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Mind Infection

Section 4 – Big Picture - Present: Chapter 4.8

The craziest people are running the asylum.

Minds beget minds: Schools, family, work, social groups, religions, and political parties are all minds creating other minds in their own image.

Other minds are like an infectious disease; the closer you are to them, the more they infect your mind. It starts with the closest, most influential people around you, such as friends, family, and superiors at work or school.

Your family has the most power to activate your mind, especially parents and brothers and sisters, because they were there when you were very young and your mind was developing. It is very hard to avoid reacting to things your family says and does without reacting to it as you always have. You do not have to stay away from family or close friends; you just have to know what to expect when dealing with them. It is more difficult to be open with them, but not impossible. You have to try harder and watch your mind closer when you are with them.

Hate your family: A good example of the sayings of Jesus being misinterpreted is the saying attributed to Jesus that says you have to hate your family. He did not say that; he said you have to love him (the truth and the life) more than even your family. If you love the truth and the life, you love everything, including your family.

It is a sign: It is important that it is in the Bible, because it makes it clear that there are misinterpretations. Even hardcore believers who now believe the whole Bible is literally true will realize that a man of love like Jesus would never say to hate anyone, let alone your own family. Jesus is the guy that says to love even your enemy. If people can realize that there is at least one misinterpretation for certain, it opens the door to realizing that there have to be many bad translations and misinterpretations.

This one revelation will make people more open to what Jesus is really saying. It could be the key to learning the real truth for people that believe everything in the Bible is true. You have to be open to the truth to see the truth in life.

Jesus said, “Whoever finds the correct interpretation of what I am saying will find eternal life.”


He would not have said it if he did not know that down the road there would be misinterpretations and that most people would not understand what he said.

Lamb of God: When you become a Lamb of God, you are like a lamb, not a lion. The lamb does not have power and aggression. People have misinterpreted that metaphor and think it means a sacrificial lamb.

The lamb is a metaphor Jesus uses to show the weakness of a spiritual being compared to people that live in the mind of the beast. The beast is like a lion, a powerful predator. The lamb is a weak prey animal.

The beast will win in a physical contest of strength, because they are physically stronger, and it is in their nature to fight and try to dominate life. It is a spiritual being’s nature to accept and flow with life like a lamb without hurting anyone. A lion has to eat lambs to survive; a lamb does not have to kill others to survive.

Can’t lose: The beast may win on a mortal level ,but will always lose on the immortal level.

A spiritual being can never really lose and knows it. The beast can never really win and does not know it.

A spiritual being is lousy at killing, but great at living. Man, being a predatory animal, had to be great at killing, like all predatory animals. We had to kill; it was necessary to survive and to get to where we are now. Might was right, and even if it was not, it worked. For the first time in our history, the opposite is true. Now we have to get great at living to survive and progress. We have changed the nature of the world enough; now we have to change the nature of ourselves. Now, might is not the right way. The one exception is when it is used for self- defense. We have to protect ourselves from the dangerous animals in our world.

Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love. Khalil Gibran

Might is no longer right: Even though might, force, and physical power worked (benefited us) in the past, it will not work (benefit us) in the future, except in self-defense. As I say later, we are not out of the woods yet, but we will be soon.


Jesus said, “The meek will inherit the earth.”

It has been interpreted wrong. Jesus actually said the “weak” would inherit the earth. There was nothing meek about Jesus. Spiritual people will not look or act meek. We are respectful, but not meek. We will be weak in material power compared to the beast, but we will be strong in spirit and fearless. We will have the shield of truth, as the Bible says. God lives through a spiritual being; you cannot get more powerful. Jesus said, “Those that overcometh will not be hurt by the second death.”

The first death is when the mind took over our lives. Jesus is saying if you overcome it, you will not be hurt by your second death (when you die physically).

Jesus said, “Nothing can hurt us.”

How can any man be weak who dares to be at all? Henry David Thoreau

Power: If you truly want power, you have to let God live through you, because you become the ultimate power in the universe. You cannot get more powerful. God/life is the only power in the universe, because it is the universe; everything else is just a delusion created by the mind.

Powerful people are farts in the wind. Where are Hitler, Stalin, or any so- called powerful people that lived in the past now? What power did they really have? It is just a costly, very short illusion that can cost you your soul, and often does.

