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The Present-Chapter 10

Balanced Universe

People think they are in control of their life; the opposite is true.

Karma: Most people think that what you do will have an effect on your future life, even after death; what you do will come back to you, etc. It is not true. Doing something, bad or good, to or for someone will not create the good and bad in your future life. It is balanced; it just happens no matter what you do. The balance makes everyone’s life fair, just, equal and perfect, but it is not influenced by any actions you take, good or bad. You are never a victim of anyone.

Everything that happens is always life creating balance. Your only choice is to see it for what it is, or not see it.

There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things. William Shakespeare

Fate vs. freewill: Physically, you are a group of over sixty trillion living cells that do what they do by themselves. Every second, there are trillions of things happening inside our bodies that keep us from dropping dead, and we have no control over it. Blood is being pumped. Cells are being created. Hormones are distributed. A trillion things out of our control have to happen just for us to digest food, and we are not even aware that it is happening right now.

People are aware of the fact that they are not in control of the inner workings of their bodies, but most people are not aware of the fact that they do not control what is going on outside of them either. Most people believe they are in control, and the exact opposite is the truth.

The dance of life: Life leads, and we follow in the dance of life. In other words, the outer environment does something, and our inner environment (mind) reacts to it. We are under the absolute control of our environments.

You get hungry you eat, need money you work, the phone rings you answer it, get cold you put on a coat, get hot you take it off, and if you have an itch, you scratch it. Then there is larger environmental control; where and when you are born, if you are rich or poor, educated, talent, health, looks, sex and race, etc.

Check it: The easiest way to check if we are in control or not is to just look f or someone that does not die like everyone else. No one beats death, not even the faith healers, and no one wants to die. The fact that everyone dies and in less than a hundred and fifty years tells you with no doubt that we are not in control.


People think free will is a gift; the opposite is true. The gift is that you do not have to be in control. Only when you know with absolute certainty that life will be absolutely fair (balanced) can you really relax and enjoy the ride.

Free will or control is an illusion, a deception created by the mind. It is the second greatest deception after the deception that you are your mind. When you wake up to the truth, the first thing you realize is you are not in control.

You see that the creator and the creation are together in the present.

People want to believe in an all-powerful God, but they also want to believe that they are in control or have a free will. It is another mind game. Life is in control of everything all the time, no matter what you think.

It is easy to believe you are in control. After all, you do whatever you want. The truth is, you want to do something because something in your environment gives you a reason to do it, even if it is your mind.

The environment is everything that isn’t me. Albert Einstein In other words, everything outside your spiritual self, including your mind, is your environment. Your mind was and is created by your genetics and your environment, past and present. Your mind is part of your environment, just as your body is, and it is controlled by the larger environment directly and indirectly.

You can say lower animals are also in control of what they do and do not do. A bear or wolf can decide what to do from moment to moment, but it is just reacting to what is happening around it. You do the things you do for the same reason a bear or any other animal does what they do.

Humans do the same thing as all other animals, but just in a little less direct way. Our minds give us a greater awareness of the past and future than lower animals. Thus, we take what we have learned in the past and where we want to go in the future into account when we react to the environment, so we react a little less directly than lower animals when we can.

Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for insects as well as for the stars. Human beings, vegetables or cosmic dust; we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance. Albert Einstein


As I said earlier, the first big world-changing realization will be when science realizes that evolution being true means we evolved from all lower animals, that we were those animals, that we were dinosaurs, bugs, etc.

The second big realization: Science will realize that Isaac Newton's laws of motion mean that the laws that govern all matter include us, because our bodies are matter. We are not in control; free will is an illusion, a delusion. It is "action-reaction" that causes the motion of all things in the universe, including us. There can be no matter in the universe that is exempt from these fundamental laws of nature. His book Principia Mathematica explains the laws of motion, and they have proven to be true. That book is the foundation of modern physics. Our bodies are governed by those same laws, because our bodies are matter in the universe. True or false?

Take a closer look at the things you do, and you will see the truth. There is always a reason preceding your every action. From the mind’s perspective, the world is a huge maze. You have choices, but a limited number of them. You always choose what you think is the best one. None of the choices would make any real difference until now. Everyone is playing monkey see monkey do and blindly going around in circles, big and small.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. John Lennon

The carrot and the stick: People do everything they do to avoid pain and feel pleasure. You walk a path between these forces. It may look like some people are doing something for another reason, but it is an illusion/delusion. Example: Self- sacrificing behavior is only done if it makes the person doing it feel good to do it. To some people, it feels good to help others, or it feels good to do what you think is the right thing to do. You do everything you do for self-preservation and self-gratification directly or indirectly. Every move you make is ultimately for yourself, no matter what you may think or how it appears to others.

