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The Beatles as Prophets

Section 6 – Heaven on Earth – Chapter 6.5

“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.” "Strawberry Fields Forever" The Beatles themselves were like other men, but the music and lyrics channeled through them contained magic and messages from beyond the mind. They say they did not know what their songs meant anymore than anyone else. I remember the first time I heard a Beatles song. It was in February 1964, just a few months after President Kennedy was shot and killed. Everyone was in a strange funk. I was walking home from school (sixth grade) with a friend, and we were going over to a neighbor’s house. He was older and very cool. He built drag racing cars in his garage, and he always had his radio blaring. There was a song coming out of it that stopped me in my tracks. On a cold and gloomy winter day, the wind blowing through my hair, I heard: “If there's anything that you want, if there's anything I can do, just call on me, and I'll send it along, with love, from me to you.” We stood there on the corner and listened to the whole song in silence. I was stunned. My friend said that "the song is called ' From Me To You.' They are called the Beatles and they all got haircuts like Moe of the Three Stooges." It went right through me; it seemed familiar and unknown at the same time. It was one of those rare moments that you never forget that changes your life. The Kennedy assassination was one of them. I lost my innocence, and The Beatles gave it back to me. I went from no hope, to anything is possible, and I was not alone. It seemed like it happened to every kid in the world. There was no shortage of great music at the time. I did not really like or dislike the song; it was just different, like something from another planet. I had never heard anything like it, no one had. It was kind of weird, because they were saying silly things like little kids, and they had haircuts like little kids.


Their songs said things like, “she loves you yea yea yea, I want to hold your hand” and stuff like that, which was strange, but it had a powerful vitality and joy. It got my attention. The words were simple and direct, and it seemed like they were talking directly to you, not just some unknown girl like other songs. Before The Beatles, we were all into looking like James Dean and trying to be cool. After The Beatles showed up, at about the album Rubber Soul or Revolver, we quit wearing shoes and started growing our hair. It was time to go our own way and get into life. It was the start of a long party for me and a lot of other kids.

The movies Animal House and American Graffiti depict the way cars, music, and people were in 1963, just before The Beatles showed up. We were happy with the music and were not looking for something new. I am still into that music and hotrods. The music before the Beatles was the greatest rock and roll ever made.

It did not matter; The Beatles changed everything anyway. Their power was overwhelming. Nothing like it happened before or has happened since.

That is what made what they did so unusual and magical.

Force of nature: I am not saying their music was better. I liked the music before they came better, but they were better. It was the whole package. The Beatles were a force of nature, and all us kids were just swept away.

The movie: Then that movie “A Hard Day's Night” came out (the black and white one). People just did not act that way. It was a very conservative time back then. To see a bunch of grown men jump around and just act silly for a whole movie was a shock, to say the least. It was the most ridiculous movie ever made. It was like a comedy, but not a comedy; it was and still is beyond description. It was the first time we saw them do something besides playing a song. No one else could have acted that way and got away with it, but their music was so good that it did not matter what they did. I saw it in the summer of 1964. I was eleven, and I saw it at the Crest Theatre with many girls. A few of them were screaming in the theater like it was a live concert.

I remember I would get uncomfortable, because I really did not like men acting silly at that time, but right when I felt like leaving they played a song.


It opens with “A Hard Day's Night," then “I Wanna Be Your Man,” and “Don't Bother Me.” Then they put you in the seat permanently with the song "All My Loving.”

In that song, they talk to us. They say in the song that “while they are away, they will write home everyday, and send all their loving to us," and they do. It is prophetic, because they are gone or away, but they still send their love just like they said they would in their music and movies. It also says they will always be true, and they always have been, and we are just finding out how true now.

I did not realize what the movie was about then. It was showing the contrast between the younger generation and the old establishment. They did everything they could to look like fools, but the older generation still looked like the fools and completely phony and miserable. That was the true start of letting it all hang out.

If you look at the people in the audience of their early concerts, you will notice that in between the screaming girls, there were a few guys, and many were wearing a suit and had a crew cut. That is conservative. The guys would just be sitting or standing there with a dumb look on their faces. They did not know what was happening. They could not understand why their girlfriends were coming completely unglued. They would scream and cry, wet their pants and pass out. Girls can pull love right out of the air, and they let everyone know it when they do. The Beatles just put a lot of love into the air, and the girls just got it and reflected it back at them in a very loud way. It is not just The Beatles; girls screamed at any popular teen idol, but like everything else, The Beatles took it to a higher level. At their early concerts, the girls screaming sounded like a jet plane landing.

It is not so much what they did to the girls that was different; it is what they did to all of society. They put something out that was a lot more than just music. The times they were a-changin' as Dylan said. The times were very conservative, and everything the Beatles did was a major shock to the system.

The movie was one of many firsts. After they did it, other bands made video shorts of them acting silly, but it just was not the same. The Beatles were the real thing. There was even a TV series made about them called, “The Monkees.” The Beatles made being silly acceptable, and it turned us loose.


