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Book of Life

Section 8

Hereafter: If you want to know what happens after you die, just look at your own life. This is the hereafter. This is what happens after you die. It is the hereafter of the life you lived before you were born. This is the hereafter! You are back from the last life you lived, and so is everyone else. The people living in this generation were alive in the previous generations. We are mankind, all of it. We built this world, all of it. We lived our history. It is interesting that we open presents on Christmas, the day we celebrate Christ’s birthday. Many believe that opening presents on his birthday is wrong. The opposite is true; it could not be more appropriate. It is Christmas everyday. Everyone is back now to unveil the truth and the life, to open our presents together.

We are all back again: All the people that have lived and died in the past have been reborn and have rejoined mankind. Almost every human being who has ever lived is alive right now or will be reborn in this generation, about 13 billion. The Bible in Revelations says that all the dead shall rise from their graves. You could be George Washington, Columbus or Adolf Hitler; someone has to be them. Their spirit is back along with everyone else that lived in the past and did not learn the truth. They are just in a different body and mind and are nothing like what they were in their previous lifespan. Everyone is back or will be soon. That homeless guy that asked you for some change could be George Washington.

No past life memory: We have no memories of past lives, because memories are biochemical parts of the brain, and our past memories died when our past physical mind/brain died. Everyone that did not learn the truth and the life in their last life, including us, is back or will be soon. We have to come back until we learn the truth and become a spiritual being. Everyone that started the evolutionary cycle on earth will be here now to get their chance to finish the quest and leave the animal cycle.


Ancestors: We do not have to blame or thank our ancestors for fighting all the wars and doing all the work that has gotten civilization to where it is now, because we were our ancestors; we did it. We did it for us, and we did it for now. We have been all the heroes and scoundrels throughout history. We built this civilization for one purpose, and that purpose is to become spiritual beings.

Old ones: Mankind is the oldest life on earth. We are descended from the first animal life to evolve on earth. We are at the very top of the evolutionary cycle, because we have been evolving for the longest time.

The people that see the truth and the life first were the very first animal life to evolve on this planet. We have been traveling together a long time, have seen it all and suffered it all. We will be the first to see the truth and spread the truth. For we know that the whole creation suffers and travels in pain together until now. Rom. 8:22

The exponential progression: The evolution of the human race is accelerating in an exponential geometric progression. More will happen to our life on earth in the next few years than has happened to us in the last seven-hundred million.

Snowball: We are in a progression that is now advancing exponentially. It took ten-thousand generations for the human population to reach two- billion people. In the last generation alone, we added more than twice that number of people. Our average lifespan went from about thirty five to seventy eight (more than doubled) in the last few hundred years. Technology went from muskets to A-bombs in about the last hundred years. The speed of travel went from the horse to jet aircraft. World communication went from months to seconds. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill; it keeps rolling faster and getting bigger and bigger. Now that it is big and moving fast, it gathers more snow in a partial turn than it did from many revolutions in the past.

This is why we can evolve more in the next few years than in the previous seven- hundred million, but this can only happen if we face the truth and stop playing make believe. If we do not, we can undo all the gains of the last seven-hundred million years even faster. It can go either way. It will go one way for those that learn the truth and the life, the other for those that learn it, but do not accept it.


The human race will go where the majority of the population goes.

What most people do not realize is that everything that makes up our world just happened. TV, cars, refrigerators, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, toilets, washing machines, microwaves and computers, etc. have all just appeared in the last few generations, most in this last generation. Americans could legally own people as slaves just one hundred and fifty years ago. Women could not own property, sign a legal contract, or vote until the 1920s, and they did not have equal rights under the law until the 1960s.

Everyone is acting like life has always been like it is now or that it has been this way for a long time; it hasn’t. It has all just happened, and it can all just end.

There was nothing like the world we live in now in the past; we take everything for granted. It is a deception, a very dangerous deception.

Everything in the past was just leading to now. This is what we have all been working, fighting and waiting for. This world is new and temporary. We have to wake up to this truth before we can go further.

Book of life: If the less than two-hundred thousand year history of human beings (Homo sapiens) were a two-hundred page book, each page would represent one thousand years.

For more than one hundred and sixty pages (one hundred and sixty thousand years), most of our history, you would just read about wild animals, doing what wild animals do. We did not do anything different than any other wild animal for more than three-fourths of the time we have been in human bodies.

Our brains were the same size they are now, and we looked exactly as we do now. The only difference is how we lived. We had no permanent shelter other than caves, no weapons other than sticks and stones, not even fire.

