns out to be a fraud, a false God, just as the God of religion is, but after she does what she has to do and kills the witch, destroys the evil in her life, she realizes the truth. The wizard turns out to really know the truth. He tells them that what they are seeking, they already have it, but they just do not know it. After they know the truth, they get everything they came for and needed and live happily ever after, because they already had everything to start with. The story is telling us we already have what we want and need, but we just do not know it now. We are already home, but we have not realized it yet. It is telling us the reason we do not know it is that we are unconscious and need to wake up.

At the end of the movie when Dorothy is asked what she learned, she said, “When you go looking for your hearts desire, don’t look past your own back yard.”

“There is no place like home.”

In other words, there is no place like the present, no place like real life. It should be said, “There is no place but home (real life),” and you are always there. Home is where the heart is, where God and love is. It is where a spiritual being is at.

Why would water kill the evil witch? It represented the water of life. Water is used symbolically and literally to wake people up. Baptism with water is supposed to destroy evil and wake you up to spiritual life. It is the same metaphorical ritual.

She left the enchanted world of Oz to go back to living with dirt poor farmers, but she saw it in a new way. Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead.

Where are her mother and father? She lives with her aunt and uncle. Why is there no mention of the witch of the south? There are many things that no one notices.

Missing: The things that are missing are more important than the things that are there, but you have to know the things that are there to know the things that are missing. It is the same with movies, the Bible, this book and life itself.

Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz are telling the same story as the Bible.

It is the story of the human journey from ignorance to the truth and the life.


A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Joseph Campbell The Walt Disney movie Sleeping Beauty is about the same story. It even has the needle that puts her to sleep. The title says it all. Also, Snow White with the apple. The collective unconscious has put the truth in many movies and stories, including the Bible itself. It is just hidden by our devil minds. Once you know the truth, you see it everywhere, especially in the Bible and other religious books. Another classic movie that comes to mind that has hidden messages is called “Forbidden Planet.” It is about how the invisible beast is created by our own minds without us knowing it (monsters from the id). The movie Demon Seed is about how the goal of all knowledge and reason is life, just to live. All the great books and movies tell this story, because it is the story of the human condition, the story of our evolution into spiritual beings. Most movies are about the struggle to live physically and spiritually. The movies American Beauty and Forrest Gump are about how life is on automatic and just happens. The bag and feather blowing in the wind are metaphors of how life is under the control of some unseen force. The Matrix is about hidden truth. I doubt that these things were put in these and other movies just to convey the message I am pointing out. They were probably slipped in by the collective unconscious without the writer even knowing the message, or knowing how true it is. As you begin to become more aware, you start seeing these interesting subconscious signs. Toto pulls the curtain back in The Wizard of Oz, and the truth is revealed. The Fountainhead is another movie with a message and one I associate closely with. It is about living in the truth no matter the personal cost. It is about standing alone in the truth.

Reflections of us: Most movies and TV shows are about good guys fighting bad guys, cops and robbers, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, good versus evil. They are all really just an unconscious reflection of us, the inner fight between the God/spirit and the devil/mind. In the movies, the good guy always wins. How come you never see the bad guy win? One reason is that happy endings make people feel good, but the real reason is, we are programming ourselves to win the real fight.


The big lie: There is a lot of truth in the Star Wars version of the hero’s journey myth, but like all other myths, there is also a lot that is not true. In addition to the prerequisite, super-natural stuff, there is the king of all lies, the “all you have to do is believe something completely without any doubt” and it will come true.

If it is night, you can believe it is day all you want, but it will still be night.

The lie that if you believe it enough, it will come true, is the big lie that is in many myths. It is a complete lie; you can believe that completely. Having a positive attitude is the way to be, and it will help get you what you want, but it does not make anything happen or affect the balance in anyway.

What you think the truth is does not matter; only the truth will be the truth.

The lie says if you can imagine it and believe it, it will come true. It says the mind has the power to create a true reality, which it cannot. It is the mind’s favorite myth, because it is what our minds want to believe the most; it gives our mind God’s job. This is what makes it the most powerful and dangerous of all myths.