It was a great time to be a teenager. It seemed like they came out with a new song every few weeks that was totally different and better than the one before. This is at a time when they sold single records with one song on each side; they called them forty-fives. So at the beginning, I bought their songs two at a time. People that were not there cannot comprehend what it was like for a kid to hear a new Beatles song for the first time. It put a real magic in the air. This was at an age that I started getting interested in girls (I started early), and I linked different girls with different songs. To this day, when I hear an old song, especially a Beatles song, I think of the girl I was interested in, where we were, and what we were doing when we first heard it. The girl and song together made impressions that have stuck in my mind. They were very magical times. This went on for seven years and took me from the age of eleven to nineteen. The Beatles were the soundtrack for my whole teenage life. I was blessed. I was too cool for the Beatles after the first year or two. However, I always knew The Beatles were there, being perfect, being better than should be possible for mortal men. They were like the gods of the sixties. All other bands in the sixties were just great musicians. The Beatles were something more, and they were ours. Most people that are into good music know the sixties was a time of musical kings. Everyone was great, but the Beatles were the king of kings, and that is why they were so exceptional. Anyone can be big now. Then, the biggest meant something. Being great was the norm; to be the undisputed best took magic. That is why I talk about them in this book. It is not for their music; it is for the way they took over the hearts and minds of most young people when it should have been impossible to do. What they did was magic.

It is a sign. Nature set them apart for a reason. It is so we do not just think they were another great band, so we look closer and listen a little better.


There was an X factor to The Beatles, and everyone knew it on some level, even the adults and people that did not like their music. As musicians, they were unbelievably great. As people, they were funny and smart. They were the strongest voice of a generation of many strong, talented voices. They made the older generation look stupid and made us look good; they gave us real strength. I liked to hear them talk in interviews. John Lennon was more honest and had a quicker wit than anyone on the planet. He would just shred anyone that wanted to play mind games with him. He was our spokesperson.

He made the older generation look foolish and phony, which they were. He had more guts than anyone, and he would do and say the things that everyone else was thinking, but did not have the guts or power to say or do.

No one had a bigger heart, and no one was tougher. It was something to see. When he said they were more popular than Jesus was, he was just telling the truth, and he never really backed down from that statement.

The Beatles gave us a confidence. Because of them, the human race seemed special, like it could do anything. There really was real magic. We were going somewhere wonderful. They showed that truth and love had real power.

I took them for granted like most people, and I did not know how special they were until years after they were gone. I always thought that some other band would eventually come along and be that good. No one has, and now I know why.

The Beatles were not just musicians; they were prophets.

Spiritual beings know that we do not need a new band to come along; we still have them. It is just as we do not need a new Jesus to come back; we still have the words from the first one. We just need to hear them for the first time.

Spiritual event: The Beatles music was behind and powered the last big spiritual event. It was called the peace and love movement. They gave it legitimacy and that great Beatles “we can do anything and have fun doing it” vibe.

They got it going with albums like Magical Mystery Tour, Sgt. Pepper’s and Yellow Submarine, and they ended it with The White Album via Charles Manson.


What happened was not their intention, but their music on The White Album (Helter Skelter/Piggies) was involved in ending the movement in the summer of 1969. Hippies were not seen as harmless anymore. It was dead and buried by The Rolling Stones concert at Altamont and when The Beatles broke up.

It happened like this: When Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, it started going down. It ended politically when Bobby Kennedy was shot. The hippie movement ended with the Manson murders and The Stones concert at Altamont. It then ended spiritually when the Beatles broke up. As John Lennon said, the dream was over.

Most people felt if the Beatles could not make it happen, nothing could.

When they gave up, we gave up. In the sixties, some of the best and some of the worst happened because of The Beatles music. They were involved in the beginning and the end of a spiritual movement. They did not do it all, but they were the biggest, strongest player in it, and started and ended it. That is a fact.

Inspiration shift: At the end of the sixties, some of the inspiration shifted from great music to great movies, such as The Godfather, The Exorcist, and many others. Popular music turned into disco, punk, grunge, new wave, and rap. All music is inspired, but to different degrees. In the sixties, it was very inspired.

Save the world: The Beatles music was behind many big things that most people do not know about, such as the fall of communism in Russia. Their music was smuggled in, and it helped power the movement that ended with the Berlin Wall coming down and the fall of communism. Many Russians will swear it was The Beatles music that was behind the fall of communism.

When the Russian kids heard their music, they thought, “If democracy produced The Beatles, it must be the best system.” The Beatles made freedom sound really good, and as a result, may have saved the world from nuclear destruction.

Most people think it was Russia’s war in Afghanistan and Reagan’s Star Wars missile defense system, but the corrupt and soulless communist system was broken spiritually, and The Beatles music played a big part in doing that.

The Beatles helped save the world, and they will help do it again now.


They also got eastern meditation going in the west by going to India, and Lennon did more to end the war in Vietnam than anyone else did.