We were food: Try to imagine you and your friends running around naked in a hot jungle or grassland with only sticks and stones for protection. For most of our history on this planet, we were eaten alive by big cats, bears, big lizards and even big birds. Birds like the Haast eagle had claws as big as a tiger’s, and were eating us for more than ninety percent of the book. We were like big, slow rabbits to them. Being eaten alive sounds horrible, because it is horrible, as bad as it gets.


It was horrible to live on earth up until just recently. It was worse for us than any other animal, and it was the worst for our children; most of them did not grow up.

Caves: The strongest people lived in cold, dark, dirty and insect filled caves. If you were the biggest and strongest, you were lucky, because you could take and keep the best places to live. Caves gave you a little protection from the animals that tried to eat you, but you constantly had to fight other humans for the cave. Only the biggest and strongest, healthiest humans lived in them. Most people lived outdoors in small groups.

Most people were out in the open, and when it got dark, you did not sleep well. Most of the real life monsters that ate us alive snuck up in the dark when we tried to sleep. We had no chance against them, and they ripped us apart and ate us.

Tonight when you are lying in bed in the dark, imagine you are laying on the ground in pitch darkness, with no walls and doors. Thousands of insects and other strange creatures are out in the dark making loud noises. Imagine there are predators many times your size, with large fangs and claws, that can see in the dark and smell where you are sleeping. You were there.

Animals like the Saber Tooth Tiger lived in the same places we lived up until about ten thousand years ago, and they were just one of many creatures that would kill and eat us alive. This is the way it was for 90% of human history, our history.

Fire: We could not make a fire up until about forty-thousand years ago. That means for about one hundred and sixty thousand years, we had to go to sleep without a fire burning. For most of the time we lived on earth, we feared the night.

I am not talking about cavemen. I am talking about people exactly like us.

Not too long ago, seeing a rabbit running around would have made you hungry. You would try to kill it and eat it raw. We did not get rabbit very often; they were hard to catch. We would eat whatever we could catch, mostly insects and lizards.

For at least one-hundred and sixty pages of the two hundred page book (160,000 years), we did not have fire, were eaten, and ate other animals raw.


You lived like that for a lot longer than you have been in a warm, safe house with food in the fridge. The truth is scary, but it is the truth that sets you free.

The last paragraph: Only on the last half of the last page in the book of our history would you read about a world that had books(the printing press).We did not really communicate with each other before then. The truth is, just about everything happened in the last one percent of the time we have been human.

Smelled bad: Most people went years between baths up until just recently. When George Washington lived, everyone smelled bad. Almost no one took a bath in the winter. Before indoor plumbing, taking a bath was very difficult, so people did not do it very often. We did not have garbage pick- up until 1895. Life literally stunk until this last generation.

Last sentence: Almost everything that comprises the world we live in now happened in the last sentence of the last page of the two-hundred page book of our history as human beings. Are you starting to get the true picture? Human beings lived in an unbelievably brutal, savage world for at least ninety-nine percent of the time we have been on earth. We have only just recently enjoyed living in a semi-safe, clean and semi-civilized world. No one knows it.

Bad guy wins: In our past, the better killer you were, the more successful you would be. It is a fixed game where the bad guy wins. The bad guy is usually the aggressor, and the aggressor has the advantage. This is why we need to get out of the animal realm while we can. To do it, we have to do the exact opposite of what we did in the past to be successful. We have to completely change a mind that has been evolving for millions of years in a very short period of time to be successful now.

Being eaten alive is the worst way to go and is the fate of most animal life. It is what happened to us millions of times. It is the ultimate incentive to become a spiritual being and leave the animal realm.


When we needed to eat or mate, it made us the most vulnerable to attack by other predators. It is one of the worst features of the natural, animal world, that just when you think something great is going to happen, the worst does instead.

We are eating and mating now like never before, and we think something good is going to happen. This makes it the most dangerous time in history.

The animal realm forces us to endure the absolute worst things to motivate us to become the absolute best things. It had to be the worst for us to be the best.

Not working now: Nature has been trying to force us to evolve into spiritual beings. It took a long time, but worked in the past. It is not working now, because the forces of deception have removed the motivation to take the last step.

