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Life is the Goal

Section 4 – Big Picture – Present – Chapter 4.4

The Bible says the path to destruction is wide, and narrow is the gate that leads to life. Why doesn’t it say leads to heaven or God? It says “life.”

Jesus said, “Whoever finds the correct interpretation of what I am saying will find eternal life.” The Bible plainly says in many places that life is the goal.

Jesus said, "I have come so that you might have life, for the way of mortals is a living death."

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. John Lennon

Life goals: Naturally, you have other goals besides finding the truth and the life, but you will have a much better chance of attaining them if your primary goal is the present. As Jesus says, find the kingdom first, and everything else will follow.

The present is the only thing that really exists; how can it not be the goal?

The mind and society that is dominated by the mind is goal oriented, and that is a good thing to a point. You need to have goals and plans, but you do not have to think about them all the time as people do now.

You just set them as a guideline for your life and then live in the present as you work towards them. Your ultimate goal is always the present. The future is not as important as the present, simply because it does not really exist. Keep your eye on the prize, true life. People now have their priorities backwards.

Jesus said that you must be born again to see heaven.

Jesus said that you must be born of spirit to get to heaven.

True love: When you succeed in opening up the present completely for the first time, you kind of feel like you did when you fell in love for the first time. You begin to notice all the little things, the birds singing, etc. You like it a lot; you feel like you are reborn, because you are reborn to true life.

The Bible says, “God is love.”


You are falling in love with life itself. Life will never leave you or stop giving itself to you completely. You just have to let it in and love it back. To know God is to love God. God is love, as the Bible says. It is a love affair between you and the truth and the life. It is true love; a love that will last forever, a love that is always new, a love that never dies. When you see true life, all you feel is awe and wonder; it is sublime.

Commitment: If you commit yourself to this love affair, you will become completely fulfilled. It demands your total commitment, but that is not asking much when you get back literally everything.

Everything: When you commit to the truth and life, you are actually committing yourself to everything in life. Every part of your new life, from your job to your family, will benefit from it. Commit: By totally committing to just one thing, you totally commit to everything in your life at the same time. How could it be easier? It is something you can start today. There is no time like the present, and no time but the present.

2 = 0: When you really see the opposites as a whole, they disappear, and the mind disappears also. There is no you and life, no you and God, there are not two, not even one. You are everything and everything is you. I am not talking just peace and contentment; I am talking about true bliss. Knowledge of the balancing opposites makes the mind disappear, because the mind knows it is not needed, that life is safe, fair, and that it is on autopilot. Nothing is more secure and certain than your life when you know the truth. The truth is the exact opposite of what people think, because they think on a physical level. On the physical level, nothing us more certain than death. On the spiritual level, the opposite is true; nothing is more certain than life. This is why the truth is so important; it shows you what you really are and what is really happening all the time. It shows you that life is perfect all the time.


God/life is in absolute control and everything will be fair and perfect. You and everyone else will live balanced lives no matter what you do or do not do.

The only question is: Do you want to do better than a balanced life?

No one is doing better or worse than anyone else. Some people are up right now materially, and some people are down, but it is a cycle, and everyone gets the same amount of good and bad. It would not be fair any other way, would it?

When you see the whole of life, you get the whole, not just half and half. Any pleasure you get without true life will be balanced, so why seek it?

The only pleasure you really want is the bliss that comes from knowing the truth and the life and living in the present. It is the only thing that has true value.

The mind seeks pleasure; the spirit seeks truth. Those who seek pleasure will never find the truth and the life, and be lost in the animal realm forever.

The Bible says Jesus breaks down the partition, breaks down the walls.

In other words, the truth and the life breaks down the mind that separates us from God and each other; the opposites unite. Jesus unites us with everything.

If you just get out of your own way and let life happen, you will get what you really want. You will get all that there is or ever will be. It really is that simple. Knowing it and doing it are two different things, but knowing it is the start.

The next best thing to finding God/life is looking for it. You cannot lose.

Waking up: Your controlling mind will begin to know that it cannot help you as much when it is on as when it is off. It will begin to understand what it has to do in order to make further progress.

When your mind understands, it will help you know true life. It will begin to open itself up when it is not needed. It will change from a devil to an angel.

It will just fade into the background. It will be there in a split second if you need it, but when you do not, it is gone or turned down as far as possible given the situation. It will do this automatically, reflexively, and naturally.


In your head, it is not a battle between good and evil. If you fight something it gives it life. The way is to just want the truth and life. When you do with all your heart, the evil mind, your adversary just ceases to exist in your life.

When you become a spiritual being, your mind will only be on when you need it, but it will not be needed much, and when it is, it can be barely on most of the time. When you have completed your transformation, your mind will be reprogrammed to operate at the minimum level when needed and to turn itself off when it is not needed. It will never turn on any negative emotions or bad feelings.

Eternal partner: Your spiritual-self cannot do anything for itself. It needs a mind as a partner to get things done, including opening itself up when it is not needed. Before the mind can help you, it first has to understand it is the problem.

The solution is the problem: It is not easy for your mind to realize that it is the problem, because it has always been just the solution to problems until now.

Understanding it is the problem will take your mind some getting used to and time to reprogram itself, but it will do it. The mind's true purpose is to serve the spirit.

Remember, Jesus said, “Do not try to tempt me Satan, for it is written that you shall serve the spirit.”

True perspective: Your mind is like dust on the mirror of your soul, or ripples on a pond that distort its reflection. It is what makes you see life through the glass darkly, as the Bible says (barely see life). Your mind makes it impossible to see true life, and it also makes it impossible to see itself. You cannot see your mind from your current perspective and level of awareness, because you are looking through the mind at the mind. The mind is trying to see itself through itself. That is why your perspective must change before you can see it clearly.

The Bible says, “We fight not with flesh and blood, but against invisible hosts of evil.”

You have to look from your spirit, your true self to see it. Only then can you see the mind for what it is and how it is the adversary of the truth and the life.



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