The Bible says, “Blessed are the peace makers.”

The Beatles made England and America one family: At one time, England was our worst enemy; now they could not be closer to our hearts. We are now like family. We are their younger, but bigger and stronger brother. If anyone bigger and stronger ever messed with them, we would step in and kick their butts.

We stepped in for them in WWII, but it would be different now. This time it would be personal. There are many reasons we would protect them, but the reason it would be personal is mainly The Beatles. They made us one family.

Hidden messages: To hear the hidden messages in The Beatles music, you do not have to play the songs backwards like some people in the sixties thought; you just have to change your perspective, listen backwards. Instead of their songs being sung to a girl somewhere, you hear them as being sung to you personally. You listen like the song is new, and you have never heard it before, because you really haven’t. No one has, not even the Beatles themselves. In the song "Julia", John Lennon says, "Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you." This clearly means that half of what they say is meaningful, and the rest is just there to reach us.

Some of their songs were obviously being sung directly to the listener; others are just love songs to a girl, but most are both. They are being sung to a girl and to you, even if you are not a girl.

They can be interpreted either way depending on your perspective. From the perspective of a teenage girl, you hear a silly love song. From the perspective of a truth seeker, you will hear a love song also, only it's spiritual love, divine love. Other bands are just singing love songs to a girl somewhere, but in hindsight, we now know that the Beatles were into something bigger, that they were prophets.

Time lock: Most of their early songs appear to be just silly love songs. This is what made it possible to get a spiritual communication to most people. They sugar-coated the truth, hid it as a love song, and sent it to the truth seekers of the world under the radar. It worked if we get it now. It was actually created for now.


The truth is hidden in their music, just as it is hidden in the Bible, and there is a time lock on it. No one could know until now, not even The Beatles themselves.

The sign: There is a sign in their songs to let us know that the songs are not just a love song to a girl. The sign is the word "friend," which is not a way that you would address a girl whom you are singing a love song to. Examples: The song "I'll Follow the Sun": "Though I lose a friend, in the end you will know. Someday you'll find I was the one." The song "We Can Work It Out": "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend." The song "Can’t Buy Me Love": "I will buy you a diamond ring my friend, if it makes you feel alright." The song "I'll Get You”: "So I'm telling you my friend, I'll get you in the end." They will get us now. In that last song, “I’ll Get You,” they say, "There is going to be a time, when I'm going to change your mind." They mean literally change your mind, from the mind of mankind, to the mind of a spiritual being. John says that line, and Paul says, "I am going to make you mine," at the same time.

That makes it an important sign.

Note: Do not start listening to the songs now. Read this section of the book first. When you click on the song, YouTube will start playing the song automatically. When listening to the songs, be sure to remember that they are talking to you right NOW. It is one thing to read about them and another to listen to them. I am just telling you what they really mean.

Words with two meanings: Girl, her, baby, honey, she, darling, etc. = receiver. The receiver is female, just as females biologically receive the seed of life from males. Whoever is listening to their music is the receiver, because you are receiving the music. The word man, he, him, his, etc. = transmitter or sender. The collective unconscious via the Beatles are the transmitters; they are sending the music and message. Home = the Present, God, End = beginning, etc. This is why metaphorically God is a male. God gives us life; we receive it.

When they say “you,” they mean you. They use metaphors like religious books do. The two meanings for the word “love” are divine love, which means God, the present, total awareness, etc. The other meaning for love is carnal love (man woman love). One meaning is for your soul, the other is for that mystery girl.


It is not a man singing a love song to another man; there is nothing sexual about it. It is the spirit communicating to your spirit, singing to your spirit.

Spiritually, we are all female in a sense, because we receive truth and life. God is a male, because he is the giver of life, so spiritually, we are female.

That is the reason women are closer to true life than men; females are just better at being female (receiving) than men. Men have to learn how to do it; women are born with the ability to do it. Women are not completely clear and have to learn the ultimate truth to become completely clear, but they are a lot closer naturally.

The words in the Beatles’ songs need to bypass your mind. If you are a guy and it makes you feel uncomfortable, it means it is not getting past your mind. If your mind is in the way even a little bit, you do not hear the song clearly and truly.

Remember that they are singing to a girl and everyone’s spirit at the same time. It is easier for girls to listen to it, but it is also easier for them to miss the spiritual message and just think it is a love song to them.

It is the spirit singing to the spirit. Their spirit is talking to your spirit.

Land of no mind: On the spiritual level, where their words come from, there are no sexes. The spirit has no sex, so listen from your spirit, from your true self, and you will not get uncomfortable if you are a guy. The mental discomfort is a cue that tells you that you are not present. Get in the present, the land of no-mind.

