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What It Looks like in Heaven—the Bible vs. Real Life

Ever wondered what it looks and feels like in heaven? Does the Bible tell the truth when it comes to afterlife? And is heaven for real, to begin with? This post will give you a rough idea and explain what it takes to get there.


IMPORTANT: The following text is a part of "The Present", which explains the ultimate truth of life in 4 pages. To understand it properly, make sure to read "The Present" first.


If you become a spiritual being, you live the best life possible here, and when you die, you go to a place religions call heaven. It is a place without pain where everyone is fulfilled; there are all positives and no negatives.

Evolving past pain: When we die and are reborn, the physical parts of our brains and nervous system that create and send us pain, fear, sadness and the other negative aspects of our current life will not be part of our new bodies. We will have evolved past them. We will have just enough pain to let us know when we are injured or sick and no more.

Severe physical pain will not exist or be possible in bodies not wired for it.

The part of our brain that is responsible for feeling pain and the other unwanted sensations will simply not be in our new bodies. We will be hardwired only for pleasure and fulfillment. Physical pleasure will come and go like in this life, but there will be no severe pain or undesirable feelings and emotions, and we will always be fulfilled by life.

Just pleasure: We will be reborn with bodies that can feel pleasure better than we can feel it now, but our bodies will not be capable of perceiving the negative side of life. We will still be motivated to do things, because we will still want to feel the pleasure created by doing certain things.

Spiritual life does not need the carrot and the stick (pleasure/pain), just the carrot. The need to feed and breed in combination with the natural environment will control what we do just as they do now. As I have pointed out, the physical universe cannot change and exist.

Fear/pain, the power of evolution: We no longer need severe pain, sadness, fear and the other negative things to evolve. We did in the past; fear and pain powered evolution. It is an animal’s fear of pain and death that motivates them to evolve to avoid it better. It is the main power behind all animal evolution. It is powering the evolution of mankind into spiritual beings now. After you know the ultimate truth, evolution is finished, and fear and pain are no longer needed.

We no longer need fear, severe pain, or any of the other negative aspects of life we needed to evolve. Thus, the ability to experience negative aspects of life will be discarded in the change from your current body to your new spiritual one.

Nature never wastes anything, and if you do not need something, you will not have it. If you know the ultimate truth, you no longer need the negative side of life, so you will not have it. In the next life, we will have all the positives with just enough of the negatives to give definition to life. We had to have the negatives in the past in order to promote our evolution to the point where we could see the truth and the life, and we are there now.

Thanks to genetic engineering and other advances in medical science, no one will age past young adulthood or die from any diseases.

Live a thousand years: We will have a very long life expectancy and never age, because aging is a disease that we will have cured. The medical evidence and the laws of probability say our lifespan will be about a thousand years. We will use genetic engineering to slow our aging to adulthood, so childhood will last as long as we want it to. We will enjoy childhood for a much longer time.

A short life was necessary for biological evolution. After you reach the peak of what biology can do, life no longer needs to be short. We have evolved biologically almost as far as we are going to naturally. Science will now evolve us further physically.

You evolve mentally until you know the truth, and that is as far as it goes. Genetic engineering will be the force responsible for physical evolution from now on.

Accidents will still happen in heaven, and people will still die from accidents. Our physical bodies will still be mortal like they are now.

No one really wants a body that does not die. There will be situations when you will want to be able to get out of the body you are in and start over in a new body. If you are accidentally buried alive in an earthquake or avalanche, you would not want to be in that position forever, would you? If you were trapped in a fire, you would not want to be burned for hours and live in a mangled body forever, would you? Those things can and will happen, so physical death is necessary.

People will not age physically past about eighteen or ever get sick, but eventually your body will be damaged in an accident beyond repair. You will be thankful that you can trade it in for a new one. In heaven, there will be no fear of death. Death and birth will be seen as the one event they really are. We will live knowing how life and death works for the first time. It makes all the difference.

Taste death: When you die in heaven, you will be reborn in heaven as a baby and start a new life. This will go on forever. When religious books say we will live forever, will not taste death, etc., they mean spiritual death. We will never go back to being the living dead mankind is now. Physical death is part of the perfection.

Heaven tech: In heaven, technology will progress forever. Everything that is possible to do, we will do. We will make contact with other life in the universe. We will keep all the old things we like such as music, classic cars, motorcycles, clothes and houses, etc. The best of the old will be mixed with the new.

Natural disasters will still happen. Nature will be in complete control of our lives just as it is now, so our lives will change as it does. Nature will be the same, including the occasional natural disaster, but it does not bother you in heaven. It just serves to make life more surprising, interesting and romantic. Nature is what keeps the adventure of life moving. Life is nature, and when you see it clearly, it is the magic kingdom.

You will live a life you can only dream about now. You will be beautiful if you are a woman; men will be handsome. Everyone will have a near perfect body. Everyone is fearless, young, healthy, different and completely alive.

It is the way it could be, should be and will be for those that learn the truth.

You will still avoid death. It will not be horrible like it is now, but it will still be the thing you will want to avoid most. The difference is, you do not fear it, and it is not painful, so in heaven, it just makes life more interesting.

Death will not hurt or be feared, but it will be a major disruption of your life, and you will always try to avoid it when possible. Death is the opposite of life, so life will never like it and always avoid it when possible. Physical death is necessary from time to time for life to be perfect.

When you know the truth and the life, you would not change the way life works, even if you could.

You will be forever young, healthy, strong, beautiful, fearless, wise, witty, unique, funny and completely fulfilled forever. It is as good as it can get and better than you can imagine. Love will be reflected in love forever.

Right now, we are in a position to go to the best or worst place possible.

If you know the truth and the life, you do not need any moral laws, because spiritual people naturally do the moral thing. They treat others as they would want to be treated. They see everyone as if they were them; they see them truly.

Now is the time: The time has finally come to see what has been hidden from us. It is time to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that people can see the truth and life clearly and completely for the first time. The evolution of technology, such as the Internet and other forms of mass communication, have evolved enough to reach just about all of mankind.


Hopefully this article inspired you to learn the ultimate truth about life and earn your place in heaven. Please open "The Present" to keep reading.


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