The attempt to combine wisdom and power has only rarely been successful and then only for a short while. Albert Einstein

Lying and dying: The quest for material power in our short lifespan does not make much sense. People lie, cheat, and sell their souls for power, and at best, they have a few years of power over other people, and then they lose it and/or get old and die completely powerless. It is all kind of a waste of time, isn’t it?

Jesus said, “Does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”

Jesus makes a good point. Who would want material wealth if it costs you your immortal future in heaven? You are trading forever for a few short years. Everything is balanced anyway. Power will be balanced by weakness.


Jesus said, "The glories of this realm last only a moment; the glories of the heavenly realm abide forever."

The world is not enough. James Bond That is a bad bargain, no matter how you look at it. This life is short. The only possible reason people will make that bargain is if they do not know the truth.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. Henry David Thoreau When people begin to see the truth, no one will be interested in material power. Not only is it not worth the effort and price you have to pay for it, it also comes with a lot of responsibility, pressure, conflict, disappointment, stress, and false friends, etc. Being rich, famous, and powerful is not as good as it looks. It is a deception created by the mind.

I think celebrities are the unhappiest people in the world. Glenn Beck

Look at Britney Spears; she has fame, fortune, youth and physical beauty, and she is less happy than some people who have cancer. She has what most little girls think they want, because they do not see the reality of it, even though it is on the news. Those groups of celebrity girls that no one thinks should be on the news are teaching a great lesson in truth, but no one is getting it. It is even worse with men in power. It looks much better than it actually is in reality. Needing material wealth and power is just a weakness in a person’s character, something that insecure people aspire too. Getting power does not make these people less insecure, because they are always worried about losing it. All and all, it is not that great, a castle made of sand. Wanting power just means you do not know the truth. Power is just a passing illusion/delusion. The truth is the only real power. I use the term illusion/delusion, because it is a delusion to the people that have it and seek it, and an illusion to the people that see it in others and believe it is something worth aspiring to. It is just a mind game that costs you everything.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix

I am not putting anyone down or saying people with power or that need power are bad; they are just misguided like most people. They can learn the truth and go to heaven just like anyone else can, and many of them will.


The poet John Keats once said: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.”

Beauty: Spiritual beings are truth personified. Thus, they are as beautiful as it gets. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and spiritual people see life’s beauty. We will look better than the beast, especially to each other, for the first time in history. In the past, the beast looked better, because people did not know the beast was a loser. The beast has a real beauty, but it hides a real ugliness. There is nothing more beautiful than a snake or wolf, but what they do is ugly. Like all predatory wild animals, they catch, kill, and eat other animals. Just because it is nature does not make it good. It is animal nature; we can do better than animal nature. We can have spiritual nature for the first time.

Powerful people look strong and like winners. They have money, power and women, and in the past, prophets looked like weak losers by comparison. In the near future, the opposite will be true. The spirit has real beauty and has no ugliness at all. When the truth is seen, they will be seen as the most beautiful.

When women give their love to men seeking the truth instead of the bad boys and all the other fools and phonies, the world will change fast. Wake up ladies.

Power of women: If it was not for man’s attraction to women, we would still be living in caves. Men built this world to please women. The semi- civilized world we now have is because of the powerful attraction men have to women. When women see the truth, they will no longer be attracted to the fools and phonies. When they wake up to the truth, they will only be attracted to men that will give them and their children truth and life, true security. This will change men and change the world faster than anything else will. In this sense, it makes women the key to our survival and salvation. If they do not wake up, we are all dead. Women’s bodies are made to serve reproduction, to be attractive and make babies. To best serve reproduction, they have to keep men on the animal level. They need men to be in tune with sex to want to mate. The problem is that it is a double-edged sword. The good side is love, sex, and babies. The bad side, the other side of the same coin, is violence and war. Women keep that instinctual beast in men in power. If they knew where it would lead, they would not do it, but they can't see it, because it is their biological function, the mating game. There are exceptions, but most females play that game now.


It is promoted in the movies and other popular culture. The animal tough guy is cool and gets the girl. Women reinforce bad emotional behavior by liking it and encouraging it. Unless women can change that in themselves, there is not much hope for the human race.

New man: A spiritual male needs to know a woman values the truth and the life more than carnal attraction, values God more than the animal in man. A spiritual man knows the danger of carnal love and how the temptation of it can cost them everything. Women ignorant of the truth do cause man’s downfall.