Lyrics: You have to know what the lyrics really say before you can interpret them correctly. One misinterpreted word can change the meaning of the song, so you need to see the words. A good example is in the song “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Most people think they are saying, “When I touch you I get high.” They actually say, “When I touch you I can’t hide.” The first time you listen to these songs again, just listen without the lyrics or thinking about what the lyrics are saying. If you listen to songs like “Two of Us” (Let It Be) and “Your Bird Can Sing” (Revolver) and “Wait”, “The Word” or “Think For Yourself” (Rubber Soul), you will see the meanings clearly, and you know where they are coming from and who they are talking to. You will realize they are talking to you in the here and now.


Some other songs where it is easy to see the dual meanings are the songs: “All My Loving” (With the Beatles), “I Will”(The White Album),“Tell Me What You See” (Help! album), “No Reply” or “What You’re Doing” on the album Beatles for Sale, or “Things We Said Today” on the A Hard Day’s Night album.

On that same album, the song “I’ll Be Back” is telling us they will be back, a second coming, once we can see the true meanings of the songs.

Second coming: The Beatles are coming back, but not as the cute mop tops we saw the first time. This time we will see them for the prophets they really were, and hear the spiritual and truth side of their music. It will change the world again. The power and vibe is still there; add the truth and the life (the present), your new perspective, and you have a door to the magical mystery tour, a ticket to ride.

The long and winding road that leads to your door; they mean your door, your spirit. When they say “I want to be your man,” it means they want to be your “mind,” send you a transmission, inform you. When they say “I want to hold your hand,” it means they want to connect to you, show you the way, be with you, etc.

When they say “come on,” they mean come on like a light, wake up.

Listen to “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey” on The White Album, and you will see what I mean by the words “come on.”

Some of their lyrics mean exactly what they say, and some have hidden meanings, just like all religious material. Sometimes, you have to listen to them repeatedly until you get it. I hear something different every time I listen to them.

Their album names have dual meanings and spiritual connotations. Revolver, Rubber Soul, Hard Day's Night, Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be, Abbey Road, etc.

They did not write the songs: Keep in mind that The Beatles say they were just writing a love song to a girl. At least, that has been their cover story.

I believe they did not know the spiritual content of their songs until after they were written, that they came out of the air, just as they said. They came from the collective unconscious, or Holy Spirit if you prefer, not their own minds. John once said, “The more I try to write something that makes no sense, the more sense it ends up making.” This makes it clear they were in bigger hands.


When real music comes to me – the music of the spheres, the music that surpasses understanding – that has nothing to do with me, cause I'm just the channel. The only joy for me is for it to be given to me, and to transcribe it like a medium... those moments are what I live for. John Lennon

When you get your mind out of the way, it allows the collective unconscious to come through. The message just passed through them without them knowing it, and it is true in one way and just a cover story in another way. They knew it to some extent, just as we all did. The spirit was talking to everyone that could hear it, and I am sure they could hear that side of their music also. They knew something was up, and they just went with it as long as they could. No one has done it longer or better. They are the state of the art, of art. That is how the Holy Spirit or collective unconscious communicates. You usually do not know it at first, and you usually get it before anyone else, but not always.

Example: Paul says the song “Martha My Dear” was written for his sheep dog Martha. John said “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was inspired by a drawing his kid made. “Dear Prudence” was to try to get Mia Farrow’s sister to stop meditating and come outside when they were in India. I am sure they did write the songs for those reasons. Though it may not have been intended, there are obviously other meanings we get from those and most of their other songs.

They did not know the truth: It is true that they do not know what their songs mean. No one could know until now, not even them.

There are things in Beatles songs that go more for a feeling than a thought or message. Remember, things that come from the collective unconscious can get garbled by our minds, so you have to interpret it. This makes it possible for things such as poetry and songs to mean different things to different people.

The early songs are more direct and from and to the heart (no mind); they get more cerebral in their later songs. Try listening to them from this new spiritual perspective, and you will see what I mean. A good way to do it is start with their later songs (so you know they are spiritual), and work backwards to their first songs. Listening to their music backwards does show you what they are saying, but not single songs backwards.


Most people think the later songs are more spiritual than the early songs. The opposite is true. It is the early ones that have the most spiritual content, but you have to know it to hear it, and the later songs make their intent clear.

Their most spiritual albums were their first ones.

One of their first albums, “With the Beatles”1963, is the most spiritual to me. If you think the later ones were the most spiritual, listen to this one. The song “Not a Second Time” makes a lot of sense now. The song, “I Wanna Be Your Man” is literally saying “They want to be your mind.” It is the spirit talking.

Their music went from “Please Please Me” and “Do You Want to Know a Secret” to “I Am the Walrus” and “A Day in the Life.” Anyone that has ever been in a band will tell you that what they did was impossible. The band that gave us “I Want to Hold Your Hand” could not have been the same band that gave us the song “In My Life,” and it wasn’t; they changed completely.

Changelings: They were changelings; it is a characteristic of many prophets. Every time you look at them, you see a different person, because a spiritual person changes as the present changes. They reflect the present as it changes.

