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Divine Justice – The Balance

Section 7 – The Truth Will Set You Free – Chapter 7.9

Divine sense of humor: When you begin to see life truly, you feel like laughing all the time like some demented person (don’t do it, people will think you are crazy). People believe obvious myths are the actual truth, and these same people think they are intelligent beings. That is funny. The beautiful people, the successful celebrities in this life, will be the equivalent opposite in the next life. Those that have the best things in life will have the worst. Those that have the most pleasure in their current lifespan will have the most pain in their next. The most comfortable will be the most uncomfortable. The most powerful will be the most powerless. People will go from the best situation to the worst unless they learn the ultimate truth before they die. That is bad news for those who are on top in this life, and great news for those on the bottom, but the truth is, it is not good for anyone who does not see this truth, and good for everyone, rich or poor, that does see it.

Going in an endless circle is not good for anyone.

Many powerful and successful people go around thinking they have what they have because they are better than unsuccessful people in some way. They take credit for their position in life. Pride comes before a fall, as the Bible says.

What goes around comes around.

The truth is, whatever people have, God/life gave them. The Lord gives it, and the Lord takes it away, as the Bible says. The word “Lord” means master, and God/life is truly our master. Many rich and famous people take credit for their success and look down on the less fortunate, and they were and are going to be just like them very soon. That is funny.

You get to be a rich, beautiful person by being the Elephant Man in another life. The Elephant Man was the ugliest man in the world in one life, so he was the best-looking person in another lifespan. Who is the best-looking person alive now? That person could have been the Elephant Man or is going to look something like him in the near future. Someone was the Elephant Man; he lived on this planet. Going from Elvis or Tom Cruise to the Elephant Man is not the way to live. Looks, talent, power, and personality traits go back and forth like everything else.


Living in the truth of life is a better way. Rise above the opposites. If you do not, today’s winner is tomorrow’s loser. If you rise above the balance, it does not matter.

The truth is, no one is special or different from anyone else. No one is special, and everyone is special. Life has to be balanced to be fair.

Wake up, rich, beautiful people. How could you even think that you deserve to have a better life than other people do? What have you done to deserve a better life than some sick, poor person? You have not done anything have you? If you do not wake up and change your ways, you will be a sick, poor person very soon.

People born with a debilitating physical disability or disease are in a cycle.

That is how the balance works; it is what makes life fair for everyone. It is what makes life perfect, and knowing it gives you the ability to live with an open mind.

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift. Albert Einstein

The edge: You no longer have to wonder why some people are born poor with a crippling disease and others are born with health and wealth, or why someone gets killed by a serial killer and someone else wins the lottery. They are just people living at the edge of the balance. You do not feel sorry for one and envy the other, because they will essentially switch places in their next life to create balance. Everyone else does the same thing, only most people live closer to the middle of the balancing forces and have a normal life of ups and downs. The middle of everything is the best place to be. If you just look at the earth, there are more poor than rich, so how can it balance? When you wake up, you see infinity, and that time and space are relative, and that there are many worlds that make it possible to balance.

Superman: Sometimes a life of big ups and downs happens in just one lifespan. There is no clearer place to see this than in the life of Christopher Reeve. He became a rich and famous movie star playing Superman, and he went from there to a quadriplegic that could not even breathe on his own. The balance can happen in minutes, hours or days. Very bad and very good things can happen fast. You can be shot, but live, have a heart attack, but live, fall off a cliff, but land in the water, etc.


The balance will happen even if it takes many lifespans.

Once you know the truth and the life, you never have to ask “why” again.

One in a million: Rich, powerful people have less fortunate people thinking that it is their fault that they are not as rich and powerful as they are. The rich will never acknowledge that they were just lucky, because most of them do not know it; they really think they are better or smarter or work harder, etc. They believe the illusion, because they want to. The truth will be seen by poor people first, because they will want to see it more. The truth is, for everyone that succeeds, there are many more that tried just as hard that did not. Becoming rich and famous is at least a one in a million shot. That means if a million try, only one will succeed. That doesn’t mean some that try will not become very successful, they will just not make it to the very top, the dream life, and that is what people want and think they need to be fulfilled.

We are selling people dreams, and we need to be selling people reality.

There are very many levels of success and failure, but only a few get the brass ring and go to the top of the success scale. If people really understood the certainty of the odds, there would not be as many dreamers and there would be many more people that are happy with where they are in life. You have to fully live your life.