The Star Wars movie was always saying that you can do miracles if you just believe it completely, such as Luke could sword fight better blindfolded. Try it.

Many people have tried the true belief method for flying and were killed or injured as a result. You do not have to jump off a cliff to find out you cannot fly. You just need to believe the truth is what it looks like it is, nothing more nothing less.

Learn the ways of the force; surrender to the force.

There is an invisible force, and you must surrender to it to become a spiritual being, but you cannot manipulate it. It controls you; you cannot control it.

Myth makers take something that is true and twist it. The fact that there is some truth in it gives it some credibility and makes it more believable to some people.

The force: The balancing force is the force, and it is with us always, influencing our every move. A spiritual being is constantly aware of it. The mind blocks this awareness; it is God/life in action. The saying should be, “may the positive side of the force be with you,” but it makes no sense, because it moves in balance.


People like to watch lucky people in the movies. All of our heroes were really just very lucky people, in real life and the movies. George Washington may have been very brave and smart, but he was also very lucky. Bullets came so close to killing him that one was found inside his coat. If that bullet had been just a few inches to the right, history would be different, and someone else would be on the dollar bill. The truth is, good and bad luck, or the balance, controls everything. For every Washington, there are many patriots that were just as brave and smart, but not as lucky, so they died in obscurity. The real world is the real world.

James Bond: We like watching Bond in action, because he is the luckiest person that ever lived. He gets out of one impossible situation after another and gets the girl, which does not happen in real life. It is a great fantasy. The power of belief is the most overrated and lie-inspiring myth there is.

Believing in believing: The truth has no greater enemy than belief and faith. Believing in believing is the power of deception’s greatest weapon, and it is the one most people are falling for. It is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatsoever for supposing it is true. Bertrand Russell Faith in faith: If believing makes it true, it means that all religions will come true for the people that believe in them. What Mormons believe will become reality, and it will be different than all the other religions. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians all believe something different is going to happen. If what they call faith and belief is all you need, all those different things will have to become true. Where do you draw the line? Can fairytales come true? They would have to if all it takes is belief that a story is true. If a kid believing in Santa Claus dies, are Santa Claus and his elves real for them in the afterlife? The problem is that many religions believe that they are the only true way, so if their belief comes true, all of the rest would have to not come true. The Egyptians believed more than anyone. Their whole culture was devoted to Gods, so they must be with Isis, Osiris and their other Gods now. It is the same with the Greeks; they must be with Zeus and Apollo. It is interesting that Zeus and Isis sound a lot like Jesus. Just a coincidence?


One way: If just one of the beliefs comes true, it would not be very fair for the ones that do not. Most people do not have a choice in what they are told the truth is. People that are born and are raised in one area believe what the other people that live in the area believe. Does time and place determine your eternal future?

Doesn’t add up: Until recently, most people did not even know what people in other places believed. If they were not born in the right area, they would not have a chance, which would not be fair and just, and everyone says their God is fair and just. It just does not add up, does it?

All the major religions have old sacred books, ancient traditions and glorious war filled histories. There is no way to say one is more legitimate than another.

Seen clearly: If someone came from another planet and compared the Bible to a book of fairytales, they would be seen as the same. Example: One tells a story about a talking snake; the other tells a story about some talking bears. They would both just be books filled with fictional morality tales. No distinction could be made based on the evidence.

Weapons of the devil: The beast within has many weapons to keep people from seeing the truth and the life. Sex, money, negative emotions and desires are powerful weapons the devil uses, but the greatest weapon of them all is belief.

Divide and conquer: Without the weapon of belief, belief in different religions and different political ideologies, the devil/mind could not cause divisions, the hate, and discontent that leads to wars and all the suffering that comes with them.

Belief is the ultimate weapon of the devil/mind, because it divides people from each other and God. It prevents them from seeing the truth.

Belief divides and makes people empty: Beliefs are not based on reality, so they can be and are different, and this can be and is used to cause conflict. They prevent people from seeing the truth and being fulfilled, so it makes people empty and unhappy, and then it gives them an enemy to blame all their unhappiness on. This was the cause of most of the wars of the past.

Faith and belief in the truth and the life is only necessary until you know it.


