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Section 4 – Big Picture – Present: Chapter 4.2

Mind-self: The mind is a good thing if it serves the spirit. The problem is that right now, the opposite is true. The mind has been so useful to our survival that we have given it complete power over our lives. We have begun to believe we are our minds. This falsehood puts our minds in control of us.

We cannot be our minds, because our minds end at death and we do not. We cannot, because we are immortal, and our minds or brains are not. Your mind (current self) is a biochemical and bioelectric part of your body. It exists in the brain, and it is destroyed when the rest of your body is destroyed in death, just as a computer’s data is destroyed when a computer’s hard drive is destroyed. Your mind can be destroyed even sooner than death by brain injuries, diseases such as Alzheimer's, and other mental disorders. You can be certain that you are not your mind, because if it was gone, you would still be here. You would still be aware of life. You would actually be more aware of life, completely aware of it. The mind does not give us life; we give the mind life.

The mind’s job: The mind is like a sophisticated computer; its function is to learn, remember, and process or understand life and the things in it.

Jesus said, “Lay your burden down.” In other words, don’t let it bother you.

The ultimate thing for the mind to learn and understand is the nature of life, our true past, true future, and the nature of itself. Once you know the ultimate truth, the mind’s ultimate job is done. Its reason for evolving is accomplished. Thus, its purpose for being is gone, so it can be gone. You can lay it down.

Master/servant: Once you know the mind truth, or intellectual truth, your mind can take you no further. It needs to relax and become just a technical consultant. It needs to become your servant and stop being your master.

The brain is the most overrated organ in the body. The important things enter you another way. Woody Allen

The age of the mind: The mind has been such a big part of our world that a worldwide religion of the mind has developed. People have faith in the mind. People think the mind is the key to our success in everything. This faith has given the mind too much power over our lives.


The mind has become God on this planet.

More than minds: The mind is the king of this world. Just about all institutions, schools, businesses and governments promote and support the mind. This is all fine and good as long as we know that we are more than our minds, that our minds are just a very small and temporary part of us. Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body he dwells. There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom. Friedrich Nietzsche

It is time to stop neglecting our spirit, our true selves. Even when our minds are active, we are less than one percent our minds and more than ninety- nine percent spirit. People just do not know it.

Our bodies do not get in the way of our spirit; they enhance it, but our minds do get in the way. They blot out the truth and the life.

The truth and the life is the last frontier.

Using our mind was the key to our success in the past, but it will not be in the future. The opposite is true now.

Getting past the mind will be the key to success.

Jesus said, “To those that overcometh, I will give a crown of life.”

He is saying that if you can overcome your dominating mind, he will give you life.

The mind will still be the key to the next step in evolution, but not by doing what it did in the past. It has to change for us to change.

We have been doing the mind’s will, and we need to be doing God’s will.

All I want to learn is how to think like God thinks. Albert Einstein

The Bible says, “Whoever does God’s will shall abide in heaven forever.” Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth. Matthew 6:10

We need an age of the spirit now. Our spirit must be seen as the more important part of us. It is the real part, the eternal part, what we have always been and always will be; it is the real us. When we are not thinking, we are pure spirit.


God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It’s as simple as that. Joseph Campbell Everyone is waiting for a savior, when you need to savior self. Step up: Your mind has to step down, so your true self, your eternal spiritual-self, can step up. It is the next and last step in your evolution. To do God’s will, you have to know the truth and the life, and become it. Your mind needs to get out of the way so that you can learn the spiritual truth, the living truth, the real truth, the truth that is beyond the mind. The only thing between you and God is that which you think is you: your own mind. The mind: It is just a tool that should only be used when it is needed. You use a hammer when you need to pound a nail. When you do not need it, you put it away. Your mind is always there when you need it. You use a chair when you need to sit down, but you don't carry it around with you all the time. It would weigh you down. As the last Beatles song said: "Boy, you're going to carry that weight a long time." The Bible says, “Being absent from the body is being present with the lord.” When the mind is absent, you are present with the lord (God/life).

