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Life After Death

Section 5 – Big Picture – Past and Future – Chapter 5.1

Everyone dies, but almost no one really lives. Life after death: The evidence does not directly tell us what happens after we die, but that does not mean we cannot know. We can just take what we do know and project it into the future. When the evidence does not tell you directly what will happen, you can use extrapolation and deductive logic to know what will happen. Example: we do not know for certain that the sun will rise in the morning. All we can know is what has happened in the past and that nature will keep doing what it has done in the past unless something happens to change it. Using this method, we can be almost certain the sun will rise in the morning, because the Earth will keep turning and the sun will keep burning a while longer. Using this method, we can know what will happen after we die. The following is what extrapolating the known evidence says will happen and why.

It happened before: We know we were born into this life and world at least one time, our current lives. There is no evidence that anything else happens or can happen. The evidence says only one thing; we are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again. It shows we evolve as we go through the cycles. You are going to die! Maybe today. This book makes you ready for it.

Death: It is something we have been through countless times. It is the ending of your current physical life and body, including your mind. The only thing that survives your physical death other than your spirit is the position in the collective unconscious you achieved in this lifespan. It focuses you (your spirit) in your next life at the awareness level you achieved in this lifespan. Everyone dies with a damaged brain; death happens as the result of your brain being damaged to the point that it can no longer contain your consciousness. In the collective unconscious, you actually die at the highest level you achieved in this life before your brain was damaged, even if it was years before. Because of this, people who become mentally ill or have brain injuries that cause them to lose their memory and connection to the truth and life still go to heaven.

Guarantee: The collective unconscious locks you in when you learn the ultimate truth, not necessarily when your body dies physically. You can never lose the level of awareness you achieve in this life, no matter what happens after you learn the ultimate truth, because of the collective unconscious. If the collective unconscious did not work this way, there would be no evolution. When people die, their brains and thus their minds are compromised in one way or another. By definition, physical death causes you to lose everything physical, and this includes your brain/mind. Thus, everyone loses the truth before they die. Our essential mind, or spiritual mind, has to be preserved outside our physical self and preserving what we have learned and know, or there could not be any evolutionary progress. Since we can see that there is evolutionary progress, it has to work this way. Even Jesus lost it near the end when he was on the cross. That is why he said, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” It happens to everyone. Birth: It is the start of a new physical life cycle. Your consciousness is starting out in a new physical body and mind. Your new mind is a blank slate except for the instinctual level of mind if you are born again on the animal level. Your new mind is completely blank if you come back as a spiritual being in heaven.


You were not afraid to be born; why be afraid to die? It is the same thing. Birth and death can be seen as just one event, because that is the way you will perceive it. The transition is instantaneous from your perspective.

Guiding angel: Death is your consciousness ending in one body and beginning in another. The collective unconscious stays with you always like a guiding angel and brings what you learned with you. It is with you on a subconscious level if you come back on the animal level. It is with you on a conscious level if you come back as a spiritual being in heaven. Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Bhagavad Gita Reincarnation: You are immortal, so it is important to know what you can come back as. You can come back as the highest form of animal life (mankind), as the lowest form of animal life (bacteria), or you can rise above the animal level and come back as a spiritual being.


If you die as an animal, you are reborn as an animal. If you die as a spiritual being, you are reborn as a spiritual being, so it is important to become one.

It all depends on your perspective and level of awareness you achieve in this life. The collective unconscious connects with you on different levels of awareness. You are connected subconsciously to other souls or spirits that are as aware of the truth and the life as you are. Birds of a feather flock together after death.

Together forever: How can we know we will be together with our loved ones after death? We will be together if our minds are together now, because they are also together in the collective unconscious which determines where and what we are reborn as after death. You will always be with those that know the truth and the life forever once you learn it. This is why you want everyone you love to know it.

The myth of heaven: One of the big selling points of the myth of heaven is you rejoin your loved ones that have died before or after you. The myth says that you see your loved ones the way they looked in this life. It's not true; you are born into new, different bodies. The only thing that is the same is the spirit.

