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How Does the Brain Store and Process Information? (2018 Update)

how does brain store and process information

This post is a part of "The Present" — a short text that explains the big picture of our existence and the nature of our minds. Here, the text answers the question: "How does our brain store and process information?" The answer is unique and will give you a completely new perspective on this subject. If you learn and understand the entire process, you can 'hack' your brain into receiving much more life and get rid of overthinking.

NOTE: We strongly suggest you to read "The Present" from the beginning; this part will make much more sense to you when you understand the whole picture. Enjoy!

Why do we have so much trouble seeing the true nature of our lives? It should be the most obvious thing there is. Why do people have so many different opinions and beliefs about what the ultimate truth is when it should be self-evident? We all live in the same world, so why does everyone see it differently?

Your inner environment: This is your environment from your skin in, from your senses in. This environment is where your mind lives. It is between life and your spiritual-self; it is the closest thing to you.

The mind is so close to your spirit that most people do not realize that they are two separate things. The mind creates the illusion that it is the spirit.

Sixth sense: People do have a sixth sense; their own mind. You have the senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and mind. Your mind is like a sense, because your consciousness or spiritual-self senses or experiences the mind’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings the same way it does light, sounds, sensations, scents and tastes. You receive the input from your mind the same way you receive input from your five life senses, but what the mind creates is not real/true.

Word/life: Your five life senses sense life. Your mind produces and sends you things that do not come from life; it sends you things it makes up itself. It creates and sends you emotions, desires, thoughts, guilt, fears and worries, etc. Your mind blocks most of the life coming to you, and what it does not block, it converts into thoughts and feelings; it turns life into its mental code for life.

Your mind attempts to reduce all of life to words, feelings, and abstract thoughts or bytes of data. Example: Your sense of sight sees a rose. Instead of coming to you directly as all that a rose really is, it is turned into the word “rose”. It is then disregarded or filed away as a memory without letting you experience it.

Editing your life: If you have seen something before, your mind does not consider it important to see it again and does not let you see it; the mind edits your life. When you see a rose through the mind, you do not see it as it truly is. Your mind does this with everything unless it perceives it as new, special, or dangerous.

By reducing real things to words or thoughts, they can be processed in your mind. We are paying a high price for this; we pay with our life. It was necessary in the past to be able to process life this way to help us get control of an unknown and dangerous world. It is no longer necessary to do it much of the time, but people still do it all the time anyway. It is like a bad habit.

All of this is going on between your spiritual-self and life. It is the reason why people cannot see the truth and experience true life.

We paid a high price to get where we are now. The time has come to stop giving all our life to our minds. To do it, you just have to see things like you are seeing them for the first time. It is that simple, but you have to know the truth to do it.

True religion is real living. Albert Einstein

Take control of our minds: We now know enough and have enough control of the world. We no longer need to miss most of our lives. We need to see all of life now to see the real threats to our survival and become spiritual beings. It is time to start getting control of ourselves to get control of our minds. It is our false perspectives and lack of awareness that are the greatest dangers to us.

The greatest danger to mankind is now mankind.

The mind of human beings has become too powerful and dangerous to be out of control. The thing (our minds) that helped our survival the most will be what destroys us if we do not get control of them soon.


The mind creates fear, worry, guilt, regret, sadness, envy, greed, hate and all other mind-made, negative feelings you receive. These uncontrolled emotions are creating all the misery in the world. You just have to realize that they are not real/true, and they will disappear. Why live with pain and suffering that is just created by the mind?

Why let your own mind hurt you?

Just as you do not have to think thoughts that you do not want to think, you do not have to feel the negative emotions and feelings the mind creates.

If the mind is creating something, it can stop creating it.

If you know the truth, you do not have to live with anything that is not real. You just have to live one-hundred percent with what is real, and it will leave no room in your life for anything that is not real. Displace the mind’s BS with life’s truth.

It is all about seeing true life. Most people have to suffer a lot before they even start really looking, but it is not necessary. Most of the suffering in your life is created by the mind, and most of the world’s troubles are also. We have suffered enough; it is time to find the truth and divine life and be fulfilled. All we have to do is take control of our minds to do it. The age of the mind is coming to an end.

The truth is the key to controlling your mind.

The word "man" comes from ancient Sanskrit and means "mind."

Mankind is mindkind.

Mind-self: The mind is a great tool if we have it under control. The problem is that most don’t have their minds under control. The mind has been so useful to our survival that we have given it complete power over our lives.

We have begun to believe that we are our minds. This falsehood puts our minds in control of us.

We cannot be our minds, because our minds end at death, and we do not. We cannot, because we are immortal, and our minds or brains are not. Our mind is a biochemical and bio-electric part of our bodies. It exists in the brain, and it is destroyed when the rest of our body is destroyed at death, just as a computer’s data is destroyed when a computer’s hard drive is destroyed.

Your mind can be destroyed even sooner than death by brain injuries and diseases, such as Alzheimer's and some mental diseases. We can be certain that we are not our mind, because if it was gone, we would still be here. We would still be aware of life, actually more aware of life, completely aware of it. The mind does not give us life; we give the mind life.

The mind’s job is done: The mind is like a sophisticated computer. Its function is to learn, remember, process, and understand life and the things in it. The ultimate thing for the mind to learn and understand is the nature of life itself; our true past, potential future, and the nature of nature.

Once we know the ultimate truth, our mind’s ultimate job is done. Its reason for evolving is accomplished. Thus, the mind’s purpose is fulfilled. When the truth is known, it is finished.

Master/servant: Once you know the “mind truth” or “intellectual truth,” your mind can take you no further. The mind needs to relax and become just a technical consultant. The mind needs to become your servant and stop being your master.

The age of the mind: The mind has been such a big part of our world that a worldwide religion of the mind has developed. People have faith in the mind. People think the mind is the key to our success in everything. This has given the mind too much power over us. The mind has become God on this planet.

More than minds: The mind is the king of this world. Just about all institutions, schools, businesses, and governments promote and support the mind. This is all fine and good, as long as we know that we are more than our minds, that our minds are just a very small and temporary part of us.

"Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, there stands a mighty ruler. An unknown sage - whose name is self. In your body he dwells. There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom." Friedrich Nietzsche

Please read the entire text and feel free to join the discussion bellow!


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