Take care of business: You do not have to worry about not thinking enough to take care of business. The only problem you will have is the problem you always have had; thinking too much to live in the present, to live in the truth and the life. Live every moment, like it is your last dance on earth. Carlos Castaneda

The well behaved mind: The controlled mind is like a pet dog that sleeps a lot. It is running around you and barking all the time now. It is out of control and ruining your life. When you get control of it, it becomes like a well behaved pet. When the mind sleeps, you are awake.

When the mind is awake, you are asleep.


If you want to be completely awake, you must put your mind to sleep, put it on standby. It is always there at your beckoned call. It will warn you of danger and protect you. Your mind is always ready and waiting to jump into your life for any reason. When it is working right, it is like an auto pilot that works behind the scenes. It takes care of the nuts and bolts of life so that you are free to just live.

You are certain of your every action; everything is deliberate and done by your mind for your spirit in the moment, in truth, without thought or concern of consequences, because you are completely conscious and always do the right thing. You can do no wrong in a universe you know, and you know it.

Computers: Let the machines do the thinking. Our goal is not to think, but to live, and we never have to worry about machines doing it better. Computers are being developed so that we can think less and live more.

With the knowledge of the ultimate truth, you are no longer mankind or mind- kind, because you are no longer going to live as a mind; you are a new being. You are going to live as an immortal spirit. You are metamorphosing like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly; you are becoming a spiritual being and realizing your spiritual-self for the first time.

It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know. Henry David Thoreau

The full potential of the mind: Using your mind less does not mean you are not using your mind to its full potential; less is more. The less you block life, the more you will know it.

Know everything: When the mind is on standby, it is still in the game; it is completely aware of the world right along with you. It sees and knows everything for the first time, much better informed than before you took control.

The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein

You will think less, but know a lot more, because you will experience a lot more, and what you experience will be real, not a deception or illusion. You will use your mind much less, but when you need it, it will work much better. When you use your mindless, you are doing what the mind is meant to do, what it evolved to do. You are using your mind to its absolute full potential if you use it to overcome itself in order to know the truth and the life. Jesus said, “Those that overcome will be pillars in the kingdom of heaven.”

He is saying that those that overcome the deception created by their own minds will support a heaven on earth.


The Bible says, “You will know the unknowable.”

This is referring to true life, which is unknowable with the mind blocking the truth and the life. Once the mind is out of the way, you will know the mysteries of life.

The Bible says, “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may know God.”

Jesus said, “If you are not with me, you are against me.”

Friend or foe: Your mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. If you are using it to overcome or transcend itself and realize the truth and the life, it is your best friend. If not, it is your worst enemy. Everything the mind does distracts and prevents you from seeing the truth and life in one way or another.

Jesus said, “Do not try and tempt me Satan, for it is written that you shall serve the spirit.”

Repent: The word “repent” literally means “to change your mind.” We must change it from the servant of the beast, from the devil, to an angel, the servant of the spirit, and then into the mind of Christ. The Bible says you become a new being in Christ. Bible says “You must renew your mind.”

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 2:5 The goal is to have the mind of Christ, the mind of a spiritual being.

Love thy enemy: Jesus was not referring to people, but to the devil mind, the animal mind, the beast within all mankind that must be overcome with the truth.

Jesus said, "First you must put off your love of the lie, the false way of life followed by the children of this plane of existence, and be converted, changed so that you hate that which you have previously loved, and love that which you have previously hated. Then I will be able to show you all things, for there is nothing hidden which will not be manifested when you have put on the mind of Truth."

To love means to "pay attention." You have to love thy enemy, pay attention to the animal mind, to overcome it so that it no longer has any power over your life.

In your head, it is not a battle between good and evil. If you fight something you give it life. The way is to just want the truth and life. When you do with all your heart, the evil mind, your adversary just ceases to exist in your life.

Even confusion is seen as a form of love after you know the truth.



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