Coming back as you are does not make sense, and no one would really want it to be true. When a child dies, the parents expect them to still be a child when they see them in heaven after they die. Does someone that dies as a child have to stay in a child’s body forever? Do old grandmas stay old? It does not happen. There is no judge or judgment when you die; you will go where life forms like you go. If you live as an animal, you'll be an animal in the next life. If you live as a spiritual being, you'll continue to be one your next life.

As John Lennon said, “It is like getting out of one car and into another.”

Ghosts: Spirits do not live without a physical body of one kind or another. Ghosts or disembodied spirits that talk to people and haunt houses do not exist. If there were ghosts where people die, every hospital would be haunted.

Your spirit needs a body to live (be conscious of life). You need functional eyes to see, or the blind could see. You need ears to hear, vocal cords to talk, etc. When you die, from your own perspective, you are instantly reborn into another body inside the womb of your future mother. When you leave the womb, you will be in a new environment that reflects the level of awareness you achieved in this lifespan. Your level of awareness in the collective unconscious mind determines the nature of your new body and environment. It is what all the evidence says is true. If you learn the truth, you are born into a family with the souls of people you are related to and/or loved in this life and past lives if they are also on the same level of awareness. You will eventually be with all your loved ones in heaven after they learn the truth.


If you are a low life, you will continue to be one in one body or another. If you live in the animal mind ,the best you can do is be as you are now again. The worst you can do is start over at the bottom of the evolutionary cycle on Earth. We’re all of us guinea pigs in the laboratory of God. Humanity is just a work in progress. Tennessee Williams

The cycle of the mind: We know it can take about three and a half billion years to evolve from plant bacteria to mankind, but we did not take that whole trip. Plant life is not conscious life; only animal life is, so we got on the evolutionary ladder when animal life began evolving about seven hundred million years ago.

Plant life does not have consciousness or a mind like animal life does.

Cambrian explosion: When life became conscious, evolution really started moving fast. Consciousness hooked up evolution more directly to the collective unconscious, and this greatly accelerated evolution. If you look at the fossil evidence, you will see that about half a billion years ago, life exploded on earth. It started evolving very fast. It did this as a direct result of consciousness. Come together: Where we are now has a lot in common with the Cambrian explosion. Then, we went from single cell animals to multiple cell animals. We had to in order to survive the future changes on the planet. Single cells came together for the benefit of all, and we are doing it again.

Without the truth, it is every man for himself. With the truth, it is one for all and all for one. The truth and communication technology are connecting us.

Human beings are like big, single cell animals. We are not connected to each other consciously, and just a little bit on the subconscious level. We are in the process of connecting with each other in order to take the next step in our evolution. We will connect spiritually when the truth is realized.

The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with followers of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12

The connection: The ultimate truth will connect us, and we will become like one big organism. It will make the survival of the human race possible, and transforms us into spiritual beings as individuals.


Gates of heaven: Currently, we are at the top of the evolutionary cycle of this world. There is nowhere to go except to the bottom and start over, come back as a human again, or evolve into a spiritual being.

Always getting better: Many people think that life will always get better, that we are always evolving more and more. It is just wishful thinking. The evidence does not support that. Our physical life cycle shows that you physically progress until about age thirty-five, and then you physically start going down hill, so things do not always get better and better, do they? They only do if you know the truth. The evidence shows that everything is going in a circle. You cannot come back anywhere in the middle of the evolutionary cycle, because things naturally go in a complete circle. If you cannot come back in the middle, it means you have to come back at the end. You will have to go to the end of the line, or it would not be fair to other animals in the evolutionary line. God/life is always fair.