The things you do may not always make you happy, but you always think they are going to eventually, one-way or another, or you would not do them. Mother Teresa helped the poor, because it made her feel good to do it and/or for the reward she thought she would get in the afterlife (feel good later).

When you see the truth, helping others is the best way to help yourself. We put ourselves in other people's shoes, and do the thing we would want done if we really were them, thus we are helping ourselves in two ways. We also will help others, because we know it is indirectly helping ourselves. We know we have to help others for the human race to survive. A spiritual being naturally helps others.


The power of pain: We avoid pain and seek pleasure, and it does not take much of it to control us completely. Most people can and do accept a certain amount of pain in order to get more pleasure in the future in one way or another. They go to work in order to have pleasure later, etc. Therefore, you could say that we are not under the direct control of pain and pleasure, and you would be right.

People can and do intentionally take some pain and avoid some pleasure, but they still do it to avoid pain or get more pleasure at a later date. Mankind does this a lot; lower animals are controlled much more directly by the environment. The way mankind deals with the control of pain and pleasure is just less direct and harder to see, but the truth is, it boils down to the same thing; the environment controls us. The best and the worst have happened to us in the past and will happen to us again if we do not leave the animal realm while we can.

Most important thing: What goes around comes around, and this is why we have to get out of a world where extreme pain exists and the bad guy has all the advantages. We can only do it now, so nothing is more important.

Knowledge of the past will motivate everyone to leave the animal realm. The animal path: We all walk a path away from pain, discomfort and fear, and toward pleasure and perceived security. You will continue to follow this path even after you know the ultimate truth. Life uses these forces to guide us home. The mind uses these forces to keep us going in a circle. If you know the ultimate truth, you are going to heaven. If you do not, you are going in a circle; you are in a brutal holding pattern until you learn the truth.

Man/animal: People do what they do for the same reasons all other animals do what they do. Why does your dog or cat do what they do? Mankind is not any different. We go after what we want and move away from what we do not want. We try to adapt, survive and thrive in our environment like all animal life. The only difference is mankind thinks it is in control and is not as fulfilled as other animals.

All animals are the same; the only difference is mankind can know the truth. It is as important to know what you can't know as it is to know what you know about the big picture of life, because you'll waste time trying to know something impossible to know, that does not even matter, instead of living in what you can know.

There are things we can understand with our minds and things we cannot.


Infinity: Some things are beyond the mind, thus beyond understanding. The mind has to realize it has limitations. All infinite and never-ending things are beyond the mind, and the essence of everything is infinite and never-ending. For example, we cannot comprehend that the universe goes out forever, but we can understand that it has to. It is impossible for the universe to stop going out. Something has to keep going out, even if it is just empty space. This tells us infinity exists. We can understand infinity exists without understanding infinity. Outer space is the easiest place to see infinity, but it is actually the nature of everything in one way or another.

Inner space: There is no end to inner space either. The truth is, there has to be an infinite number of universes inside every atom in our body. If you take a piece of cheese and cut it in half, and cut the half in half and keep going, you could cut forever, and you will never run out of something to cut.

You cannot make nothing out of something; it is impossible. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and all matter is a form of energy. If you could make nothing out of something, you would be destroying energy, which is not possible. This is how you can use deductive logic to know something that could not be known any other way. Nothing is lost; it is just changed into another form, moving in a circle or cycle.

Fractals: You can see infinity with what are called fractals, see the Mandelbrot Set ( A simple formula or pattern can repeat itself an infinite amount of times without ever resulting in the same thing or outcome.

Most things will be very close to the same, but never exactly the same. That is how life works. The same simple thing is done over and over again (balancing opposites), and in doing, with the help of the collective unconscious, it creates the most complicated and diverse things in nature, including us.

Fractals are the way that we can understand how the physical universe moves in a perfect balance, but it is never the same. It is truly always new.

The truth is, you would not want to be in control even if you had the option. When you learn the ultimate truth, you realize life outside the animal mind is perfect the way it is, and you would not change anything.

Life is not imperfect; it is just people’s awareness of life that is imperfect. There is too much going on for the mind to control life even if it could.


Life does not need to change. It cannot change; it exists because it is perfect. For something to last forever, it has to be perfect.

You are only truly free when you know for certain: You are not in control.

The only thing that can change and needs to change is people’s perception and level of awareness. People need to see the perfection of life. When they do, they become a reflection of perfection and become perfect themselves. The animal mind by its very existence makes your life imperfect and unfulfilling, then it becomes stronger trying to fix it. The stronger it becomes, the less perfect life appears. It is the ultimate vicious circle.

You cannot control life, but you can change the way you see life.

