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How We Can Solve Climate Change...Fast

From "The Present (Insights)" Chapter: Green Energy and Tech

We have a gigantic nuclear reactor in the sky. There is no energy shortage.

Why are we spending at least a fourth of every dollar we make directly and indirectly on energy when we can have it for free?

Are we stupid or what?

Solar towers: This new type of solar generating station uses air heated by the sun to generate electricity. If we build six-hundred and twenty solar towers, they will supply all of our country’s power needs. They will cost about seven-hundred million dollars each.

We are currently spending four-hundred million dollars a day on the war. We could pay for a solar tower every two days with what we are spending on the war. We are getting nothing from the war, except for a lot of dead people. If we spent it on the towers or solar cells, we would have a source of almost free, clean power.

Once the towers are built, they cost almost nothing to operate, so we will get the money we spent back and get all our energy needs from then on almost free. In addition, we would be putting all the money spent on building them back into our economy.

If we used rechargeable, electric powered cars, we could use the sun’s power to replace almost all of the oil and coal we currently use. This will save us all that money, which can then be put into productive things. We will have clean, renewable energy that will cost almost nothing for as long as we have the sun.

Building the towers will create literally millions of jobs directly and indirectly, and it will put the billions of dollars we spend on building them back into our economy. It would be the single largest building project in history. It will be the single best thing we can do for our country and the world, because it would dramatically lower the cost of living and stop polluting the environment. It would lower the cost of everything we manufacture, so we would be able to compete and beat other countries in manufacturing that have lower labor costs.


You cannot get too much electricity: There are a never-ending amount of things we can do with it to improve our lives. We can make materials that require a lot of electricity to make, like aluminum, for much cheaper. We can use it to make super-cold fluids, and make super- conductivity of electricity widespread. This will make levitated vehicles possible. We can use it to separate hydrogen from water and make clean, powerful fuels for vehicles. We can make fresh water from ocean water, and solve the world’s fresh water problem. Abundant, free electricity will change everything for the better, and we can have it in the next few years.

Why wait? We use the technology we have now; we do not wait until it is as cheap as oil. That is just a deception to keep us from doing it. As technologies to produce free, clean electricity become cheaper and more efficient, we just replace the older technology with the newer technology, or we just add to it.

Doing anything is better than just burning the money up. We should actually use a mix of different technologies to generate the power we need. Geothermal power taps the endless heat of the earth.

We could supply the whole country’s power just from Yellowstone. The technology to do it is available now. Internal combustion engines: Most of our cars are powered by internal combustion engines that burn gasoline. We convert them to natural gas, and build compressors, so people can fill up from their house gas pipes. The government will pay for it, because it is better than giving seven- hundred billion a year to other countries. We have our own natural gas. We also acknowledge it as a natural resource that belongs to all of us, not the company that gets it to us. We get it free, minus the cost of a company making a fair profit to get it to us. We need it as a bridge until we get an inexpensive hydrogen system up and running.

If we covered about ten percent of the state of Nevada with solar cells, it would supply all of our energy needs. This is not practical, but it makes a point. The solar panels would be on roofs across the country. We could build that system right now.


We could build factories next to solar panels in deserts to make materials that take a lot of energy to make, like plastics, glass and aluminum.

We are spending more than a half trillion dollars a year on energy. Why?

That is just the direct costs for heating, lighting and transportation. There are also indirect energy costs we pay when we buy products. We pay for the energy it costs to produce the products.

Why not let the power of the sun and the heat of the inner earth do most of the work for us?

We could build the system in a few years, and then we would save more than a half a trillion dollars per year from then on, so why don’t we do it?

What is wrong with creating millions of new, high paying jobs in the USA?

If we can tap a source of free, clean energy, we should do it now. We should not wait until the technology is as inexpensive as oil. The sooner we do it, the less money we will be just burning up, and the less we will hurt the environment. Oil companies will make more money: We need to save our oil for making plastics, medicines, and other necessary products that are made from oil. Why use it for energy when we can get that for free from the sun? We are literally burning the most useful material found on the earth. Even the rich oil people are going to wake up and realize it would be in their best interest to stop using so much oil for fuel. They are screwing themselves.


Plastic houses: New, inexpensive structural plastics and molding methods will be developed. We will start making vehicles, houses and buildings out of it. It will cost less, be easier to maintain, look better and last longer than anything else. It can look and feel like marble, rare wood, etc. Intricate designs can be molded right in to look like the work of artists and craftsmen. Look at the interiors of buildings in Star Wars episode two, and you will see how great plastic will look.