Evolution, linear or cyclical: All animals are doing the same thing; evolving. The big question is, is it linear or cyclical? If it is linear, we are way ahead of all other animal life on earth. If it is cyclical, we are ahead and behind, because we are ahead now, at the top of the cycle, but start over at the bottom when we die. We have to assume it is a cycle, because everything else in the universe is in a cycle. We have to do what has the best chance of leaving the animal cycle for a better realm. A better realm is possible, one where you do not eat each other and there is no pain, fear, and death. Some religions call it heaven. They say the truth, learning it and spreading it, is the way. Science and common sense say the same thing, so learning and spreading the truth of life is the way to go. The truth dictates that there are only three ways to go when you die. You can go to heaven, start over at the bottom of the cycle, or come back where you are now. The best of the three options would be to move on while moving on is possible. If you start over at the bottom of the evolutionary cycle, you would have to live in the animal world, the world of the fang and claw, for millions of life spans before you get back in this position again. Who wants to do it again? We have done it at least once; why do it again?


The life you can see says you die, then start over. Why wouldn't all of evolution do the same thing? We are at the top or end of it, so it will start over for those that do not get free from it while they have the chance. Now if some evidence shows up that indicates something else, then maybe it could be different, but until then, we have to go with the truth we can check.

You only have to worry or be afraid if you choose to ignore the truth; then you would deserve to take the fall. If you are going to face the truth and live in it, you should be happy, not fear, and live in love and deserve to go to a heaven, and your awareness of the path you are on should make you even happier. True or false?

You can only leave the animal cycle and become a spiritual being when you are in our very rare position. If you realize your true nature and begin to live the life of a spiritual being, you will not go to any animal level again.

Use it or lose it: The only real difference between mankind and all other animals is our ability to reason and think at a high enough level to know the truth of life. Thus, our minds have to be what we have to use to evolve further. We have to use what evolved that set us apart from other animals.

We have to use the last step we took to take the next step.

Our only job is to become more than we are while we can.

If we do not use our ability to know the truth of life, we may lose it, and we may have to go to the end of the line.

Ultimate purpose: Since we are the only animal with a rational mind, we must use it for its ultimate purpose. We are the only animal that can learn and understand the world we live in. No other animal even knows it is going to die.

There can only be one ultimate purpose for mankind, and that is to transcend or evolve past the animal world.

Jesus said you must be born again to see heaven.

Jesus said you must be born of spirit to get to heaven.

If you die living just as ignorant of truth as an animal, you cannot be anything more in the next life. You have to change yourself while you can. You have to become more than just a smart animal while you can. You have to learn the truth of life.

Most people now are just monkeys with car keys.


Everyone is living like an animal until they know the truth and live the life.

Even people that are living a good, moral life are still animals; they are just well behaved animals. Criminals are the obvious animals, but at least they are being honest to their true nature. They are just acting how an animal acts.

Criminals: Criminals live like animals. The worst is the serial killer, a recent and alarming development in our society. Serial killers are actually doing what comes natural to animals. All predatory animals live like serial killers.

Serial killers: Do you know that serial killers and sadomasochistic killers are becoming an epidemic? These are people that get off sexually by the pain and fear of people they hurt. They get pleasure from controlling, possessing, and killing people. It is the beast, the predator/prey in its purest form.

Costs everything: It is the natural way all lower animals live and always have lived. The predator/prey relationship is the animal world, so people, a lot of people, are going back to their animal-self, because they see no other good way to go, no reason not to do it. Religion is foolish in its current form; people do not believe it even if they say they do, so it is not a powerful enough incentive to be moral and nice to others. Money/wealth does not bring fulfillment, so some figure, why not have some animal satisfaction? They are going back to animal behavior that actually does fulfill them for a short while, but it costs them everything.

Only the truth can give people a real, concrete reason to be moral. It also gives them more than animal fulfillment, so they will rise above the animal.

There is a lot of animal satisfaction in violent and predatory animal behavior, and that is why some people do it. The question they need to ask themselves is: Is it worth the price? Everyone, even good people, have to ask this question.

The stakes could not be higher; heaven forever, or millions of years and millions of fights to the death to claw your way back up the food chain. If criminals knew the truth, they would change their ways; we should tell them.

The Bible says, some will be saved by love and some will be saved by fear.



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