We need to see the truth and the life and just relax and flow with life, accept life, surrender to life, live the life we are being given as it is being given. It is impossible to live totally alive all the time in this world, but the more of life we live, the more fulfilled we will be. We just have to turn off our minds when they are not needed, and we can. The truth is, we can live without it on most of the time. What could be more obvious, easier or smarter? The truth is just too simple and obvious for our minds to recognize it, and it does not want to see it.

The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply. Kahlil Gibran

Destiny: Not being in control does not mean our future is predestined. No one knows the future; the future cannot be known. Anything can happen. The only thing we can be certain of is that it will be a lot like it has been and be balanced.

To be or not to be: That is the question. You do have a choice right now and in every moment of life, and that is to live or not to live, to live in the present or not live in the present, to be completely alive or not be completely alive.

The only choice that matters: It does not matter if you have a free will or not; when it comes to the physical world, it will be balanced no matter what you do. The only thing that matters is if you know the truth and the life and live in the present. You have that choice now, and it is the only choice that matters.

It is no coincidence that you are reading this book now.

New environment: The knowledge in this book has now become part of your environment and has changed you and your options. If you understand it completely, it will change you and the way you see your environment completely.


It is true you are not in control, but this book has changed the environment that controls you and given you some new options, the option to go to heaven. Your environment controls you. It does something, and your mind reacts to it. The knowledge in the book will change your mind, your inner environment, and guide you to the truth and life. Remember, I did not write this book; it came to me from the spirit and saved me also. Now it has been given to you.

Mind/brain: New knowledge actually changes you physically. Memories and other aspects of your mind are created and saved bio-chemically in your brain.

Knowledge causes your brain to change, making you change physically. As you read this book, the physical make-up of your brain is actually changing, thus your environment is changing. You are becoming a little different physically. Anything you learn changes your brain chemically a little bit. The more time you spend with something or the more impact something has on you, the more you are changed. Your brain is actually changing physically right now.

Knowledge can physically change you into a new species, a new life form. Repetition: If something is repeated, it makes a bigger impression and changes your brain more, changes you more, your inner environment more. Thus, the more repetition, the better. That is why I repeat some things many times and say the same thing many different ways. TV advertisers repeat commercials for this reason. Hopefully, I repeated things enough to change you enough.

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. Henry David Thoreau

The environment controls you, but your environment has now changed.

Divine sense of humor: When you begin to see life truly, you feel like laughing all the time like some demented person (don’t do it, people will think you're crazy). People believe obvious myths are the actual truth, and these same people think they are intelligent beings. That is funny.


The beautiful people, the successful celebrities in this life will be the equivalent opposite in the next life. Those that have the best things in life will have the worst. Those that have the most pleasure in their current lifespan will have the most pain in their next. The most comfortable will be the most uncomfortable. The most powerful will be the most powerless. People will go from the best situation to the worst unless they learn the ultimate truth before they die.

That is bad news for those that are on top in this life, and great news for those on the bottom, but the truth is, it is not good for anyone.

Going in an endless circle is not good for anyone.

Many powerful and successful people go around thinking they have what they have because they are better than unsuccessful people in some way. They take credit for their position in life. Pride comes before a fall, as the Bible says.

What goes around comes around. The truth is, whatever people have, life gave them. Many rich and famous people take credit for their success and look down on the less fortunate, and they were and are going to be just like them very soon. That is funny.

You get to be a beautiful, rich person by being the Elephant Man in another life. The Elephant Man was the ugliest man in the world in one life, so he was the best-looking person in another lifespan. Who is the best looking person alive now? That person could have been the Elephant Man or is going to look something like him in the near future. Someone was the Elephant Man; he lived. Going from Elvis or Tom Cruise to the Elephant Man is not a way to live. Looks, talent, power and personality traits go back and forth like everything else. Living in the truth of life is a better way. Rise above the opposites. If you do not, today’s winner is tomorrow’s loser. If you rise above the balance, it does not matter.

The truth is, no one is special or different from anyone else. No one is special, and everyone is special. Life has to be balanced to be fair.

Wake up, rich beautiful people. How could you even think that you deserve to have a better life than other people do? What have you done to deserve a better life than some poor, sick person? You have not done anything, have you? If you do not wake up and change your ways, you will be a poor, sick person very soon.


People born with a debilitating physical disability or disease are in a cycle. That is how the balance works; it is what makes life fair for everyone. It is what makes life perfect and gives you the ability to live without the mind.

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift. Albert Einstein

The edge: You no longer have to wonder why some people are born poor with a crippling disease and others are born with health and wealth, why someone gets killed by a serial killer and someone else wins the lottery. They are just people living at the edge of the balance. You do not feel sorry for one and envy the other, because they will essentially switch places in their next life to create balance. Everyone else does the same thing, only most people live closer to the middle of the balancing forces and have a normal life of ups and downs. The middle of everything is the best place to be.

