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Evolving Past Our Animal Nature

Section 6 – Heaven on Earth – Chapter 6.3

Plants: Plants are non-conscious forms of life. They are like your arm or leg. They are alive, but not conscious. Non-conscious life supports conscious life. You are connected to trees and other plants as certainly as you are connected to your arms and legs. You are also connected to the Earth, the air, and all non-living things, etc., because they make our life possible.

Everything in the universe is as much a part of you as your skin. Some people think human beings are somehow separate from the rest of nature. The truth is, we are just a part of nature. It should be obvious; everything is a part of the whole. Nothing is separate in truth and life. We are interdependent and all part of the same reality.

The history of nature is our history, because we are just part of nature.

We would not be here without plants. They give us physical life by feeding our bodies directly and indirectly, and they support our spiritual life with their presence. You can open up anywhere, anytime, but it is easiest to live in the present (especially for beginners), when you are out in nature. Camping, hiking, boating, and other activities out in nature will become more popular. Gardening, home and community farming are going to get much more popular. Spiritual people will bring as much of nature as we can into our lives. Everyone is going to go green and live lives that help the natural environment. The Bible tells us to. The environment will become sacred to everyone that sees the truth.

People have a misconception about animals living in the wild. We grew up watching Bambi and Disney movies, and we do not realize what life is really like in the wild. It is literally dog eat dog, predators and their prey, eat and be eaten.

Nature is only beautiful if you do not look at the nature of nature.

All animal life is like living with serial killers on every block that eat you, and there would be no police or weapons to protect ourselves. That is the reality of life in the animal world. We were there (in their skin) for more than ninety- nine percent of the time we have been on earth, and we are still there now. We are not out of the woods yet.

Only humans and their pets die of old age. Most wild animals get eaten before they reach old age. They live in a very brutal and savage world.


When we want something to eat, we just go to a store or a restaurant. It was not too long ago that we had to go out, catch another animal, kill it, clean it and cook it. We had to work from dawn to dusk just to get enough food to survive. It took up all of our time and we failed and starved to death most of the time. While doing this hunting, we were being hunted; we became the killed and eaten until just recently. Natural life is a constant struggle for survival. We were food for other animals as recently as ten- thousand years ago. No animals die of old age; most are killed by other animals. It would be like having a serial killer kill all of us just past middle age. It is not a good way to go, and keeps you in the animal cycle.

When we want something to eat, we just go to a store or a restaurant. It was not too long ago that we had to go out, catch another animal, kill it, clean it and cook it. We had to work from dawn to dusk just to get enough food to survive. It took up all of our time and we failed and starved to death most of the time. While doing this hunting, we were being hunted; we became the killed and eaten until just recently. Natural life is a constant struggle for survival. We were food for other animals as recently as ten- thousand years ago. No animals die of old age; most are killed by other animals. It would be like having a serial killer kill all of us just past middle age. It is not a good way to go, and keeps you in the animal cycle.

Pets: Dogs and cats are next in line to come back as humans after they die, because they have learned what it is to be human from us. We help them evolve by making them less dependent on acting instinctively.

All animals other than man live in the present, which makes it easier for people with them to live in the present. Dogs teach unconditional love. Dog backwards is God. A coincidence? God is unconditional love. Dogs are as close to God/life as a non-human animal can get. They are much closer to the living truth than their owners. Dogs help us to evolve to God/life, and we help dogs evolve to human. It is truly a match made in heaven. Cat does not spell anything backwards, but they help us also, and we help them, even though they will never acknowledge it. Cats show us how to be independent, self-contained and cool. They have cool love. Both are exceptional animals and can teach us a lot. They can play a big part in our transformation and we play a big part in theirs. Everyone should have pets.

Heaven on earth: We may or may not be able to create a heaven on earth for human beings this time around, but we can do it for our pets for certain. We should do it just because we can, and it makes you feel good to be able to create a heaven right now for some living creatures. They live in the present and reflect the love you give back at you, so it enhances your life as well as their life. There is also the possibility we could trade places with them and be someones pet in our next life, just as predators and their prey go back and forth from lifespan to lifespan as they evolve up the evolutionary ladder.

Humans could do the same thing with their pets. We work at creating a heaven on earth for humans, but do it for dogs, cats, other pets and farm animals. That is what a spiritual being does.


Animals are closer and farther away from heaven: Animals have less of a mind blocking the input from their senses, thus they experience much more of life than mankind. They live in the present, and they are more fulfilled and closer to the living truth than we are. They have less of a way to go, but they cannot ever get past that last little bit, the instinctual mind.

Original sin: The Bible calls it original sin. You are born with this part of the mind. The beast within comes into the world with your body as the instinctual mind. That is why the Bible says we are all sinners, all missing the mark.