Roller coaster: The pain of the past was balanced, but that does not make it good. When you won a battle or fight to the death, or were successful in killing an animal during a hunt, it was extremely pleasurable. This is why men still feel good when we kill something. It saved you and your family. You were much more aware of the present, so life was much more fulfilling than it is now, but that does not make it okay. Living on a roller coaster of extreme ups and downs prevents you from ever learning the truth and the life. Only at the rare times you get off the rollercoaster of animal life do you have a chance to see the truth and the life and have the ability to evolve past the animal realm. We know it has not happened for at least seven- hundred million years.

Center of the storm: Human beings are now like the eye of the hurricane. In the cyclone of animal life, it is only while in the calm at the center of life that it is possible to see the ultimate truth and transcend the animal realm forever.

Taking for granted: We are taking the way we live now for granted and acting like our past did not happen and assuming it can never happen again. We have created myths of the past, so we can project an equally false myth of the future. Thus, if we forget or ignore the true past, this will literally cause us to lose in the biggest possible way. To come all this way and then stumble on the last step is the worst possible thing that can happen, period. It is the ultimate disaster.


Those that do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

For millions of years, our life was a daily struggle just to survive the day and then the night. We were hungry and afraid for millions of years. Things like murder, rape and cannibalism were standard behavior. It was more horrible than anyone can imagine or describe in words. Yet, when we finally get in a good situation for a brief period, we spend our time trying to get more rich, be winners, play games and have as much sex as possible. What could be more dangerous or stupid?

Are we really intelligent beings? We are not acting very intelligent.

Cockroaches have sex over two-hundred times a day and can run over a scale hundred miles an hour. Cockroaches can do what most people are trying to do now better. Trying to do what a cockroach can do better does not bode well.

We are the exception: Cockroaches have been on earth unchanged for more than three-hundred million years, and there have always been a lot more of them than us. We are the exception to the rule of animal life; they are the rule.

The ultimate tragedy: We now have the opportunity to change our nature and escape the animal realm forever, but instead of taking advantage of it, we are taking our situation for granted and trying to live with our eyes closed.

When the truth is realized, people will stop worrying if parts of their bodies are too big or too small, or if they are popular, winners or losers, etc.

Fool's paradise: We are missing our opportunity to escape the animal realm. We are burying our heads in the sand and hoping some myths will save us. We are busy playing mind games, pleasure seeking instead of truth seeking, and missing an opportunity that we know only comes once every seven-hundred million years. For what? We are not happy living the lie.

All we have to do is acknowledge the truth, but we are doing the opposite and trying to live in a lie. Could anything be more stupid or tragic?

Einstein said, there are two infinite things; the universe and man's stupidity.

It was forgivable in the past when we could not know the truth for certain, but now that we can know it for certain, it is unforgivable.


The price of heaven: We have spent at least the last seven-hundred million years paying the price to get to heaven. We have almost paid it. Unfortunately, it is also the time we are most asleep. What was it all for? Why did we have to struggle and suffer for so long?

Ultimate awareness: It was all to cause us to evolve. The fear of being eaten causes a life form to evolve better senses in order to avoid predators and find prey. It caused us to become more aware of our environment, more aware of life. Everything that happened was just to make us more aware of life. We evolved a big brain in order to be more aware of our environment, but it was an indirect awareness. It was a totally new way of seeing life, a way of understanding it, a way of knowing the truth of life. All our senses before evolved to better know the environment directly. Our minds actually did the opposite by blocking our direct awareness of the environment; we traded it for the truth of life. There are two types of truth: truth you know and truth you experience. Make the two one: We need both direct and indirect awareness to have the ultimate awareness. Only when we do will we have reached the top of the evolutionary ladder and achieved total awareness of our environment and life. Our minds gave us the ability to know “the truth.” The truth is indirect awareness of our environment. Our indirect awareness came at the expense of our direct awareness of our environment, awareness of “the life.” We just have to put our direct and indirect awareness together to know the truth and the life and take the final step in evolution. I am hammering on this point, because forever rides on it. Nothing has ever been as important as this is. We know the truth: The Bible and other religious books tell you how to do it. You can literally understand everything that can be understood and be free from the animal realm forever. All you have to do is interpret religious books correctly. The truth and the life = ultimate awareness = heaven.


The last page: The last page of the book of our history on earth is turning now. What is going to be written on the next page? Will it be a story about heaven or hell? It will be one or the other, and what is written is up to us now. If we wake up to the truth in time, it will be about a heaven on earth. If we stay asleep much longer, it will be about a hell on earth, a worse one than has ever existed before. It is the price of coming so far and then throwing it all away. Things will either become as good as they can possibly be or the worst it can possibly be. That is how the balance works; it is as certain as the sun rising and setting. We can be as smart as we can possibly be, or as stupid as we can be. The sun rising and setting, day and night, shows us the nature of the universe, the nature of the balance. Nothing could be more obvious, yet almost no one can see the truth. The sun is about to set or rise on the human race.