Naturally, you should give everything you go after your best shot. It may be your turn to win, but never blame yourself if you do your best and it is not good enough. It really is not up to you, so how can it be your fault?

You give your all. If it is your time to become a movie star, it is your time.

Work hard: People are always saying that all you have to do is work hard, work smart, and you too will be rich and powerful. It is not true. The rich say it and/or think it, because they are really saying they are better than you are, that they work harder or are smarter. People who tell you that you can do anything, accomplish anything you work for, are not telling the truth. The balance will determine what happens in your life. The truth is, if it is not your time, things will happen to prevent it. If it is meant to happen, the opposite will happen, and you will have what it takes or get it. You will get in a winning groove or losing groove, and it is not up to you.

If it is your time, the things you try turn to gold. If not, they turn to lead.


People that actually work the hardest make the least money. Immigrant farm workers are bent over in the hot sun picking vegetables all day for less than minimum wage. Most rich people hardly do any hard work.

If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire. George Monbiot

To get in the position of wealth, rich, successful people may have put many hours into working at first, but it was no harder than someone else. Many people work hard and work smart, but the outcome is different. It is easy to work hard when what you do is succeeding, when you are in a winning groove. Most people work their ass off with only bad luck, and no chance of real success, and that is hard. Success and winning is always easy.

Success factor: The truth is, there are other things in addition to hard work that will make the difference between success and failure. Ninety- nine percent of the human race does not have the opportunity for the one in a million kind of success. The truth is, only one in a million really do.

You have to have a million things that are not in your control. A few of them are, the right opportunities, education, access to capital, the right idea, the right connections and help from others, ability and other intangibles like timing, etc. If it is not your time to succeed, you will not have or get the things you need. If it is your time, you will have them or get them. The truth is, nine out of ten new businesses fail. Since no one wants to fail, it has to be out of our control. When something succeeds, it becomes part of nature in a sense. Just as a tree will grow if it gets what it needs, a business will do the same and grow. A million things have to go right, but if one thing goes wrong, you can be dead in the water. No one can control it; those that think they do are missing the truth.

Your turn: If it is your turn, even bad things that happen will turn out to actually help you. If it is not your turn, even good things that happen will not help you.

You have seen how some movie stars can get in big trouble, and the publicity makes them bigger stars, and you see other people win an Oscar and go down the tubes. The truth can be seen if you just look at what happens in the real world.

Strive not to be successful, but rather to be of value. Albert Einstein


Losers/winners: The perception that you make your own future is promoted by the mind of this world to glorify the mind and enslave people. It is not just the rich themselves; it is the school system and everyone else, especially people that are not rich but think they will be soon. Over the centuries, people’s minds have been programmed to believe what the rich and powerful tell them. As if it wasn’t bad enough to be poor, you also have to feel like you’re a loser. The truth is, all winners are losers, and vice versa. Once people see the truth, the “anything is possible” lie will be one of the first lies to go. In the long run, fifty-fifty is the best you can do, the best anyone can do, except for those that know the truth and the life; they get one hundred percent. God/life makes everyone equal. It is as certain as the sun rising and setting and happens for the same reason the sun rises and sets. The “you can do anything” lie has caused more waste, heartache, and power to the mind than anything else. Spiritual people know the truth.

Lip service: Nothing is more sad than watching a young person beat a dead horse. When the ship is sinking, you have to get off it or go down with it. When people start saying how great what you are trying to do is, but do not help you, it is time to start getting in a lifeboat. You can always start over and try again.

Lucky people: All our heroes were just very lucky people. George Washington may have been very brave and smart, but he was also very lucky. For every Washington, there were many patriots that were just as brave and smart, but not as lucky. They died in obscurity, but that is okay, because it all balances out in time. Everyone wants to be the winner. No one wants to fail, just as no one wants to die. If it were up to us, we would never fail or die. The fact that everyone does proves it is not up to us. You may say it is not the same thing, but it is. Things we do not want to happen will happen, no matter what we think or do. As the bumper sticker says, shit happens, and it will happen to you for certain, but when you see the truth, it does not matter to you. Always do what you like to do, even if it does not make you much money, because if you are enjoying the journey, you cannot really lose.


Try different things: After you learn the truth and the life, you can enjoy doing any job, because you are fulfilled by everything you do, but some work is better suited to certain individuals. You should try different things until you find what feels the most right to you. You want to be around people you relate to and in an environment that inspires you. You have to support yourself, and if what you love doesn’t do it, get another job. You always do your best, go for the gold, try to get rich, because you will have more to give to less lucky people, but you do it with the knowledge of the balance and that success is not really up to you, then you do not let failure hurt you.