The Bible says, “Everyone falls short of the glory of God.”

In other words, we are all falling short of the glory of the truth and the life.

Don't feed the beast: Do not feed the beast with greed and expensive things, with drugs, with unhealthy foods, with sex, etc. To evolve past your animal nature, you cannot just give in to what the beast wants to do. You must do what the beast does not want to do and seek truth instead of chase pleasure.

All the way: Non-human animals are much closer to God/life, but even if you are getting ninety-nine percent of the life coming to you, it is nowhere near what a hundred percent is like. Ninety-nine percent with God is still not being with God. A planet can have ninety-nine percent of the mass of a star and not be a star. It is that last one percent that ignites it and turns it into a star that shines with light. It is the same with human beings. You have to go all the way to become a spiritual being. Close only counts in horseshoes, as the saying goes.

Mind vs. mind: You need the mind of man to get past the animal mind. That is why we evolved from lower animals to humans. We could not get to heaven from where they are. You have to know the intellectual mind truth, the thought or word truth, before you can separate from the mind completely. Thus, you have to be where we are now. You have to know that you have a mind and its nature; you have to know that you are really a spiritual being and the nature of spiritual things. You have to know that you are going to die and be reborn. You have to know about the opposites and the balancing force.

You have to know “the truth” of this world to get to the next one. Since animals other than man cannot know it, they have no chance to get free from the mind and get to heaven. They have to evolve biologically into a man before they get the opportunity we have. Mankind, on the other hand, can evolve without changing bodies. We can give birth to ourselves, as the Bible says.


Jesus said, “If Satan is divided against himself, then how will his kingdom stand? And if Satan has risen up against himself, he cannot stand but will come to an end.”

In other words, when Satan (your mind) goes up against itself, it takes control of itself. It turns from Satan into your Guardian Angel, and you are saved from the animal world. You transcend the animal world and evolve into a spiritual being.

The Bible says that Christ will slay the Antichrist with truth.

When people learn the truth and the life, they will have the mind of Christ and will use the truth against the forces of deception to banish deception from the earth.

Animal mind: People who are trying to get clear of the mind usually learn how to turn off the conscious level of the mind in a short period of time, for short periods of time, and then they go no farther. This is because they think they made it and are free. Life is much more fulfilling without the conscious mind blocking it.

When the conscious mind closes down, you are at the awareness level of all lower animals. You become as aware as dogs, cats, and all other lower animals. It is so fulfilling that people stop there. This is the last and strongest illusion. This does not mean that you will see as well as an eagle or hear as well as a dog. All animals have some specialized senses that are stronger than other animals to help them survive and evolve. Our specialized sense that was superior to all other animals was and is our minds. It gave us a huge advantage over other animals and put us where we are at the top of the food chain, but it is not enough. The closest are the farthest away. It is all about being more aware of your environment. Our minds made us aware on a completely new level of perception. It not only gave us the power to conquer the animal world, it gives us the power to evolve ourselves and to manipulate our environment like no other animal, but we are all still just smart animals.

What mankind has been doing and could be doing in the future is unprecedented in the animal realm, and people take it for granted. It is the most wonderful and miraculous thing possible. You just have to know the truth and use the mind to its full potential; to overcome the animal realm.


When we learn the ultimate truth, the conscious and subconscious part of our minds start to shut themselves down and go into the background. It feels so good and is so fulfilling that people are not aware that there is anything else between them and life/God. There is; it is the instinctual part of our minds, the deepest part of our minds. It does not shut itself down with the other parts.

The instinctual mind is very powerful and is harder to see than the conscious mind. You see your conscious mind by just trying to get in touch with your life senses. When they are all clear and receiving all of the life coming to you, you can know that the conscious mind is not in your life. You cannot do that with the instinctual part of your mind. The instinctual part of your mind does not block your other senses very much, not enough to know it that way. Using that method to see it does not work. That is what makes it the most dangerous part of your mind. It is difficult and scary to get past. The instinctual part of your mind manifests itself as fear, carnal love, the sex drive, greed, hate, as well as racism and all other animal aggressive and violent behavior.

Hitler and Manson are examples of people that got their charisma and presence from living without the conscious mind much of the time. It gave them their power, but without the conscious mind to keep the instinctual mind in check, you have a very charismatic super-predator. Hitler was more organized, Manson was more spontaneous, but they were on the same level. They got past fear, but not aggression. They were charismatic, fearless and aggressive, and we all know the result of that state of mind. Manson and Hitler did not know they were living without the conscious mind; they did not turn it off deliberately. They were not aware that they had no conscience. They literally lost their minds; they did not take control of them as a spiritual being does. Only those that know the ultimate truth can turn off their mind.