Life after death: Why do people seem to care more about the future of the human race than their personal future? Why will people sacrifice their lives for the future of mankind? Soldiers sacrifice their lives for a better future; why do they do it? Why do salmon swim upstream and give their life for their offspring? Why do most animals risk their lives to save their offspring? It is not just love. The most powerful instinct is “survival,” or self- preservation, so why do we often put the survival and well being of our descendants ahead of our own? It is because subconsciously we know that we will be our own descendants. If you have children, you will most likely come back as your own grand children or great grand children. You may even inherit some of your own money. This is why kings always passed the crown to their own bloodline. If you do not have children, you will come back as the offspring of relatives with the closest DNA to the DNA you have now. Your spirit goes with what it knows, but there are many factors that can change your trajectory, and this book reveals them.

How we know where we go: The balancing force and what you know, do, and are in this life determines where and when you come back; you evolve.


If you know the truth and the life, you come back in a heaven, most likely on Earth if we create one here. If we do not create a heaven here, you will go to another planet or place and time somewhere else in the infinite universe. It would be just like Earth, and we would be just as humans are now if we do not move up or down. The reason it has to be true is that this world could be destroyed, and we know our consciousness cannot be destroyed, thus there has to be other semi-identical worlds to Earth for the collective unconscious and evolution to evolve. This can only be known by using deductive logic in combination with what we know about nature and evolution. Keep in mind we live in an infinite universe.

Jesus said there would be a heaven on Earth: In addition to all the reasons I mention in this book, the Bible and Jesus say there will be a heaven on Earth. Jesus said he would come back on Earth. He knew the truth and the life, so when he died, he had to go to a heaven, so he cannot come back here until there is a heaven on Earth. This indirectly says that there will be a heaven on Earth. Most Christians think he is going to come back before and lead the transition, but that cannot happen. He helps us with the things he said two-thousand years ago and through the collective unconscious now. Jesus is in spirit and truth now, waiting for us to learn the truth and the life. He did it already; we have to follow.

What is said in this book is not just a theory; it is what the evidence says. It is truth you can check, and that makes it the real truth, the only truth.

Logic only: Somethings can only be checked with logic, such as our future. This is because our future does not exist yet. All we can do is extrapolate using logic, but we do that in our everyday lives, and it works. As I have pointed out, you do not know that the sun will rise for certain, but you can be very sure by extrapolating the billions of times we know it has happened in the past.

Together forever: We will be together after death with our loved ones if our minds are together now, because our minds are together in the collective unconscious. The known evidence, when extrapolated out, says the collective unconscious is what determines what we are reborn as and where we are reborn after death. You will always be with those that know the truth and the life forever once you learn it.

You stay connected to those you are truly connected to now. The extrapolated evidence also says that if you learn the truth, but continue to live as an animal, you start over at the bottom of the animal food chain on Earth. You could be there later today, in five minutes. You had your chance and did not take it. The wheel of life continues to turn, to give one of the trillions of other spirits on the evolutionary ladder its chance.


When you wake up, everything is obvious, and you see what is happening.

The spiritual agenda: The collective unconscious, or Holy Spirit if you prefer, is the force behind evolution. It is behind all progress and the current population explosion. It has done what it had to do in order to get us all here now.

The last ice age: The collective unconscious works with the natural environment to move the spiritual agenda ahead whenever it gets the opportunity. When the last ice age ended, it made its move, and so far, it has resulted in the world we are living in now. It has gotten us to the very door of heaven.

The environment: The unusual, long period of good weather in about the last ten-thousand years has made it possible for us to progress enough to give all of mankind a shot at heaven.

Moss on a rock: To nature, the human race is no different than moss growing on a rock. We had a lot of sunlight, so we grew and covered the whole rock. That is the truth of what happened and why. The Holy Spirit has to work with nature.

We are nothing special to nature, but we are to ourselves, and thanks to the good weather and collective unconscious, we have a brief opportunity to become something truly special forever. We can take it or leave it. It is your choice now.

The good weather gave the collective unconscious the time and opportunity to learn the truth and develop worldwide communication technology to spread it. It also gave us the technology to support all of mankind on Earth at the same time. It is the reason we are all here now or will be soon, but it cannot last long. We have to make the change while we can. The window will close in just a few years.