When oil is no longer used to power vehicles, there will be so much supply that it will start being used for houses, buildings and other structures that need to be made inexpensive, low maintenance, look good and last as long as possible. Environmentalists are always saying that plastic is not biodegradable and stays in the environment forever. That is bad when used for throw away products, but it is a very good thing when it comes to people’s houses and buildings, because the longer they last and the easier to maintain, the better. We want structures to last and not need costly maintenance. Termites do not eat plastic, and it does not rust like steel. Houses made of plastic would not be hurt in floods or earthquakes, and they will be so light that they would be easy to move.

We can mold whole walls with the spaces for windows and doors molded in any color and texture. It will never need paint. Until plastic can be made fire-proof, sprinklers and other fire prevention systems would be part of all plastic structures. Sprinkler systems do not hurt plastic like they destroy wood structures.

Green architecture: The roof will be molded to accept solar panels. Rainwater runoff will be saved in plastic tanks in the walls to use as drinking water or to water the garden in dry periods. A house or building could go together something like Legos, so every house will be different to suit the needs of the people living in it. Construction and transportation cost would drop. They will come in kits, and people can put them together themselves with glue. The oil companies will get bigger and make more money than they are now. This business will also last much longer if we stop using oil for fuel. The more oil we have left for other things, the more the oil companies will make, and the longer they will stay in business. A bonus will be that it will not pollute the air.


It will stop global warming, because plastic will not release carbon dioxide into the air as burning oil does. It will also stop our forests from being cut down to be used for building material. These forests also take carbon dioxide out of the air. Instead of beating on oil companies, we should be giving them big enough incentives to make it profitable for them to do what we want them to do.

We are burning up the ultimate construction material by using oil for fuel.

Once we start getting electricity for free, much of steel, concrete, and wood will be replaced by new alloys of plastic and aluminum as a building material.

The following plan would solve all of our energy, economic, and pollution problems within a few years.

Declare war for solar energy: The President would make an executive order to build and install enough solar cells to supply all of the US energy needs in two years, and we would probably end up doing it in one year. Even with millions of men out of the country fighting, we were the people that made one B-17 bomber every hour on an assembly line a mile long. Before the war, the factory that did it made cars with a few thousand parts. The four-engine flying fortress that was ruling the skies over Europe had over a million parts. We were the guys that made a complete ship from start to finish in four days at just one shipyard. Women were doing a lot of the work. Imagine what we could do now?

We mobilize our manufacturing as we did for World War II to build a new, free and clean energy system. If we could do it during a war, we can do it in peacetime even faster. We form a war department to build it.


Mobilize for peace and prosperity: We build the mile long factories like we used to build planes and ships quickly in World War ll. We built the factories to build the planes and ships in just a few months, and we could do it even faster now. We build them in different parts of the country that have high unemployment. These factories would be able to spit out miles of inexpensive solar panels everyday. Other companies would transport and install them in our country’s deserts and on both sides of our interstate freeways, on railroad tracks and on roofs. Putting them next to railroad tracks makes installing and cleaning easy.

Like laying track: We have competitions between companies and give bonuses to the companies that make the most and lay the most solar panels in a day. When we were building the transcontinental railroad, the companies were getting bonuses for every mile of track they laid. This motivated them to build many miles of track per day. We just do something similar for laying solar panels.

We get our defense contractors involved in making it happen.

Pentagon: We get our pentagon involved in the war for free energy, just as we would do for a war. They have the organization skills we will need. It is why it was really created. The pentagon will be used to create a heaven on earth. We handle the whole thing like a military operation. If we do, we can do it fast.

Turn swords into plows: Metaphorically speaking, we would turn swords into plows if we give the same money we have been giving to the same people, but when the truth is seen, they will change what they make from things that hurt people to things that help people. It will be fulfilling that Bible prophecy, turning swords into plows. That should get the people that believe in the Bible behind it.

We form thousands of companies to work on different parts of the system in different locations. We start with the thousands of miles of tracks we have in our deserts and other high sunshine locations, and just go from there. At the same time, we install solar panels on every home and factory. Money will not be an issue. The government will supply the hardware and labor. We would be adding millions of watts of free, clean electricity to the power grid everyday by installing miles of solar panels every day. We would just keep doing this until the solar panels supply all of Americas energy needs, then the whole world’s.