A spiritual man is not to be confused with a religious man. One knows the truth and the life, knows everything; the other knows myths. The spiritual man is a new life form that gave birth to himself. He is the son of man Jesus refers to, the overman or superman that Friedrich Nietzsche refers to. The man that believes in myths is a fool and a bore. The spiritual man is the real deal, the ultimate man, immortal and anything but boring. He needs nothing but what he has, and he has everything. He gives women everything. One shows the way to heaven, the other to hell. One is the best man possible, and one is the worst. Real men are very rare, but that can and will change with the apocalypse happening now.

Animals: Women are now attracted to men for animal reasons. They are attracted to good looks, a good personality, confidence, chemistry and power; the same reasons animals are attracted to each other. Women do what they do for the same reason insects do what they do to mate and reproduce. When the truth is seen, women will realize we are not here to just reproduce like other animals. We have been there and done that millions of times. This time things are different, or I should say, could be different. We can do and be something much more than an animal, and everyone that learns the truth will. We can and will mate and reproduce. We do not have to give up any positive, enjoyable animal behavior, but we have to rise above the animal level and do what we do on the spiritual level. It makes the animal things much better and gives you and your family heaven forever. All men and women will take the spiritual path once they see it. When women see the truth and wake up, they will become new creatures in Christ (truth and life), and they will not trade eternal bliss in heaven for a few laughs, thrills, animal chemistry and temporary power. They will get all those things and more if and only if they give their love to a man that knows the truth. It is the essential ingredient for a truly successful relationship, a relationship that is more romantic and fulfilling than any fantasy imaginable. They will have it all, and they will have it forever.


The knight in shining armor is a metaphor for a man shining in truth and life. The romance women have always dreamed of is now possible if they see the truth. Women want it all and can have it all if they can find a man that knows it all. The love of women will be the strongest motivation for men to learn the truth. This is why it is so important that women learn the truth. The faster they learn it, the faster men will learn it, and the faster this world will turn into a heaven.

A person’s body is like a car the spirit is driving. An intelligent being does not judge a person by the car they are temporarily driving.

Looks: It is hard to believe for someone that lives in the mind, but looks do not matter to a spiritual person, and age does not matter either. When one spiritual being looks at another spiritual being, all they both see is beauty.

This does not mean that females are not more attractive when they are young and in their physical prime of life. That period can be short, so women do not want to waste any of that valuable time on a phony. In heaven, that type of romance can last forever, but in this world, there is a time limit. After it passes, a spiritual couple moves to a different, but equally fulfilling phase of life. Looks and age do not matter with men, because what makes a man attractive is what he knows and is. It is just the way it is in this world, and the truth is the truth.

Roles: The man is responsible for the truth; the woman is responsible for the life. Nature supports these different roles. Nature is God, so God supports these different roles for males and females, thus it is a sin to not go along with them. By keeping the family living in the truth, the man gives women the security to freely live in the life and bring more life into the family. The responsibilities are clear-cut, but melt together when males and females both live in the truth and the life.

The coolest people do not think much. They deal with the real.

Cool: Young people want to be cool. People that realize the truth and the life will be the first cool Christians on earth. Actually, they will be the first Christians since Jesus, period. They will only deal with the real, and avoid everything else. Spiritual people won't act or talk religious; they'll just live true life.

True religion is real living. Albert Einstein

Uncool: The so-called Christians today are uncool, because most are hypocrites and go around preaching about the wrath of God and other things they do not understand. Most of the people that do it have been uncool their whole lives and are just using religion to have some pseudo- friends that will put up with them.


Spiritual beings could be anyone; most of the time they will not talk about what is true and what is not. They will live the truth and the life and walk the walk. The only thing people will notice is that spiritual beings have the presence of movie stars and are fun and interesting to be around, that they are the coolest people.

Fighting: Spiritual people do not like fighting; it is no longer in our nature, but we will do it when necessary (self-defense). People ruled by the beast will do it when it is not necessary, and that is why they have won in the past. The best defense is usually offense. The beast lives in fear and insecurity, and it will devote its life to getting and protecting material power. People ruled by the beast think about it a lot and are constantly worrying and preparing for the worst or some sort of conquest. Spiritual beings live in love and never worry about anything. Spiritual people devote their life to life and do not think about fighting and power or anything else much of the time. This makes them weaker in a physical sense.