Do or die: We have to do it now or in the very near future to do it at all, because mankind will destroy the natural environment and itself soon if we do not. We cannot sustain what we are doing now for long; it is impossible. The snowball can only get so big before it explodes. The human race is in a race for survival; it is now or never. It has to happen now or the environment will remove our options.

More countries are getting nuclear and biological weapons. They will start being used if the truth is not seen soon. We have a choice, life or death.


Even if we do not destroy the environment, nature will. The weather changes in natural cycles; another big disaster is going to come soon, no matter what we do. If we become enlightened, spiritual beings, we will survive most of what nature throws at us. If we do not, we will not survive even a minor worldwide change in the weather, because it will unleash the beast within mankind. For the first time, we will be together, and we have everything we need to make the transition as a group to spiritual beings and create a heaven on Earth. For the first time, we also have the means to destroy ourselves. It is no coincidence. An animal species either evolves to adapt to its environment when it has to, or goes extinct. We are mankind, all of it. We have to take the next step, because there is no one else! We are doing what we have to do to get to a heaven or create a heaven. We have just been doing it subconsciously until now. We have known the ultimate truth subconsciously for ten-thousand years. The time has finally come to know it consciously, and spread it consciously. We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T.S. Eliot Life is a pilgrimage. The wise man does not rest by the roadside inns. He marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, his ultimate destination. Oscar Wilde Wherever you are, is where it is at. Just see the big picture. When you do, you are automatically in the center of it. Life is happening even when nothing is happening. It happens all the time and will be happening forever no matter what you do. Nature keeps moving. You just have to open your mind and the rest of your senses. When you know the truth, you never want to be anywhere except where you are at. It is perfect. Make the two one with everything, and you will know everything.


You will have finished a struggle that took about seven-hundred million years on Earth alone. We have been going around in circles for a lot longer, for an eternity.

Forever: We have never been to a heaven before, or we would still be there, so we have literally been trying to get to heaven forever. We have gotten as close as we are now many times, but we never made it. Sin: The word “sin” means “miss,” or to miss the mark. The word comes from ancient Greek and was used in relation to archery and an arrow missing the target. Mankind is missing the present, the truth and the life, divine love, God. Missing the truth and life is the worst thing you can do. It will cost you your eternal life in heaven and a fulfilling life here now. Sin is the perfect word; it is just another one of those interesting coincidences. The Bible had it right again. If you miss the mark (sin) this time around, it could be an eternity before you get another chance. Give it your attention. Nothing is more important. Everyone should devote their life to finding God, just because they can, and the next best thing to finding God is searching for God. It is as good as it gets. Sin is to waste any of the gifts of truth, time, and life you have now. There is nothing more enjoyable, and even if there was, it would be balanced, so what would be the point? No one knows how much time they have, and to waste any of it devoted to something else would be a sin, wouldn’t it?

Jesus said, “If you seek heaven, you will find it.” Just start doing it now and do not stop for any reason or temptation. If you stop, you deserve the worst fate. Jesus said, "Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become obvious to you, for there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” Jesus said, "Learn the nature of the creation which surrounds you, and you will perceive the mysteries hidden from your sight, for eternal truth is recorded on all that exists.”


Jesus said, "Heaven is inside you and all around you. Split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone, and you will find me.”

Jesus said, "The kingdom of heaven will not come by expectation. It is spread upon the earth, but men do not see it.”

They said to Jesus: Tell us who you are, so that we can believe you. Jesus replied: “You analyze the appearance of the sky and the Earth, but you don’t recognize what is right in front of you, and you don’t know the nature of the present moment.”

All that Jesus is asking us to do is to acknowledge the truth we can see with our own eyes and other senses. People are doing the exact opposite of what he is asking, and the worst thing is that they are using him and his words to do it.

Jesus makes it clear. The truth, the life, the way, is the present. All you have to do is open it.

The Present is the ultimate gift; it is the gift of the truth and of life. The present is always the same (fulfilling), always new and different, and it will last forever.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Henry David Thoreau

Jesus said to the disciples privately: “Blessed are the eyes that see the thing that you see. I tell you this, many prophets and kings have desired to see and hear the things that you now do, and they didn’t see or hear them.”

I have intentionally not told you some important things I know. There are somethings you have to find out for yourself. Prophets can bend the branch down, but you have to pick the fruit yourself.

Do what nobody else can do for you. Omit to do anything else. Henry David Thoreau



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