Jesus said he will destroy the devil with the sword of truth.

The truth unifies and fulfills: The truth does the opposite of what belief does. The truth will destroy the devil/mind, because it is the same for everyone, so it unites people. It also fulfills them, so they are happy with what they have. This is why the truth will make the world a heaven. The wonderful thing is that the truth is in religious books just under the surface. They all have a part of the ultimate truth hidden in them, so no one was wrong; all religions are legitimate. The ultimate truth links them together.

Hope business: Everyone is selling hope and dreams, not reality. Everyone from politicians to priests are in the hope business. Almost no one is in the truth business. As unbelievable as it may be, this is the first book of religious truth that is backed up by hard evidence. It will be very unpopular, because it is the truth.

The main reason for myths is: the truth did not look very good until now.

Looked bad: It looked like you just lived a difficult life and then you grew old and died in some horrible way. That is why people have all these different beliefs. Anything, no matter how far-fetched, was better than what the real truth looked like. People would rather try and believe in the impossible than a truth they did not want to believe. I do not blame them; no one wants to believe life is pointless and horrible. Drowning people will grab a snake, a talking snake.

The most wonderful thing is: the truth has turned out to be heaven.

Time for the truth: Now we can know the truth, and it is not horrible as people thought. In fact, it is better than anyone could have hoped for. It could not be more perfect or better, so it is time to forget the myths and embrace the truth.

If you remove everything that you know is not true, what you are left with has to be the truth. Everyone can do it; everyone can know the truth now.

The truth is not: Today we can know what the truth is not. When you know what the truth is not, you have a chance to know what the truth is.

The real truth: The difference is as great as the difference between a real life and an imaginary life. You are really going to die, so if you are really going to live, you need to know the real truth. Literally, everything depends on the truth.


Truth is what stands the test of experience. Albert Einstein Remember, 2 + 2 = 4: It does not equal anything else. The truth is, there is only one real truth. Believing 2 + 2 = 5 or 6 or anything else does not make it true. There are an infinite amount of wrong answers, but only one real answer. The real truth has the power to make sense out of the world, and in doing, transform a man into a spiritual being. Nothing else does anything but deceive. There is the story that is backed up by all the evidence and everything else. The real story is like the 4 in 2 + 2 = 4. All other stories are like all the other numbers.

Real hero story: There are good stories, great stories, and even the greatest story ever told; then there is the real story. Real heroes are living the real story. I conjure you, my brethren, to remain faithful to earth and do not believe those who speak unto you of super terrestrial hopes! Poisoners they are, whether they know it or not. Friedrich Nietzsche There is no such thing as the supernatural, just the natural, and it is super. Tools of deception: Belief in the supernatural is one of the mind’s favorite tools of deception. The mind wants to believe in the supernatural, because it cannot see the magic in the natural. When people see life truly, there will be no need for anything else, and it will just disappear, because it never really existed. People want to be fooled to suspend disbelief, to enjoy a fantasy. Magicians have always known this fact, and it is what keeps them in business. It is called “suspension of disbelief.” It is necessary for people to enjoy a magic act. People make believe it is true, even though they know it is a trick. They do the same thing with their religion, because they have to, to believe it. Suspending disbelief is okay to do for entertainment, but never with real life. It leads to certain disaster. It is the exact opposite of what Jesus tells us to do.


Miracles: People want to believe in a God that does things that are impossible. Many people think doing the impossible is what makes God, a God.

Creating the infinite universe and our life is not good enough for some people. They want to see something outside reality, something that changes reality. They want to see the impossible, which is impossible.

If God/life is not good enough for you, you cannot see life as it really is.

There is some obvious false stuff in the Bible, such as the flood story and the story of Joshua stopping the sun in the sky.

The sun does not move around the earth, but the story makers did not know it. You have to admit those things could not have happened, and you have to admit that if there is one thing that is not true, there can be many more less obvious things.

If Jesus really did all the miracles that Christians say, how come at his trial, no one stood up for him? If a lot of people really saw him do miracles, they would have all followed him and not been worried about the Romans.

If he did miracles to prove who he was in his life, why wouldn’t he have done a few to prove who he was to the Jews and the Romans at his trial?