To go most of the way and then stop before you get past the instinctual mind can be a disaster. You will just be turning the beast loose at full power.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S. Eliot

You have to get past the fulfillment and fear of going farther. If you stop, you will just be a very dangerous animal. This is why it is important to keep opening up until you connect with God/life. You will know when it happens.


You do not want to spend too much time enjoying the beast in its pure form, because it is much too dangerous. If you are acting aggressive, and it is not in direct self-defense, you are not past it.

Jesus said, “The seeker should not stop until he finds. When he does find, he will be disturbed. After having been disturbed, he will be astonished. Then he will reign over everything.”

The mind’s last stand: As you begin to get past the instinctual mind, it can feel like you are dying. That fear usually stops you from going farther until you realize it is not death; it is birth. You are dying to your mind-self and being born to your spiritual-self. Even when you think you are clear, keep opening up; it always gets better and better. To stop searching or opening up is to die spiritually. As the Bible says, you go from glory to glory, and it never ends. The key is to never stop seeking more, wanting more truth and life. It never ends, because life is infinite.

The beginning and the end: The instinctual mind is the last thing that holds you in the animal realm. Animal life started with the instinctual mind, and it will end with the instinctual mind. When you get past it, your spirit is free.

The reason it is so hard to see and so hard to get past is that our spirit has spent over seven-hundred million years with the instinctual mind. We have only been with the conscious and subconscious mind for about ten- thousand years. It is difficult to get past, but many of us can and will get past it. Others will stop at the instinctual mind and cause a lot of trouble with their charismatic presence.

It never goes away in this life; it is more that you see it when it shows itself. It is always lurking; it is the lion Jesus says you have to be vigilant against.

Everything, including the quest for enlightenment, is a double-edged sword. The price for many people becoming enlightened is many people going just part way and becoming more dangerous animals. Many people that go part way are going to be charismatic politicians, but we will see them for what they are. Other people who live in the mind are always going to be a problem we will have to live with in this world. The Bible warns us of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We will know who they are because of the way they behave. As Jesus said, we will know people by their works. If someone is living in the mind, it will show. As John Lennon said, “One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside.”


Until all people that live in the mind are gone, we are going to have to deal with them. Just being around other minds, especially strong ones, makes it almost impossible to stay completely mind free and open to the present for very long.

Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds. Albert Einstein

The good news is, once you know true life, make the God/life connection, you know God/life forever, because the collective unconscious will never let you forget the way. You will be able to live in the truth and the life part time for the rest of this lifespan, and when you die, you will be born into a place where you can live in the truth and the life fulltime, because everyone else is in the present.

My doctrine is: Live that thou mayest desire to live again - that is thy duty - for in any case, thou wilt live again! Friedrich Nietzsche

Child-like not childish: In the future, people will play a lot. We will be child- like, but not childish or irresponsible. You will be filled with life even more than a child.

Leaders: If the truth is seen by most of mankind in the near future, the human race will evolve past leaders and followers and any other real divisions between people. There will be people that are more popular than others are, but that is about it. It will go back and forth from lifespan to lifespan like everything else.

He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures. Friedrich Nietzsche

There will be a government, but not much of one. Most of it will be part time volunteers. Instead of leaders, we will have teachers of the ultimate truth.

One no longer becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion. Anyone that does not agree goes voluntarily into the asylum. Friedrich Nietzsche

People that know the ultimate truth lead themselves; they go where love leads.

The Buddha’s last words were, “Be a light unto yourself.”


Real men: People are always saying “fight like a man.” The truth is, only animals fight. Real men and women do not fight, except in self-defense.

A spiritual person’s fearlessness deters most potential attackers, but you may be attacked anyway. Unfortunately, self-defense may be necessary, until we get to heaven or create one on earth. Just remember, during the course of our evolution, we have had to go through millions of fights to the death. If we have to go through a few more, it is no big deal. When you have the option, you always call the police and let them do the fighting for you. They are prepared for it, and it is their job to do it. You only resort to violence when there is not another way.

We have come a long way, and most people in the civilized world will not have to physically defend themselves anymore, but if you are unlucky and are attacked, you now know what a spiritual being would do and why.

Pain and fear have been the devil/mind’s greatest allies. In addition to causing all the hate, deception and discontent, the mind tries to close down your sense of feeling as much as it can to avoid physical pain. It does not work; pain still will hurt just as bad. The problem is, your sense of feeling stays closed even after the pain is gone. People try to hide from pain, and they end up hiding from true life.