Shoot for the moon, but if you do not make it, be happy with what you do.

Everyone can succeed at being middle class, and the truth is, it is the most fulfilling place to be. You just have to give up the dream and live in the present.

Everything in moderation, the middle of everything is the best way to go.

Win-win: In sports, businesses, and other types of competition, it is better to be the winner than the loser, but only if everyone knows the truth. When people know the truth, the people that lose will not feel bad or like losers if they did their best, and the winner will feel even better about winning than they do now, because their winning did not hurt anyone. If winning hurts the losers, there is no winner. In the truth, there are no real losers, just the balance of life. This is why the truth needs to be spread to everyone, because no one can really enjoy winning or losing until everyone knows the truth.

You go for the edge, the best in accomplishment, but you live in the middle.

Push the envelope: For everyone that pushes the envelope in sports and wins, there are many more that tried and lost and many that injured themselves trying. This has always been swept under the carpet, so to speak. People that live in the mind only focus on the winner. A spiritual being sees both sides.

The truth is, luck, or the balance, always makes it happen. Even if it was their talent or intelligence that made them win, they were lucky to have the talent and intelligence. You either have what it takes in that time and place, or you do not.


It passes: Winning is only enjoyed for a brief moment. You have to ask yourself if it is really worth all the pain and BS it can create.

Winning only lasts for a moment in time. The truth and the life is forever.

Only happens to someone else: People really believe this, and it is a deception created by the mind. What goes around does come around to everyone.

The only way to escape the cycle is to learn and live in the truth and the life.

Jesus saves: Only Jesus can save you, just as the Bible says, because only the truth and the life can save you, and as Jesus says, he is the truth and the life.

Dreams: Many people think it is important to have a dream. It is not, not because they will not come true or that they cause most of the trouble in the world, but because it is a force against the truth and the life, against the present and God.

Dreams are of the mind; reality is of the spirit.

The mind likes dreaming because it creates it, so it would do it all the time if you let it. If you compare daydreaming to real life, you can see how weak it is. It is just a waste of your real life. Only people that do not know the truth dream.

Dreams are anti-life: They not only steal your real life, they separate us from the truth, and in the age of nuclear weapons, not knowing the truth will lead to our destruction. We have to know what is really happening to do the right thing.

Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. Joseph Campbell

If you are a dreamer, you are saying the present is not good enough for you. You are saying God/life’s creation is not enough for you. You are rejecting God/life, and there is no greater sin, because it leads to all the suffering in life. You are saying the present does not fulfill you and you want something else. Just doing it causes your life to be unfulfilling and leads to all other problems.

What it really says is you do not know the truth, because if you did, you would always be happy with the present, because you would know it is all there is.


The fact is, the only way for your hopes and dreams to really come true is to stop dreaming and wake up to real life. Dreaming about the past or the future causes you to miss the present, and there is no greater sin or mistake. It is a tool of the devil/mind to control people.

America was created by dreams. They were necessary in the past, but now they will hurt more than they will help. It is time to make the dream come true. It may have taken dreams to get us to where we are now, but for America and the rest of the world to continue to survive and thrive, we will have to start living in the present. Dreams are not the truth; they mislead and divide people. Without the dream, there would be no occasion for the division of the world. Friedrich Nietzsche

True equality: Now you know the truth, so you know that no one is better or worse than you in any way. Life is always fair, and you will get your share. Once the rich and powerful know the truth, they will start sharing the wealth and be a lot more humble. They will if they want to go to heaven, and they will want to. Rich only lasts a few years, and it is not that great. Heaven lasts forever, and it is as good as it can get all the time. Jesus said, "The glories of this realm last only a moment; the glories of the heavenly realm abide forever."

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix Move over Rover, and let God take over. When people see the truth, they will see how pointless what they are doing is and will want to get off the pointless cycle. The ultimate truth will change the world. Hate: If you put your attention into hating someone, you will become what they are in another life. You can become what you hate, what you fear or look down on. It is one reason why you do not want to hate and/or fear anyone. If racists and bigots knew they would be what they hate, they would be changing their ways. We should tell them. You can also become what you love, so love God.


Rich-poor cycle: You will go where you want to go, but only if it balances your life. You may have been rich and famous in your last life, and it is not your turn this time. If it is not your turn, it is not your turn, no matter what you think or do.