Your choice: If you want to believe in magic and myths, you cannot know the truth. It is one or the other; it is your choice. Jesus said the truth makes you free.

How come no miracles happen now? How come they just happened in the past? Could it be because you cannot check if they really happened or not?

If God did miracles in the past to prove he was real and promote his message, he would be doing them now for the same reason. If God did not expect the people in the past to believe in him and do his bidding without doing miracles or a show of power, why would he expect modern man to?

The main founders of all the Semitic religions such as Abraham and Moses did not have to believe in a story that makes no sense, that none of the evidence says is true. They did not need to have faith. Why should we be expected to?


If you believe the story, God did more than talk to Abraham. The Bible says God hunkered down to eat a meal with him. He did lunch with the almighty. Moses had a talking burning bush, and ten commandments written by God himself. Why doesn’t God show himself to us like he showed himself to them? It worked for them, and it would work for us. Modern people need proof, even more than people in the past did. We now know that people make things up. If there was reason for God to appear in the past, there is just as much now, if not more.

The truth is, an all-knowing God would have to know he would have to give some good evidence of his existence for honest, intelligent people to believe he exists.

To truly believe a myth that makes no sense, you have to be gullible or ignorant, not wise as the Bible says. Wise men do not believe the unbelievable. Do the gullible and ignorant get into heaven, and wise, intelligent men do not?

Oprah show: If the God described in the myths really existed, he would go on the Oprah show and do a few miracles. That is all he would have to do, and everyone in the world would fall right in line.

If he did it in the past, he could do it again for the same reason. Just the appearance of an angel would do. In the past, angels were all over the place. They would appear and do miracles for just about anyone. Where are they now?

Angels have been replaced by UFO’s and little green men; angels are out of fashion. Delusions fit the times.

The reason a man/God does not appear or talk from the sky or do impossible miracles now is because it did not happen in the past.

Only the truth is sacred. Fantasies, fables, fairytales and myths are not.

Leap of faith: Religions ask us to believe that the world we live in and can see with our own eyes is false, and the fairytale world described in old books filled with impossible miracles and contradicting interpretations is the real truth.

If there really was an all-knowing God, like in the myth, he would not expect honest, intelligent beings to believe what religions are saying is the truth.


If belief does not work in life, why would a God expect intelligent beings to believe it works in death? Believing the rent will be paid does not pay it.

Believe in believing: The truth is, everyone that believes in believing in the unbelievable lives in the mind and is nowhere near the truth and the life (Jesus). The Bible says, “Those who think they're the closest are the farthest away.” Human nature: Knowing nature as we do now, including human nature, which is more likely; an invisible man/God that lives in the sky did impossible miracles, or people who made it up?

Honesty: The truth is, it is more likely people made it up. That is the truth for certain. A truly honest person would have to admit that and not believe myths or say they do without some real evidence. Do only dishonest people go to heaven? To know that you do not know is the best. To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease. Lao Tzu

Delusions: The very nature of the human mind is delusional. It will see what it wants to see, what it believes or wants to believe exists. People try to see Big Foot, UFOs, fairies, werewolves, leprechauns, angels, gods, ghosts, goblins, dragons, sea monsters, mermaids, elves, little green men, giants, unicorns, vampires, trolls, demons, succubus, zombies, cherubs, cyclops and the boogie man, etc. Then there are the genies and magic lamps, magic wands, voodoo dolls, flying carpets, fountain of youth, the philosopher’s stone, potions and spells, etc. We have no hard evidence that they are real or ever existed, but we have a lot of hard evidence of hoaxers, people that lie, and the mentally ill. They are all just mind games that the devil/mind has used to hide the divine truth.


Until recently, people could not know those things were not real, so when someone told them they were real, people would just believe them and pass on the story as the truth. Many people have said they have seen everything above. Which is more likely; that the things above were or are real, or that someone made them up?

The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception. Friedrich Nietzsche

People make things up and try to convince people that they are true. An honest person has to admit it and conduct themselves accordingly. If you cannot be honest with yourself, there is no hope for you.

All you have to be is honest to learn the truth and live the life.

