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Limits of Knowledge – Infinity

Section 7 – The Truth Will Set You Free – Chapter 7.3

You need to know all you can know, and know it is all you can know, to know it all. It is as important to know what you can't know as it is to know what you know about the big picture of life. This is because you will waste time trying to know something that is impossible to know, that does not even matter, instead of living in what you can know.

There are things we can understand with our minds and things we cannot.

Infinity: Some things are beyond the mind, thus beyond understanding. The mind has to realize it has limitations. All infinite and never-ending things are beyond the mind, and the essence of everything is infinite and never-ending. Example: we cannot comprehend that the universe goes out forever, but we can understand that it has to. It is impossible for the universe to stop going out. Something has to keep going out, even if it is just empty space. This tells us infinity exists. We can understand infinity exists without understanding infinity. Outer space is the easiest place to see infinity, but it is actually the nature of everything in one way or another. The amazing thing is, it has to be true. It is a certain truth, and it is impossible to comprehend. That is mind blowing, but it's one of those things that brings magic to knowing the truth and life. It is a perfect example of knowing the unknowable.

Inner space: There is no end to inner space either. The truth is, there has to be an infinite number of universes inside every atom in our body. If you take a piece of cheese and cut it in half, and cut the half in half and keep going, you could cut forever, and you will never run out of something to cut.

You cannot make nothing out of something; it is impossible. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and all matter is a form of energy. If you could make nothing out of something, you would be destroying energy, which is not possible. This is how you can use deductive logic to know something that could not be known any other way.

When you burn something up in a fire, you are just turning it into heat, light, ash and smoke; nothing is lost. The electricity that runs your TV or computer is not lost. You can look at it as water flowing through the cord into the screen and spraying out into the room and back into the environment again. Nothing is lost; it is just changed into another form, moving in a circle or cycle.


How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Process of elimination: Sometimes it is easier to know what something is not than to know what something is. To find out the nature of something you cannot understand, you can use the process of elimination. Marie Curie used this process to discover radium. She just took some earth she knew radium was in, and removed everything else she knew was there. The only thing left was radium. You can do the same thing with life. Just remove everything that you know is untrue, and what is left has to contain the truth. If you believe in myths, start with them. The truth is in many of them, and you can often find it by the process of elimination.

Extrapolation: Another method of learning the truth about something that cannot be known any other way is by using extrapolation. Example: we do not know for certain that the sun will rise in the morning. All we can know is what has happened in the past, and that nature will keep doing what it has done in the past unless something happens to change it. We can then projector extrapolate what will happen in the future, or at least know what has the best chance of happening in the future. Using this method, we can be almost certain the sun will rise in the morning. The earth will keep turning, and the sun will keep burning a while longer.

The known universe: The known universe is about thirteen and a half billion light years out, and at the level of subatomic particles in. This is what we can see and understand using current instruments and/or math. It is Newton’s universe; he explains it perfectly. Einstein’s work was on the edges, the edge of the universe, and the edge of what our minds can understand and know for certain. One of the goals of this book is to say all we can know and check about the big picture of life. When something involves infinity or immortality, I say as little as possible. It is a waste of time, of life, to think about something that is unknowable. The way to know the unknowable is to know all you can know about what can be known. The edge is not a place to dwell too long, or go to very often. I just touch on it from time to time, just to know where it is, to know the boundaries of the mind.


All we need to know: We do not need to know anything other than the known universe, and we never will, because we can only exist in the known universe. Life lives only in the known universe, and it would not be possible anywhere else. Since we can only be conscious of life in the known universe, there is no point in trying to go any farther and trying to know more. It would be impossible, and it would be a waste of time and resources. All we need is a complete understanding of the known universe to get to heaven. When you know the truth and the life, you know everything you need to know and can know.

Big bang: Extrapolation can show us the true past. The big bang theory of how the known universe began was discovered by using extrapolation in reverse. We could see that the current universe is expanding, so it could be traced back to when it was all in one small area. We just ran the event backwards.