If you give your attention to trying to get rich, even if you succeed, you will just be getting into the rich-poor cycle. The higher you fly, the further you will fall. You get to play big shot for a few years, and then you die, come back, and get to play bum for a few years. It just goes back and forth forever if you do not see the truth.

If you are tall, you are going to be small. If you are rich, you are going to be poor. You have been around this cycle many times, and we can do better now.

It isn’t me: Without the truth, people look at someone that has a bad life and just think “it’s not me and it is not my problem.” With the truth, they know that it is their problem. This insight won't let people off the hook anymore; it will change the world.

Blessed are those that are pure of heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

Merry-go-round: If you give your attention to the truth and the life, that is what you will become. It is “the way” as Jesus said to get off the merry-go- round of life. It is the only way you will become what you want to be and stay that way forever.

You just have to let God/life give you its attention first by opening up to life. God’s attention or love is only in the present; it is the present. You have to let love (life) in to have it in your heart. You do not create love or life; you just receive and reflect as shown in the drawing at the beginning of this book.

The reason you actually feel like laughing all the time is because you feel so liberated, but you have to admit, divine justice can be funny.

Shades of gray: The balance is mostly in shades of gray. Example: Beautiful people with money and other advantages can have a horrible life, and many poor people live great, happy lives. Some people are successful financially, but failures at love or have bad health, and vice versa.

I use black and white analogies just to make a point. The way the balance actually happens is infinitely complicated, but the bottom line is, the balance will always balance everything evenly and fairly in one way or another, sooner or later, and it is as certain as day and night and the reason why we have day and night.


I will say it again so it sinks in. What goes around comes around.

There is no way to escape the law of the balancing opposites, the laws of nature (God’s laws), and only someone that does not know the truth would even try. Therefore, the only thing that matters is to discover the truth of what and where you really are. Know thy world and know thy self, as Jesus said.

You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are! John Lennon

Go in, to get out: Our physical bodies are physical, so we will always be subject to the balancing force of the physical world. The only way to go in is by letting all of life in. You can only get out of the balance by seeing it and loving it.

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. Sir Francis Bacon

This is because when you get into it all the way (become completely aware), you are transformed into a spiritual being that is in the center of everything, and just as the axle of a wheel does not turn, you never move. You are always in the center of the balance, and from that perspective, the world is always perfect. The truth is, you are already there; you just do not know it yet.

The way to go in is to be completely open to what is coming from outside of you. You go in and out at the same time when you see the truth and the life.

Listen to the Beatles’ song, “Everybody's Got Something to Hide, Except Me and My Monkey” (The White Album). It explains how to go out and go in at the same time. They say it much better than I do. As they say in the song, “It is such a joy.”

The power of the truth: In the past, the poor thought the rich and powerful all had wonderful lives, the type of lives the poor imagined in their dreams. Today, we just have to look at the grocery store tabloid newspapers and magazines or watch TV, and we can see how the rich and famous really live.

A few years ago, all little girls wanted to grow up to be a princess. Now, thanks to princess Diana and the tabloids, girls can see she had a very troubled, tragic life.

Rich, famous people’s lives are not much better, and are sometimes a lot worse than most middle class people’s lives. It is better to be successful than not be successful, but it is just part of a balancing cycle, so it really does not matter what you are, where you are, or what you are doing.


We now know what people in the past did not know, and that is that money, fame and power are not that great. It certainly is not what people are dreaming it will be, and it is certainly not worth sacrificing true life and heaven for. True or false?

Knowing this is a great gift and one of the many great advantages the people living now have over people that lived just a few years ago.

The power of the new revelations of truth is the power to make a fundamental change in ourselves and our world. People in the past could not know the truth for sure, but we can, because we can see the big picture for the first time.

We now know that all we have to do is take what is being given to us, just take what is coming to us, and we will go to heaven.

Farts in the wind: The truth is not going to change the rich and famous for a while, if at all. The prince of darkness has a death grip on those people, so they do not have the chance at heaven middleclass and poor people have.

This is why Jesus said, blessed are the poor, for they will see heaven.

Poor people may be blessed in this way, but they will have to walk the walk to heaven with the rich and powerful in the world bugging them. Just keep in mind that they will only be around for a few years, and they will die off, or you will die.

You have been waiting billions of years to get away from the beast; what is a few more years? Rich people are just farts in the wind, and their stench will blow by in no time. You know it is true, so do not let losing in the short run bother you. When you truly know the truth, nothing will bother you, not even rich fools.

Jesus said, Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. You will just have to deal with the devil/mind for a little longer.



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