I like a good story as much as the next guy, but I do not like it when people try to say it is true without any evidence to support their claims. If it is backed up by the evidence, it is the truth. If it is not, it is just a story. It is that simple.

Prove it is not true: Some things are so far out that people say, “you cannot prove what I believe is not true.” That is true, but the truth is not found where you cannot prove it is wrong or right. It is found where you can prove and know it is true. We are not looking for truth that cannot be proven wrong or right. We are looking for what can be proven true beyond a reasonable doubt.

When all the evidence says it is true and none says it is false, it is true.

Truth check: There are four quick tests you can use to determine what the truth is and what is not the truth. The first is Occam’s razor, which says that the simplest, most obvious explanation is usually the true explanation. The second is that the real truth can be checked in the real world.

The truth is just what it looks like it is; why is that so surprising to people?

If it cannot be checked by hard evidence, it must be checked with logic and reason. If it does not make sense, it is most likely not true. The third is, if it sounds like a fairytale, it probably is a fairytale. The last and hardest for most people is, you have to be honest with yourself.

You have to admit you do not know the truth to make room for the truth.


Jesus said, "Your minds must be cleared of the falsehoods of this realm if you are to be taught Eternal Truth." What is not clear about that statement? Does it ring true? When you first hear or read something new regarding the truth, does it strike you as the truth? All people know the truth subconsciously, so it will sound like the truth to you when you hear it or see it. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. There is a small chance it really is an alien from Mars in a duck costume, but the wise man stands by what he sees and knows, and resists any forces of deception.

Faith healers: The so-called mental healers out there are just tricksters. How come they never heal a broken leg, someone that is shot, or even a bad cut? How come they never heal anything that you can see or check? These same people are always asking for money. If they could really heal people, they could just go to a hospital and make millions. The preachers that claim to be able to heal people are some of the worst enemies of the truth and the life. If it does not work, they say you did not believe enough, that it is your fault. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof that they are true.

Raising the dead: Healing the sick and injured is the same as raising the dead. A dead person is just a person that is so sick or injured that their bodies can no longer live and support a spirit. A healer is saying that they can physically rearrange the atoms in a person’s body and make them work right. It is the same as saying that they can reattach a person's head after it has been cut off, or make a new leg grow on an amputee. The only difference is, you could see them do that if they could. Healers always do their repair work on the inside where no one can see it happen or not happen. If you can really move atoms around, you could turn a tree into a pig; it is just a matter of degree. If they can turn one thing into another, they would just turn rocks into gold, and they would not need to steal money from poor, sick people.


There is a Bible myth about Jesus making a cripple walk again. To do it, he would have had to instantly grow new nerve and muscle tissue. If that could be done, he could instantly grow a whole new leg for an amputee. Healers never do anything like that, that could be seen as a miracle, because they never really do anything. People made up the Jesus myth, and healers are deceivers.

They think Jesus did miracles, and said others like him can do miracles also. To make people think they are like Jesus, these people have to act like they can do miracles also. If people cannot see that they did not heal someone, they can say they did, and some gullible or desperate people will believe them.

Jesus did not do miracles, so to be like him you do not have to either.

If saints and faith healers could really rearrange a person’s flesh, they could rearrange the flesh on a person's face and make them look different. They could make healthy people sick. Healing is just voodoo in reverse.

The reason you have never seen a healer actually heal something is because they never really have. Someone should break a healer’s arm and see if he can heal it. Why not? He should not mind.

The power of positive thinking helps a little, sometimes, but it is not a miracle.

No one would really want that power to exist, because if it could be used to heal, it could also be used to hurt. It would be used more to hurt than to heal in this world. Curses to hurt people do not work, and prayers to help them do not either.

Jesus can really raise the dead; he can raise the spiritually dead with the power of the truth. What is in the Bible are metaphors about raising the spiritually dead, not physically dead people. People are too dead to know it.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

There are no real miracles or magic other than life itself. The magic is that life cannot be changed, that it is predictable. There are magicians and conmen that do tricks that appear to be magic to those that do not know the trick or the truth, but no one that can change reality itself, and that is the real magic.



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