Eternal universe: Scientists use the knowledge of the big bang to say the universe has a beginning, that everything started at some point, and that the universe is not eternal (always been here). This is a good example of how the mind can only understand things with a beginning and an end. The truth is, it is eternal, and it has always been here in some form.

It may expand and contract over and over again, like a heart beating forever. It may expand out until it runs into another expanding universe, but it is eternal and infinite, because anything else would be impossible. The known universe may have a beginning and an end, but the infinite universe does not, cannot. You can never make nothing out of something; it just moves.

Reason obeys itself, and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. Thomas Paine

Logic/reason: I used extrapolation and the other methods to evaluate what is true and what is false, to evaluate what is written in this book. If you think I am wrong about something, you should use them to check it for yourself.

One of the easiest ways to know something is true, is it never changes.

The proof that the things I say in The Present are true is the way they fit together and support each other, and how I have never really corrected anything in these books in twenty years. I have added or taken things out, and said them in different ways, but have never found anything incorrect, nor has anyone else corrected anything or added anything in the five years that it has been at the top of the Global Truth Project. This tells you they are true.


There are many things that have been said before by other people, but there are hundreds of things that have never been said before, new revelations of the truth of life. You would think that in five years it has been on the Internet at the top of the Global Truth Project, someone would have corrected or added at least one thing, but they have not, and you can check this with the webmaster that has been involved with the Global Truth Project everyday for the last five years.

Supreme purpose: We evolved a thinking, rational mind for one supreme purpose, and that purpose is to use it to learn the fundamental truth of life. It has to be the purpose, because nothing else really matters. It explains our life.

If knowing the truth of life is not the most important thing, what is?

It is what separates us from other animals. It is the only thing that can make a difference. It does not matter what else we do, as long as we learn the ultimate truth about life. We have to do the one thing that we can do better than other animals to fulfill our evolutionary position in life and move on to the next position.

We can be sure that believing in false truths, such as myths, is not going to help us and will probably hurt us. The truth is the only thing that can possibly help us.

The ultimate truth = bliss, because you know what is happening always.

Stairway to heaven: We can use truth finding tools to know that we are immortal and a spiritual being. We cannot understand immortality or be directly aware of our spiritual nature, but we can use deductive logic to understand how it is impossible for us not to be, so we have to be.

Life shows you the truth, and the truth shows you the life.

The first truth: It all starts with the fact that it is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious. It tells us that we have to be immortal, and that leads to everything else. It is the first truth, because it is us; the only thing we can be absolutely certain of is our own consciousness. We cannot even be sure anyone else is conscious. Our own consciousness is the only thing we can say we really know, but it leads directly to all other truth, and the truth leads to the life.

The truth leads to the life, and the life leads to the truth. This is one reason why once you find the truth and the life, you never lose it.


I existed from all eternity, and behold, I am here, and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end. Khalil Gibran The fact of our own consciousness leads directly to the knowledge that we are immortal spiritual beings. If you add the evidence of evolution and how life naturally progresses, you can also be certain that reincarnation is true and that we evolved. One thing leads to another. It is like climbing stairs one step at a time. You can only see the step you are on and the next step. When you take that step (learn that truth), the next step becomes visible or is revealed to you, and so you go up the stairway to heaven (ultimate truth), starting where you are at now.

Snowflakes: Infinity does not mean that there is another world exactly like ours or many things exactly alike. The opposite is true. There are an infinite amount of things, and none of them are exactly alike. Everything is like snowflakes. Fractals: You can see this with what they call fractals or the Mandelbrot Set (search the net). A simple formula or pattern can repeat itself an infinite amount of times without ever resulting in the same thing or outcome. Most things will be very close to the same, but never exactly the same. That is how God/life works. The same simple thing is done over and over again (balancing opposites), and in doing, with the help of the collective unconscious, it creates the most complicated and diverse things in nature, including us.

Fractals are the way that we can understand how the physical universe moves in a perfect balance, but it is never the same. It is truly always new.

