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Awakening to Life

Section 4 – Big Picture - Present: Chapter 4.3

True life: You are only receiving a very small percentage of all the light that enters your eyes, the sounds that enter your ears, the sensations coming from inside and outside your body, all the scents in the air and tastes in food. Your mind is distorting, filtering, interpreting and blocking most of life, as shown in the drawing. The first time you experience life completely, it will astound you. It is the best thing there is or can be, and it is here all the time in every moment of your life, just waiting for you to let it in. It is the truth and the life as Jesus says he is; it is divine love, God, and the completely alive you. You will be truly alive for the first time.

You have risen from the dead, the only death there is.

Dead to life: Jesus has really been misinterpreted when it comes to death. When he says things like “you will not taste death,” he is not talking about physical death. Everyone has to taste physical death, even him, so he could not mean that. He's talking about spiritual death. He's saying we're dead to life.

The resurrection: The story of the resurrection is a metaphor which shows we all must rise from our dead selves to know the truth and the life.

The problem is that people are too dead to life to know they are dead to life.

People are too unconscious to know that they are unconscious.

They are too closed-minded to know that they are closed-minded.

They are too asleep to know that they are asleep.

The famous miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is a good example of a saying that has been completely distorted and misinterpreted.

Jesus said, “Our friend Lazarus is fallen asleep, but I go, that I may awaken him out of sleep.” John 11:11

That is what the Bible says. He is saying that Lazarus is just asleep. If he was dead and Jesus was going to bring him back to life, he would not have said it.

Why would Jesus say Lazarus is just asleep if he was really dead?

Jesus said he was dead later; he meant dead to life, not physically dead.


Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me, but is dead, will live again.” That saying is the key to understanding what he really means. He cannot be talking about someone that is really dead, because they could not believe in him. Only someone that is just dead to life could believe in him. See what I mean?

Jesus said, “I was dead, but now I am alive.”

That is the only reference Jesus makes to resurrection in the Bible, and it is not referring to his physical death, because he said it before he died.

The myth that Lazarus was physically dead and that Jesus brought him back to life was created by people misinterpreting what he actually said and meant.

The big sleep: It does not seem like much of a miracle to just wake someone up from sleep. The interpreter did not understand what Jesus was talking about. He did not realize that people are living in a state of waking sleep, a living death.

Jesus said, "I have come so that you might have life, for the way of mortals is a living death.” Jesus is clearly saying that mankind is spiritually dead.

No one actually came back from the dead; that is impossible, but awakening from the state of waking sleep is possible. You just need the ultimate truth to do it.

If you believe in the accepted interpretation of the Bible, you are asleep.

The Lazarus story is a good example of how Jesus can say something profound and true, but it can be totally distorted and turned into a miracle myth. It is the same with the miracle of making the blind see. It is a metaphor for people that are blind to the truth and the life. He did not literally make blind people see.

Jesus said, "If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a pit."

The blind will see: Once his words are interpreted correctly, people can see the truth and the life that they have been too blind to see.

When people wake up to the truth, they will see what Jesus was actually talking about, and see what he was really trying to do.

The Bible says, in John 9, “Once I was blind and now I can see.”

When you understand, it will be like a man who has been physically blind his whole life seeing life for the first time. It is a good metaphor, because when you see true life for the first time, it is just as surprising and wonderful.


It is like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz going from her black and white world to the magical and enchanted Technicolor world of Oz. Just as a man that has been blind from birth cannot imagine how life really looks, a person living in their minds cannot imagine what true life is like. It’s a surprise.

Hypnosis: Mankind is hypnotized. Hypnotized means to be put into a state of semi-consciousness, a waking sleep. The problem is that we have been hypnotized to not know that we are hypnotized. It is a form of self-hypnosis created by our minds and the minds of others. Under a spell: It is like we are under a spell that has put us to sleep. We need the kiss of truth to wake up from this spell. Jesus can heal the sick; his message cures their sleeping sickness. Jesus did not come to be a great doctor and heal the physically sick; he came to heal the spiritually sick. Making someone physically normal is no big deal. No matter how well they may get physically, they are still spiritually dead. They aren’t fulfilled, and they will get sick again and die physically no matter what. Jesus was trying to give people the truth and the life, to wake them up, to give them something really important, something that fulfills them and lasts forever, but people missed it. His message is: you cannot sleep walk your way to heaven. People may have missed it in the past, but we do not have to miss it now.

Fatal focus: Your mind concentrates or focuses your attention mostly on the sense of sight and thought. This is because those senses helped our survival the most in the past. In trying to save our lives, we focus on just part of life, and in doing this, we do not get the whole; we do not receive our true life.