At the same time, our automotive industry starts mass-producing inexpensive electric cars to use the inexpensive electricity we will be creating. They will also make natural gas and hydrogen cell vehicles. This will make the struggling auto industry start booming. When we wake up, we will not spend billions retooling to make a different new car every year; we will just make minor improvements to a proven design. This will cut waste and costs related to vehicles in half. It will create more jobs, not less. Our total economy will start booming and so will the world’s economy, because they will start doing the same thing with our help.

On a smaller scale, we start developing and building the towers, geothermal, wind turbines, and any other promising technology. Down the road, after we see what is most economical, we gradually replace the less efficient technologies. The government will provide large grants to any company developing promising energy technology and more efficient solar cells, such as nano cell technology.

We go full out on the solar cells, because we know we can do it now.

We just put less proven technologies on the back burner until after we have built a solar cell system using the current proven technology.

Yellowstone: We develop Yellowstone geothermal to make all the hydrogen we need. It has the heat and water needed to do it. We could build a system to make rivers of hydrogen to power all engines that now burn gas. The Yellowstone caldera is over about one hundred square miles. We could build hundreds of power plants, just like coal power plants, but we would not need the coal. We could not only make all the power the US needs, we could be the biggest exporter of hydrogen in the world in a few years. Instead of buying polluting oil from other countries, we could make and sell hydrogen. Wake up people.

The solar panel system will be an emergency government operation which will cut through all the red tape, such as environmental, private property, and any other issues that could slow it down. The only concern will be to build it as fast and efficiently as possible, just as in time of a real war. It is the only way we can do it fast enough for there not to be a real blood and death national emergency, such as a war.


The oil companies will just keep oil cheaper than solar to prevent solar from being developed. That is why we need the government to get involved. The mass production will bring the price way down, but we do it regardless of price at first.

It will start with the President declaring a state of emergency that will evoke all his wartime powers. A new government department modeled after our World War ll war department will be created to get it done. They will have the power and a mandate to build the system in no more than two years. Then the clock will start ticking, and it will start being built with the total commitment of America.

Commitment: We need a President that will commit to building the solar power system the way JFK committed America to getting to the moon in the early sixties, and the way FDR did it to build dams to end the depression and to build the atomic bomb in World War ll, only we will do it faster.

The technology created to go to the moon indirectly made us money, but not enough to cover the costs directly. The solar energy project will make us money directly, just as building dams in the thirties did. Energy is the foundation of everything, so we should forget about doing any other big project, and start building the solar power system first.

Mobilized: Why does it take a world war to unite all of America and mobilize our manufacturing toward a single goal? It does because it is life or death, and we have no choice. When the truth is seen, we will see building the energy system and creating a heaven on earth now is life and death, and we will do it.

We are literally throwing away trillions of dollars a year on energy and interest on our debt. We could just divert that money to the power system.

We have given up many great things that would have made our life better, but the biggest thing is having free, clean power. Energy is the foundation of our economy, and it would have lowered everyone’s cost of living considerably.

The truth is free and it is the foundation of spiritual life. Solar power is free and the foundation of physical life. We just do both with all of our will now.


Print new money: We finance it, the same way we finance war. The energy project is so important and valuable that it would justify just printing new money to pay for it. If we did that, we could start building right away.

It would cost about three trillion dollars to convert our country to solar power. We would get that money back in less than four years with the money we are now spending on oil and sending outside our country.

When we print money, it just dilutes and devalues all our money a little, so if we do it, everyone will be paying for the new energy system, which is the way it should be anyway. When the system is completed, it will be so valuable that the value of our money will go up more than enough to offset the money we printed.

We act as if we are in a war now to prevent a real war from happening.

Our goals: America has to do few things with all its effort: create a free electrical power system, a free world, and spread the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. It starts right now with you sending the letters about the Global Truth Project. (See: Spread the Truth – Insights)

Infrastructure: We are proposing to spend almost a trillion dollars rebuilding infrastructure, such as old bridges and roads, to create jobs and stimulate the economy. The problem is that bridges and roads do not pay for themselves, let alone make money like solar and geothermal technology. We need to spend our tax dollars on things that pay for themselves and make money first.

The solution above sounds too simple to be true, too good to be true, but it is not. It is simple and good, and we can do it now. If we did it in wartime, we can do it even faster in peacetime; we just have to be as motivated.


Please read the book "The Present" for the most updated and accurate explanation of the truth about life and death:


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