God’s will: The balancing force manifests as all energy (movement/force) and all matter (physical things). The balance does everything and is everything. Look at the big picture, the whole, and you will always be able to see the ultimate truth. It is behind the infinite differences of life. You will see and know the will of God. All I want to learn is how to think like God thinks. Albert Einstein

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth. Matthew 6:10


Once you know God’s will, you know the fundamental nature of everything, and you see that life is perfect and on automatic. You can relax, stop thinking, leave the driving to God, and just live life in the present. God’s will becomes your will.

The Bible says, whoever does God’s will shall abide in heaven forever.

Knowing the future: Knowing God’s will does not mean that you can predict the future. No one knows the future. It cannot be known. You can know what it will be like and what the best odds of something happening are, but never know exactly what will happen.

Prophecy: There are an infinite amount of variables and variations possible. All prophecy is untrue. People are just guessing, and sometimes they get lucky.

Post-diction: The prophecy that appears to be completely accurate was written after the event and just pre-dated to fool people. It is called post- diction as opposed to prediction. Other so-called prophecy is written in a vague way so that many things can be imagined or read into it. Then there are the things like the Bible predicting the State of Israel. People say it is proof that the Bible predicts the future. The Jewish people have been wanting and working towards getting a homeland for all of their history. It was very likely that it would happen eventually. Jewish people wrote the Bible and said they would get a homeland in it before they did, because it helped them get it. They could and did say it was prophesied, and when it happened, say it proves prophecy is true. They say that if it came true, all the others will come true also.

No one can predict with certainty or know future events. The only thing you can be certain of and the only thing you need to know is that it will be balanced.

Occurrences in this domain are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in nature. Albert Einstein

You do not have to be smart to know the ultimate truth; a child can know it. That is the beauty of it. The sun rising and setting shows it. In fact, it is the so- called smart and learned people that have the most trouble seeing the truth.

As Jesus said, “That which is hidden from the wise and educated has been revealed unto babes (open minded).”


Time and space: It only exists in relation to a living being and in relation to what is going on in that being’s environment. There is no big or small, fast or slow, except in relation to itself and other things around it and as seen from a living being’s perspective, from an individual’s consciousness. People think that there is no way to travel to other worlds that have life like ours; the distances are too great. That may be true for physical life, but not for spiritual life. We could be reborn in the worlds inside of us without having to go anywhere. Einstein proved that space, time, size and distances are relative, and the truth is that spiritually, we are already everywhere, just as empty space is everywhere. We are only conscious of the environment in and around the living body our spirit is currently focused in, and we are always focused in a living body. We need physical senses to perceive life, and we have to be in a physical body to have physical senses to experience life. You need eyes to see, ears to hear, etc.

Space time, rebirth: Space, time, size and speed are relative. If you had no reference points, you would not be able to know anything about space, time, size or speed. It is because those things only exist in relation (relative) to objects in the environment. Without these references, there would be no way to know how much time is passing, the size of the environment, or how fast you are moving. You get in this state after you die. This state makes it possible for the collective unconscious mind to put you anywhere in physical reality. To you it seems as if no time has passed and no movement has occurred, even if you are reborn a billion years later and a billion light years away from where you were when you died.

The fact that we are spiritually everywhere means that we can always be instantly reborn anywhere in the infinite universe, in a time and place to match our level of awareness, and where we need to go to keep our lives balanced.

In a world with as many humans as earth, there is no need to go to other worlds for balance. Most spirits are reincarnated and live every lifespan right here.

The unknown: We cannot understand how we can be everywhere anymore than we can understand infinity. The mind cannot understand what nothing is any more than it can understand what something is.

There are many things we will never understand or be able to understand. We do not have to understand what anything is in order to get to heaven. We just have to know what everything does as it relates to us, and now we do.


Things such as black holes, quantum mechanics, worm holes, other dimensions, string theory, dark matter and energy, time warps, UFOs, and other mysterious phenomena may or may not ever be understood, but it doesn’t matter, because it will always be just a manifestation of the balance in one way or another. Even if highly advanced aliens from another planet show up, it will not make a real difference, because they live in the same universe as us and are controlled by the same force. The ultimate truth is the same for everything in the universe.