You change (reflect life) as the life around you changes, and it is changing all the time. Listen to the songs above or any early and later song and you will see what I mean. They are a completely different band. They looked and sounded different.

I like to listen to the “Sgt. Pepper's” album and the “With the Beatles” album back to back. It is a powerful and enlightening experience. A lot of bands and performers made the girls scream and go crazy. The Beatles did that, plus they did a lot of things that were different than any other musicians or pop stars. Their music channels the truth and the life.

Magic: They wrote forty-eight songs during the few weeks they stayed in India. Who else could do that? Many of those songs are on The White Album. Their music speeds up and slows down; you cannot dance to most of it. They use obscure instruments and odd sounds. They did some strange and different stuff.


They would create great songs faster than anyone else has. Example: John Lennon got the idea for the song “Instant Karma,” rented a piano, and recorded it all in one day. Most people have to work on a song for a long time before they get it right, and it is rarely a hit. The Beatles did it all the time. The song Instant Karma says most of what this book says in one song. George Martin, their producer, said The Beatles created songs much faster than any of the other bands he worked with before or since. He said the songs and albums seemed to grow by themselves. I am not trying to say that they did not work as hard as anyone else did; they did. I am trying to show how they were more inspired than any other group of people. All a prophet is, is a person or group of people that can connect with something beyond their own minds for a period of time, and channel or bring into the world something from beyond it that reveals the divine truth and life. Their songs changed and they changed in a very short period of time. As their relationship with each other got worse, their music got better. You cannot say that about anyone else. After the Beatles broke up, two of them brought their wives (not musicians) into their new bands. Who else could or would do that? There was something behind them that could not be stopped, something that gave them a power to do things that no other band has had before or after. Another thing that made them different from any other band was that they were all equal. You knew all of them equally. When they spoke in interviews together, they were like one person. One would talk, but it did not matter who it was; it came from them all. This is really different, and shows the spiritual factor that sets them apart. Their solo stuff was also very spiritual. Example: from the John Lennon song “Yer Blues”: “My mother was of the sky, my father was of the earth, I am of the universe and you know what it's worth.” That is as clear as it gets. The songs “Gimme Some Truth,” “Mind Games,” “Real Love” and “Imagine” also tell you where he was at. The older I get, the more I get Paul: Paul was and is deep, so deep that he is shallow at the same time. His main message is just love life.


In the sixties and up to about a few years ago, I was just into Lennon, but I am finding Paul was just as deep and maybe deeper. His music is mostly light-hearted, where Lennon’s usually had an edge. Get the video "Paul is Live" New World Tour 1993, and you will see something powerful. I have watched it many times, and it gets better every time. It is a complete spiritual experience. Be sure to watch the credits at the end. Paul gets serious and edgy when necessary. There are all kinds of unseen things in the video, but I am not going to tell you what they are. I do not like analyzing Paul’s songs as much as John's, because John would not mind. Paul might, but there is just as much deep stuff in them. He is one bad dude, bad being good. The Paul is Live 1993 concert is part of my religion.

I think the Paul is Live concert shows everyone something unexpected and new. Watch it here:

I talk mostly about Lennon here because he was the perceived leader of the band, and I focus on him, but the others were just as deep. Songs from Paul like “The Fool on the Hill,” “Blackbird,” “Mother Nature’s Son,” “Two of Us,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Let It Be,” “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude,” etc. are very spiritual songs.

The sign in Hey Jude is, “The movement you need is on your shoulder.” The reason it is a sign is it is out of place and makes no sense if you do not consider the following. The Bible says, “The key of David is on your shoulder.” Jude is the German word for Jew. The key of David is a metaphor for the key to true life. Paul said he did not like the line and was going to remove it, but John said he knew what it means and that Paul should leave it in, so he did.

There are a lot of connections between the Bible and the Beatles. Paul’s musical talent and wonderful tunes overshadowed what he had to say in his lyrics, but he may have been the most inspired of all of them. George is overtly spiritual, so there is no doubt his songs were spiritual in nature. If you look at Ringo’s solo stuff with albums like “Vertical Man,” you can see he was spiritual also. He was the essential heart of the band and the world’s best drummer.

Speaking on reincarnation in 1968, George Harrison said: "You go on being reincarnated until you reach the actual Truth."


They were the best at what they did. Paul was the best bass player, John the best rhythm guitar player, George on lead and Ringo on drums. You have to use a sound mixer to separate the individual instruments on a song to see what I mean. Listen to just the rhythm guitar, and the song almost sounds better. I like to play just John’s guitar and Paul’s bass sometimes to hear how just those two sound and interact with each other, and there is magic flying everywhere. Their sound was also different. John’s guitar sounded different than any other guitar, and it is the same with the rest of them. John’s rhythm guitar powered most of their songs and gave them a feeling unique to The Beatles. Paul’s bass was the backbone of the songs; no one has ever played it better. Ringo had a real dead, backbone sound, which gives the songs a unique and profound presence. Many people could out lick George on the lead guitar and out solo Ringo on the drums, but no one could hit just the right note at just the right time like they could.