As Jesus said, “If you try to save your life, you will lose it.”

There are times when you need to focus on part of life, for work, to learn things, and in dangerous situations, but the rest of the time, you do not have to. A spiritual being’s attention focuses and expands depending on the situation.

To work you have to focus on a small part of life, and a spiritual person becomes completely focused and gets it done, but does it only while working or studying.


Example: You have to focus to read this book, but when you stop reading it, you can open up again. To read and learn something new, you have to use your mind, so you cannot be aware of much else while you do it, but it is necessary. You have to be focused when driving a car or around dangerous things, but when you are not, you can open up all the way. You will know where and when not to open up; you just have to be sure to open up every time you can. You focus completely when you need to, then you open up completely. Stop doing things just part way. Start doing things all the way, 100%.

Judge ye not: You have to reprogram your mind to stop judging the value of one moment over another, or one sense over another, until they fall in balance and melt together. Instead of focusing on part of life, you focus on all of life. You do it by not focusing at all. Your mind does the focusing, so all you have to do is open it up. Your eyes will still focus reflexively without the mind, but on the widest possible field of vision. You will know when your mind is open, because everything becomes new. The Bible says, “You will rise to the newness of life.” The Bible says God creates all things anew. We just have to begin to see things as they truly are, as they are truly given to us. The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. Albert Einstein

Careless: People feel that they would run amuck without their minds on at all times. They feel that because the mind makes them feel that, but it is not true. Living in the present, living without the mind, does not mean you will be out of control and live in a careless or reckless way. The opposite is true; you will be in more control. You will be in real control of how you live your life for the first time.

Letting go: Once the truth sinks in, you will not have any cares, so technically you will be care-less, but you will not live in an irresponsible way. You will be carefree, but not careless. Child-like, but not childish. Innocent, but not ignorant. You will have it all, but not need anything.


You will live deliberately and more consciously of your every action, so you do not have to worry about letting go. By letting go of what is out of control, you get control. By letting go of nothing, you get everything. By letting go of the illusion, you can see reality for the first time. Jesus said, "I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not through seeking will you find me, but through peace of mind.” The maxim, “You get what you are trying for when you stop trying” does not always work when it comes to people and things, but it does always work when it comes to life. You get it when you are not trying to get it. You cannot think your way to true life. Not thinking is the way. You do not try to open up your mind; that does not work. You have to do the opposite and just let life in completely. You leave no room for the mind. More life = less mind, less mind = more life.

Charging your batteries: It is like charging your batteries; every bit of life in the present you let in wakes you up a little more, and life just keeps getting better. The more you get, the more you will be able to get. It snowballs. Jesus said, "Whoever has a lot will receive more, and whoever has little will get even less." Until now, most people thought Jesus was referring to “things,” that the rich would get richer, or faith, the more faith you have, the more you will get. The truth is, he was referring to “life.” The more life you receive, the more you will receive.

Plugged in: When you live in the present, you plug into your life source. Man is currently living with a loose plug. It is time to get plugged in completely.

Two ways: There are only two ways to experience life; through the mind or not through the mind. You have two choices in every moment of life; to be with your mind, or to be with God/life. The choice is yours. Slow everything you do down just one percent, and you will get a hundred percent more life. One year will be like a thousand years, as the Bible says.


When I say slow down, that does not mean you will not be able to do everything you are doing; you just do it consciously. You get into your every move, be aware of every move you make. If you do, you will actually do more without even trying. Going to Disneyland: Do you remember when you were a kid and went to Disneyland for the first time? That day seemed to last forever. It did because you were very into the present. Everything was new and interesting, so you squeezed every bit of life out of every moment. When you wake up to the truth and the life, everyday will be just like that day at Disneyland. Time will slow down for you, because you will get more life out of each moment. Before people wake up, they see a robot of Abraham Lincoln as more interesting than a living person. The truth is, sixty-trillion cells working to animate a living body is much more interesting than a few hundred parts animating a robot. Jesus said that you have to be born again to see the kingdom of God.

Born again: Your five life senses are much more than the sum of their parts. Together, completely open, they reveal true life, God/life. You wake up from a long sleep and are born again in the body you are in now. You do not need all five senses to know true life. You can be deaf and blind and still experience it. It is just about getting your mind out of the way. It is just a change of perspective, from being a man/spirit to a spirit/man.

The start of the quest for true life: You start by getting to know just one sense at a time. Start with the ones you have neglected, such as your sense of smell. The senses you have not been using to their full potential will take time to wake up; they have been semi-dead for a long time.

The mind problem: As you concentrate on your senses and try to open and balance them, you become aware of the presence of your mind. You begin to see how it prevents you from receiving life completely and naturally. It will always concentrate your attention on part of what you are receiving, never the whole.