UFO: If we are being visited by life from other worlds or dimensions, they would have to be much more evolved than us. These highly advanced life forms from outer space, inner space, other dimensions, no doubt know the truth and the life, and are just waiting for us to learn it and live it before they make direct contact. They are probably just waiting for us to become spiritual beings before they make their presence known. Their advanced technology will be a reward for us when we rise above the animal realm. Their advanced technology is probably given to all life forms that rise above the animal level, like a graduation present. They will show us how to stop aging, cure all disease, etc. They cannot give us this advanced technology before we change, because we would use it to kill ourselves and try to kill them. They cannot help us make the change, because we have to change ourselves. They could show us the way and probably were the angels that appeared to the prophets in the past. They could be responsible for the mass hypnosis that hid the truth until now and that has hid their presence from us. They may be using me to write this book. Something has been using me, and it could be them. People are always waiting for someone to come and save them, be it a messiah or ET, and the truth is, we have to save ourselves. It is the only way it can work. The Bible says God helps them that help themselves. This is what the Bible was talking about. Some things we have to do for ourselves, and becoming spiritual beings is one of them, the most important one, the only one that matters.


Chase our tails: The mind would chase things it does not understand forever. In the physical universe, every solution creates another problem, every answer raises another question. This will cause the mind to run around in circles forever, if we let it. This is exactly what the devil/mind wants us to do. The one thing that we have to understand is that we do not have to understand everything, cannot understand everything. We just have to understand what we can understand, nothing more, and nothing less. We just have to understand the fundamental nature of everything, and we do if we understand the balancing force, our minds, and the collective unconscious. When you understand life’s simple nature, you know the ultimate truth. This is why Jesus said babes or children can understand it. The heart of complicated computers use simple opposites (on/off) like the rest of life does. It is a manifestation of the opposites called a binary code. Everything in the universe is based on the positive and negative dance of life, because it is life.

Turn science on the big picture: Scientists are busy working on some part of life, but we need them to help define the big picture. If the most talented scientists would just focus on the big picture for a few months, we would have it done. Then they could go back to the parts, knowing what they are working on part of. Religions need more scientific input. Science and religion need to get together on the big picture project. We need all of our best minds working on it. This book explains it all, but it could always be explained better. The more people that explain it and the more different ways it is explained the better. Science is not an organization; it is a method of testing and retesting a theory enough times to establish that it is the truth. People think that if you understand how life works, it will take the magic out of it. The opposite is the truth. You will begin to see the true magic of life. An adult will still see the mystery of life with the wonder of a child.

As we acquire knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious. Albert Schweitzer The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. Albert Einstein


Objective/subjective: Science deals with the objective, the truth of the mind. Religion deals with the subjective, things that cannot be understood by the mind. People do not think they are compatible. They are not only compatible, they are both essential to learning and living in the ultimate truth.

Science asks “how.” Religions ask “why.”

You have to make the two one with the objective and subjective, with science and religion, in order to see the complete picture. The objective is the words in a song, the subjective is the music. The words are of the mind; the music is of the spirit. You have to be both a scientist and a mystic to know the ultimate truth.

The greatest scientists were mystics. Newton and Einstein were mystics.

Einstein said that the more we learn, the more mysterious the universe becomes. Newton was a devoutly religious person that spent more time trying to understand the Bible than the physical world. They both knew that science by itself would never be able to explain everything.

In this book, I quote Einstein more than anyone, except for Jesus.

Jesus said, “When you make the two one, you will be called sons of men.”

Objective/subjective, science/religion, physical/spiritual, man/God, are the two that you have to make one to know and live in the truth/life.

Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein

Everything makes sense: Just because not everything can be understood with the mind, it does not mean that everything cannot make sense. It can, but it just cannot make sense using science alone. You have to put the objective and subjective together, the finite and infinite for it all to make sense.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein

Science has its limits, and they are found at the edges of the universe. If you go “out,” you run into infinity, which makes no sense to the mind. If you go “in,” you run into quanta mechanics, which also makes no sense from the mind’s perspective. This tells us that no sense can make sense. You do not have to understand something with your mind for it to make sense or be true. The fact is that it would not make sense if we could understand everything with the mind.