Ringo and George had a minimalist approach, and they never did more than exactly what the song needed. They never showed off with lead guitar or drum solos like people in other bands. They did not have to.

About the closest thing was “The End,” the last song on their last album Abbey Road. George and Ringo waited until the last song on their last album to show how good they really were with a mini solo. I have never heard the drums or a lead guitar semi-solo that was better. Realize how different it is than other music.

John and Paul also played the piano and other keyboards better than anyone else. In addition to being the best, most successful songwriters in history, they were also the best musicians in history, and they could not even read sheet music and had no formal training. They did it all by ear, inspiration and heart.

John may have started the band and been the most out front, but all his songs were also Paul’s songs, because Paul was his biggest inspiration, and vice versa. That is why most of their songs are Lennon-McCartney songs, no matter who actually wrote the song. They were truly a match made in heaven.

Can you imagine being George or Ringo in that band? They had to keep up with those two, and they did so brilliantly. It was inspiration reflected in inspiration.


I devote at least half hour a day to listening to their music, just to get in touch with that vibe. The iPod has made it easy. I listen to early songs and later songs back to back, and once in a while I listen to a whole album through good headphones lying in bed with my eyes closed. You will hear things you have never heard before, no matter how many times you have heard the songs. You will not understand everything at first, so do not try to or even think about it, and you will get a little more each time you listen. Just remember they are talking to you when you are listening to them. They were the masters of the present.

It makes sense; you are the one listening, and no one else is. If the song were for someone else, it would not make sense. Everything that comes to you is just for you. It is the same with this book. It is just for you when you are reading it.

Start with the Anthology Video. If you do not already have them, go out and buy them or get them online. These albums contain songs that most people have never heard before. You can hear them in concert and in the recording studio. This will remind you of how witty, funny and spontaneous they were. They made magic along with music. You should get everything they put out.

People should listen to their songs while they are reading this book, because I did much of the time while I was writing it, especially this section. I wrote this book on my computer and listened to music on my computer's media player as I did (if I wasn’t watching TV). If you do, you will get the new revelations of the truth the same way I did while I was listening to them. Their music is like a door to a world beyond the mind. They are very inspiring, and when you are interested in truth and life, they open a channel to it every time you listen to them. If you listen to them as you are reading this book, when you hear something new in one of their songs, stop reading and start listening. They usually repeat what they say in a song in the second verse. When you are no longer hearing anything new, go back to reading. In this way, you can tap two sources of truth at the same time. I recommend it. We all need a little help from our friends, as they say.

You can hear everything The Beatles did together in about twenty hours, and everything Jesus said in about twenty minutes. There is not that much.

The Beatles and Jesus both have the unseen truth in the things they say and do.


Important: Read and listen to the songs in this section at least once a week, no matter what. It is the most essential thing you have to do to wake up. You must discipline yourself to read it all and listen to it all every week. Don’t skip anything. Divide it in seven parts and listen to a part everyday. Make it part of your routine.

We have made this easy for you. Go to this link, click the gear icon, and download as .zip file:

The Bible says we have to renew our minds everyday, and the Beatles do it.

Their incredible success is the most obvious sign of how different they were. In the last forty years, some other people have broken their sales records, but if they had the competition The Beatles had and the Beatles themselves for competition, they would not have done as well. The truth is, no one has even come close to the success of the Beatles. They may have been the most successful people that ever lived, because they were successful prophets in their own lifetime.

Love has never been so successful.

Elvis: People are always comparing the Beatles to Elvis. This is like comparing apples and oranges; they are two different things. Elvis did not write or play his own songs. Elvis was a very spiritual person. The spirituality he conveyed was in what he was, his presence on stage, extraordinary good looks, his voice and personality. He made a connection on many levels with his audience. He had the power to bring people into the present with him when he was on stage, but there are not many hidden messages in his songs.

Elvis once said, “When I am singing on stage, I send out all my love to the audience and they send it back to me; it is a complete circle of love that is beyond any mortal high.” Most don't realize how spiritually deep he was.

Elvis had the same problem most entertainers have. They can only live in the present when they are on stage or in front of a camera or their fans. If they knew the ultimate truth, they could feel the way they feel on stage anywhere.

Though different, they were part of the same thing. Without Elvis, there would have been no Beatles. He inspired Lennon to get The Beatles together. They started something that we have not finished; let’s not let them down. The Beatles are the most powerful recent prophets, and certainly the most successful. The Beatles music will play a big part in the transition of man. They make the truth much easier to take. As George Harrison said, they made it swing.


We were all on this ship in the sixties, our generation, a ship going to discover the new world and the Beatles were in the crow’s nest of that ship. John Lennon

The apple: The transition could not have happened in the sixties; the time was not right. We needed computers and the Internet. You would not be reading this book if it wasn’t for the Internet. The ultimate truth had to come on the Internet for free, because books cost money and are not available to everyone. Publishers are intellectuals, so a book like this would have a hard time getting published. It is one of the reasons the truth has not gotten out. It could never get past the closed-minded publishers. Intellectuals will be the last to see the truth.