The only real security is knowing the truth and the life (Jesus).

Truth is the only safe ground to stand on. Elizabeth Stanton Spiritual people do not worry about the worst happening, because we know it will happen to everyone, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Everyone is going to die. Spiritual beings know the truth and do not live in denial of the truth. We are expecting the worst and are going to live every second of life until it happens. Then we'll be born again in heaven and do the same thing, only better.

Fighting is not cool except in the ring or movies. Fighting is ugly and costly in real life. Human animals are not cool. Rowdy, violent people are human animals and a force against the truth and the life. A spiritual person can only enjoy the beast in a controlled situation, such as heavy metal music, movies, the ring, etc. Fighting gets you in the present, but there is a better way now.


Why people fight: The real reason people fight is not what they think it is. They think it is for a cause, to right a wrong, but it is actually to get into the present. People do everything they do, directly and indirectly, to get into the present, and people will continue to fight until the ultimate truth is known and people can live in the present all the time. Fighting to get into the present is the worst way to do it, because it gives more power to the beast than anything else does. People that get drunk and tell stories that glorify war and violence are liars and fools. Usually, these same people get drunk for courage and then get rowdy and violent. In the near future, people will walk away from them in protest of their behavior.

Tough guys: They use the threat of violence to get attention. They think it is respect, but it is just a sign of immaturity and ignorance. They are fools.

Combat: People that survive combat always feel like something is missing, because the present is missing. The fear and intensity of combat brings people into the present, makes them feel more alive and alert. When they go back to normal life, it is missing.

This is why they look back on it and think it was great. It is why people get into dangerous sports; danger can help get you into the present, but it is not the way. It gets you closer, but never will get you all the way. The beauty is that you do not have to get into combat or dangerous situations to get into the present or be more aware of life. You just have to learn the ultimate truth.

The trick is to be able to get into the present without danger or violence.

The truth is, dangerous things just give you a taste of the present. They do not give you all of it, because fear, adrenaline, endorphins, and other brain chemicals are keeping you from being completely open. The only way to really get into the present is to be able to do it when things are not dangerous. If people cannot get in the present with the truth, they will fight and do other foolish things to do it.

Programmed for war: Over millions of years and countless battles, the mind of human males has been programmed to forget the reality of combat. Men forget how much their feet and every other part of their bodies hurt. They forget that they were hungry, dog tired, dirty, scared, sick, hot or cold, very uncomfortable and being eaten alive by insects. You are carrying a lot of weight and are armed to the teeth so you can kill another man, another soldier just like you, in a microsecond from the time you see him. If he is the lucky one, he sees you first and kills you. It is like killing your twin, because soldiers are all the same.


All your idealism is gone and you are just trying to survive; that is the truth.

It could not be worse, but evolution has programmed us to forget, so we are ready to go to war again. It was necessary in the past to be this way to survive, but we have finally made it, and now war is not only unnecessary, it is essential that we change our ways. We have to see the truth and change to survive now. People that behave violently will only look good in the movies and in the ring now. When people wake up, people that behave violently in real life will be unpopular and seen for the low-lifes that they are by everyone, especially their friends.

Up until now, it was necessary to glorify violence and encourage rowdy, violent behavior, because we lived in a dog eat dog world and needed to prepare young men for war. The times are changing now, and anyone that tries to hang on to the savage past will be seen for the fools that they are and be socially ostracized until they change their ways. Only the truth can stop people from fighting.

The truth stops violence: The truth makes people happy and secure. Only unhappy, insecure or fearful people fight. When the truth and the life is revealed to everyone, everyone will be happy and secure, and this will stop all conflict.

Unhappiness was good. In the past, it was better to be unhappy, unfulfilled, because if you were happy, you did not progress as much materially. In the past, unhappy people that progressed more would attack and kill you. This forced everyone to live in a state of unhappiness to survive. This is one of the reasons we all have to hear the truth at about the same time and get happy together.

Destroy native people: A good example is the conflict between Europeans and native cultures. The natives were happy with their lives. Europeans were not, so their weapons progressed faster, giving them the power to destroy the natives.

Great spirits are always opposed by mediocre minds. Albert Einstein



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