Superman: Sometimes a life of big ups and downs happens in just one lifespan. There is no clearer place to see this than in the life of Christopher Reeve. He became a rich and famous movie star playing Superman. He went from there to a quadriplegic that could not even breathe on his own, in the seconds it took to fall from a horse. Very bad and very good things can happen fast. The balancing force can change everything in a heartbeat.

Once you know the truth and the life, you never have to ask “why” again. One in a million: Rich, powerful people have less fortunate people thinking that it is their fault that they are not as rich and powerful as they are. They will never acknowledge that they were just lucky, because most of them do not know it; they really think they are better or smarter or work harder, etc. They believe the illusion, because they want to. The truth will be seen by poor people first, because they will want to see it more.

Winning only lasts for a moment in time. The truth and the life is forever. Only happens to someone else: People really believe this, and it is a deception created by the mind. What goes around does come around to everyone.

The only way to really succeed is to learn and live in the truth.

Without the dream, there would be no occasion for the division of the world. Friedrich Nietzsche


True equality: Now you know the truth, so you know that no one is better or worse than you in any way. Life is always fair, and you will get your share.

Once the rich and powerful know the truth, they will start sharing the wealth and be a lot more humble. They will if they do not want the opposite and if they want to be fulfilled now and forever. Being rich only lasts a few years, and it is not that great. The truth and the life lasts forever, and it is as good as it can get all the time.

Rich/poor cycle: You will go where you want to go, but only if it balances your life. You may have been rich and famous in your last life, and it is not your turn this time. If it is not your turn, it is not your turn.

If you give your attention to trying to get rich, even if you succeed, you will just be getting into the rich-poor cycle. The higher you fly, the further you will fall. You get to play big shot for a few years, and then you die, come back and get to play bum for a few years. It just goes back and forth forever if you do not see the truth.

If you are tall, you are going to be small; if you are rich, you are going to be poor. You have been around this cycle many times, and we can do better now.

It isn’t me: Without the truth, people look at someone that has a bad life and think, “It’s not me and it is not my problem.” With the truth, they know it is their problem. This insight will not let people off the hook anymore, and it will change the world.

Merry-go-round: If you give your attention to the truth and life, that is what you will become. Get off of the merry-go-round of life. It is the only way you will become what you really want to be and stay that way forever.

Shades of gray: The balance is mostly in shades of gray. Example: Beautiful people with money and other advantages can have a horrible life, and many poor people live great happy lives. Some people are successful financially, but are failures at love or have bad health, and vice versa. I use black and white analogies just to make a point. The way the balance actually happens is infinitely complicated, but the bottom line is, the balance will always balance everything evenly and fairly in one way or another.

The center of life: You will find that you like everything just about equally when you become a spiritual being. It really does not matter what life dishes up; you eat it all with a deep gratitude. You like darkness as much as light, silence as much as sound, nothing as much as something. It is all life and you know you will get to taste everything sooner or later, so you always enjoy what is happening in the present no matter what it is.


You do not like pain as much as pleasure, but you endure the pain and enjoy the pleasure in the knowledge that we will no longer have pain in our next life.

You will endure pain until it passes with the knowledge it will lead to an equal amount of pleasure. This knowledge is what sets you free.

Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted. John Lennon

Waste time: There is an art to doing nothing. The mind tries to keep people running towards something or away from something. The hardest thing for most people to do is nothing.

Fear of freedom: If there is no moral right or wrong, because everything balances, there is nothing stopping people from doing horrible things to each other. The thought is that everyone will just turn into a bunch of animals and tear each other apart the first chance they get. The opposite is true. People that know the truth do not hurt others because they are no longer animals; only animals will act like animals. People that know the truth of the balance will become spiritual beings and act like spiritual beings.

Consequences: The knowledge of the balance does not remove all the consequences of behavior. The opposite is true; now you are responsible.

Criminals now think, “Look what my victim is going through, and they did not do anything to deserve it, so deserve must not have anything to do with bad things happening,” and they are correct.

When you know the truth, you know if you act like an animal after you know the ultimate truth, you go to the bottom of the food chain. There is no greater consequence; thus, the truth is the best deterrent to bad animal behavior.

All the marbles: People think that if everything balances, it does not matter what you do. The truth is, everything you do matters, because you are playing for all the marbles. What you do will determine your immortal future.

If you want to evolve past the animal realm, to a realm where there is no fear, pain or death, you have to learn and spread the truth of life. You have to live as a spiritual being. If you live like an animal, you will continue to be one.

Summing it up: Heaven is a real place. It is the place the highest forms of life live; it is the top of the evolutionary ladder. You get there by learning the ultimate truth and living in true life now. Hell is a real place. It is where the lowest life forms live, the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. You get there by learning the truth and not trying to live in true life. It is up to you; you have the ball (the truth).




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