The straight truth could not get out until now. Things are happening the only way they could happen. The ultimate truth had to be free and available to everyone at the same time, and a book or anything that costs money would not work. People just have to pass it on.

You would not be learning the truth now if it were not on the Internet free.

The apple is associated with every major step in mankind’s evolution. The apple in the Garden of Eden was the creation of mankind (mind kind), the apple fell from the tree when Newton realized the laws of motion and gave birth to calculus. Then there is Apple Records, The Beatles record company, and Apple Computers, the start of widespread computer use. Another coincidence?

People say the apple in the Garden of Eden and in the Newton story never really happened, and it didn’t. It does not matter if it really happened or not, because most people think it did. Why do they? Something put the apple at the major events in human evolution. If it did not really happen, it is even more magical and makes it an even greater sign of a divinity, the collective unconscious, in our lives. The word “apple” means “evil” in Latin, and evil is live backwards.

Frozen in time: The time is right now, and the Beatles’ music is still here exactly like it was then. Actually, it has been remastered and is even better. The Beatles have been frozen in time still young, waiting for us to evolve enough to hear what the music contains, just as Jesus has been waiting for us to understand him.

The song “Yesterday” did not even make sense until now. They first sang it at the peak of their success. Why would they be yearning for the past or yesterday at the peak of their success? It makes total sense if you listen to it now. A lot of their songs only make sense now. The Bible and the Beatles are for now.


Listen to The Beatles when you do not feel good, they always turn it around. The divine magic is in all good music to some degree more or less, because it comes from beyond the mind and exists only in the present. The Beatles are just by far the biggest most concentrated source of it. I personally like other music better for just listening to. I have an eclectic taste in music. I am into some classical, if it is not too cerebral, Doo Wop, sixties soul (Motown), rock and roll and rhythm and blues. I also like Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam), Dylan, Bob Marley, surf music such as the Beach Boys (Brian Wilson),Bowie and the other music from the British Invasion. My favorite songs are one hit wonders. I like simple fun music. I am a dancer, a romantic. Most of the music I like does not have a hidden message. I usually do not even listen to the words in a song, just the melody and feeling. Why would I care what they have to say? What does a musician know? I go for the vibe, the sound. I did not really listen to the Beatles' words until l realized who they were. The most inspired band after The Beatles was Nirvana. They rocked the world in a very intelligent and different way. They took us for a little ride. It changed the world a bit, not like the Beatles, but they had some spiritual power for a while. New music is new, so I listen to it, but it is not great on the class curve. Music has not been super-inspired since the sixties. We are overdue to get some new super-inspired music. Even super-inspired music is not at The Beatles level. Like Jesus, they were exceptional. I hope there will be a second coming of a band like them, but it has not happened yet, and it does not need to, because we can have them again, just as we can have Jesus again. We just need to wake up and hear them anew. I am with it, no matter what it is that is happening. I live in the present like this book says. I was even into punk, metal and disco; I could dance like Travolta. I practiced with some hot partners many hours to be ready for Saturday night. The practicing was the best part. Disco may have sucked, but it gave men and women an excuse to get together and put our arms around each other, and that made it a good thing. All music has its place. The Beatles music is for the spirit.


I liked everything while it was happening, but there is a difference between inspired music and super-inspired music. I like the music before The Beatles showed up, because it was a simpler world, and the music reflected it. That is why I like early Beatles songs like that first Beatles song I heard, “From Me to You” (The Beatles 62-65)or “I Should Have Known Better” (Hard Day’s Night album).“Thank You Girl” or “She’s a Woman” (Past Masters album),or “There’s a Place” (Please Please Me album). “Hold Me Tight” (With the Beatles) or “Tell Me Why” or "I Feel Fine” (The Beatles 62-65). The following are a few more Beatles songs with words that mean two different things; see if you can hear the hidden meanings: Hey Bulldog, Yellow Submarine Cry Baby Cry, The White Album Glass Onion, The White Album Lady Madonna, Beatles 1 Across the Universe, Let It Be Fool on the Hill, Take 4, Anthology 2 I’m Looking Through You, Rubber Soul Ask Me Why, Please, Please Me I’m Only Sleeping, Revolver Real Love, Anthology 2 Sexy Sadie, The White Album You Won’t See Me, Rubber Soul Baby’s In Black, Beatles For Sale The Night Before, Help! Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sgt. Pepper's With a Little Help from My Friends, Sgt. Pepper's They have hundreds of songs. You should buy and download them all. It is not expensive, and it is a good investment you can make in your own evolution. Get all of their solo stuff and everything that Paul and Ringo come out with now. Also, go to any of their concerts when you can. The vibe is still there, and life is too short to miss any live show with a Beatle in it.