You can know something is true without being able to understand it.

Infinity is a good example of that. We know it has to be true, but we will never be able to understand it. The mind can only understand things with boundaries; it lives in that world only. Our spirit lives in the world of boundaries and another world that we will never be able to understand, because it is infinite and eternal.

No sense makes sense.

The fact that no sense can make sense is the key to freedom for intellectuals, scientists, and others that believe strongly in the mind. Some things are not possible to understand, and they never will be, and that can be understood, so everything can be understood. You just have to understand that some things are impossible to understand, that they are not supposed to be understood, and that makes sense. There is a difference between things at the edges of our reality that do not make sense, and nonsense. Most of what people believe is the truth in traditional religions is nonsense.

Example: the story of Lot. He gave his virgin daughters to a mob to rape, to show good manners, and get them to stop banging on his door. He also had sex with his daughters, and the Bible says he was one of the most righteous men that ever lived. Most things in the Bible do not make sense, but it is the things in the Bible that do make sense that will be the key for many to escape the mind.

God/life will always be a mystery. We can know what God/life does, but we will never know what it really is or what anything actually is. We do not know what gravity is or anything else really is, and we never will. All we can say is that everything physical is a form of energy moving in balance, and that is it. It does not matter, because we just have to know the truth (balance) and experience the life completely. The mystery of what life actually is just makes life even more wonderful and interesting.

Immortality and infinity both start with "I". They are things you can know that are beyond the mind. Knowing those two things leads to knowing the other "I" (Self),the third in the "I" trinity of things that are unknowable to the mind.

The Bible says, you will know the unknowable. That means you will know how life works but never know what life is. It is unknowable, because it is infinitely deep and shallow at the same time. It means that even if you live forever knowing how it works, which you will, you will never know what it is. You will know it better and better. You will know it as much as you can and be with it as much as you can, but you will never stop seeking and knowing more about the unknowable. It surprises you forever; life is always new.


Last step: All knowing how it works does is free you to start knowing what it is. When you no longer have to think about why things happen, and know everything is perfect all the time, you can really start just living it completely. Knowing how it works is the first step, and almost no human beings have taken that step. That is what this book is for and why we need to tell people to read it. We need people to take the first step. The next step is living the life, and that is the last step, because it never ends. You will know the unknowable as the Bible says, but it still is the unknowable. There is no contradiction there, even though people that have not taken the first step will think it is. It actually could not be more clear.

Wisdom sets bounds even to knowledge. Friedrich Nietzsche

Everything is mind: God can be said to be a mind or will that manifests as life and the physical universe, everything real. Our goal is to know this mind completely, know what it does and why it does it; to know it so well we become part of it, become it. God's will becomes our will; his mind our mind. We become the hand of God and do God's will.

We also have to know there is a perversion of God's mind, the animal mind, or mind of the beast, what religions call the devil. It is inside of us and must be overcome before we can see and know God.

The mind of God or divine collective unconscious is comprised of all conscious life, except the animal mind. The physical universe is a manifestation of the will of all fully evolved life forms, plus the will of mankind, and lower animals on earth.

That is as close as you can get to understanding what everything is.

The mind of God creates all of truth and life. All of physical reality is the mind of God in action, manifesting itself. There would just be nothing, an empty void if not for the mind. To become one with that mind is to become one with God, and evolve past the animal mind. The animal realm we are in now is also a mind, competing with the mind of God for our souls. The very first lines of the Bible describe how the mind of God changes the formless void into the universe we live in, and how it was perfect. Then Genesis describes how this world was corrupted by the mind of the beast that we have been trying to overcome ever since. If you know how to interpret it, the new testament tells us how to overcome the animal mind.

As the Bible says; whoever does God’s will shall abide in heaven forever.

God's will is to first know what it is, learn the truth of life, then teach others the truth. You become a prophet. That is the next and last step in human evolution.



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