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What Does It Feel Like Right Before You Die (When You're Dying)?

No one likes to think about death. But, if you are like most people, you sometimes wonder what it feels like when you're dying and right before you die. Although there's no 100% precise answer to that question, this article will help you get an idea. Beware — it also explains how you can prepare for the most unpleasant moment of your life!


IMPORTANT: The following are excerpts from "The Present", a text that explains life in 4 pages. Please read that text first in order to understand this article properly. If you skip right to this article, it won't make much sense.


From your perspective, your death is going to be the most unreal experience of your life, because it will be the first real experience of your life. You will be experiencing real life for the first time, and it will scare you.

Mixed in with all the fear, pain, and surprise is the realization that you are dying without ever living. In addition to all the rest of it, you die feeling like a fool. You will wish you could go back in time and study the subject, to do what you are doing now, only take it much more seriously.

No one lives happily ever after. Life ends in death, often in some horrible, disgusting and painful way. That is not happiness. The only way you can truly live happily ever after is to learn and know the truth and the life before you die.

You hear people say that so and so died instantly. No one dies instantly, at least not from their own perspective. The physical death of your body may be slow or fast, but your moment of death never happens instantly from where you are.

Your life does not pass before you. You are too scared for there to be anything except for fear and horror. You may see the light that people who have near death experiences say they see, but it is just an effect created by the brain when it is dying, mostly due to oxygen deprivation.


It is not the light from heaven that people think will guide them to their mythical God behind the pearly gates. Real death happens after all the minds illusions die.

Near death is not death. No one comes back from real death, because by definition, your body is damaged too much to support your consciousness or to live in any longer.

The chemical reactions that take place in a dying or injured brain can cause all kinds of experiences similar to some drugs like LSD and DMT. It is just a different and very interesting phenomena or hallucination created by the dying mind.

The death experience happens right after the near-death experience. Your mind dies; all that is left is you and the collective unconscious mind. You are living life without your mind for the first time if you are not a spiritual being. If you are a spiritual being, you have lived without the mind before, and are at home with it.


Everyone has the realization that they are going to die just before they do. That moment will be the most important moment of your life. It is the moment of truth.

The moment of truth: Death strips away everything that is not true, not eternal and not immortal, often in a very strange and violent way. If your truth is in words and myths, just mind truth, you are in trouble, because your mind dies and you do not. If you know the present, the truth and the life, you will recognize it and embrace it, be it, no matter what it is.


Death/birth is the wildest ride in the universe, even to a spiritual person. No one likes to get hurt, and being killed or dying is as hurt as you can get. The death experience isyour physical body and mind being completely destroyed.

Worm food: Having just one of your hands destroyed would be a great trauma. Imagine what it is like to live through your whole body being destroyed. Your body goes from what you thought you were, to a pile of garbage, worm food that has to be burned or buried before it starts to smell bad.

Truth is stranger than fiction. You not only lose your body, you lose your whole world. It takes everything you have and everything you would have had if you had lived. Truly, there is nothing more devastating or worse. It is shock and awe to everyone going through it.


You are not free until you are literally ready for anything that is possible.

Primal fear: Movies always have a scene where someone is being chased by a monster or a killer, and they are running for their life. It scares you a lot, because it puts you in touch with your primal fears. As we evolved through the animal realm, we were chased by predators and eaten. You have actually been in this situation millions of times in the past.

Unless you want to be in that situation again, you have to learn the ultimate truth, because only it will free you from the animal realm forever. Do your homework on this one subject. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Nothing is more serious, and nothing is more important.

Live it up until the worst happens. Knowing what we have to look forward to should help you live every moment to the fullest until death comes. Live until you die.

The certain prospect of death should sweeten every life with a precious and fragrant drop of levity. Friedrich Nietzsche

Near death experiences: Why does everyone that has a near death experience say the same thing? They always say it made them appreciate life more, that they now live more in the moment, more in the present. This is what we can learn from people that have near death experiences, not what happens after death.


Just remember, death cannot be avoided for very long, even if you are careful. You have to be as ready as you can be to die, because it can happen anytime. Realize how unprepared you are. Realize the reality of dying and what you will have to face, and it will be the start of a glorious quest for the truth and the life.

Death is not a pleasant subject. It is the worst thing that there is, and no one wants to talk about it or think about it, but it is true, and facing the truth of it is the only way to overcome it.

The true knowledge of death leads to the true knowledge of life.

You cannot beat death, but you can stop it from beating you. It can be the biggest step up or the biggest step down, depending on what you know.

Do not take this world for granted; it could disappear for you at anytime.

You have probably already forgotten the reality of the situation, so imagine your heart just stopped right now. It happens all the time; it is the number one killer and how most people die. This means it is the way you will most likely die. They call it heart failure. Your heart does not need a reason to stop. It can just stop. They will come up with a reason later, but that does not help you. Naturally, the older you get, the higher chance of it happening, but it happens to young people also, even to kids that are in greatshape.

About two people die every second, in one way or another. People like you.

Heart failure, strokes, blood clots, and accidents happen to young people, so do not think it cannot happen to you. Every time you eat, you could choke. Every time you get in a car, another driver can kill you, so do not be surprised when death comes to you. You could die today, and many people just like you will.

It does not just happen to others; the opposite is true. It happens to everyone, and the first step to the ultimate truth is accepting it and what it means. Death is the biggest thing that happens in life. It is the most important thing that happens.

Death is the most certain thing in life, and most people are not ready for it.

If you have even a little bit of imagination, it should scare you. You can use that fear to get you in the present; the fear will turn into true life and you will be home.

People taking for granted that they will live through the night are fools. Think about it; you have to breathe while you are semi-conscious for hours every night, and people just take it for granted. It is a miracle, and people need to see this incredible gift for what it is to live life to the fullest.


Thanks a lot for reading! Hopefully, these parts of "The Present" helped you get an idea what it feels like when you're dying (or right before you die).

Click here to read the full text and find the answers to other big questions about life.


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