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The Key to True Life Lies in... Acting?


IMPORTANT: The following is a part of "The Present", a text that reveals the ultimate truth of life on 4 pages. In order to understand this article, make sure to read "The Present" first.


I love acting. It is so much more real than life. Oscar Wilde

Living stars: Successful stars of stage and screen are in the business of living in the present on cue. That is why we like watching them; we see the truth and the life in them. What makes a great actor great is their ability to be real and reflect the real.

You can't fake it; you have to be like a mirror and take all the life there is in, and then reflect it back out to the camera or audience. That is why they are called stars. The stars in the sky shine with light; the stars in show business shine with life. The trick is to learn to do it all the time.

"I couldn't think my way into better acting. I had to act my way into better thinking."

Know the way: Most of the stars of show business cannot do it when they are alone, because they do not know how to do it; they do not know the way, the ultimate truth, the spiritual method. They cannot live like spiritual beings except during some rare moments when they are on stage or in front of the camera.

When you are acting a part, you have a script. You know what is going to happen, so you do not have to think. That is why people in the movies seem more real than your own life; they are. It is one of those things that is the opposite of what people think. Actors are in the life business. They recreate and present true life. A spiritual being also knows what is going to happen, because they know the ultimate truth. This makes it possible to live without the mind.

Acting something is thought to be not real, because you are play-acting. It turns out that the act of playing someone else can reveal the real you.

Spiritual beings can live like stars or mirrors of life anywhere. Be the star of your own movie, your life.

Acting or playing someone else helps you realize that you are not your mind, because you are acting as if you are in someone else's mind. It makes you realize you are not someone else's mind, nor your own.

The Method: Method acting is the art of living from the outside in. You are not even there. You are just a reaction or reflection of what is outside of you. Great actors such as Marlon Brando and James Dean use the method to get into the present and become the center of it. A spiritual being just does it all the time.

It is all about becoming the truth and the life. This book just shows you how to do it. In acting, you include negative emotions if the role calls for it. In real life, you leave them out, because they are not needed and can cause problems.

Many of the great actors and/or stars of the past knew how to get into the present intuitively. They had a connection with the collective unconscious or Holy Spirit if you are into religion (they are the same thing). People like Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn were masters of getting into the present on cue, but because they did not know the ultimate truth, they were only fulfilled when working.

Acting/performing is a form of religion: It is a tool to become spiritual, at least while performing. It gives you a taste of the present so that you know what it is. Everyone should take up acting, at least for a hobby. There should be a small live theater in every neighborhood, and everyone should take a turn on stage in the light. It makes it a lot easier to get into the present, plus it can be fun, and it is a way to share the present. Knowing the fulfillment of the present is essential. It will motivate you to learn the truth and the life so that you can be fulfilled all the time.

Know what is going to happen: Actors playing a role can live in the present, because they know what is going to happen. People that know the truth of life also know what is going to happen, so they can live in the present and be fulfilled all the time. If you know the ultimate truth, there is no unknown. It gives you absolute security, and this frees you to live life to the fullest.

My doctrine is: Live that thou mayest desire to live again - that is thy duty - for in any case, thou wilt live again! Friedrich Nietzsche

Child-like, not childish: In the future, people will play a lot. We will be child- like, but not childish or irresponsible. You will be filled with life like a child.


Curious? Read "The Present" to learn more!


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