When the mind tries to shut out pain, it does not succeed, but it does succeed in shutting down your perception of true life. It is the worst bargain you can make. Until you get to heaven, you have to embrace all of life completely, including physical pain. It is God, like everything else real. Whatever happens in the present is God. Trying to ignore God/life is the worst thing you can do. It is the only sin there is. To love God is to be open to all of the present all of the time.

You have to take the bitter with the sweet to live true life.

You just have to remember the pain will pass and be compensated for with an equal amount of pleasure. God is in pain, as God is in all of life. You can be in pain and still be fulfilled, filled with life, filled with God. No one likes pain; everyone will still try to avoid pain when they can, but when you cannot, you just have to suck it up and endure it until it passes. Why try to mentally avoid it when it does not work anyway? You have to take what is coming to you and take it all, no matter what it is. You cannot try to shut out pain without shutting out life.

Pain and fear are the tools of the devil.


You can take pain medication to stop or relieve pain whenever you can, but never close your mind to the present. If you try to avoid the present, you are trying to avoid God. It is all or nothing when it comes to God.

Separating the spiritual beings from the animals: It is easy to be completely open when life is good; almost anyone can do that. It is when times are bad that it is most difficult. It is what separates the spiritual beings from the animals. It is the baptism of fire. Difficult or not, you have to be open to the present at all times. You have to want it with all your heart, no matter what it is, and let it in, embrace it as your true love. If you do not love every part of life, you do not love God.

Hardwired: Once you know the ultimate truth, you will be able to separate yourself from fear completely, along with all negative things created by the mind, but not physical pain, because it is hardwired into our bodies. Some people can mentally reduce pain for short periods of time, but most people cannot. Pain medication will help, but not always, and you will not always have access to pain medication. If there is no way to avoid it, why try? Physical pain will hurt as long as you are in your current body. Knowing the balance will help you through it, but it won’t stop it. Pain is hardwired into our current bodies. It will not be in heaven, but we are not there yet. Most of the pain, sadness, and discomfort in our lives is mental, a creation of our minds. Our minds create it, so they can stop creating it once we realize the truth, but we cannot do much about the physical pain in our lives. The pain caused by injuries or disease is real. It is real and cannot be avoided, but it comprises a small percent of most people’s lives, and it is balanced by pleasure.

Pain is concentrated pleasure: A little pain buys a lot of pleasure. You can never feel as good as you can feel bad. The worst pain feels a lot worse than the greatest pleasure feels good. Pain, especially from injuries, is a lot more concentrated and intense. The pain/pleasure balance is never equal in intensity or duration. A few minutes of extreme pain can equal months of feeling good or hours of pleasure.

Fear factor: After you know the truth and start opening up to the life, you will become more fearful of dangerous situations. It is natural and to be expected; it tells you that you are on the right path and becoming more aware.

The fear can serve a positive or negative purpose, depending on how you look at it. It can have a powerful negative effect if you let it close you down and make you less aware of the present. Never try to mentally hide from anything. Use fear as a cue to bring you into the present.


Fear is a great positive if you let the fear make you more aware of life, let it bring you more into the present. Fear can make you more aware, more in the present, and more motivated to seek and spread the truth.

Fear is the mind’s greatest tool to control you, but if you take control of it, it turns it around. It can be used as your greatest tool to free yourself from the mind. What is now your worst enemy can become your best friend.

Make fear your friend.

Look at a coyote; it lives in constant fear, and it is aware of everything happening around it. Get into fear when it occurs, and use it to open you up to God/life. Never let it close you down more.

As Marlon Brando says at the end of the movie Apocalypse Now, “You have to make horror your friend, or it will be an enemy to truly fear.”

Marlon was not paid for his great acting; he was paid for his great presence.

Fear never really goes away, because it is a reflex response to dangerous situations, semi-hardwired into our bodies. The best you can do is separate yourself from it, see it for the mind made thing it is, and not let it control you.

War: Wars will just fadeaway. People will have a hard time believing they ever happened. The whole last ten-thousand years will be seen as one long Dark Age, a pathetic and ugly time that we will not even want to remember.

Why do people that want the same things have conflicts? It is stupid when seen from the truth and the life. When people wake up, all conflicts will stop for many reasons, but survival will be the main one.

In the past, we had to fight for limited resources to survive, so it was necessary. Now, the opposite is true, and we just have to see this fact in time. We no longer have any reason to fight with each other, and we have every reason not to, survival being the main one. The truth and communication will be the key.

The age of mankind: It will be relegated to museums. The age of mankind will be right next to the exhibit of the caveman.

We love seeing our celebrities fall and violent human animal behavior.

Being interested in this stuff is actually good, because we see how the rich and famous do not have it that good, and we also see how close we are to the jungle.

Before you can do the right thing, you have to know what the right thing is.



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