I do not listen to The Beatles music to just listen to music. Their music is in its own category. I listen to the Beatles for the same reasons I read the Bible and other religious books. The Beatles are a part of my religion, along with golf, surfing, romance, hotrods, classic cars, boats, eating and everything else. Their music helps keep me in the present and on the spiritual path. The Beatles are just another thing that makes my religion more enjoyable than most others. My religion is the present and everything in it.

The last line, in their last song medley, in the last album the Beatles released, Abbey Road, says it all. "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight," “The End.” It says, “And in the end the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” In other words, the more love you take from life or accept from life, the more you will be able to make or reflect back to people. It is the most important thing to do. People think it means, the more love you make, the more love you will take, but they have it backwards. You cannot make love; only God/life can make love. You can only let it in and reflect it back out. The more love you take, the more love you can make or reflect to other people. Remember, everything is backwards. I have heard the actual last words in a song they recorded was, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, all good children go to heaven,” which is also true. Those three songs are actually three parts of one song. I separate them because they have different pieces to the puzzle. The first is referring to us being asleep, the second is about the weight of our minds. When we quit carrying that weight, drop the baggage, lay our burden down, as Jesus said, we will rise. We have to drop our ballast, the weight of our minds, blow our ballast, our minds, and we will rise like a yellow submarine. The song The End is about the beginning. It is now the time to start listening to The Beatles music with new ears. Not just for entertainment this time; listen just for its spiritual value. Even if you do not like their music, it is easier to listen to them than to read religious books. It is a painless way to get a shot of truth everyday. Listen to them to learn the truth, and you will be hearing them for the first time.


Already know: If you grew up in the sixties like me, you probably think you already knew that they were some kind of prophets and listened to them from that perspective already. You may think you already know the hidden message. Trust me when I tell you, you do not, especially if you think you do. There is more. The Beatles themselves did not know, even if they thought they did. They are going to find out when everyone else does, probably after everyone else, because they are too close to it to hear it or believe it. Rock and roll: All rock and roll is made by young people for young people. What the kids of today have to realize is that they will not be listening to music for old people, their parent’s music. They will be listening to music by kids their age. George was just fifteen when he joined the band; they started out as a teenage band. They broke up in their twenties. The Beatles’ music is made by young people for young people, now and forever. It is more this generation’s music than it was ours, because this generation will understand it. We did not; we just thought we did. The time is right for it now. Wake up kids; it is all for you now. The kids of today have to realize all rock and roll is their music. They have their new music and all the rock and roll that came before, because it was all made by young people their age. It is one of the reasons kids today have it better than any generation of kids that came before. They need to claim all of their music. The following link is a short video retrospective to remind you of who I am talking about. There are no hidden messages in this song. They did not write it, but the video and music shows the spirit, vitality and how they changed physically: It is no coincidence that many radio stations play a show called breakfast with The Beatles on Sunday mornings. Subconsciously, most people know that there is something religious about them. John and George may have died physically, but they are still with us in spirit and truth and in song. Let’s not wait for the last two to die before we wake up. Everything is for now: As I said earlier, everything that happened in the past was just to help us find the truth and the life now. It is not just the Beatles’ music; it includes most great music.


A good example is classical music. Growing up in the era of rock and roll, I had never appreciated classical music. When I woke up, I was amazed that I suddenly liked some classical music as much as rock and roll. The best example is Beethoven’s Ninth symphony.

It contains the spirit of conquest, so it has been stolen and used by every dictator and tyrant from Stalin to Hitler since it was written. It was perfect to inspire armies marching into battle, but Beethoven wrote it for the exact opposite purpose. Most people think it is just an instrumental and has no lyrics, but actually it was written for a poem by the German poet Friedrich von Schiller called “Ode to Joy.” It is about mankind becoming one brotherhood.

It was before its time, because it was impossible for mankind to become one brotherhood and sisterhood until now. The music does inspire conquest, the conquest of the spirit. After you wake up and listen to it, you will be astonished as to how perfect it embodies that conquest. Like Beatles’ songs, you will be hearing it for the first time. You can find many versions on YouTube.

When you realize everything that ever happened is for now, you also realize just how much help we have to get to heaven. It makes it so much easier.

Note: You should come back and read and listen to the songs in this section often. Listening to Beatles’ music is a good way to share the present and the ultimate truth with people, because everyone can relate to it on their own level.

Don’t lie to kids about Santa Claus; tell them the truth about The Beatles. Their true story is greater than any myth. They show what can be done with inspiration.

In ancient Egypt, a beetle was the symbol for eternal life; another coincidence?

They said they would be back... "I'll Be Back" Retrospective Video

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see."

"Strawberry Fields Forever"

All you need is love. Actually, all you need is the truth. You need the truth first. True love only comes after you know the truth of life.

All you need is love, of the truth!

They lay it all out in the songs above. God is love. Love is everything, but the only way to receive and know everything is to realize that you are nothing.



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