God/life is everything except the mind.


The mind is the problem: The mind cannot solve this problem the way it usually solves problems, because it is the problem and did not know it until now. Its very presence is in the way of life. It is this awareness that gradually gives you the ability to change your mind’s nature, open up and stay open. It takes some practice before you can do it, but you will get a knack for it. You still have a mind filtering the input of life. It does not let everything in; it lets divine life in (perfect life), but divine life is not composed of everything coming to you. Your mind has to be discerning, or life would have no definition. It would just be a flood of sensation, and that would be too much; too much of a good thing. The mind that knows the truth of life lets in all that comprises the best possible life experience, true life. It's more than the mind of man lets in, but not everything. The divine mind works like a sound equalizer that controls the volume of different instruments in a band, to make it sound the best it can sound. It is very subtle, and doesn't block life as the animal mind does, but it does regulate the input. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt You do not have to go to a cave and chant. Just start opening up your perception everywhere you are, whenever you can. Our senses give our spirit a window to the physical universe.

Our bodies have just one purpose, and that is to support our senses. Our bodies are simply a physical support system for our senses. This is because it is our senses that open up the world of physical life to us. Our bodies just protect and move our senses around for us. Our bodies and physical life have no other reason for being. We need to become present in our senses. You just have to remember that the goal of your life is to be more aware of it. How can that not be the most important, most worthwhile thing to do? You need to know that living as open as possible, as much as possible, is the way. You normally would not want to try to feel, see, hear, smell and taste everything in the present as much as you can. You will now. Most people do not know that just living in the present is the goal of life.


Normally, you do not feel the ground when you walk; you will now. Normally, you do not hear every little sound, but you will now. You normally do not try to smell every scent in the air, but you will now. When you want it all, you will eventually get it all. It is just a matter of time once you know the truth and begin the quest.

You need to know you are like fig. 1 in the drawing; the goal is to be fig. 2.

It may take you a while to open up completely, but just feeling the ground below your feet more often and being aware of other things you normally would not be aware of makes life much richer. It charges your spiritual batteries, and life just gets better and better as you open up to the present.

I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. Joseph Campbell

At first, you just hear, feel, see and smell a little more than usual, but that is better than it was before, because you get that much more of life. Every bit helps. Life builds on life, life feeds on life. The more life you get, the more you will get.

Remember that Jesus said that those that have more shall be given more and those without much will get even less. In other words, the more life you get, the more life you will get, and the less life you let in or get, the less you will get. So let it all in and grow in the life. As Bob Dylan said, you are busy living, or busy dying.

We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.

The things that you get through your senses are your life; nothing more, nothing less. It is everything; there is nothing else but life.

True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

You start to get into the journey, the present, and it makes your life better the minute you start to do it. You like it, and you start doing it more and more until you can be completely open and stay that way most of the time.

Jesus said, “Find the kingdom of God first, everything else will follow.”

Only job: The journey, the present, will become the most important thing to you, and that is what is important. If you live just twice as much as you are living now, you will double the life you live in your current life cycle. If you triple it, you live three times more life, etc. If you live in the present, you truly do live more than you would in a thousand years living through your mind, just as the Bible says.


It is not the years in your life; it is the life in your years that matters. Abraham Lincoln

You now know that your only job is to live, to be alive, and to get as much of life as possible as much of the time as is possible; everything else will follow.

You should devote your life to life, because it is the only thing that exists.

We are discussing no small matter, but how we ought to live. Socrates

Your best: To take the next step in evolution, you have to do the absolute best you can do in this life with what you have to work with. Your absolute best is to learn and live in the truth and the life. It is all you have to do to win the game.

Jesus said, “Seek God first, and all these things will be added to you. Do not be anxious about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.”

In other words, dedicate your life to your life.

Every moment in the present is perfect and complete in and of itself.

Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.

Joseph Campbell

Note: Keep in mind the ultimate truth has to go deep into your awareness and become part of your mind before you can wake up to life, so you have to read and understand this book first. You have to know the truth both consciously and intuitively before you can know the life.

What is life? It is simply everything real that is in the present. Life lasts forever, because it is impossible for it not to from your own point of view. We also know that life is balanced and absolutely fair for every living thing.

Overcoming: We also know how to overcome the balance with the truth of life (perspective), thus we are in the process of overcoming pain and all negative feelings and emotions, so we can be fulfilled by life forever.

Could anything be more amazing or wonderful? How can people just take it for granted? How can you be unhappy in light of the true situation?

Life is the most realistic movie possible; it is in the ultimate high definition and surround sound. It is even in smell-o-vision, and we are the stars of it forever. How can that be beat?



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